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tv   The Bundesliga - Your Team your League your Show.  Deutsche Welle  April 23, 2018 2:15am-2:31am CEST

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air watching the news i'm abbie croissant and don't forget you can get all the latest information on our website any time that's d.w. dot com thanks for watching. coach a video coming. soon linked to news from africa and the horrible story link to exceptional stories and discussions from the use of these events and when i would say to debbie to come snatch a freak out join us on facebook. africa. what
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does a football loving country need to reach its goals. we'll tell you how the german soccer made it back to the top. you know web space. dot com football made in germany. the. next day thirty one is over and done in the ready to be dissected for some discourse time prince harry is in welcome and thanks for being here with us joining me in the studio for the sunday powwow are one football contributor and journalist emily rouse should welcome back emily thanks for having me glad to hear it and we happy that he was very old a ballistic expert jonathan crane how are you jonathan raring to guard press i'm glad to hear that as well here's what's coming up. the bundesliga. will hit the low
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who hosted the show in a david versus goliath match up it's do or die time for close losing most likely means they're headed to the second division and our next stop is. out bird a side say from relegation they welcome the team that is it the obama's from my house where we're looking to snap their four game hold losing streak against the visitors who have their feet closer to the relegation fight. now when your goalkeeper calls the season a catastrophe it's safe to say it's too late to motivate team on cologne native a man between the posts summed up clone season that way and even added that he was relieved it's soon coming to an end shall cup believe it or not historically has a poor record against the billy goats however salta has a champions league spot right now but it's not guarantee they'll need
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a win against the league's worst to secure it or is cologne geared up for an upset . where there's life there's hope i'm still just about hanging on but in childcare i faced an opponent from whom they could expect little mercy as was proven in the fourth minute when dobby hero now though played a cutting through both say you have been called a plank whose cross to braille mbogo made it impossible for this whisper woods to miss. a rapid counter-attacking goal of that doubt colona painful. and found himself in acres of space once again he went through the challenge of georgia met a and sleek prosti mohun to double shout his name. but cologne kept fighting and were rewarded in the twenty sixth minute when leone bitter court latched on to a fine through pull from your nose to bring his side back into the game. the school i'd stayed at through one until the eighty fourth minute when
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a swinging free kick from. left rather fair man with no charms suddenly can begin to drain. but unfortunately for the billy goats the wind wasn't to be the last serious chance of the game was squandered by a stumbling cord or. two to the final score a draw in the end at disappointing result for both coaches but was shy to stay in second place cologne looks certain to be heading for the second division. time to start our sunday chat for that i'm joined by one football contributor it will be roush which we've also got our but is the expert jonathan craig sitting to my right from d.w. sports emily let's start with you cologne came back in level was. your thoughts on what this result means for the royal blues i think as far as dropping points go
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this one's pretty harmless for shotgun when they're still clear in their champions league spot they're still ahead of months so they've got that all tighten up i think from their point of view second place is still in their hands at least pretty narrow and they were managed to churn out a victory when they need to and dominate her to tesco and i think they'll be ok for second place ok no not with you john talking about shockers rival dog men who were big winners for nail over labor coups in another direct rival for the champions league spot in the table. but you take all there was all yesterday for me it was a bit of a surprise because after that toothless dobby defeat they needed to react the founders of course had banners before the game and they know real no passion no courage after that dobby defeat and they did perform very well in the end we had paid to go before the game a monitoring leverkusen and their tactical flexibility in many ways that the i think dortmund beat they've accused their own game they really took the game to them we were worried about. why it is a three million for that came from and did
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a very good job market roy smith to go with. thing in the stands that doesn't do his world cup chances and harm and of course how could we not mention jade in the san siro gold and to assist a fantastic performance from him yeah that's right you know it actually from the eighteen year old englishman jaded says shows certainly had a starring role in that performance and he actually shared his joy on twitter saying how special it was disk or in front of the famous yellow wall here it is on your screen and he added a bit of german too if you can see it when we're done and he also wanted to thank the fans for all of their energy you know i actually interviewed jade and he did promise that he would score a goal i'm glad to see kept his promise now emily stay with you how impressed were you with sasha i think a kid like didn't always impresses with his perfect technique and it's players like him that make us watch football and love football and enjoy the little things of the game but should emphasize this what he needs to show is consistency so that's
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a good start you know he's had a good i think it was eight games now where he did well but now he needs to perform over and over again i think yes they showed a lot of maturity because he missed a carbon copy of his goal moments earlier and that really could have knocked his confidence but it didn't terrorize leverkusen really with his pace said such a roar the only question for me is attitude had a question mark said results achieved in the path i think you just need someone who's going to guide him in the right path because if they do. then they've got a big talent on their hands still and yes it's making players right he i know he's been a shovel of practice and making his own players i know he's had a little bit of that goes on the pitch are going to be good and if i of course dallas talk about a team making a late charge for the champions league places hoffenheim they dusted leipzig on saturday you think they can squeeze into the top four i do this and the going in the right direction and i think at this stage of the season it's all about momentum that's now eight league games unbeaten for them five of those victories and i don't
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think it's any coincidence that this run is co-incided with no reason finally ruling itself out of the bind drop outs now or in the pot they can just concentrate on getting to europe but that ironically he said earlier this week that europe has been a bit of a distraction because he can focus on his training methods now he is and we're seeing the fruits of that and says going to be obviously was cooking well on the pitch now question to both of you if you were your he would you give says can operate at the opportunity to join the team for the upcoming world cup i mean the luxury for germany is the good of the players on the ring with lots of opportunities for someone to get in that. i think yes take a risk take mabrey take someone who's going to be exciting he's going to take the games for parents really disagree i think he showed up really late in the season you know and he's been great now but it's too close to the world cup and for the last games he wasn't considered so i don't think lives going to surprise him just take him the russian now yeah but you know when he's cooking is out as he is you
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have to pay attention hopefully he does make it i agree with john that i think he does deserve these urns you know an opportunity now let's move on to the next match our next match outburst hosted mice though side hasn't been if it is from home field advantage lately in fact the club's been experiencing its worst ever run of losing it for the whole phase with four defeats in a row my side sitting at thirty points in a table three way tie have their backs against the relegation wall it need some upward mobility to stay in the top flight the visitors dominated their last opponent but alex burke beat mites in the reverse fixture can they do it again. alfred finn bogus in made his comeback you know explored starting lineup after three months out injured and he wasted no time showing how important he is to the team the icelandic case set up mikail grigori who opened the scoring in the twenty ninth minute his twelfth goal of the season. one nil for our sport at half
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time. and it was all out sport in the second half as well in bogus and close as can be but denied by defender danny lights up. but then in injury time minds were pushing for an equaliser and finn bogus and caught them on the break the captain capping an outstanding comeback i'm. great to be back on the pitch again i didn't think i would but less this long in his game but. in the last thirty minutes the outscored have now secured another season in the top flight well mindsets still in danger and have some tough games ahead of them. and our mistake check continues but first let's take a quick look at where things stand in the bundesliga table after sunday's games as you can see the top half nothing's changed here with the exception of shock of getting one another extra point overdubbing now they have two point cushion now
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let's take a look at the bottom half. and as you can see nothing really go on on here except congratulations to cologne for picking up a point after their draw now evilly let's talk you know the relegation battle with saturday's win too little or too late for hamburg are nine points up for grabs and they only need five to stay in the clear and all of their opponents still need to battle each other or really tough opponents especially minds who still have the likes of dalton and lights coming on so i actually think might pull it off again ok i know over to you jonathan i think we've been playing keep you happy with this relegation fight for too long i want to kick the ball and throws that i can cologne and hamburg a definite down there's no coming back for them so it's all from me on the relegation play off and i think freiburg fans have the most to be worried about they haven't won for i think one in the last eleven or four record at the moment they've not won in the league for more than two months the problem when you are in
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a relegation battle is goals you need someone who's going to put the ball in the back of the net when you do get those red chances near was just in the top score on a really barren run and that's not forget freiburg got the lowest budget in the league and i think they're finally now paying the price for their frugal transfer policy the overachieved last season with a seventh place finish but just not the quality now in this squad i think they're going to really really nervous for the last few fixture is really interesting we can examine he said coming up. on friday broadcom get anything out collected big problems and really no no will you know what do you think do you think who are your two to go down i think my aunts and cologne are going to go down in hamburg. because you're a supporter of bollywood right. saying that you are right. you know the opinion i do think cologne is doesn't go down i mean the goalkeeper obviously adds when he has to say about the season they do pull off a draw but it's a miracle for cologne to stay up i think there doesn't go down as well and you know
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i think have bird world at least get into the relic. patients but i will call freiburg i think by virtue of the drug that i would say in my opinion but we have to wait and see three matches left to be played well i'd like to thank our guests emily rausch and jonathan crane that's full time for the boat as they go for me and the rest of the team here. i'll be visiting. in good shape in good shape as having a celebration of ten's and fast free and resell abridging this together this year we ask you to send us your most favorite home remedy and to do it. the best teams on home remedy contest winners and much more on our chance anniversary show. good shape next d.w. next. to
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