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tv   The Bundesliga - Your Team your League your Show.  Deutsche Welle  April 22, 2018 1:15pm-1:31pm CEST

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is facing a deepening political crisis offers new prime minister sarah shock to see on reportedly watch out for talks with the opposition the country has seen days of protests and such because she was named prime minister critics say the former president wants to rule i mean you know for life. or ching news in berlin more from us at the top of the house. they make a commitment. they find solutions. they inspire. africa on the moon. stories of both people making a difference shaping their nation. and their continent africa on the
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move stories about motivational change makers taking their destinies into their own hands w.'s new multimedia series from. d.w. dot com africa on the move. me with out goal get or meucci batch try as you can see didn't look too confident head of their top of the table clash with labor coups it may be because labor couzens people rightly know how you lately think getting goals in their last two albums and their aside fans had no trouble winning on the road this season earning a league second best twenty five points. welcome to the bundesliga here on d w i press harrington bringing you back stage thirty one and the european
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qualification run who has the enduring to finish the season strong let's find out here's what's coming up. a prime time match up and seek knowledge of the park between dortmund and laver couzin besides or even on the table with fifty one points wolf i doubt who is hungry for the champions league and will take you out to leipzig where rb hosted hoffenheim in a clash of european hopefuls playing at red bull arena might not be an advantage in this one. let's start with the fifty one point tiebreaker between the black in yellowstone and laver coups. dortmund head coach peta admitting to the press that his side was still suffering from the royal blues after losing to rival shaka last weekend but understood whether he goes or not this summer they're still
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undefeated at home laver couzin despite beat in better form and looking for their third win in a row has had horrific defense on their last two visits to signal the doona park conceding a total of nine goals so can they change recent history gets a side without a dominant striker that see. mako royce wore the armband and mario gets a started as dortmund went into this fight for third place the hosts were dominant from the start only a sharp reaction from rama zone as khan stopped jade and sand show from putting them in front. of just a minute later those sand show did grab his first goal of the season favorite cozens defense looking somewhat shaky but take nothing away from the englishman six squares it finish thank the black and yellows piled on the pressure after taking the lead this fell on christian pull the stick around
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a penalty but royce's effort was too tame to test is cut on. the second half brought more of the same sand show teed gets up for the next big chance. four minutes after that a fine through ball by a good set found marco toys double dortmund's lead with this fourth goal of the season five laver who was and could hardly get out of their own half and maximilian philip put the game beyond the guests in the sixty third minute have even three goals weren't enough for dortmund though the brilliant sand show set royce up to make it four nil. and that's how it stayed men remain undefeated at home under coach payton and have taken a big step in the direction of the automatic champions league places was my.
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grass adore me getting back to their winning ways now rb life seek and hoffenheim is the match next both teams have european aspirations and earning points is on their to do lists no doubt about it the boys from red bull arena suffered their biggest but as they get defeat to date versus hoffenheim losing for neil this season in the reverse fixture hoffenheim i complete this week because they're hot right now undefeated in their last save seven say as good gnabry has been their main ingredient maybe six goals in that stretch and when you see him doing this. it means one thing he's cooking so let's see if a life she could stand the hoffenheim heat in their own backyard. so goes the five hoffenheim to within touching distance of the champions league places so it was no surprise to see the by lonely in the thick of the action once again he started the move which ended in march tapping the visitors into
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a fourteen minute lead left with a simple finish to mount his return from suspension. nights exactly when making life easy for themselves caught in possession and gnabry doesn't miss chances like this. this is his seventh goal in his many games oftentimes dominance even their defenders once they get in on the act of a cut his job back scoring his first ever been his liko. problems galore for light six roughhousing heard so and they multiplied after the break and no forced back with sends her off to his actual petulance and not being awarded a foul. and though the host pulled the go back to substitute not be kate's and it's a bit of help from the hoffenheim keep any joy it was very short lived because the visitors went straight up the other range noting in his second of the game a toss up for which of the two was easier to school. but six defense was non-existent because rudd made it five. at least the home attack was firing
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slightly better at him i looked him in scale setting up a late consolation for the macondo five two it finished you did not go through and getting another one over on haas and hit so. hard i said if we lost our champions league chances would be over we have three games left and eight nine points if we get less it'll be tough. to go in with that's now eight sleek games unbeaten for hoffenheim they have the momentum quite sick seem to be in free fall. off the hive too hot to handle at leipzig now let's let's look at the bottom of the table perennial strugglers hamburg. are of course embroiled in a relegation battle once again they had a six point clash against freiburg who went into this game eight points in front of their hosts in sixteenth place but it was the home side who scored first with lewis
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holtby skip through the freiburg box and fired them in front after fifty four minutes went home to his court this season hamburg have never lost and the good omen held up in this one too with the guests unable to equalize no matter how hard the strikers or the goalkeeper try a massive win for hamburg that offers fresh hope of a certain viable. yet salute to hamburg no doubt about that a much needed three points in keeping hope alive now for our match day wrap up future by boss enough frankfurt's current when nico kovach has flown the eagles to the german cup final for the second straight season by defeating shaka a few days back looking for another win their next stop was berlin. coach me coco that's wanted to take the momentum from frankfurt's midweek cup success into the bundesliga but against his attack couldn't produce.
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did come close here i. had more determined in the second half this jew between frankfurt's makoto has a b. and davey said through a penalty the video replay confirmed the decision and so he himself slotted home one no for living within our garden with a quick attack then pave the way to victory but you lucky making it to no. shortly afterwards has a baby allowed himself to get carried away again so ok and the frankfurt defend us all reds i trust conceded a third goal in injury time with alexander s. four and doing the honors to complete a surprising three nil away win for hetta frankfurt meanwhile haven't won in the league since announced he'll be moving to par in munich today and just didn't work out this forces football that's life i don't blame anyone on the contrary everyone gave their all today so that when. the buy in munich recip that big names
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again as they took on hanover ahead of their upcoming champions league clash among others eighteen year old center back last lukas my teammate has been this league a debut and the champions were clearly superior kind of a custody and for that shiner keeping his team in the game. but in the second half that the very instructive substitute thomas mulla given them the links in the fifty seventh minute i know but never came off the bench and fires lead marksman didn't take long to make it to know his twenty eighth goal of the season. the better in cemented an easier way with sebastian ready with the final strike but roma tread lightly suppose a completely different challenge this wednesday i give us and i was called later which. comey no i'm happy the game was well especially is that everyone is telling him we can now focus on the future before the shank and. stood guard vs braman two teams looking good to stay up in the top flight typhon kook routes to ca so i'd
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have an impressive second hof of the campaign and christine get now headed them into the lead in the minute and this was. the pac don't know but see the revenues troubles and in injury time back a host can seal the deal with his maiden disney get go joy for stuttgart who have guaranteed themselves another season in the buddhist. some surprising results across the board on this match day don't mean dealt leverkusen a four nil spanking hoffenheim scored a bundle too hot to handle against life seek some hope for hamburg in the relegation battle by beating freiburg hits a berlin damage frankfurt's european hopes but got passed hand over no problem stuttgart down braman one friday night club but defeated wolves burke in on sunday two matches to come out meet mights in cologne clash with shaka now let's take
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a look at the table dog mean jumping up to third softening spot with laver couzin and natural shot up by only a point but that could change tomorrow hoffenheim got a little bump as well and now said above life's sake it'll go down to the wire for teams fighting to qualify for europe let's move down to the bottom half nothing has changed down here although if you notice look a lot of thirty's on the board minds could move if they managed to at least draw it out on sunday. like we always do we end the show with a look at the play of the day as chosen by you on twitter and with seventy one percent of the vote the winner is this young lad domain's jade in san show the eighteen year old englishman had never scored in the but as they did before this match he gets your play of the day not first goal but for this stylish assist for maximillian felipe who made it three nil to dortmund it was one of two assists for
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st show what a day what a day and what a touch. that's full time for us believe you would submit images from saturday's action see you on sunday from me and the rest of the team here in berlin. it is the . women of my league they bet everything out of necessity and concern for. what we're fighting for survival. they carry to seventy eight hours from europe to africa. that's the weight limit for two g. freehand. it's back breaking work. on people who are. in good shape in good shape as
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having celebrations intense and fast free and free celebration this together this year we ask you to send us your most favorite randy and q did. the best team come home remedies contest winners and much more on chen's anniversary show. keep a good show him sixty minutes b.t.w. . on freedom and whole. world i come from the region is rich in history style on talents but so poor and if you question opportunity and freedom this makes it especially difficult for independent drugs i see many of the younger promising journalists who are now making names for themselves all over the world. song by the good pirate along the way song might follow some with continue.
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their experience of freedom a sense is life experience of the. u.k. visited what you call a comeback for. mining you should what i work you know but. i'm a southern pretty of europe men and women are the so-called mules of a lucrative trade the loads they haul across the border are regarded as hand luggage and exempt from duty providing a business opportunity for unscrupulous traders and smugglers. who sit at the head coach who sits toiling classes but you just have to keep going because you have your family to feed and you know some of them at fourteen or fifteen years old but i'd never let my children do that.


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