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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  April 24, 2018 1:02am-1:16am CEST

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they say the enemy of my enemy is my friend well on that note mexico has temporarily put it straight spat with the u.s. to one side striking a supercharged trade pact with the e.u. instead also coming up if you have been irritated by customer service at your local bank how's this for a change apparently you can be irritated by the technology instead in this schuman bank branch and is the chinese job market sexist human rights watch says absolutely we'll speak to that china director to find out why. and daniel winter and this is your business update us president donald trump's threats of tariffs sparking cooperation among his rivals mexico and the european union taking a stand for free trade abolishing almost all tariffs between them and a new deal thanks again president and retain pena nieto took the time to browse the world's biggest industrial fair in hanover on monday saying he's also optimistic about a renewal of the north american free trade agreement which trump has threatened to
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tear up. for german engineering companies like bush rex walt mexico is a very enticing prospect on the one hand of the market for production robots and other engineering equipment but also as a production location something german car makers in particular have capitalized on mexico's geographic location makes it a perfect platform for exports to the u.s. those factors have attracted over ten billion dollars of german investment. germany is now the country's third largest trade partner after the u.s. and china and let's look at. over the last five years mexico has launched important structural reforms as a basis for future development. or your make it a center of opportunity. and above all to show investors that we are a trustworthy country. on their joint tour of the one of
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a massive trade for german chancellor angela merkel told mexico's president to trade ties between the two countries are also set to expand under the new e.u. mexico free trade agreement but security still poses a major problem along with corruption mexico is also in the midst of tough nafta free trade negotiations with the u.s. and the country elects a new president in july but those uncertainties are unlikely to scare off german investors. german companies find the strings in opportunities in mexico outweigh the risks of continuing to expand their mexican operations especially in the automobile industry and in the future of mechanical engineering and if the trade to you between the e.u. and mexico goes through the partnership with even stronger. then looks like the average joe in countries like the us still isn't feeling the benefits of globalization so we spoke to the chief economist of the world trade organization robert cooper and asking him if donald trump house
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a point when he says that we should take another look at free trade. what's interesting is i think that ordinary people feel most of the benefits it's just that it's it's in their lower prices and the greater variety of goods that they get to buy every day it's very diffuse it's very spread out across many many people the people who complain more about it of the firms the feel like they're unable to compete with foreign imports and their workers and that's a much more concentrated group of people and they tend to be more vocal they organize because they're more concentrated they have their will organize and complain about the effects of trade our research has shown that the big much bigger effects on employment in competitiveness come about from technological change automation robot ties ation we face a i fish the intelligence going forward so i think there are
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a lot of challenges but most of those are domestically generated not necessarily generated across borders. a bank in shanghai is calling itself the first of the country to go schuman free that is in the customers of course the unmanned branch of china construction bank has just opened its dolls high tech and high street bank branches and supposedly responds to growing competition from cashless payment systems giving banks like this one a run for their money. who needs the human touch this branch of china construction bank in shanghai thinks nobody does robot assistants are just one part of it so called person with strategy it also has virtually reality rooms for customers looking to buy real estate or gold and these screens let customers pay among other bills their communist party membership fees many customers welcome the bank's innovations. these days because people are less and less likely to be inclined to
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want other people to come and bother them because they want to be left alone we hope when we come to a bank that we have human machine interaction this kind of experience. but some are worried that this sort of automation would leave some customers behind. some people in their sixty's or older can i talk to now their view was that these technologies look great but when it comes to actually using them it's not convenient because they haven't used these kinds of equipment before so they have to have people help how on earth do you use this what does it do. here. others are skeptical that investing in more tech doesn't necessarily add value much of banking already has a high level of automation and whether increase or valence from a state bank is something customers really need is questionable to still a bank free of human interaction is still a novelty for customers they're lining up to see the potential face a future services. a new report by human rights watch shows chinese employers
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continue to discriminate against women paid to the chinese government is one of the worst offenders almost a fifth of over three thousand postings for civil service jobs in the past couple of years showed a preference or outright requirement for male applicants the report also found that many jobs which were open to women were sexist pandering to star you know types demanding the kind of to be beautiful all married with children to ensure she doesn't get pregnant. on the jump companies named in the poll like ali baba and ten cent claim the examples were isolated incidents and although baidu highlighted the almost fifty percent gentle balance in senior management i spoke to china director of human rights watch sophie richardson alston if the report cherry picks the bad examples ignoring the progress made i think even one is to manage and it's probably safe to say that it was not hard for us to multiple versions of these ads from each
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of those companies over the span of about five years but equally problematic our government's own civil service job listings and we noted that in twenty seventeen about thirteen percent of those had. stipulated a preference or requirement for men online and in twenty eight thousand that actually went up to nineteen percent so almost one in every five government job that said it was for men only is but bond you for example one of the companies that you cite says that almost harvard senior mid-level managers are women so the progress although those ads that were mentioned terrible the progress also needs to be emphasized. yet amazing how many of these companies have offered that up as some sort of credible explanation or justification for engaging in other just growing that's already behavior which makes no sense right i mean it's it's good that they're employing people it's women that it's good that they've got a limit on their boards but it's still illegal what is your problem it happens
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stipulate a preference for one gender over the other and really frankly if they're interested in gender equality they ought to be talking broadly about the skills and qualifications that any outlook and should have not at all about what gender they should be and from just being bad you mention in your poll that china is getting worse when it comes to women's representation why this negative trend. well i think there are a couple of different factors that play into this one is that you know it's not an accountable government it's not democratically elected. obviously the government itself is violating its own laws so it's not that terribly aggressive in the uk all that making company is and here and those laws it doesn't have a free media and the president she's government has worked hard to crack down on independent activists including women's rights activists who push hard precisely on issues like these and i think all of those are contributing to these problems getting worse rather than better ok so as you mentioned all of the anti gender
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discrimination laws in place seoul most of them at least but they're not being enforced how can you encourage the state to take a stronger stone so what can be done to ensure that these roles are. right while the very first thing that the government needs to do is it unfold its own laws and to leave its gender discriminatory job and i think there is a certain amount of public question back about these kinds of ads you know there has been something of a debate inside china about to look for example and greater gender equality i think of that if the company is really take down and don't repose these kinds of ads it sets a little bit of competition between the government and those private companies you know there's also a lot of scope for making more precise and was what constitutes discrimination that's very vague and last but not least chinese courts could easily accept a lot of the cases related to discrimination that come before them but that they reject i think having real precedent and rejecting these kinds of ads would be
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helpful so if richardson trying to director of human rights watch thank you very much for talking to us on that and we in the wall street yes it's cool to has a look ahead for a week of an interpol. it's the calm before the storm hundreds of us corporations will be coming out with their earnings reports this week facebook microsoft intel general motors twitter coca-cola. exxon mobil just to name a few overall expectations are sky high and mainly because of the message text cuts of donald trump white house we will probably see an average in earnings growth of about eighteen percent what would be the best in about seven years the thing was wall street as well analysts already expect very decent numbers so even if the numbers come in good that doesn't necessarily mean that wall street will also react in a positive way. that wraps up another edition all the your business update i'll be
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back with more same time same place see if.
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