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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  April 23, 2018 10:30pm-11:01pm CEST

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he's in germany to learn german. resistance why not. it's simple mind on your own miles. south of. new zealand in course. made easy. i got it wrong says new strongman as he resigns in the face of massive street protests what is next for a key russian ally in a volatile region money i'm stressed of a spring date this is the day. the man who appears to have got it right who is opposition leader nicole pasha union who was mobbed by supporters off to his release from detention what is the
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immediate future now hold for all media will have expert analysis for you in just a couple of minutes time. also on the program a course in belgium sentences the sole surviving suspect from the twenty fifteen paris attacks to twenty years in prison that's even before the main case against him gets underway in france. one of the few i mean much in the queue in the budget is. still getting directly victims. to support. welcome to the program good to have you with us as being a tumultuous day in armenia after eleven consecutive days of anti-government protest by ministers sounds south of seattle has bowed to popular pressure and resigned the opposition has been accusing the veteran leader of clinging to power
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after making veiled threats of a security crackdown on sunday he's now suddenly stepped down much to the joy of thousands of demonstrators. celebrations on the streets of the armenian capital yet of on. after ten days of mass protests the people got what they wanted. the former president who became prime minister just days earlier resigned. and even soldiers had joined a demonstration against their prime minister. now they too were in a jubilant mood. in a statement said. admitted he was in the wrong he'd become armenia's president in two thousand and eight and served ten years earlier this month he was elected prime minister by the country's parliament but this enraged many armenians who felt this
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latest move would secure his hold on power over the country indefinitely. the former soviet republic which is in the caucasus region was plunged into political crisis. many of armenians three million citizens are also struggling with economic turmoil. and there's been disquiet about some close ties to russian president vladimir putin. back on the streets of the main opposition leader. has received a hero's welcome. armenians are hoping it's the start of a new era. in the studio with me now political scientists adore might a man who spent decades analyzing russian and eurasian offense and of thanks for coming in to talk to us i just want to go back to sunday the situation looking very very different to what it has just turned out to be sad because walking out of
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talks with the leader of the opposition demonstrably doing that making a bleak references to the possibility of a violent security crackdown and now this completely reversal what prompted this reversal to be of course don't know what happened behind closed doors but i think there are two factors which contributed to his decision one is that as we could see earlier in your program there were soldiers demonstrating and chanting it together with the demonstrators is that a sign that the armed forces are divided well that the of course. they've heard or like to conscript i don't think you would see the officers there demonstrating it but they weren't too happy about that absolutely no in fact the fact the. it was clear that the doctor has said that they should not participate in vector that they
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were behaving illegally severe. against what is your daughter's that's right exactly and the second the second reason i think is connected with the twenty fourth of april that's the diversity day for the armenian genocide and this could have produced a very dangerous situation that these thousands of the people demonstrating against . that they would meddle with those. demonstrators for. the anniversary ok on the anniversary of course tomorrow some of you going of us are. the armenian genocide of big big day in the armenian political calendar i'm. just very briefly is it fully believe a poll that someone likes have to see is just going to fade into the background i don't think so he probably will have been back on it in my job it is a tandem arrangement that existed in russia between the two thousand and eight in two thousand and twelve put in step into the background but of course he was still
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pulling the strings the behind and i conceive of it being a quite similar but this. so. my next question was going to be you know is this the beginning of a new era for armenia but i'm guessing you're going to say no it isn't the beginning of a new iraq i remain to be seen i'm skeptical. that i can i can very much feel the emotion and the elation of for demonstrators not noticing in the streets yeah you know to i know this through the fact that i taught several years of the court of europe in warsaw and several of my students there were over the years from armenia and i've been in contact with in fact they were what are they telling you well that they later they already are quite happy but i think it will end up a very much a disappointment and it i don't think it is to be taken as something that is a systemic change of when he says the question was right but he was right about he
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wasn't rushing on the the leader of the opposition exactly what was right about that that there would question he certainly it's not to be inferred that meant that he was right that the whole system is a totally corrupt and that it has been changed and that the organization towards the most should be reversed that of course is not the implication of what he said. you are right so do you think that there are now going to be i mean on the leader of the opposition wants a transition government and then fresh elections do you think that is what's going to. have them well get it remains to be seen because the parliament that has to decide on that is the firmly controlled by the republican party which is the party of course. so the caretaker a prime minister he may may as well just stay on for quite some time not quite clear by they will be. pressured actions pretty soon and he does look like he about
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the outcome of these elections would be now what about the elephant in the room russia what is russia's role here in the paris. you know reaction from moscow has been pretty subdued it's not just john is an ally of putin so what is russia's agenda well you have to would distinguish between moscow and friends in this case the media of course the government has been quite cautious to take a particular stand but it's like here it what did the media has been saying and they put it in the very same line as the so-called color revolutions meaning the revolution in serbia against milosevic and then against the nazis in georgia and then also in ukraine of course the orange revolution and that of course in each of these cases this importation it's the cia and the british m i five behind these
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demonstrations and absolutely not happy about what is happening because the corruption which of course is the main trigger in my view of these large scale demonstrations the corruption is maintained very much a by the konami dependency of armenia and russia ok and it's at a might and many thanks fantastic talking to you thank you. well still to come on the day britney celebrates a royal birth the duke and duchess of cambridge showing off their newborn son with his no news of his name yet talk about that later in this show. turning now to the fight against global terror a coach in belgium is sentenced to key suspects up to slum to twenty years in prison the twenty eight year old is the last surviving suspect from the twenty fifteen paris attacks which left one hundred thirty people dead he is currently
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being held in a french president awaiting trial in connection with those paris attacks the ruling in belgium was for his part in the dramatic shootout with police that led to his arrest. at belgium's palace of justice to slum received the maximum twenty year jail sentence for his role in the police shootout just before his arrest in brussels two years ago and a complex was handed the same sentence but neither of them were present for the verdict the lawyer representing the police praised the judge's decision. to as all of our demands have been met i think we can be satisfied he said just. but up to slums lawyer said he still had some doubts. i'm not convinced of anything in this verdict but i review it with my client it's a verdict so i respect it but i think there are things that need to be said it remains to be seen if disallowing wishes to appeal and if you appeals them will
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decide the next steps. for today's verdict was just the first step in what could be years of proceedings against up to the twenty eight year old french citizen is believed to be the only surviving suspect in the paris terror attacks that left one hundred thirty people dead in november twenty fifth dean after four months on the run up to slum was arrested in brussels in march twenty sixth seen following the shootout with belgian police for which he's been sentenced today i his role in planning and executing the paris attacks is not yet clear it's only at the much bigger trial set to take place in france at a later date that prosecutors will judge whether abt islam was one of the masterminds or just a low level follower. ok let's go to brussels now and get more on this from to the news teri schultz who's been following this trial for us terry of the sun was convicted. quote attempted terrorist what does that mean exactly break it down for
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us. the judge wanted to prove the terrorist links between cell of the slum and his codefendant sophie and i agree and much of what we already know about which would seem to have proved that point he was after all one of the attempted murders in paris and simply didn't set off his suicide vest because it malfunctioned his family later tried to say that he'd had a change of heart but even though we knew this this needed to be proven in court now and the judge said that d.n.a. evidence taken from the safe house where the two men had fled made it clear that they had been there there was islamic state paraphernalia in the house and they of course were carrying heavy weaponry after kalashnikovs had been shot at the police wounding three of them now it was true that nobody had seen. fire weapons on the
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police and the two defendants said that it was the third man who'd been killed who done all the shooting but the judge clearly didn't buy that and said regardless of what happened inside the house when the two men fled they took heavy weaponry and ammunition with them and that was enough for the judge to say that these two men had attempted terrorist murder against the police officers carry how important is the case in belgium this ruling in belgium bearing in mind of course the up just still faces a follow on to trial including charges relating to the one hundred thirty people who were killed the parents. sure well it seems looking at at the death toll in paris and the fact that no one was killed on the on the police side here in brussels it wouldn't seem to be important but for belgium this is important because the terror cell was was housed here in this suburb of mole in back then was called a failed states because these this terrorist cell had operated out of this country
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and this is the only part of this trial that obviously we'll see here in belgium so while it won't be as dramatic as as the murder trial that he'll be facing it certainly was important for belgium to feel like it had exacted some justice from the slum and of course one of the interesting questions is whether this belgian ruling is going to play into the paris trial you know was there anything in this belgian case that prosecutors in fronts will be trying to use in that much bigger trial. i think everything in this case they'll probably be trying to use even though they were separate incidents and separate cases and one of the most interesting things about this trial is that for the most part of the slum has remained silent and refused to cooperate with investigators on the first day of this trial when i was present at the at the courts he had this unexpected outburst toward the judge and said you know i only showed up here because i was asked to i
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don't believe in this court i don't accept your mandate i only subject to the will of allah he said that muslims will be discriminated against no matter what so i simply don't accept that you have any power over me and that's really important because we haven't heard anything otherwise from this law and his attorney tried to portray him as stupid at one time calling him as dumb as an empty ashtray which is a kind of odd phrase but when some of the slums spoke in court he was articulate and he was angry and that is something that surely the prosecutors in the paris case will be able to use against him he had motivation he had intent and someone as articulate as he was surely knew what they were doing and wasn't simply a stooge as his defense attorney has tried to say. belgium you know. the sentenced resonate you didn't belgium how people reacting. i think this suburb
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of mall and back where cell of islam grew up and where this terrorist cell was headquartered will be very relieved to see this part of it moved away away from brussels the city has tried very hard to recover from this stigmatization of being the jihadist hotbed of the world especially this this this commune of mall and back and since the crimes happened since the terror cell was uncovered there have been all kinds of initiatives to try to bring back the youth of moreland back into the fold of society here in belgium there are many initiatives there are also on the other side. new laws which many people feel are too repressive new intelligence gathering techniques there and it's now possible to run raids at all times of day or night which wasn't possible before so there are things on both sides but i think that mall in back and the city of brussels larger in
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a larger sense will be happy to see this part of the trial moved over to paris now and try to get this behind it ok terry many thanks for that terry brussels. now one of the anti semitism raise its ugly head here in germany the country's leaders mindful of the nazi past we have almost immediately so after a video of an anti semitic attack went viral last week it was no surprise that soon afterwards german chancellor angela merkel was on israeli t.v. denouncing the incident she was keen to point out the older forms of racism the german society continues to address there is what she called the new phenomenon of refugees arab origin bringing what she called again another form of anti semitism into the country. an israeli flag being burnt in berlin palestinian protesters chanting anti semitic slogans during could stay twenty seventeen
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a protest march against israel and its settlement policy and just last week a refugee from syria attacked two young men wearing a kippah hitting them with his belt while calling them yeah the arabic word for jews. in response chancellor angela merkel has told israeli television that a new form of anti semitism has emerged in germany. we have refugees now for example or people of arab origin who are bringing a different type of anti semitism into the country but unfortunately anti semitism existed before this it saddens us that many decades since the founding of the federal republic of germany still no jewish kindergartens no schools and no synagogues can go without police protection. but looked old and earlier this month the scandal erupted over a music award for german rappers fahid buying and colleague both repeatedly have used phrases and cliche's seen as anti semitic in their lyrics.
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ok for more let's. get. what i'm kitchener's why did chancellor go out of her way to appear on israeli t.v. on this issue what are the signals the message is that she was trying to put across i think that one of the problems that has been very present in german politics is that as a matter of fact the refugee crisis has brought with it some very very reactionary politics from another part of the world and this has is something that has been crushed in by essentially a right wing parties i mean to the right of the they were to the right of america particularly if they and as we have seen other parts of europe they really government has been very quick. to take the position that as a matter of fact europe is under attack by muslim forces and said happening friends and that the only safe place for a jew is as a matter of fact israel turns out that germany has bird security sensitive and
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understandably feels the need the very strong political need to make very clear its position concerning and thinks i mean to some so i think that to some extent what merkel did was go to what one. would consider is the sort of the most authorized road three did to public's fear of jewish discords to basically put down her food and say yes in fact i mean this is the cost of our refugee policy so to some degree was a miracle. and this is something that he's of course an acceptable so she's admitting that by letting in so many refugees from the middle east to germany there's a new problem that she needs to deal with what she calls a new phenomenon. but she's also making clear that germany that she as the head of this country as it were is taking the problem very serious very very much so i mean the one thing that we should point out is that this is by no means a new problem i mean sort of the muslim side of untaxed i mean system which has
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actually been built mostly and until it's really sentiment but has actually had very very clear and takes and made a garden it is one that has been very much breasts and i wouldn't say all of the muslim community but very certainly large swaths and one of the problems that has been every government for the last at least thirty years is try to address in germany is a possibility of the village being in native form of islamic theology which actually goes away from sort of the vices of the more conflict arya's of muslim out muslim theology that has so far not been achieved and just very briefly apart from setting up. you know training islamic theology in this country that's an ongoing in very. divisive issue in this country what what other ways does a chance america want to address these new form of anti semitism i mean we have we have the most of them broken with the berm of integration and this is
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a question that is absolutely a drug to war as far as i'm concerned as far as most of the people that i have talked to that is to say how we said that you actually bring all of these people not only into the fold of economic and cultural diversity but also we need to sort of you know taking up the german spirit of the last fifty years of history i don't think that there is any easy answer to this but it's very clear that they're very much concerned with this question and he thanks a pleasure. britain's jew conductress of cambridge have left hospital after the arrival of the third child a boy on monday morning prince william his wife kate and the new baby appearing outside some mary's hospital in london the new boy is fifth in line to the throne and his name has yet to be released. like forrest whiting with me in the studio for more and first of all. you know the name is not out yet so tell us about the
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speculation what names are in the running as it were well the bookies favorite is off and that is the middle name of prince charles and prince william and also the queen's own father so that's top of the running but there are also other names including our bit of course as the queen victoria went with but there's frederick there's james and there's also possibly phillip unfortunately we're going to have to wait a bit longer there to find out what the actual name is but it's fun yes it does seem very strong candidates now everybody's asking how is mum doing while we still have there looking radiant amazing that she just given birth and that she was a pairing before the cameras before the public with baby in arms next to her husband prince william and often they had been on the steps of the hospital they were whisked off to kensington palace back home which is is good news for her but you have to remember that she's had three very difficult pregnancy she's had acute morning sickness with every single one of her children which i think is cool to
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a lot of discomfort and been quite a worry for all those doctors involved so i think the fact that she's back home is a very good sign that he's putting on a very strong performance shall we say for the public what about the death of prince william the word is he is a very dedicated dad he appears to be the words that he said on the steps when he was out this afternoon with that baby. he was thrice the worry now because of the he's now got three children and i think he's very different from his predecessors certainly his grandfather and probably his father more perhaps like his mother diana princess of wales who obviously died in one thousand nine hundred seven and so he's trying to bring i think a different line to the royal family we know that he gave up his job as a helicopter pilot last year to spend more time on royal cuties which he's obviously taking very seriously as he will be the next in line off to his father
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but also i think to spend more time with his family to show that he is a morton father ok what about the public mood in britain which of course has been a little bit overshadowed. by the the prospect of bragg's which is this going to allow people to be a bit brighter look people have been camping outside the hospital for days waiting for this baby to be born huge excitement in the u.k. you know this is what they need it let's face it they have had a tough time a torrid time and it certainly will be some good news out there and that's what they've got so we've got that we've got next month this fairy tale wedding where prince harry is going to marry this american actress meghan mochel and honestly the excitement tell you that is culpable in the u.k. so i think it's just what they needed and of course this baby comes very rived on a better day because today is george's day george being the patron saint of england so i think if you want a really nice present for the u.k.
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was that if in england you go to it today very symbolic alex for for us watching thank you very much for bringing us up to date on that. stays almost the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter either of. my twitter handle spring on the right don't forget you josh tag the day for now thanks for watching and see you six. flags movie.
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this is the news live from van piled into protests trains in toronto canada police say the driver killed at least nine people and injured eighteen more when he mounted the pavement at a busy intersection authorities have arrested him. also coming up all change you know mania the country's prime minister steps down often days of protests a group of soldiers even joined the demonstrations demanding his resignation after a power grab triggered an anti government movement.


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