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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  April 19, 2018 10:30pm-11:01pm CEST

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you've discontinuous down love there should be. an optics. bangladesh the dawn of islam as i'm an exclusive report starting april twenty first. for the first time in six decades a man with the name castro is in charge of the island nation of cuba tonight history in the making but just how much new history is about to be written does miguel diaz kind el does he represent change in cuba or change in name only i'm bringing off in berlin this is the day. i soon the responsibility for which i have been elected the african that will be
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his best for the country. to get continues each of the cuban revolution in a crucial historical moments will. it then it will be a good idea can i need to make things better in the stores so we can support ourselves with the salary to make it is what i would. do it was for whichever job we hold in the trenches of the socialist nation. so we will be faithful to the legacy of fidel castro. also coming up on the day a popcorn the silver screen and a hollywood blockbuster welcome to saudi arabia. oh we begin the day in cuba viewing the window dressings of an orderly staged
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communist transfer of power today a man named miguel diaz canel became the new president of cuba the first man without the name castro to leave the island since the one nine hundred sixty s. it was then that fidel castro led a revolution that would for the rest of the twentieth century steer cuba into the arms of its communist comrades the soviet union and away from its closest neighbor the united states cuba much like berlin became a volatile even till of the cold war its hosting of soviet intermediate ballistic missiles in one thousand nine hundred sixty two brought washington and moscow the close as they have ever been to nuclear annihilation of the warming of relations under us president barack obama gave many hope that finally a democratic cuba could emerge but those hopes appear to have been dashed and that
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brings us back to that window dressing now once you cast your glance inside the halls of power in havana you quickly see what is really happening a gradual slow and somewhat reluctant passing of the one party of thora terry in baton president diaz canelo will only be allowed to serve two five year terms and we learned today that for now raul castro remains the boss of cuba's communist party. handing over the presidency but not complete power after almost sixty years of rule by the castro brothers cuba has a new leader mikhail diaz can now promised outgoing president raul castro and the national assembly that he would carry on the socialist revolution. i assume the responsibility for which i have been elected with the conviction that all the cuban revolutionaries from whatever position we hold we will be faithful to
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the legacy of the commander in chief fidel castro ruz historic leader of the revolution and also to the values and teachings of general doug little castro ruz. the outgoing president will remain head of the communist party for another three years consolidating his own power but the eighty six year old told the party faithful that he sees d.f. canal as his eventual successor three years earlier wants his ten year presidential term is over and the three years remaining until the congress he will become the first secretary of the communist party. watching the presidential handover at their home in havana these cubans believe the fifty seven year old d.s. can now is what the country needs. being really it was a good choice he's young and innovative with a different perspective but on the streets of cuba not everyone is convinced much
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will change. all the same to me who have his good for the country in the people. me again dns canal is a ponty loyalist a cautious choice for a cautious country and that appears to be exactly what the once. you know where is cuba headed tonight to talk about that i'm joined now by jorge dewani he is director of the cuban research institute at florida international university in miami and mr dorney it's good to have you on the day we don't really know much about this handle for how this handoff from the castro family to the new president came about we don't know much about the new president mr miguel diaz canel what does this dearth of information tell us when i think it's a better very deliberate strategy on the are both the ruling elite in cuba as well as mr guest i mean he has been able to keep
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a low profile so far because i think he's learned a lesson well if you shine yourself too much on there in this particular type of government you probably will be shoved aside as many others have been so what we know so far about is going to is that he's a very well and efficient and straight or he has gone through the latter the communist party bureaucracy and now he's reached the heights of that. leadership we heard earlier tonight that there are many other members of the castro family who are still in key positions in cuba and we've been told that the the appointment if you will of this new president is is strictly window dressing that the castros remain in control of cuba do you agree. it may be true i think in part silly money and astro who is the most prominent member of the . family she's a member of the national assembly you know or she's
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a well known advocates who are gay and lesbian rights and is also hasn't asked her brother who occupies a really important position as curnow and beyond forces and is very close of course to his father and there are other members of the family like you who is in charge of the military apparatus that controls the tourist industry but frankly i've this point right now it looks like none of them will play at least a leading role in the u.s. going to. miss fresh do you think that mr diaz canelo should fear for his own safety if he if he dares veer from the path that the castros have set out for cuba . well i don't know if fear is the right word certainly in the experience of past leaders who are not now part of the elite who have been put aside
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by both the delano gusto i think yes i know has learned that lesson well that he needs to follow the official line he doesn't need to make any waves and at this point that's why we know so little about him because he has been a party man through and through what about miami's cuban exile community we know that this community is no friend of the castro regime do they see any change possible now that a no one castro is president. i think there's various reactions to this change of the guard as you put it before on the one hand i think nobody really. that this is going to represent a major transformation of the power structure although again in the next few months and years we'll have to wait and see exactly what yes and who is willing to to do and how far he wants to pursue the. line that castro has found so
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far so there's i think no no real and to c.s.m. for this passing of the guard but on the other hand because. there were such powerful state years and many cuban americans in miami very passionate critically about yet not so much about role but i think there's a sense of the fs that finally the historian and store leadership of her lucian espousing passing away and the generation the new generation of cubans is now taking over and into what about the warming of relations that we saw under former u.s. president barack obama we've heard repeatedly now that under the trump administration that basically relations are back to where they were let's say in the year two thousand the new warming of relations do you think if the path set out by obama had been continued by trump would we be talking about a completely different transition of power in cuba. we might but he fact i think
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it's ironic that at least on paper many of the changes that president obama put in place are still around and there are still number of high level conversations between the two governments there's still an embassy level of very. united states or state cuban embassy also has been down not downsized washington d.c. but of course relations have. a date and asked year and a half and that's largely related to the very strange incident the so-called sonic attacks that nobody has a good explanation clearly under a mystery. the relations between the two countries. very much like they were in war mr the director of the cuban research institute at florida international university joining us tonight from miami mr do want to thank you very much we appreciate your
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insights tonight on the day thank you so much well still to come seventy years of israeli independence i'll ask one of the jewish world's leading defenders of human rights rabbi marvin hier if this day means what it should me. for the lives and don't forget the popcorn because it is movie time in saudi arabia tonight for the first time in nearly forty years the ultra conservative muslim country is opening a movie theater to the public it's part of crown prince mohammed bin salmond's campaign to reform saudi arabia socially or yesterday a screening was held in riyadh for an invitation only audience so what does a country that is slowly loosening its social restraints choose as its first flick a hollywood blockbuster the black panther. times are
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changing in saudi arabia. the kingdom has lifted its ban on cinemas. and now these people are attending the first official public screening of a film in more than three decades. they're about to watch the hollywood blockbuster the black panther for many it's an historic moment. i am not a doctor i think changing the first thing we're opening up. for opting out with everything that's happening to our. cinemas were banned in the one nine hundred eighty s. following a campaign by religious hardliners. crown prince mohammed bin solomon has reversed the decision as part of a push to modernize the country but it's also about making money and creating new jobs as the kingdom tries to diversify its economy away from dependency on oil. our
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market is by far the largest in the region. a sizable market is very lucrative a lot of you know testers are sort of scientists to be part of this industry just for all the excitement some things look set to stay the same for now at least women will only be allowed to go to the cinema with a male guardian. the government will also sense the content but nonetheless saudi arabia seems to be changing its. the big screen to the small screen i'm joined tonight by mond bin of the aman he is a saudi film producer joining us tonight from los angeles where he goes by the name mon be monday it's good to have you on the day we want we want to tell our audience you left the country your home country of saudi arabia to pursue a film career so what are your feelings tonight when you see saudi arabia and its
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first movie theater in some thirty five years. well i think so much for having me brant. first of all i did not leave saudi arabia i came here for education i was sent by my government on a scholarship to study filmmaking. eight years ago two thousand and ten when i came here and. they it was on hope's right like we are here on the government they pay us a passport to our tuition and they gave us a monthly salary and health insurance and we choose a subject to study and i said well make me my brother's house and we graduated and we've been for nothing here for three years and hearing about cinema is a thing of the saudi arabia it's just surreal to me and my brothers and a lot of close friends who study the same field here in los angeles very excited. congratulations on finishing your studies q can you imagine then going back to
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saudi arabia and being a filmmaker there. absolutely silly like after i said this huge event and changes are going on we are very excited to go back and carry our knowledge that we got here from hollywood and hopefully make a lot of saudi movies saudi content to the saudi people and to the world hopefully yes what about this first screening marvel's black panther were you surprised this is the first film to be shown. i gave it a thought i was i was like why did they choose black panther in my personal opinion it was just very very smart choice because black on terror is when i watched it here i was privileged to watch it here in l.a. on predatory and it is so different than any i'm of a movie that i've i've ever seen it's about a young ruler who he was what conda conda and condit is basically
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hidden as a country but is hidden and it's third with the natural resources and technology and whatever in the end of the movie they basically go out of their way and tell the world that they existed it's basically men measuring growth going on separate it was a conference on how to do this and not vision that we were there on the map but it were not noticed and now we are notice we're coming very strong and i'm very very proud of this healing huge movement and change and i did and it did that's an interesting take on the movie you know a lot of these hollywood blockbuster movies you know that there's a lot of violence they have adult themes such as such as sex nudity how much hollywood do you think conservatives kingdom will tolerate. i said this before in an interview i came here to a free country i understood the culture i lived among americans i respect
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i suspect a culture i respect and individual people and people are sensitive to me as a personally and people from myself so going back home i surely would respect. the culture that i grew up in and respect. and obey his you know being a creative phone maker you can go around whatever when you don't have to be graphic you can tell a story without being very graphic and surely what we want right now is to make our own content that's why they invested and. there's to fly to l.a. all over the world because the. saudi people who are in berlin like well i know one of the film is set in berlin. and hopefully will be back to work so we all know what we're investment i would say to go back home and make such a contact and of course hollywood movies go question that we had movie stores back
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in the day just like blockbuster here we had that i've watched home alone all these iconic and movies i've watched it inside of abs so we are very very very familiar with holiday movies when you know there might be earlier this week let me just of you throw this at your early this week we spoke to the salty actor in the producer his home who starred in the salty film about accounts yeah and you know i love this guy he wants to see local films in local cinemas in saudi arabia so do you is just the first step towards a saudi arabian film industry do you think. absolutely absolutely like i you know the changes are happening overnight and and it's been planned i don't know for how long and so now like people are. presently i'm i'm very happy that they're very accepting of that change. women are driving. a lot
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a lot of change that i'm very proud to be from that country that is changing overnight though. so yes me. a lot of talented people we really wanted to go home and make locally i don't yeah i agree one hundred percent with it yeah well monday we certainly i mean we can we can feel all the way here in berlin you know the energy and the enthusiasm you have for your chosen profession we wish you all the best we appreciate you taking time to talk with us on the day tonight saudi film producer monday joining us tonight from los angeles thank you thank you so much for having me thank you thank you. well israel is celebrating the seventieth anniversary of its founding with events across the country from minister benjamin netanyahu began the day by inspecting this honor guard now he praised his country's achievements but he also said that
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israelis need to make sacrifices to ensure their security in the future festivities began at sundown yesterday with a lavish show in jerusalem. while i spoke earlier with rabbi marvin hier one of the jewish world's leading defenders of human rights and i asked him what israel's seventieth anniversary means to him. oh it means. it means the world for jews we remember seventy is ago out of the calves with no place to go. it's parish no family it's on today we celebrate the seventy an anniversary of the creation of the state of israel. on had there been a state of israel during the hitler regime hitler would never have gotten away with
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the primitive oriya because the state of israel would have followed the tracks to our fruits which the whole ice did not bought and today let me make your comment i have watched carefully your broadcasts yes at two state solution i believe a two state solution but the world is full the self we all know before us right now is a three state solution the palestinians of gaza doto up and agree with the palestinians a republic israel would have to be abnormal and committed for psychiatric treatment to agree to a three state solution will never be peace the greatest mistake made in the middle east was when bishop tuigg and jimmy carter supervised the election in gaza what did we get in return how mosques were strada corals for the total destruction
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of israel hamas this bias is mamma not boss the two or there will never reach an agreement. so you have two separate palestinian states israel in the middle like an accordion rabbi hier his rames rabbi lead with greta with what is a solution the i mean we know we know what the problem is on the ground there what is the solution a solution is the here is the solution and the international condemnation of cots calling for the total removal of problem i asked from ramallah from the gaza immediately once the musts vacates the government of gaza they disappear because the international community forces them out by flaws then you i've been negotiations on the israeli right that
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they will be forced to accept a viable two state solution with one palestinian state and a jewish state so long as hamas is in gaza we will be talking about this for another century well rabbi hier before we run out of time i want to ask you this this this solution this approach you're talking about do you see the trump administration being the catalyst to make that a reality that you're describing well frankly yes but frankly where is europe. why doesn't your say listen here come us your shot across the destruction of israel we won't stand for it and europe together with the united states. you must leave. if you are not. we agree with the state of israel that
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they have till they remove you by for us. as your code. of the state of israel. unfortunate we are out of time but please come back on the show and talk with us again rabbi hier joining us tonight from the simon wiesenthal center as always a pleasure talking with the rabbi thank you. a suspect in an alleged anti-semitic attack here in berlin has turned himself in to police we reported yesterday that the attack was captured on video and posted on social media two young men were wearing jewish skullcaps when an attacker struck them with a belt and called them jews in arabic one victim and israeli arab told the w. news that he wore the kippah to show a friend back in israel that it is safe to do so here in berlin well police say eyewitnesses aided in the investigation and earlier today a nineteen year old man turned himself in the w.'s all over salat hasn't. what we
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do know about him right now is that he's a nineteen year old refugee who came to syria from syria to germany back in two thousand and fifteen at the height of the refugee crisis and the that he's now accused of criminal assault by the way the investigations right now they're carried out by the german criminal police and that's a unit that's usually in charge for politically motivated crime such as from the right wing scene for instance they're now investigating this case as well and the simply shows how seriously the this case of and assume it is in all cases of and some of his men general are taken in germany also there are many questions that are not answered yet many dollars race to deal thin to city of this video we don't know what anything about the events basically that lets to this attack we also don't know if the video is real or staged but we will certainly get more answers soon as the perpetrator just handed himself in today. it was
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a use all of their reporting well the day is nearly done but as ever the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter either at. work to me don't forget to use that hash tag in the day and remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see you then a fine. laundry
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. international talk show journalists discuss the topic of the week she's frail and celebrating the seventieth anniversary of the birth of the jewish state in one nine hundred forty eight seven decades on it's been a remarkable story but it's also i mean first find out.
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this is g.w. news more live from berlin tonight cuba has a new president is it a change in name only cuba swears in its new president miguel de. the hand-picked successor to raul castro the new leader emphasizing the word continuity vowing to continue the revolution led by fidel castro more than sixty years ago also coming up eyewitnesses and they viral video now the suspect in an alleged anti-semitic attack has handed himself in to berlin police using.


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