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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  April 24, 2018 9:00am-9:31am CEST

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the germans starting may thirteenth on g.w. . this is deja vu news live from berlin and toronto police question the suspect in monday's deadly van attack ten people are dead after a twenty five year old plowed through a busy city's freight the motives not clear the police say they have so far found no links to organized terror groups also coming out. as president tronto says first ever state visit or french president emmanuel mccrone we asked french people living
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in washington d.c. what they expect from the two leaders rendezvous. also coming up a reigning in women showing their muscle we meet the country's female weightlifting team have been given permission by the nation's islamic leaders to compete abroad for the very first time. i'm brian thomas thanks so much for being with us police in toronto at this hour investigating the motive of man who plowed a van into pedestrians ten people were killed on a busy street in the city center at least sixteen others were injured some seriously the suspect then fled the scene but was arrested a short while later after a standoff with police. the onslaught started as crowds emerged for their lunch break. a white rental van mounted the sidewalk and drove at high speed into
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pedestrians leaving a trail of destruction the rampage stretched for almost two kilometers as witnesses described scenes of carnage. he just went on the sidewalk he just started hitting everybody he hit every single person on the sidewalk anybody in israel you would hit the bus stop everything all shattered one by one one by one holy god i've never seen a scene like this on life and there was bodies on the ground in front of the mill losman where the sidewalk is clearly way into the. to the sidewalk and there was four bodies on the ground police and the ambulance hadn't arrived yet but people were trying to revive them very sad day for toronto i mean this is unbelievable police were quick to react locating the white van and subduing the driver without firing a shot the alleged attacker was named as twenty five year old alec manasse and police said he was not linked to any terror group. the actions definitely look
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deliberate and at this particular point in time there's nothing that does affect the national security footprint we are looking very strongly to what the exact motive the motivation was for this particular incident to take place ordinance dozens of victims were treated on the street before being rushed to hospital. many could not be saved. the attack brought to run to a to a standstill downtown streets were closed for hours as were several subway stations this kind of tragic incident is not representative of how we live or who we are or anything to do with life in this city on a day to day basis it's the latest attack in recent years in which a vehicle has been used as a weapon in cities including nice berlin london new york and. to run to has now been added to that tragic list. in
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other news today when u.s. president donald trump visited france last year he was given the red carpet treatment and now he's returning the favor french president amano mccrone is almost three day state visit to the u.s. and after an elegant dinner the two leaders will be getting down to business a test of whether they can save the nuclear deal and avoid a transatlantic trade war they have used claritin centers in washington she asked french residents there what they want to come out of the meeting. washington d.c. turns two kinds of red white and blue when the president of france comes to town. donald trump is hosting his first state visit pulling out all the stops for his french counterpart. their relationship has been called everything from a bromance to a marriage of convenience but no matter which way you look at it french president and manual mccrone and u.s. president donald trump seem like an unlikely pair one is a young globalist the other
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a seventy one year old with nationalist instincts so how did that to form such a close personal relationship some experts say it comes down to their common backgrounds in business and as outsiders so it's paradoxical that they get along so well given how different they are on the surface but at the same time they boost self-made political men you know that come from outside the establishment that were elected when nobody expected that and you know they they really shared this experience but how did the french feel about having a president who has been called the trump was for. these d.c. locals want to see them work to get there. i think it's a better interest for him for the u.s. and for everybody to get something out of it even if you have to bend over a little bit and the president from knows that france is going to be a huge partner we've the u.s. and europe in general and i think prism michael wants to do that. what else do they
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expect to see from trump during the two leaders ron davis in d.c. . probably to. get mark want to award is where it's not easy to do under so we'll see if we get fire word or if we get another cherry blossom. we'll have to wait and see whether his charm offensive can reap rewards. so will it be a cherry blossom and what's behind all the smiles and handshakes i'm joined in studio now by to bow model all french journalist here in berlin good morning to you. the first question is what can we expect from what is he looking for in this as well i think what he's looking for is a success on two or three political issues the two main ones will be iran save the iran deal which trungpa may decide to withdraw in may and also say a deal on trade to europe still has exceptions to the new terry arias
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put into place in may first is that the date there and may first is a deadline so there's a fuse on this exactly ok you mentioned around that that let's pick that up first that is the big issue politically do you see any movement there well it will be interesting to look at i think there is a common interest in europe that's the these did remains in place we see that donald trump has been very clear since he's come pain against which is. that we need obama's heritage. and i think from sees that deal has. key point for days in the the middle east so. it will be quite important and i would see how successful or not hope will be on that issue ok now should there. b.
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no progress on the iran nuclear deal with that hold up agreement in other areas you mentioned the economic front and a possible trade. well it's difficult to say i think obviously all these issues will play a role you can't tell if there is no progress on that issue there won't be any progress on other issues i think the power interests are very much in into try and so and there's of course syria we france britain and the u.s. have a common policy in syria with the strides that made last month. it is very difficult to say what if you what kind of domino effect one this isn't may have but i'm sure if that there is. a. council of the it will have made your impact on the middle east and also on the transatlantic relationships ok in terms of the transatlantic relationship trade is very important
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miss have a common policy in syria with the strides that made last month. it is very difficult to say what if you what kind of domino effect one this isn't may have but i'm sure if that there is. a. council of the it will have made your impacts on the middle east and also on the transatlantic relationships ok in terms of the transatlantic relationship trade is very important mentioned the intertwined interests what we have here donald trump who's an economic nationalist manual mccraw who's a globalist can they overcome those backgrounds and and engage together and multilateralism on trade. surprisingly that to get along very well. although they do have different approaches to trade and also the way we do politics. in the end they're both beyond the child.
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and the old the. nice pictures we have in washington of both those through their own national interest and i think they're quite pragmatic that's what both are really will will see in the next few days of pragmatism wins out over the various the all g.'s to vote model all french journalist here in berlin thanks very much and you. now for some of the other stories making the news at this hour congratulations have been pouring in from around the world for the birth of the latest british royal baby the duchess of cambridge and her husband prince william have now returned home to kensington palace with their third child a boy the little prince is fifth in line to the throne is name has not been released yet. former u.s. president george h.w. bush is said to be recovering after he was hospitalized in houston for an infection just a day after his wife barbara's funeral the ninety three year old as
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a form of parkinson's and has received treatment several times in recent years for respiratory problems. north korean leader kim jong un has expressed his bitter sorrow after dozens of chinese tourists were among those killed in a bus crash near pyongyang kim has visited with victims of the crash and hospital is statement was a rare admission of negative news in the tightly controlled country. while there are celebrations in armenia after the resignation of the country's veteran leader prime minister shares sergeant john was previously the country's president but sought to retain control by becoming prime minister and standing executive powers in that post the move that brought thousands of our means onto the streets was one marked by jubilation. celebrations on the streets of the armenian capital yet of on. after ten days of
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mass protests the people got what they wanted. the former president who became prime minister just days earlier resigned. and even soldiers had joined a demonstration against their prime minister. now they too were in a jubilant mood. in a statement says admitted he was in the wrong he'd become armenians president in two thousand and eight and served ten years earlier this month he was elected prime minister by the country's parliament but this enraged many armenians who felt this latest move would secure his hold on power over the country indefinitely. the former soviet republic which is in the caucasus region was plunged into political crisis. many of armenians three million citizens are also struggling with
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economic turmoil. and there's been disquiet about socks and close ties to russian president vladimir putin. back on the streets of yet of on the main opposition leader. has received a hero's welcome. armenians are hoping it's the start of a new era. and brussels the european union and the united nations are co-hosting the seventh annual international donor conference for war torn syria officials at the two day event are hoping to beat last year's pledge of five and a half billion euros the syrian war now in its eighth year asco later that after a suspected chemical weapons attack in duma earlier this month western states blamed damascus and carried out errors fights against government sites and television the u.s. the mates some thirteen million people are in need of aid. this is deja vu
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news live from berlin still to come on the show the champions league semifinals kick off tonight in the english premier league superstar most solemn will be up against his former club as liverpool hosts roman will tell you all about. christophe here now and p.s.a. revenue jumped by more than forty per cent in the first quarter amazing first off that is right brian and that is on the back of the acquisition of opal voxel that p.s.a. accomplished last year not despite this rise in revenue the honeymoon between p.s.a. and opal it's over as opal is still making losses the french parent company now says it needs more wage and job concessions from workers the opel staff say they've met enough sacrifices and after all didn't p.s.a. make a lot of commitments to jobs and plants is more. the p.s.a. takeover was seen as something of a rescue for opel the carmaker had not made a profit in seventeen years and then parent g.m.
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was eager to offload it but p.s.a. saw the prospect of massive synergies and a doubling in size which would put it into clear second place in europe behind v.w. and ahead of rival renault nissan. at the time p.s.a. promised to make opel and vauxhall profitable again without any plant closures or compulsory job cuts but opals lost p.s.a. one hundred seventy nine million euros since the takeover and its sales continue to disappoint first quarter sales came in at two hundred seventy four thousand units this year that's twenty five thousand down on the same time last year and market share was down from over six percent to five point seven percent and that in an expanding market p.s.a. has put investment plans on hold for one plant is mulling the closure of another and tabled mass redundancies at its main research center it's reportedly now refusing to uphold
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a multi-year job and plant guarantees it gave during the takeover workers' representatives say at least four thousand jobs could go by twenty twenty. close a look of this year was down from business journal initially p.s.a. made a lot of commitments to opel jobs plans now. something has to give the demands more sacrifices how did we come here how did we get here well clearly a p.s.a. has decided that business as usual isn't going to be an option if business is failing they know what this is a problem that could get worse the irony of the drive to reduce costs by cutting jobs and working hours is that the people who can go voluntarily are going and they tend to be the highly skilled people that are relevant to the future strategy of a company those are the people that have skills that make them attractive on the market your engineers are lists so the slow. or just could turn into a talent gap and that could hurt competitiveness now speaking of strategy acquired opel last year ever since then has there been
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a strategy for opel and if so what their strategy looked like well p.s.a. in general is looking to solidify its return to the north american market while trying to improve performance and its emerging markets but for opel itself to virus is guided by the strategy of developing new models of a push into electrification and this rigorous cost cutting that we keep hearing about now the strategy is called pace and but the main goal of course is to remain . the return to profitability so it's not only looking into restructuring the workforce it's also counseling dealership contracts all over europe around sixteen hundred dealers dealerships will be affected so this also has the potential to affect thousands of jobs so the strategy seems to be that there will be a lot of pain now but hopefully payoffs later and we have to keep in mind that opel has not turned a profit in more than fifteen years here now we see a jump in revenue a revenue in the first quarter on the back of this acquisition is this still
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a good buy that p.s.a. did there well let's not forget it's only been six months and it's hard to pronounce this as a market payoff or p.s.a. as such and integrating opal that's supposed to be a project of maybe two to three years at least that would be normal so i'm not really depends on how much the virus makes headway with regard to negotiating with the labor unions he is known for a tough negotiation with the labor unions that's where his success comes from and of course whether opal manages to make a big business in the very important markets like china the good news in such a market is that they like german cars but will they have electric s.u.v. to offer the chinese market so a lot of opals future success will depend on that you know them alone for me to be a business thank you. google's parent company alphabet also reported earnings and saw a surge in quarterly profits they rose more than seventy percent compared to the same period the previous year to nine point four billion dollars but was able to
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charge higher processes for online advertising the results belied expectations from some analysts that rival facebook's cambridge analytical data scandal would put advertisers off internet ads the company also profited from the u.s. government's recent tax reform. is to iran now where women's rights are severely restricted in many aspects of life brought christoph there has been a rare concession now that's been made by the iranian regime in a team of female weightlifters was recently given permission to compete abroad in international competitions for the very first time now they're set to travel to the asian youth and junior championships that's being held inspectors that our correspondent caught up with the team members in tehran just before they left for the term that. it's
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training time in this gym in weston to run champions have pumped i run for decades the weight that just as heavy as they look at foot and nasm the other girls lifting them is that dream come true. my dad was a weightlifter i've loved the sport ever since i was a child and i watched every competition hard. so as soon as it was possible i started lifting weights myself. and the last is probably to continue the family tradition and to passion has paid off. she's the strongest of the four girl to. the brains behind the goal success has this office just one floor hi ali what i do he is president of iran's weightlifting association and perhaps the girls biggest fan he says there should be a difference between men and women in his sport. we
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have many iranian men who have many championship titles on our record holders in the field of weightlifting. the word strongest man right now is an iranian. we want to achieve the same with our women. we hope that in the future not the far future i'm talking about the olympics of twenty twenty four that the arena and women can add to these glories. to make that happen the girls work hard every day just like the men they live in the compound of the association under close supervision by doctors and coaches. in just a few months it's come a long way to the far from over. time i mean they don't have any experience yet next year they'll do very well in competitions for sure i mean. that
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for now we just want them to build up confidence. after all this is their first international competition. and the others excited to leave to iran for its biggest it's a historic first for the girls and for iran's female weightlifters all together. monument in iraq today that's what men can do women can do to in the first five or six months since we started weightlifting we've already broken more than half of the women's weightlifting records that's glorious well i was caught it at glory they plan to continue at this week's tournaments and beyond confident well prepared and determined to show the world how strong iranian women can be. it's to britain now where the people of one town are tackling the global problem of
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plastic pollution by cleaning up their own coastal backyard researchers warn the plastic in the world's oceans threaten ecosystems reason enough for the town of pens and to get serious about cleaning up its own act. it's a modern day menace but in penzance in cornwall the trying to turn back the tide of plastic half the town has turned out to pick up rubbish washed up by the sea the rallying cry let's clean up our beach head lights. lots of pics of plastic bags and maybe don't be back in it. it's all got to go but it's not that easy. i'm really quite sure but the the tiny bits that i found here not so much the big stuff because he can see that but you move a bit see we are not in there and then you know there's a bit there been. under the bed and every time i pick up
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a piece of plastic i think i'm possibly saving the life of the face shorebird or something in the environment so that makes me feel quite good the turnout for this spring clean is higher than ever penzance is defending its try told the u.k.'s first plastic freetown awarded in twenty seventeen for the whole town not just the beach that is a never ending task as soon as they clear it see washes up more plastic rachel yates from service again sewage is a veteran campaigner. to work with the community say to link with community groups either working on similar things or to get community groups to think about their use of single use plastic it within that we work with schools so we've rolled out plastic free schools in almost every school in the area giving up plastic whenever possible the town council has joined forces with residents and local businesses but there are limits to what can be done penzance may be leading the way but others are still far behind unfortunately some some of our oil from abroad and we haven't
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gotten in control on how the package we're dealing for example with the strawberries with. parking and paper chips. the beach is once again clear of plastic the chocola say for now while it's fun there's also a serious purpose a plastic freetown the role model for a plastic free britain and the sooner the better. sports now in the champions league football tournament gets down to the semifinals this week the bundesliga is byron munich will host defending champions ryall madrid in their first like match up that's tomorrow tonight though it's liverpool hosting roma for liverpool superstar most solemn there is added motivation the egyptian international played for roman just last season. returns to italy is one of the world's hottest talents the egyptian forward has been on fire this season scoring
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forty one goals across all competitions and leading liverpool into one unlikely champions league semifinal spots. old roma teammates won't be giving him any favors into knots clash but he's confident his star men will draw is above the challenge. football oh pretty sure. each other and the fans are famous for. not having friendly games so i think the mobile will feel pretty early in the game that they are not his teammates anymore and he can strike back in a football way to rome have fared pretty well without this season they knocked out alone or in the quarter finals overturning a four one deficit fate that will go down as one of the competitions greatest comebacks and they're ready to flex their muscles once again this is rome his first semifinal in europe's premier competition since nineteen eighty-four opponents
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liverpool haven't reached this stage since two thousand and eight. it's a big thing semifinal like it is for us so that means we are not used to that that's good we don't if you experience that's not good but we are not used to that means you will see the excitement of both teams in a positive way and that's all football should be on familiar territory football saw its the dream to make history sets the scene for a cracking contest. to get your minder now of our top stories at this hour the suspect in an apparently deliver advantage talking tronto is due to appear in court later today ten people were killed another fifteen injured after the twenty five year old drove into pedestrians on a busy city street police are investigating the driver's motive but they say they don't believe the attack has any links to terrorism. french president. washington d.c. on a three day visit he and his counterpart. hold high level meetings to focus on trade
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and the iran nuclear deal it is the first state visit of the trump president's. lawyer from berlin we have more coming up at the top of the hour and don't forget you can always get the latest as well at our web site that's. all for now though for me brian thomas in the entire news team thanks for being with us.
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i i. see. the golden rule of the relegation battle great it's a think get to it.


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