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one has the right to shoot everyone has the right to say. this is e w news live from north korea freezes its nuclear testing regime announces a suspension of all new clear and long range missile tests the state media says pyongyang will also be scrapping its new kid testing sites leader kim jong il and a says he wants to pursue economic growth and peace instead but what about the weapons he already has also coming up. demanding change to protect
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children in india the indian government approves the death penalty for child rapists off the days of protests and the nationwide outrage over in action. and gone too soon superstar d.j. ricci has been found dead at the age of twenty eight this song say pounds of health programs and his struggles with the demands of the spotlight. i'm head of the home free thanks for joining me it could be a significant reversal from north korean leader kim jong un off to spending is celebrating his country's weapon program he's now announced north korea will stop new clear and intercontinental missile tests international reaction has been
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broadly positive with south korea china and the u.s. praising the move and neighboring japan remains cautious saying it will keep up the pressure. if it completes and u.k. disarmament. north korea's missile tests kept the world in suspense throughout last year until in november its leader kim jong un declared his nuclear force complete now state television has made it official no more nuclear or missile testing. will instead focus on building up its economy and securing peace with its southern neighbor. south korea has welcomed the move as meaningful progress president is due to meet kim in less than a week's time for a rare summit aimed at resolving the deadlock between the two koreas. in the south capital seoul people have reacted with skepticism. on the all of them
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either one unless the regime changes i don't believe we can build normal diplomatic relations with our safety can be guaranteed either so that one doesn't put our. good to one side it looked as if the north would denuclearize after the last two summits but now we're back to square one we shouldn't blindly believe them without thorough verification. of the. us president donald trump is also set to meet the north korean leader in the near future having previously derided kim as little rocket man trump reacted positively on twitter. this is very good news for north korea and the world big progress look forward to a summit but japan's defense minister was not optimistic stressing what was omitted from the announcement concludes just statement makes no reference to the north abandoning you have short and medium range ballistic missiles in the book you did
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it says. the prospects are not encouraging ten years ago the north blew up a cooling tower in a symbolic show of abandoning its nuclear ambitions clearly they did not and there . let's talk to correspondent stephen barr awake now who is in the south korean capital so stephen is that the sense that we've been here before ten years ago the north agreeing to end its nuclear program that proved to be a false start is kim serious this time around well it's important to keep that context that we have heard something like this before and just today north korea did not mention actual denuclearization they haven't committed to anything permanent here and all they're saying for the time being is that they're not going to test any more nuclear weapons so this seems like a sign that they are for now satisfied with the level of nuclear armament and they feel like their arsenal is significant enough that they can negotiate from some
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kind of position of strength in their upcoming summits wish the united states and south korea and they have of course left the door open if they're not satisfied with how these summits play out they could go back on this pleasure they could begin testing weapons again but this is nevertheless an encouraging sign compared to some of the hostile rhetoric we see from north korea all right let's go back to that point all of that off and what about the existing nikkei weapons he claims to have developed what will happen to that. well north korea invested a ton of results is an energy into developing those nuclear weapons and they have neglected the economy in that neck that neglected a lot of things that governments normally do with the resources and favor of developing nuclear weapons so we cannot expect that they will just suddenly decide to give those up they obviously feel like those nuclear weapons provide them with some kind of legitimacy to be and what they've wanted for a long time is for the international community to recognize north korea as
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a nuclear power and it seems like now they feel as though they've come to a point of development where they can credibly demand that and we'll have to look at the upcoming summits to see if that's something they put on the table if they see formal recognition from south korea and the united states and the other most likely explanation is now that they're going to put more of their resources towards developing their economy which is in a pretty dire state due to some strong international sanctions all right let's break down this statement from came a little bit more because it only refers to intercontinental ballistic missiles as japan's defense minister has pointed out there's no what and what would be happening with shorter range missiles and why do you think that distinction has been made. when japan is particularly going to direction of japan it's a sort of public health concern and public safety concern for people in japan and japan is on the same stage and south korea the u.s. in seeking a more definitive solution to the north korea issue and they will be cooperating on
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those points going forward stephen barr awake in seoul many thanks indeed. now to some of the other stories making news around the world on medium police have detained dozens of protesters in the capital that's off to thousands again blocked city streets it's the ninth successive day of demonstrations protesters want the new prime minister to quit the already served two terms as president and they fear intends to rule armenia for life. u.s. and european regulators have ordered the inspection of hundreds of engines on boeing seven three seven planes now it's off to tuesday's accident on a southwest airlines flight when a blade for one of the engines broke off sending shrapnel ripping through the play on passenger died and the airline had to make an emergency landing. in nicaragua protesters have again clashed with police vice president says as many as
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ten demonstrators have been killed in the violence protests broke out after the government decided to cut pensions and raise employee contributions to social security. inspectors from the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons have collected samples at the site of a suspected chemical weapons attack in syria this comes days after a u.n. security team turned back from the duma site after coming under fire weapons inspectors and looking for evidence to determine if internationally banned substances were used on residents earlier this month western governments launch strikes off the attack the assets regime and russia deny any responsibility and say evidence of an attack was fabricated. the indian government has announced plans to introduce the death penalty for people convicted of raping children under the age of twelve cabinet ministers approved the plan off to widespread protests
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over the recent rape and killing of an eight year old go several cases involving young girls have stood outrage in recent years critics say that a low conviction rate means that many rapes go unpunished the measure now goes to india's president for approval. and we can bring in our correspondent on your found a who is in delhi sonia the indian cabinet approved the death penalty for child rapists today off for an emergency meeting called by the prime minister and they're under modi why the rush on this now and what does it mean. you're right i mean if it is really rushed do not perceive literally that for most of the meeting or the within there for the hours of prime minister nouri good will be returning to the from the fight the trip abroad or so that really underlines how urgent it was and i think you know the background to this is that the government and the ability of the body. to name criticism and on the intense fire for failing to do what they say you
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are trying to do enough to tackle crimes against women there's also been a lot of international criticism by mr nothing of all the conservative states criticism over its. response to the problem and you know this is basically focused on two long running rate pieces in the northern tier kashmir and one in the northern states with the provision and in both those cases the leaders of the ruling b.g.p. were seen to be shielding the repairs and looking for and i think that there's been an incredible amount of public anger around this and i think that's the reason why we're seeing this kind of emergency meeting and this ordinance today and needless to say of course on wherever rape and violence against women it cuz it's of horror of been looking at stories from india one might have the impression that it's worse than other parts of the wild is that the case. well i don't think india is really alone when it comes to you know high rates of interest in supporting what is however disturbing is what appears to be a rising number of children who are being targeted in india go find data shows that
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you know the paper reported rates of minor children have more than doubled between two thousand and twelve and two thousand and thirteen and the conviction rate is very very low so i think that there are issues there and many believe you know there's a deeply entrenched patriarchy but also a very skewed sex ratio which may be making matters worse and i think there was public apathy as well you know the rights and security of when women never really become elections. when you point to the conviction rate women in india saying they're often ignored when they report sexual abuse that there are widespread complaints that perpetrators are ready convicted despite the existing laws is there a sense that this is now changing. when i think it is difficult to say i think the problem the problem the police not to think of the seriously still dreaming big problem the good news i think is that ever higher and better reporting of rape and i think the bad news that we still have a criminal justice system that remains you know hugely vulnerable to political pressures and allowed many of your queue to go free. sonia found
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a case in delhi thank you very much. a big loss yesterday for the world of electronic dance music one of its superstars d.j. a vici found dead in muscat the capital of oman the twenty eight year old swede produced one hit after another for his fans songs such as levels wake me up and hey brother the cause of his death remains on there. he produced hit after hit he won critical acclaim and he played to sellout audiences. of beachy had found fame fans and fortune but on friday the music artist whose real name was tim burgling was found dead he was just twenty eight. madonna who hired a vici to produce her last album posted on instagram so sad so tragic goodbye ideas sweet him gone too soon. to be ci had suffered from health problems
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including pancreatitis caused in part by heavy drinking in twenty thirty in the underwent surgery for a ruptured appendix and a blocked score bladder he spoke candidly about that time in an interview in twenty fifty. three feels like going from being normal three being like very like. him because of all the work you so much workload you know i never thought of our trips to the hospital or if there was someone to go along at the same time. so. it was. a real relief like a. long break but right when he appeared. of the chief quit touring in twenty sixteen but continued to make music just days ago he was nominated for twenty eight billboard music awards.
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in the world as leader mentioned glad back boosted to their hopes of european competition next season with a victory over of all spoke on friday night the host took advantage of a poor defending and screwed over three of their goals during a dominant first half display the pick of the lot came from christophe tama in the forty fourth minute as he took advantage of a lot saying concentration in the forsberg defense to seal a three nail victory. tending to tennis now rafael nadal is one step closer to retaining his monte carlo masters title the world number one so off ball gary is a good ego dimitrov in straight sets fighting hard to take the first six for the second was considerably easier for the spaniard winning six one to advance to sunday's final nidal will face either alexander is ahead of k. initial cordie as he seeks to win
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a record extending eleven times. you're watching news from berlin we'll have more for you at the top of the hour don't forget you can always get the latest on our web site that is of course dot com on humphrey in berlin do stay with us if you can. we make up over a week what tons of. hundred thirty five we are the civil services. they want to shape the continent's future. particle and join youngsters as they share their story and their dreams and their jump. plans for africa.


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