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good german starting with a thirteen column to w. . his new digital you news live from berlin and guilty as charged salam just long as the only surviving suspect in the twenty fifty and paris terror attacks to date born of belgium has sentenced him to twenty years in prison for his role in a police shootout also coming up in peace and quiet at the korean border for all the. greens to switch off the giant speakers that blast music music and
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propaganda to the north it's all part of a change of tone ahead of historic summit this friday. and prince william's wife the duchess of cambridge has gone into labor at a hospital in london she's expecting her third child and you simply for a prince george and princes charlotte will have an update from our correspondent outside the clinic. hello and welcome marian evans dean it's good to have you with us we begin in belgium where a court has found salam to slam guilty of attempted murder he is the sole surviving suspect in the twenty fifteen terror attacks in paris but today's conviction relates to a separate incident a police shootout in brussels before his arrest the belgian court sentenced to
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twenty years in prison he currently remains in a french jail awaiting trial there for his role in the paris attacks which left one hundred twenty nine people dead and scores wounded. let's go straight to the courthouse in brussels where the w. correspondent teri schultz is standing by so terry take us through what was said in court today. the judge had an eighty eight page verdict which she read out and important in this was to establish that this was a terrorist crime he was convicted of attempted terrorist murder so the judge went through items like finding islamic state propaganda in the safe house where the shootout took place she also talked about the amount of support that some of this lawman sophia and i really had written had received from the terror cell that was known to have been operating in belgium at the time the one that committed the paris attacks and the brussels attacks later so that component was proven through
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these details she also seemed to cast doubt on the defense's claims that this long was stupid and also that he had no intention to commit murder she said the number of heavy weapons found at the scene the amount of ammunition proved that whether or not so obviously actually pulled the trigger on the day of the shoot out he had every intention and capability to kill these police officers and any other law enforcement personnel that got in his way. aren't terry let's now give our viewers a closer look at up to slam and the circumstances of his capture we have this report. at the end of an international manhunt on march eighteenth twenty sixteen belgian special police captured one of the most wanted terrorist suspects in europe up to slow believed to be the only surviving suspect in the paris terror attacks that left one hundred thirty people dead in nov twenty fifth up to saddam as
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a french citizen born in brussels in september one thousand nine hundred nine it's not yet clear whether he played a major part in planning and executing the paris attacks but was merely a low level follower. of to four months on the run of the slum was arrested in march twenty sixth seen following a shootout with the belgian police the incident these proceedings have focused on. have to slum was present for the first day of the trial since then he has refused to attend court. his lawyer. mary describes him as a small time criminal who's too stupid to plan a conspiracy in one interview he set up the salon has quote the intelligence of an empty ashtray drawer wrapped islam's family has also tried to reinforce this line of defense one of his brothers for instance says up to slum lost his nerve and intentionally failed to set off a suicide bomb vest he was wearing. but it's only at the much bigger trial set to take place in france at a later date the prosecutors will judge up to slums role in the paris attacks
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themselves. are it's important to differentiate today's proceedings are not related to the paris attacks and twenty fifteen terry what more did we learn though about obviously during the course of this trial. you know if this is to be seen as a test case will not related for the paris paris trial that's upcoming it certainly doesn't bode well for salo obviously his attorney as we heard tried to portray him as too stupid to have planned these attacks not to have even the intention to commit such attacks but in fact some of the slum has given given prosecutors in the next trial a lot to work with because on the first day of this trial though he wasn't expected to speak he had an outburst at the end was told us a lot about him he said he doesn't recognize the mandate of the court that he doesn't trust anything that this judge might say he said that muslims are persecuted no matter what that they're always guilty before even having
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a trial and he said he puts his feet in all his hands and in fact he was very articulate when he had this outburst which may have made his his defense attorney quite nervous in trying to portray him as stupid and obviously never came back to court after that and we don't actually know whether it was he who didn't want to come or his attorneys who thought it was best that he keep his mouth shut so again while as we've said this verdict does not play a role in the paris trial it certainly has given us some more insight into the suspect and terry what happens now. he's being held in a maximum security prison as he has in fact throughout this trial he was transported for that first day of the trial in a heavily armed motorcade just for this appearance so he remains in that prison until his trial begins in paris it's not known yet whether he will appear in person
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there and of course this twenty year sentence may never come to pass here in belgium there are the the trial in paris will obviously be much bigger the conclusions will be much more. dependent is yours will be much more dependent on what happens in that trial i spoke with a court official here about whether this twenty year sentence will ever mean anything and he said if it's possible that gets out of prison in paris if he's convicted perhaps belgium can still call him back to serve twenty years here nonetheless having this trial having this outcome was important in belgium which of course has come under a huge group me for having hosted the terror cell that committed the paris attacks and the brussels attacks later all right terry shoals reporting from brussels many thanks indeed turning now to south korea which has switched off giant loudspeakers used to broadcast propaganda and its border with north korea seoul says it is a gesture of goodwill ahead of
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a summit between the two countries this friday broadcast usually include pop music news and calls on north korean soldiers to defect to the south. these south korean weapons can reach several kilometers into north korean territory . high decibel propaganda speakers line the demilitarized zone between the two countries blasting the isolated north with pop music and news broadcasts. but now they are switched off as the two sides prepare to meet for the first time in over a decade the south korean government aims to send a strong message through silence you wanted to go we hope this decision will lead both koreas to stop neutral criticism and propaganda eggs on the recently announced a halt to nuclear missile testing. divided for seventy years to two koreas marched under united flag at this year's winter olympic games the thawing of relations has
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opened a diplomatic window for talks which are expected to begin next week i koreans however have mixed views about how effective the upcoming summit will be if you give the money to matic crises a so frequent i've become numb to them. i was told that suddenly there's a peace mate but i don't know about that to get into little. north korean defectors hope the day of unification will come soon so that they can go home to see their loved ones and wish i mean they can get it on. the u.k.'s or u.s. president donald trump also plans to meet with north korea's kim jong un next month to discuss nuclear disarmament for now the conflict is not over it's on standby and jason strother has been following the developments between the two koreas and he joins us now from seoul so jason just how significant is this move by south
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korea to silence is propaganda loudspeakers. well the propaganda loudspeakers have always irritated north korea a few years ago it almost sparked a battle along the d.m.z. so by shutting down these speakers it is pretty much just a gesture of good will have this summit this friday. now this move by south korea is being viewed as a gesture of goodwill and head of friday's planned meeting between south korean president lee j. in and the north korean leader kim jong il and what can you tell us is being expected from those talks. well there are some hopes that the two leaders could discuss signing a peace treaty that would officially bring an end to the korean war we have to remember that one thousand nine hundred fifty three only a cease fire agreement was signed but that is perhaps still a long way ahead all right well we do know that north korea has also been he using
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loudspeakers to blast its own message is it is john yang about to reciprocate and stop its own broadcasts it's hard to say i spoke with south korea's defense ministry earlier today to find out whether or not north korea is still blasting its loudspeakers across the d.m.z. the ministry here is that they couldn't confirm that so we were in the d.m.z. when it's hard to tell right now what the north is up to all right jason strother reporting for us from seoul in south korea many thanks indeed thank you. and now to some of the other stories making news around the world and police in the u.s. state of tennessee have warned nashville residents to be on alert for a gunman who shot four people dead at a restaurant this customer wrestled the gun away stopping the assault authorities say the suspect fled on foot and could still be armed french president among all
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mccrone is headed to the united states capital washington for a state visit a cron told fox news television he'll be urging president trump not to pull out of the iran nuclear deal trump has threatened to abandon the agreement which is aimed at curbing iran's nuclear ambitions. the u.n. war crimes tribunal will hear appeals today against the twenty six thousand genocide conviction of bosnian serb wartime leader radovan kharaj itch he is asking for a new trial but prosecutors want his acquittal on a separate charge dismissed and his forty year prison term increased to life now police have arrested over two hundred demonstrators in armenia during rallies against the country's government authorities also detained three prominent opposition politicians including nicole who's been a leading the anti-government demonstrations in the capital yet have on the
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protests have been ongoing for a week now demonstrators are calling a newly appointed prime minister serge sarcastic and to resign critics accuse him of making a questionable power grab and failing to address issues linked to corruption and the economy. a sea of peaceful protesters in the center of yet. thousands of armenians united in anger at the end of a tense day of demonstrations. earlier on sunday the situation was far more turbulent. political deadlock opposition leader nico pushing the end only prepared to discuss circassians resignation. this isn't dialogue. these aren't talks. this is an ultimatum and blackmail. you don't have the power
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you've reported to have. authority and mania has come into the hands of the people . under the glare of the media their meeting lasted just several minutes prime minister circassian abruptly ended the encounter. just hours later he called pushing in was detained as he led a demonstration in the armenian capital. but. this past week parliament in the former soviet republic of just three million people voted to allow circassian to transition from the largely ceremonial post of president which he served two terms to that of prime minister. public anger has grown at what the opposition perceives as a power grab claiming so circassian is becoming
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a leader for life. the opposition has called the protests the start of a peaceful velvet revolution one they say they'll continue till their demands are met. you're watching d.w. news still to come excitement is growing outside this hospital in london where the duchess of cambridge has gone into labor with her third child we'll have an update from our correspondent outside the clinic. and kristof here now with some business news with the e.u. and mexico signing off on a new trade deal with the message that's right marianna global trade relations are under pressure by u.s. president donald trump now mexico and the european union are taking a stand for free trade both sides overhauled an old or older trade deal now abolishing almost all tear of speech wean them when german chancellor angela merkel and mexico's president enrique pena nieto officially opened the mexican. exhibition
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stand at the world's biggest industrial tech chair and hand over mr pena nieto said he is optimistic that an overhaul of the north american free trade agreement nafta could also be reached a deal president trump has repeatedly threatened to tear up german chancellor merkel said multinational corporation was added value for all parties echoing the thoughts of many of the fair speed is the message at hand over customers want their products delivered faster and they want to be able to customize them that means speeding up production and logistics it's a challenge with global reach the fare is there for considered one of germany's most important annual events underlined by the attendance of german chancellor angela merkel she was joined by mexican president enrique pena nieto whose country is the partner nation for this year's fair belum all make and is able to do tough to situate c. one germany is doing very well economically at the moment employment rate is as low
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as ever but i recognise that today's numbers aren't tomorrow's prognosis and therefore it's important that we strengthen our innovative skills services and child and that's the only ones we're in about to once teach cut it off at the shop and i can get hand over that innovation translates to automation and machine learning often in the form of robots both require a very fast network that can handle massive data loads in real time. building that network known as five g. is another focus at how to over. mexico has its own concerns its industrial economy is under threat with questions hanging over the north american free trade agreement now it needs to diversify it hopes hanover will be a good first up. more from the handover fairness cross over to see embarrassedly stephen we heard the german chancellor and the mexican president welcoming the overhaul of the trade deal between mexico and the e.u. give us some more about. that's right this of course was meant to be an update
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to an agreement that went back twenty one years ago that was focused mostly on industrial goods what the update to does is add agricultural products dairy products for example farm goods chickens pork you name it that of course is important it also allows companies from both nations to bid on government contracts without tariff without penalty all important but behind this is also a very big political statement at a time when both mexico and germany are under fire from the u.s. for running trade surpluses with them this is a statement about the value of free trade now of course mexico needs more than a free trade agreement with the e.u. to make up for its trade with the u.s. its biggest trade partner so we'll see what happens ahead. steve burson reporting from the front of a trade fair there a german health company for same use has called off its four point four billion euro takeover of u.s.
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generic drugs maker acorn several essential preconditions that were part of the agreement have not been met by acorn for zen you said in a statement the acquisition would have been the second largest in the company's history but to be cancelled for the news is aiming for a strong foothold in the u.s. generics market a spokesperson. let's get more on this with conrad bosun standing by the frankfurt stock exchange contractors in his siding severe breaches of data integrity tell us more. well yes allegedly acorn failed repeatedly to comply with regulation by the american f.d.a. the food and drug administration regulation with which has to do with how data is being generated stored and communicated in the production of producing pharmaceutical products frizzy in us learned about this at first by anonymous letter and then implemented an inquiry which according to fizzy news has
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found out that the infringements were so bad that it was well that it was better to call the whole the loft now i have to tell you though there are a few people here at least at the exchange who believe that this is an excuse that this is way for craziness to pull out of a deal that many here believed was a bit expensive and can all prices have been on the rise lately so has inflation how does that impact the market. well it's reflected on the bond market today the yield on the ten year treasury the ten year u.s. government bond has risen to the highest since the year twenty fourteen to two point nine nine percent exactly and you know the difference between the u.s. government bond yield and the german government bond yields the so-called spread is at the largest almost thirty years this clearly reflects that market
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participants are pricing in there a higher inflation more and potentially more aggressive rate hikes in the u.s. but no interest rate hikes to be expected here in the euro zone contribution in frankfurt thank you. back to marianna nodded looks like the royal family of britain will soon have a brand new member yeah could be very very soon indeed christoph the duchess of cambridge has been admitted to a london hospital and is reportedly in labor with her third child she and husband prince william already have two children their eldest prince george was born in july of two thousand and thirteen the preschooler is currently third in line to the throne following his father and grandfather and fourth in line is charlotte elizabeth diana the role couple's daughter was born in may twenty fifteen her name a nod to her late grandmother princess diana and her great grandmother the current
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queen elizabeth the second well now the world is awaiting the newest royal he or she will and kate have not revealed the gender with will be the fifth in line to the british throne so for the latest now we're joined by our london correspondent who's outside the clinic where the new royal baby is being eagerly anticipated so there gets any reports on the condition of the duchess. no we really don't know anything everything that happens here behind tools in the private private wing of this hospital in central london is really really strict private so we will be defied by the tweet and by e-mail at some point but how the labor is going out of the duchess is doing we don't know anything we do know that she had very severe morning sickness but that's obviously something that effects are more the months of the pregnancy and she looked fairly is she would really well
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when she appeared in public i think the last i was she appeared healthy and worlds hopefully this will be a healthy new royal here in london all right period well needless to say with such a high profile expectant mother security is of course a very tight we see some police officers right behind you what can you tell us about the set up at the hospital to ensure the privacy and security of the new royal baby that's about to make its debut. everything that surrounds the royal family here in the u.k. is strictly strictly trolled and you don't have any chance to get anywhere near any of the people that are entering don't feel only the hospitals disallowed but there is lots of police look just front of the entrance but everywhere here tony i can see all just about ten police officers there we are making sure that nobody here
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pretty soon because of course we've we have well wishers here people have been dissipated and really really eagerly new baby and that i would like to know would like to get closer but it's strictly prohibited all right so the royal family is keeping quiet about whether it's going to be a boy or a girl but what about the bets what are people saying what's the gut feeling bad people have is that going. to be a boy or girl and what about possible names. yes boy or girl is the big question though obviously have already won boy one girl haven't given anything away about the sex of this baby the speculation is that the name is going to be rather traditional the duchess of cambridge and william they haven't really gone out of line so far they've stuck with very traditional name so the speculation that it could possibly go to or the middleton side of the family
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may be like carrow of k. which is mother she could she could be involved her name could be involved that's of course the british betting on everything and some of the names that are frontrunners for the bookies are really traditional names like arthur like alice turia i think even albert is is one they've that cropped up but we will know. we will know for sure when this baby will be born and we expect it's going to happen fairly soon because the fat baby the duchess of cambridge is already in labor so we will know though move very soon you're all right and we do wish her well dear god must reporting forest in london many thanks indeed. some sports news now and cologne have had a catastrophic blunders league a season and are staring relegation in the face but second place have a historically poor record against cologne with the royal blues clinched that
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coveted champions league spot or could their hosts cause an upset. where there's life there's hope and cologne are still just about hanging on but in childcare they faced an opponent from whom they could expect a little messy as was proven in the fourth minute when dobby here are now to a plate a cutting through both say you haven't caught up lanka whose cross to braille mbogo made it impossible for this whisper a word to me. a rapid counter-attacking goal of that doubt cologne a painful. and raincoat a plank a found himself in acres of space once again he went through the challenge of georgia met a and slid postie moho on the doubles shout his name. but cologne kept fighting and were rewarded in the twenty sixth minute when leon bitter court latched on to a fine through bowl from your nice to bring his side back into the game to school and stayed at three one until the eighty fourth minute when
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a swinging free kick from marcel rissa left rather feminine with no chance suddenly cologne could begin to drain. but unfortunately for the billy goats the wind wasn't to be the last serious chance of the game was squandered by a stumbling john cordova. to to the final score. a draw in the end a disappointing result for both coaches but was shy to stay in second place cologne looks certain to be heading for the second division. a quick reminder now of our top story. a belgian court has found some obvious long guilty of attempted murder and sentenced him to twenty years in prison the only surviving suspect in the twenty fifteen paris terror attack. you're up to date now on d w news thanks for watching.
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