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this is the. first public appearance for the latest a british royal the duchess of cambridge shows off her child with the husband prince william has not yet been revealed but he's already saying hello to the world thank you i'm thanking my correspondents and also on the program. prime minister stepped down after days of protests and he soldiers joined demonstrations demanding his resignation after a power grab triggered an anti government movement. to
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switch off the giant speakers a ball cost of music news and propaganda to the north part of a change of tone ahead of friday's historic summit between the two groups. i'm filled welcome to the program but as duchess of cambridge gave birth to a baby boy on monday morning it's the kate's third child with husband prince william and just moments ago admirers of the roles family were treated to what they'd all been eagerly awaiting kate's. baby did outside the profit of some areas hospital in the queen's six great grandchild this fits in line to the throne prince charles his father and siblings george and shopped new goals name has not yet been released. to london that. when we join the correspondent to
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better get mass on the phone welcome back it's how people reacting to this news. well of course when i was here at the hospital and people have said it's a boy it was really happy oh cases and there was an outcry just a test of joy and it's a really positive news i think that a lot of people have been nothing waiting for of course there's always a loss of where wishes anything royal attracts many people that obviously re facebook or the royal family and some people have gathered and have waited outside the hospital for four days or some i think even weeks and then of course all the media outside the hospital it's quite a scene. and what news on a name yes is philip in the mix. and i don't think it's very high up from what i seen it's also is the frontrunner and then the second one least
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at ladbrokes one of the main bookmakers is james and that would seem to you kate the duchess of cambridge is the family because james is her brother bob also another albert and frederick is quite far down the list as i know all these are quite traditional english names baggett mass in london sorry for interrupting the year that we thank you. media's time mr sajjan has resigned after more than a week of on to government protests which today which joined by groups of soldiers so sheehan was previously the country's president but sought to retain control by becoming prime minister and extending the roles powers a move the brought some unions on to the streets.
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celebrations on the streets of armenia's capital yet have on. after ten days of mass protest they got what they wanted the former president who became prime minister just days earlier was quitting. and even serving soldiers had joined the demonstration against their prime minister. now they too were in jubilant mood. in a statement serge suggs ian admitted he'd got it wrong he became armenia's president in two thousand and eight and served ten years earlier this month he was elected prime minister by the country's parliament but this enraged many armenians who felt this latest move would secure his hold over the country indefinitely. the former soviet republic which is in the caucasus region was plunged into political crisis many of armenia's three million citizens are also struggling with
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economic turmoil. and there's been disquiet about zante and close ties to russian president vladimir putin. back on the streets of yera van and it's the main opposition leader nicole passion ian who's received a hero's welcome armenians are hoping it's the start of a new era. for independent research. s.f. area welcome to how are people reacting to this news. well you see even as we speak there is a massive rally going on in the public square. following the announcement there was an outburst of jubilation people down thing on the street are stopping their horns music playing loudly i heard fireworks even though with broad daylight this is
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a historic day and i mean you know. who will replace him who will replace the prime minister. well it's not clear at the moment what exactly will happen next but there need to be both a legal and a political process so with the new constitution there has the prime minister has resigned but the party is still in power in parliament but the opposition leader has called for a process with a transitional government that will receive a vote of no confidence. in a new elections which will be free and fair soledad that process has remained to be seen. bring us up to date on the back ground into this why did people love the prime minister to go after such political figures in armenia and from issues of credibility and legitimacy say sarkis not themselves have been
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president for ten years serving two full terms meanwhile he himself initiated a new constitution and he promised never to aspire from either shit under the new regime but lastly he would themselves install the prime minister in effect starting the third term of power so this is probably too much and it brought people on the street never before. as you mentioned such i was in power as president and then became prime minister i wonder what is the state of politics like the almost this opposition movement which has brought him down is that a healthy democracy in armenia people going to have to start from the ground up. i have trouble making predictions but one outcome of this entire process could be the beginning. real reforms the kind of thing that will take generations of work so having free and fair elections or having more inclusive politics these are
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systemic reforms that will require strong political will is very hard to say right now but this is a massive turnout result in movement in that direction and that will be the only benefit of a country that will be a lasting victory i mean it of course is a form of soviet state how is russia likely to view this latest development well in fact we already have a statement from r.t. as a person of the russian foreign ministry who expresses general support for the people of armenia russia is always with the people of armenia she stated armenia russia and europe close relations regardless they have strong ties strong economic military and political ties no matter who is going to be in already had found that it unlikely to change. not exist yet about thank you
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thank you now to some of the other stories making news around the world nicholai us president daniel ortega he still faces things for his resignation despite backing away from a controversial pension scheme that spock's days of violent protests students say they will continue to demonstrate until he resigns or is removed after his claim more than twenty people killed in protests that began last week. this crime u.n. war crimes tribunal is here in appeals against the twenty sixteen genocide conviction of bosnian serb wartime leader of one kind of judge he's asking for a new trial prosecutors will just acquittal on a separate charge dismissed and he's forty year prison term increased to life. a court in belgium has sentence the last surviving suspects from the twenty fifteen paris terror attacks to twenty years in prison but salah up to slam was not convicted for his alleged past in those attacks that killed one hundred thirty
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people but for his part in the dramatic shootout that led to his arrest currently being held in a french prison he's still awaiting trial on charges in connection with paris. at belgium's palace of justice to slum received the maximum twenty year jail sentence for his role in the police shootout just before his arrest in brussels two years ago at a complex was handed the same sentence but neither of them were present for the verdict the lawyer representing the police praised the judge's decision. of course to all of our demands have been met i think we can be satisfied he said to say. but after slums lawyer said he still had some doubts. i'm not convinced of anything in this verdict but i review it with my client it's a verdict so i respect it but i think there are things that need to be said it remains to be seen of disallowing wishes to appeal and if you appeals that will decide the next steps. for today's
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verdict was just the first step in what could be years of proceedings against up to slam the twenty eight year old french citizen is believed to be the only surviving suspect in the paris terror attacks that left one hundred thirty people dead in nov twenty fifth dean after four months on the run of the slum was arrested in brussels in march twenty sixth in following the shootout with police for which he's been sentenced today i his role in planning and executing the paris attacks is not yet clear it's only at the much bigger trial set to take place in france isolated eight that prosecutors will judge whether abd islam was one of the masterminds or just a low level follower. has been following the case and sent us this update from outside the courthouse in brussels. this conviction and twenty year prison sentence for attempted terrorist murder won't have much of an impact on solid disarms life
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in the near term if ever because of course he's facing much more serious charges related to the paris attacks of november twenty fifth teen where one hundred twenty nine people were killed but what this trial has done is given us more insight into who is and what he believes because he had an outburst here on the first day of the trial in which he said that he believes muslims are always discriminated against that he doesn't even recognize the mandate of the court and he said he put it he put his faith in all his hands not the judges and so while the defense was trying to portray him as too stupid to have taken part in a complicated terror plots like the ones in paris and brussels he proved himself to be both articulate and angry so we'll see if that plays any role in his defense's strategy heading into the paris trial. south korea switched off the giant loudspeakers used to broadcast propaganda across its border with the north seoul says it is a gesture of goodwill ahead of friday summit between the two countries the
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broadcasts usually include pop music news and calls to north korean soldiers to defect to the. these south korean weapons can reach several kilometers into north korean territory. high decibel propaganda speakers line the demilitarized zone between the two countries blasting the isolated north with pop music and news broadcasts. who are. but now they are switched off as the two sides prepare to meet for the first time in over a decade the south korean government aims to send a strong message through silence you wanted to go we hope this decision will lead both koreas to stop mutual criticism and propaganda against each other and also contribute to creating peace and a new beginning. both sides use propaganda speakers and while the north has not said it will silence its own recently announced a halt to nuclear missile testing. divided for seventy years the two koreas marched
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under united flag at this year's winter olympic games the thawing of relations has opened a diplomatic window for talks which are expected to begin next week i. koreans however have mixed views about how effective the upcoming summit will be if you give me one you would be a massive crises as so frequent i've become numb to them. i was told that suddenly there's a peace mate but i don't know about that and you couldn't couldn't handle. the north korean defectors hope the day of unification will come soon so that they can go home to see their loved ones on the list i mean they can get it all going on right now so you get yes or no no u.s. president donald trump also plans to meet with north korea's kim jong un next month to discuss nuclear disarmament for now the conflict is not over it's on standby watching d.w. news life and palin still to come trade wars and
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a warning from the chief economist of the world trade organization a member nations to play by the rules. businesses around the world are going to start thinking that the rules still longer apply increases uncertainty in economic activity and they stopped investing and they stopped trading. he was speaking with get hot alphas who will be moving amongst you very very shortly this is due to. my first buy cycle was a sewing machine. where i come from women are balanced by the social influence and then something as simple as that in home to write them by side isn't. since i was in little girl i wanted to have a bicycle of my own but it took me me as the been there. finally gave up and went on buying young lives like this and returned because sewing machine sewing i suppose was more appropriate for goes than writing advice.


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