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tv   Eco-at- Africa - The Environment Magazine  Deutsche Welle  April 23, 2018 12:30pm-1:00pm CEST

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i'd return to. visit friends i don't think i'd ever go back there to live but i live there again i don't know so i'm not sure. the witness lose that matters. you. didn't know that you can help protect the climate by using and we'll tell you more about that later on and the so welcome to an all new edition of eco at africa our european africa and vironment magazine my name is sharon a minute from nairobi kenya and thank you for joining us and
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a big hello from me too i'm now time in lagos nigeria on eco africa produced by channels t.v. katie and i enjoy bella we share ideas about what's being done for the environment in africa i mean you will you learn tips and tricks and interesting stories about people will love and protect nature and here's what's coming up on the show today. in nigeria we have company a wildlife conservation it's to look for the country's last remaining lions. were reported on internationally you should save the ivory trees and recycle overseeing that from the oceans. and we go to the roll call well young entrepreneur has developed and to make sure danny is more beneficial and affordable. nowadays organically grown food is not available in nearly all small markets and list in western countries where more and more consumers are demanding production i don't contain g.m.o. crops all chemical fertilizers and i did interest in organic food he's also grown.
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in africa but. for the well to do a new startup in morocco wants to change that digital platform called a p.c. of rugby aims to make. consumers they will be delivered. directly by electric powered vehicles of course. chemicals thanks to shaun tan fake and from belgium and her team she used to work as a chemist for a multinational pharmaceutical company then she decided to become a farmer in morocco i'd started to see if it was going to grow because he had a climate is quite different as in that you obviously and. so everything grew so that was two years ago. i did a full tomato i also potatoes and i thought nice and so this is how it started and
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it became bigger and bigger she supplies produce to i mean slim and his company a piece leave that or greengrocery the online retailer delivers organic and natural products throughout the country has no organic certification process so slim and he makes sure the farms he works with other real thing we try to to meet everyone that we have on the platform and whenever we can we also try to visit their farms their production units to see what the promise is really what people are getting in. this very house abuse. of trust so far most customers are in casablanca where a p.c. that is based its motto is ordered in the morning delivered in the afternoon the driver buzzes around the city every day with a load of juices cosmetics and all of oil from organic farms his vehicle is also environmentally friendly and electric try circle. the delivery service started
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a couple of months ago eight hundred people signed up on the very first day among them. i saw some articles about that internet and now was a curious to just to test it to try it and. what we found we would hear much about the issues of a court or motion to try our products that are not very good for our health so i wanted something healthy i wanted to try. i mean slim on eva found identified a business opportunity here he'd noticed that while more and more consumers were interested in organic and natural products almost everything had to be imported at high cost he realized it didn't have to be that way. a piece leave that already has some five hundred local organic food and cosmetic products in its assortment. and
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the company does its best to keep the prices as moderate as possible healthy food should not be reserved for the rich. it's our business model who aims at lowering as much as was going to price by cutting a cutting the middle man and by lowering do fees that we apply to or which vendors just to do a bare minimum that's way we can have price on a p.c. for us and. it's food. prices we need to be able to expand the markets will go food markets morocco's economy's been growing for the past decade at close to five percent a year but the new prosperity has brought new public health problems rising rates of obesity and diabetes more and more food is produced industrially the greengrocery wants to reverse that trend it works with about forty five organic
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farmers at the moment forty. will join soon consumer demand is certainly growing. today where at some points in morocco similar to what europe was in fifteen twenty years ago so we have a lot of potential growth in morocco for organic food to catch up a little bit more advanced countries. at peace we've that is planning to offer delivery of organic goods from morocco to customers in europe as well but that'll take a while and the driver will have made many more rounds on his try cicle before the plan is implemented. have you heard about hundreds of calls tonight on to the world oceans no well you're not alone want too few people know about the danger they pose tomorrow in life. that's right after saying that that have been lost or left behind by order was there beyond repair they've lived around the water where
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they are fortunately can pause where it's denser to see life that's why examine organization as collecting there and having them into something landlubbers come where ever joy. an estimated six hundred forty thousand tons of nets a spread across the oceans they've been left or lost by fishermen killing over a half million sea creatures each year. synthetic nets in particular continue to pose a danger for hundreds of years. after seeing the destruction the calls to volunteer cleanup diverse started to tidy up the oceans collecting tons of killer nets
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worldwide. briefs net is a german business that turns these nets into fashion. they clean the old nets and up cycle them into bracelets and bags. ten percent of sales a donated to ocean cleanup campaigns. divers have retrieved three hundred seventy five tons of ghosts so far helping to keep our oceans clean and fish alive. like less. chance of doing what they tell us about it.
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the wildlife trade is big business and generate substantial revenue while white every year thousands of. individual but i traded internationally many. private homes where they will never see another bat or even a tree. in south africa a small organization operate a safe haven for that have been rescued. but can't be released into the what. is twice and be. done with any time. in nature is an experience many. used to. is a been. more than fifteen and knows pretty much everybody. you
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see this little. use is going to shake you. if you challenge is all the big face even the way and i think if you could just put. it. this huge native if he recovers twenty three thousand square meters and is up to fifty metres in height. they are more than three thousand bands. from a private. company. so they need to learn to fly they need to learn to eat the right food up of things and of course we have to also see that to act well was each other that i can interact with the people that come here because they need to be said. who is responsible for the integration of
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commas she knows only too well. that friends have been through. some have ripped off. more dough monday as in small cages at a heavy price and needs to a range of be having problems. he was a bad and didn't. previous owner of his owners were moving away and the landlord would you go check on the house to make sure everything is still find and she found him and he immediately phoned us and aust us what to do and he said we will take him in and we will eventually release him outside bypass they have. to spend a few weeks before being released into the main ivor he has to be given a clean bill of health and learn to be independent. mostly. more than physically. actually damaged and they very dependent on humans our purses said be
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trying it is trying to get them deal in august which means we are trying to get them independent all humans with they can survive on their own in the sanctuary is financed by the minute visitors space but they may not talk about it because they should leave us why animals even in the aviary they will be able to survive in the why around half of the two hundred twenty species here are from africa the rest from other parts of the wild. and they inserted every year millions of bonds for victims to try to deny the animal. that. africa is a huge. industry if you just think of a single one like africa south africa exports something like ninety thousand parrots other countries and it's part of the originate from the wall but it is
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going to. actually teaching people about. it sadly. dale is. taking. people who can. hear they can live out their lives in really to freedom a bit afraid and that of many of the birds held in captivity. the bugs are just so in that report a part of our lads eco system we often hear the time buyer they ask it's you when we are we firing to eco systems like an option off for us a wide variety of plants and animals living within the system often depend on the one about for their various of five zero but sadly all of a hundred of our planet's pieces are dying every day and that tad may be having and that vast effects on all of us. up to fourteen million species inhabit our planet animals plants fun guy and microorganisms but do we need them all.
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butterflies for example biologists have identified around one hundred eighty thousand different species. they can be found here. and here and here to. look very different and are also different in terms of many of their genes genetic diversity helps species to adapt to environmental change and survive. in that ensures the survival of species that rely on them many birds for example feed on caterpillars and cats feed on birds the pyramid of dependence goes on and on if the butterflies at the base of it go missing then they can have a big impact on species diversity as a whole. and animal diversity can affect plant diversity that's because butterflies
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feed on nectar from flowers and in the process act as pollinators without them many flowering plants would be unable to propagate. by destroying natural habitats human beings pose a danger to butterflies and therefore entire eco systems. the climate change is making things worse. and what's true of butterflies is true of every living thing on the planet each fulfills an important function in its own eco system over the ages many species have become extinct to some extent that's a natural process but currently around one hundred thirty species are being wiped out every day in that case earth could soon become a lifeless wasteland. many of us use the internet all day long did you know that by using one particular indian you can actually help save the planet billions
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of such as every day companies like google microsoft and yahoo lots of money by showing advertisements to their users one of the time some of that money into trees. fabulous idea shot and that's exactly what you call seo is doing it's a search engine company based in germany with every click on an ad next year search results money is donated to conservation projects particularly reforestation in africa. here in book enough so these delicate plants already sprouting later they'll create a dense forest to stop the spread of the sahara desert peta funded what works for a balloon based i t for right now he's in book enough aso to see if the trees are doing ok his company is financing the reforestation project. i know you're used. to.
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five thousand kilometers away in the building offices of a cozier there's another baobab sprouting peter brought back some seeds from africa as a souvenir the i.t. company is trying to generate as much money as possible for reforestation projects i think. trees are something very special. trees are one of the things in life that you only miss when they're gone so a lot of people in the western world today take trees for counter-terror nice for leisure and nature and they don't realise that away provide us with water they provide us with many nets to provide us with timber so many things come across it. because it is a search engine like google being. the site allows users to search for information all products. use
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a sea advertising between the search results. when they click on it because he earns money which its founder called invests in trees. there are a few ads that are much more valuable than another so if you search for i don't know buying a new telephone or a car even. a click could. generate maybe even a few year olds and revenue for us which means there would be a lot of trees just because of one. most visitors to the site are from france and germany but consumers in the u.s. also turn to the search engine users like being able to help the environment with just one click around eighty percent of the revenue goes to a cozy is reforestation projects its employees average salaries more importantly they feel they're contributing to a better world. but they have
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a long road ahead the goal is to plant a billion trees by twenty twenty. currently reached seven point six million constantly updating the tally. new reforestation projects are beginning to take off in several parts of africa the mountains of northeastern tanzania are another example peter returned from the region just a few days ago a difference of two some. small local day complected explaining the plan to half a million trees last year but much much more together with all the local farmers they're working with and they're planting local trees biodiversity hotspot that is very precious so we got to know each other better and together we worked on a contract and now we're going to plant three million trees with it and still be here in tanzania and use environment and. in recent decades large areas of ancient forests have been destroyed it costs just thirty cents to plant a tree here even so it will take many more internet searches and advertising clicks
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before everything is green and lush again. while it's in africa a popular destination for wildlife watchers and so far western africa is pretty much the opposite. side on this continent and that's according to the international union for conservation of nature in nigeria for example there are only two national parks where you can still see a lion. are struggling to preserve some last remaining lions in nigeria will spend some time searching for the. park rangers there. it's not very way is only his morning patrol he's tracking footprints in listening out for the rule of law and. order on this one of them visit the rangers camp the
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night before. he rough hard mr snow then after seven o'clock winter for some time the first. lady lake national park covers more than five thousand square kilometers that six times the size of then although it is home to a large number of animal species the park is struggling financially the vegetation is says think in some areas it's hard to actually see much wildlife the puck is also remote there are new big cities nearby so very few tourists come to visit them at the a team meeting in the afternoon the ranges discussed the lines in the park that went fifteen two thousand and nine but only twenty nine two years later the head of the park says the number is even lower today they are among the few lions remaining in nigeria without alliance which is one of the biggest. in
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the park so all of these. bows and osprey species will definitely not the controlled. pollution is very very critical that it will important that we. just lions. after the meeting the team heads out to look the law is the ranges are armed because they're frequently clashes with the illegal grazes hunters and sometimes with mine is that their limited resources the rangers struggle to face these threats. because is where we and. it. is is it is just. north suspended. and. suddenly the group comes across cattle in the middle of the
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national park the ranges immediately search for the you know the cows but the herdsman is nowhere to be found. to. fall so he has. livestock can bring new diseases into the park that represents a serious threat to wildlife that is one reason why it is crucial for the rangers to work together with the villages nearby. mactire as negri way has come to command to tell the people why they should help protect the park. we're. now going to do more. stuff we've got money and you know. but it is not easy to convince the local chief and the villages many struggle to make a living everybody we have no issues with conservation but we don't have enough farmland
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over recorded and i will now worry that we would like them to make a pot smaller so we can have more land to farm it was a very as in not be ruined heads back to the park he still hopes to squash the blinds. they come before but none actually show this face. because. it's all so over. the place. another divided wrong smokes. it's not like. he's dangerous to. the next morning at the park we see him and i do it tells his colleague about the patrol in the night although he wasn't successful this time and didn't see any lions the rangers keep on following them mission as many people as
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possible should be able to see the lines not in a museum but and the wild. that's it for today from eco at africa we hope that we've been able to inspire you to protect the environment to find out more about the show head and over to our website until next time it's goodbye from me sad in a row because if you're involved in an environmental project i would like to share your story get in touch with us by email or social media. you can find the address in the credits at the end of the show thank you for watching and i look forward to seeing you next time i'm now outside made by. the be. more. fuel to.
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birthday karl marx cards twenty one special and the documentary marx and his heirs d.w. . the dangerous battle for images five women. five exceptional stories. one calling more photography dramatic pictures from the frontlines capturing faithful moments in time and even risking death. she gave her life to other stories of people who ended up killing. women war photographers starting may third on g.w. . the. climate change is affecting us all. rising sea levels and. streets.
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homes. unchanged. through entire communities. the good news is our own choices in energy conservation. recycling. transports to the line find out what you can do today i've read all the lines out all.
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this is d w news live from early tensions rise in armenia and soldiers join an illegal demonstration against the government the defense ministry threatens to punish those involved protesters want the prime minister to resign. also coming up guilty as charged the only surviving suspect of the twenty fifth in paris terror attacks a locked islam is sentenced to twenty years in prison in belgium for his role in a police shootout.


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