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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  April 20, 2018 3:00pm-3:15pm CEST

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this is g w news live from bergland the bank and central bergland. you heard it right there crews just using a potentially deadly world war two explosive in the city center thousands who clear the area head back to their homes it also says and hours of transit delays are over as the city's main train station reopens after a successful operation also coming up the suspect in an alleged and to some medic
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attack has handled himself into berlin police authorities say that he is a teenage asylum seeker who arrived in germany from syria in two thousand and fifteen and north and south korea set up a telephone hotline ahead of a rare summit next week it's meant to ease communication between the two sides at all over the north's nuclear ambitions. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program thanks for joining us. tensions were high for hours leading up to a german bomb expert successfully pulling apart and defusing a massive world war two explosive unearthed at a construction site emergency team stood ready for a worst case scenario police spent hours of back waiting buildings in the surrounding area and diverting traffic then experts opened the relics casing and
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removed the more than seven decades old detonator the british bomb had the power to do some real damage around their lives main train station the house of but now trains are rolling again and residents and tourists are allowed to travel freely. and police here in berlin have been sharing the details of the pictures of the operation on their official social media accounts here's the announcement that everyone was waiting for quote a short boom diffusing successful police then tweeted that the operation was short painless after the tight security precautions they use high pressure technology apparently to remove the detonation device from the bomb and correspondent rebecca ritter's she was at the scene monitoring the developments and as experts made the bomb safe she had this to say that's right sarah know when i'm a little disappointed to say that i did we were promised possibly. to hear that
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boom but i guess we're on the other side of the station from where it happened and it just wasn't able to hear it here unfortunately although very happy to say that it went to plan and nothing really dangerous happened in the end so we're back a walk us through that plan because there was a quite a scale on the size of this operation i mean they had to essentially shut down central gorlin right. yeah there's been complete chaos in the capital today sara i mean you know there's an eight hundred meter evacuation zone around that site that includes roads hospitals government buildings the economics ministry was shut down one of the main hospitals here that charité had to close parts of some parts of the hospital there also the another hospital that houses people from the military that was also shut down as well as the central intelligence agency here in berlin so you know it's caused a lot of disruption and traffic mayhem as well because of all the roads were closed
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down cars were being diverted the train station was shut down. the main the main train east west train through berlin so anyone trying to get from one side of the city to the other was unable to parts of the underground which shut down basically it was travel chaos and i'm sure people are really relieved that everything's back up and running now just ahead of the weekend talk with us a little bit more about that really if it is i'm sure it is indeed high and i know that you've been speaking with people over there where they're telling you. yeah well i mean i was talking to the police obviously they are really relieved that everything went to plan it was a sort of a joint police fire brigade operation the fire brigade were the ones with the actual disposal team but they were working very closely with police i've spoken to them they're obviously very relieved that everything went to plan them in a safe and of course you know people standing by you know hoping to get trains or just wanting to to see what was going to happen are all really relieved of course i'm certainly relieved this building is glass and i was told by
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a bomb expert that even were to explode you know a thousand thousand kilometer radius around the bomb site would would all the glass would shatter so you know everyone here is very relieved about writers and berlin thank you. also in berlin police are investigating a potential hate crime that has stoked fears of rising anti semitism in germany one of the suspects in that apparent attack has now turned himself into police he was filmed beating up two young men who wore jewish religious head coverings those men told g.w. news that they were wearing the kept us because they wanted to show a friend it's safe to do so in berlin. with this video the alleged attacker addressed the outcry a friend announces that cannot and wants to turn himself into the police the nineteen year old suspect was filmed apparently assaulting an israeli arabs on the streets of berlin he yelled at you who didn't you in arabic media reports say the
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alleged attacker is a syrian with a palestinian background who came to germany in twenty fifteen dollars. in the past year berlin has seen several anti semitic incidents like this one on al could stay when palestinians and their supporters demonstrate against israel protesters made anti semitic statements and burnt an israeli flag. the billion base crowds big initiative against anti semitism visit schools to explain the subject including to students with immigrant backgrounds they want to gain seeing anti semitic attacks a specifically muslim. there is a specific group among muslims who are anti semitic is much more sometimes like in the present case they act in a particularly hateful way but i think that we should not stigmatize muslims. rather we should try to convince them to fight against anti-semitism everything else is counterproductive. berlin has one of the largest arab and
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muslim populations in germany d.w. found mixed reactions among the community. as a human being i'm happy to live with christians and jews and muslims together but the jews in palestine are occupiers. only work with the old man not all jews occupy palestine so what is a boy who was born a jew have to do with it and the man is the thing that our social media we can't trust social media my you have there has to be an investigation and if they find that palestinians did this then i reject that as a muslim. or muslim all of them the case has left many jews wondering if they're safe in berlin. well to get a quick check now of some other stories that have been making news around the world medics in the gaza strip say that one person has been shot dead by israeli forces that's after the military dropped leaflets urging residents to stay away from the border fence twenty eight palestinians have been killed and hundreds injured by
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soldiers firing across it in recent weeks that more than fifty people have been injured after two passenger trains collided in the austrian city of salzburg the crash happened at the main station in the early morning hours an investigation is underway to determine the cause of the accident and hundreds of people in indonesia have watched on married couples being beaten with canes for showing affection in public to allege prostitutes were tortured and six young people were lashed for full of taisha space these are the last public beatings to be held in the conservative province authorities say that they will soon be moved indoors to prisons former new york mayor rudy giuliani is joining us president donald trump's personal legal team he is one of three lawyers dealing with the probe into possible russian interference in the twenty sixteen election giuliani was also the chief prosecutor in manhattan in the one nine hundred eighty s.
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and also the mayor of course. well north and south korea have opened a telephone hotline ahead of next week's historic summit leaders of the countries planned to speak on the phone before meeting face to face in an effort to end the nuclear standoff with the north south korean president who wants to officially end the war after an army assist back in one nine hundred fifty three at the last summit back in two thousand and seven the former leaders kim jong il and rule on their efforts for a peace agreement never materialized seoul says that it intends to keep the new hotline open after the rare summit takes place next week. journalist bruce harrison is standing by with the latest now from seoul so first just generally speaking how high are the hopes ahead of the summit what can we expect. well series it's really hard to say president moon julian has made it clear that his focus is going
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to be on getting north korea to give up its nuclear weapons he hasn't said that directly but we know that because his administration has made it clear they're not going to focus on other things other issues that have was more as korea such as human rights south korea's foreign minister recently said that that's something they're not going to touch on which is made many in south korea unhappy but like i said the focus is on getting north korea to give up its nuclear weapons this is different than previous summits however because unlike two thousand and seven as you mentioned and the previous summit with the former leader kim jong north korea didn't have a confirmed nuclear capability then it's pretty clear that they do now which gives north korea a lot more negotiating power they have a nuclear weapons capability they've proven that time and time again and they will certainly leverage that that is in kim jong un's mind a way for the regime to survive so mungy in the south korean president has his work
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cut out for him i'll say once again the focus is on getting north korea to give up its nuclear weapons and it's really unclear though exactly what the agenda will be and how moon plans to do that ok so the nuclear weapons are one current that air that's in the north korean stack another one is the fact that of course the two countries they're still officially at war in the hostilities of the korean war they only ends at the end armistice agreement as we heard earlier so for its part it wants an official and before signing any possible treaty how likely is it that north korea will give up that card. we've heard president discuss that this week he said that a peace treaty should be in sight it should be the ultimate goal he's also conditioned that he's also said that that's probably not possible without a deal on denuclearization so getting to that step of the peace treaty has to come after north korea agrees of some sort of concession about his weapons programs and
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then you have the u.s. as well which complicates things because it has always viewed negotiations as a nonstarter unless the north is willing to give up its nuclear weapons stance a lot of steps to believe this point the north seems to want to discuss that but the peace treaty at this point it's really hard to see that is something that's possible immediately. without even knowing if the north and the south in the north in the u.s. even have of the same view about north korea giving up its nuclear weapons ok and all eyes will be on those talks as they kick off next friday we want to thank you very much journalist for us harrison joining us from seoul putting it into perspective. there is big news coming in from the english premier league arsenal have announced that manager arsene wenger will be stepping down from his role and leaving the club
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at the end of the season the frenchman who has been at arsenal since one thousand nine hundred six is the london pubs most successful manager he has won three league titles including going unbeaten for an entire season and seven f.a. cups now despite him taking arsenal to the champions league for twenty consecutive years his relationship with the club and its fans has become increasingly difficult in recent seasons. so reaction to his departure has been coming in thick and fast as you might imagine former arsenal and england goalkeeper david seaman had this to say it is a sad day for arsenal come we now give him the sendoff that he deserves and there were plenty meanwhile former manchester united defender gary neville wrote that the team that arson banger put together was one of the best that he had played against he also urged fans to give him an incredible send off. in time another news a turkish cup semi final in istanbul was abandoned on thursday after
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coach channel going ish was struck on the head by an object thrown from the crowd he later received five stitches in the hospital tensions had been running high in the match between fierce rivals touch and fenerbahce trouble started when machine players they were sent off for a reckless tackle and found started throwing objects on to the pitch and apparently the coach that was when he was struck his his side's players and officials apparently left the pitch. well the disgraced former cycling champion lance armstrong has agreed to pay five billion dollars to settle a u.s. federal lawsuit armstrong was accused of defrauding his sponsor the u.s. postal service by using performance enhancing drugs the u.s. government and armstrong's ex teammate floyd landis have sought one hundred million
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dollars in damages armstrong now forty six was stripped of seven tour de france titles and banned for life for doping. quick reminder now the top stories that we have been following for you the bank we just heard around central bergland bomb disposal experts have defused a potentially deadly won't war two explosive in central poland they have declared the operation a success. thanks for. your support t.v. smarter the d. w. bush want to play what you want when you lot of hope to do it extraordinary claim to play you decide what solo sunday morning dot com smart t.v. . g.w. true diversity.


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