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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  April 23, 2018 3:00pm-3:15pm CEST

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this is delia news live from berlin and events in armenia take the new turn after days of protests the prime minister steps down this comes after soldiers join a demonstration demanding his resignation will go along on to find out if wanted this could mean for the former soviet country also on the show it's a boy for the british royals the duchess of cambridge to give birth to her third child with husband prince william will have an update from our correspondent on time the clinic in london. and the verdict is guilty as charged the
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only surviving suspect in the twenty fifteen paris terror attacks salam to slam is sentenced to twenty years in prison in belgium for his role in a police shootout. thanks for joining us i'm marrying a. armenia's prime ministers serve sark c.n.n. has resigned following more than a week of mass protests against him in a statement posted online he said the protest leader was right and he was wrong groups of soldiers had joined those demonstrations today in the capital here of on protestors have accused stark's down of trying to remain in power for life authorities had arrested more than two hundred people over the weekend including the leader of the opposition but federal lawmaker nichol passion yen was released
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earlier today. well for the latest from armenia we're joined now by joshua co-chairing he's a freelance journalist in your van joshua we understand you are out on the streets of the capital how are people reacting to the prime minister's sudden resignation. well it's complete jubilation and you can probably hear the car cars honking behind me there's already tens of thousands of people on republic square which has been kind of the focal point of the protests people are dancing they're hugging one another. people are still streaming in. and if those huge celebrations. well right now that the prime minister has stepped down what happens next. well as nobody knows you know if the statement that starts down issued you know the the sort of oracle statements you don't nickel question you know it was right i was
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wrong. you know they didn't say anything about what's next so whether this party is going to put forward another prime minister candidate for prime minister whether there's to be two elections it's very hard to predict you know the there was only one time the opposition party in the parliament in our media where the leaders of this protest came from. and they had something like if my memory serves eight percent of the votes in the last parliamentary election so you know they really have a very small kind of political map in themselves but you know this obviously changes everything but if we're going to have two elections that nobody knows when josh might help us to understand a bit more on the background to all of this and just why exactly were the protesters demanding a stark stance resignation. for a year there's been a kind of growing. resentment of him he's very unpopular. autocratic
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the country's economy is stagnant the migration out of our media is huge. and there's been a real sense of hopelessness here for a long time and so there have been you know sort of abortive street protests over the last several years but for whatever reason this time it's really caught on. the catalyst this time was. this shift from a presidential to a primary. parliamentary system where now the new. most important political figure is the prime minister starts in south who was the president and appointed himself prime minister basically and that was the catalyst that for people was it was too much and all that forced ration broke all right so he was accused of clinging to power we've also been hearing his critics accusing him of not doing enough to tackle corruption but also there is this accusation and the sergeant was
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too close to russia what more can you tell us about that. well that's going to get very interesting now because the you know sarkozy on the armenian government as a whole is a close ally of. the protest leaders their party in parliament they have been taking a kind of four pro western. stance and putting forth these kind of quixotic bills on on. you know closer ties with the european union and so on. that in the protests that has been very much in the background nobody here wanted to make this a bit of ashville issue. but if the the the leaders of the protests do eventually come to power there could be pretty significant. your political implication that you know who those who are could have for those you know russia has actually been remarkably quiet about this whole thing they generally take a very dim view of sort of protest the former soviet state so what of the craving
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for they've been very quiet here which has been interesting going to have it so. maybe they thought it was going to work and it would just go away on its own. but russia has a lot of it's a fear that it doesn't want to so you know who knows who knows all right joshua could share reporting for us from the armenian capital many thanks indeed. thank you. now in britain the duchess of cambridge has given birth to a baby boy her third child with husband prince william their eldest prince george was born in july of two thousand and thirteen the preschooler is currently third in line to the throne following his father and grandfather and fourth in line as princes charlotte the royal couple's daughter was born in may of twenty fifteen and now the world awaits the name of the newest cambridge the three point eight kilogram baby boy is now the fifth in line in the british monarchy his line of succession and i see already our correspondent in london very good man as she's
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been as standing by outside the clinic where the new royal baby was born you are waiting very patiently very good now we know it's of boy have you heard any details about the condition of the duchess and the new baby. well we have been told by the road palate that they are well the so that's obviously the most important thing and as you said the speculation is right if about the name and just now somebody from the betting organization brogues what paul's care is that the absolute favorite by the bookies because of course the british people are betting on everything is author. close by j. of course we have not had anything we will have to wait for oh here that a few waiting in this of this private of the hospital in central london and they
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will want a new what's the name so definitely the next information that people royal waiting eagerly on here could you mention that the duchess was of course in a private wing of the hospital and we saw all morning as we are awaiting news a lot of police activity and outside the hospital what more can you tell us about the set up when there's such a high profile expectant mother and new baby. yes so it's really cool it off i mean this is a long line behind me of of international me and if i step in a bit to the side you can see in the fairly farthest that there is the entrance of the actual of the actual building of the duchess of cambridge is at the moment where she's just delivered her baby it's cordoned off by police so there is really no way anybody can come close to the royal family everything that they do is
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very very strictly secret not maybe not secret but it's a well protected their previous see is top priority for the for the palace and there are quite a few well to see here it's been some of them really been here for the weeks and of course a lot of meat and prevent any intrusion and it's really very strict the security all right very good mass reporting for us from london thank you so much. well now to some of the other stories making news around the world and police in the u.s. state of tennessee have warned nashville residents to be on alert for a gunman who shot four people dead at a restaurant this customer wrestled the gun away stopping the assault authorities say the suspect fled on foot and could still be armed the u.n. war crimes tribunal is hearing appeals today against the twenty sixteen genocide
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conviction of bosnian serb wartime leader radovan kharaj itch he is asking for a new trial but prosecutors want his acquittal on a separate charge dismissed and his forty year prison term increased to life yemeni health officials say at least twenty people were killed by a saudi led coalition air strike on sunday night the attack hit a wedding party in hodge province north of the capital sanaa the bride was among the dead most of whom are said to be women and children. now a court in belgium has found terrorism suspects a lobbed islam guilty of attempted murder for firing shots at police while trying to evade arrest two years ago he's been hiding out in brussels following a series of terrorist attacks in paris for which he's the sole surviving suspect well today's guilty verdict relates only to the shootout with belgian police and the court handed him
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a maximum sentence of twenty years in prison courthouse in brussels where w. correspondent terry shawls is standing by so terry take us through what was said in court today. the judge had an eighty eight page verdict like finding islamic state propaganda in the same house where the shootout took place she also talked about the amount of support that some of the slum and sophie and i really had written had received from the terror cell that was known to have been operating in belgium at the time the one that committed the paris attacks and the brussels attacks later so that component was proven through these details she also seemed to cast doubt on the defense's claims that some of the slum was stupid and also that he had no intention to commit murder she said the number of heavy weapons found at the scene the amount of ammunition proved that whether or not sell all of the slum actually pulled the trigger on the day of the shoot out he had every intention and capability to kill these police officers and
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any other law enforcement personnel that got in his way and terry what happens now . he's being held in a maximum security prison as he has in fact throughout this trial he was transported for that first day of the trial in a heavily armed motorcade just for this appearance so he remains in that prison until his trial begins in paris it's not known yet whether he will appear in person there and of course this twenty year sentence may never come to pass here in belgium there the the trial in paris will obviously be much bigger the conclusions will be much more. dependent is yours will be much more dependent on what happens in that trial i spoke with a court official here about whether this twenty year sentence will ever mean anything and he said if it's possible that obviously some gets out of prison in paris if he's convicted perhaps belgium can still call him back to serve twenty
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years here nonetheless having this trial having this outcome was important in belgium which of course has come under huge group need for having hosted the terror cell that committed the paris attacks and the brussels attacks later all right terry shell's reporting from brussels many thanks indeed. some sports news now and in tennis at the monte carlo masters rafael nadal added two records to his already long list on sunday by beating kind of cory in the final his victory in the final of the first clay court term end of the season marked his thirty first title in the prestigious masters series that's more than any other player and she florrie never stood a chance as a doll store to his eleventh win in monte carlo also a record for the stand. the second leg of the air race world championship took to the skies over a can in the south of france this weekend is the first time the event has taken
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place in france and fans on the ground were treated to an all inspiring spectacle pilots maneuver their way through gates at death defying speeds of over four hundred kilometers per hour australian pilot matt hall came out on top with a time of fifty seven point seven seconds. pretty remarkable stuff there don't forget you can always get the w. news on the go just download our app from google play or the apple store that will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news you can also use the app to send your photos and videos. they're watching d.w. news from berlin coming up in mexico and the e.u. agreed to overhaul the trade agreement l first it will have that story and more
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business news in just a moment stay with us. i'm going to the whole d. w. on one leg. w. claim made for minds from going to get a musical misquote me to just let significance of. the so-called play.


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