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tv   Euromaxx - Lifestyle Europe  Deutsche Welle  April 24, 2018 3:30pm-4:00pm CEST

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one more photography dramatic pictures from the frontlines capturing streatfeild moments in time and even risking death. she gave her life to tell the stories of people who ended up killing. women photographers starting research on g.w. . hi everyone and welcome to a new week of euro max we kick off today so with a lot of flower power. colorful spring a flower festival on the balconies island of madeira. colorful fashion and unusual present blogger who wants to brighten up a. colorful accounting of the blue plaza land of
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cornwell installed west england. we start our journey today on madeira the portuguese island is located in the atlantic and has a pleasantly climate it is a tropical paradise thanks to a stable warm weather flowers are in bloom all year round therefore madeira is also called the green island or flower island however it is particularly blooming at the moment because the flower festival festival floor is in full swing and the big parade in the capital from sa is the highlight. there's a party atmosphere in for the capital of madeira the portuguese island is celebrating something it has plenty of flowers a highlight of the celebration is a magnificent parade always held three weeks after easter a. group out of
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a dream is taking part with his dance group food as somebody born in portugal he lived in switzerland for many years now he's returned home. to look at what's really fun to be in the foulke are right it's great to see how people are so happy to see all the flowers the dancing our costumes it's wonderful to take part here this is past the album it's a matter. of the flower festival was the main topic of conversation in french us for weeks before the parade floral carpets had been spread out on the main promenade and flowers handed out to visitors. for battle and his team start preparing for the parade in early april it's taking quite a bit of effort. this is especially some quality it's difficult to coordinate all the people the whole team that's here we work on the time pressure of course to get everything done
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everything has to be ready tomorrow it's not just the front where you also have to coordinate one hundred thirty people. on the phone that are mentioned from quarter to. the countdown is on with one day to go floats and marchers have to be transformed into bouquets of flowers within a single day to make sure the blossom stay fresh the hats made with orchids and three m z and protests help people get into the party mood before the parade kicks off. the. designer dina trinidad a is responsible for the costumes and floral accessories she emphasizes color and authenticity. is flowers from here and . this week oh we're. made here and mother. hen made. art it's really fun because it's a flow a festival and we live in an island full of color full of nature and you have to
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project to work with it and that gets really interesting because it's something that you love. that little touch. is called the island of flowers they flourish in the sub tropical climate even on rock. so it's the ideal place to celebrate an annual festival of flowers. the director of tourism couldn't agree more. a small flower festival started with an exhibition that's sixty years old three and then about thirty years ago we started with the. groups involved which has been growing year by year and this is one of the biggest numbers one thousand five hundred people starting with little ones from four year olds. it's sunday afternoon and in fifteen minutes the parade will begin. until two in the morning putting together and decorating
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their float now it's ready to move and the homes for tourists. can feel the adrenaline rising if you're really excited. complete you know when you're going to people and everything else here. i'm sure it'll be a great. crowd of about one hundred thousand spectators drizzle many of them booked and paid for their seats months in advance so they could celebrate the advent of spring with. the festival draw people from. eventually after we've been to madeira several times and always wanted to see the parade we came especially to see it coming from rome this is a beautiful flower first really we don't like this image.
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i'm proud of. and i like the beret very well because you know they also have a blouse. with so much floral spectacle spring can't be anything but gorgeous just and roberto is certain he'll be taking part again next year. just. let's find out now what else is going on in our round up of europe's culture in today's express. for the first time ever a concert performed at the vatican sistine chapel has been live streamed online under the direction of conductor harry christopherson the sixteen choral group and the briton symphony orchestra performed stop by scottish composer james mcmillan on sunday. mcmillan is one of the most renowned contemporary composers his
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works are inspired by religion and politics critics say they always have elements of folk music and are distinguished by an exceptional degree of directness energy and emotional impact. a retrospective of crystal and his late wife john clarke has opened in zurich on display are sculptures drawings and photographs showing the couple's life's work until june thirtieth included is a preview of christos latest project the must have set to be seen in london from june to september this year it will consist of over seven thousand barrels stacked into a pyramid floating on a lake in. hyde park christou engine claude achieved global fame for among other things their raptors lifestyle project in berlin in one thousand nine hundred ninety five. the skyway mounted bianco is a hit with visitors three years after it opened the cable car transports some three
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hundred thousand passengers a year it's considered a marvel of engineering and it leads into stages from the italian side of mont blanc to the point to help around a modern three thousand four hundred meters above sea level for some it station is made of steel and glass and features a circular scenic terrace fourteen meters in diameter which offers breathtaking panoramas for the highest peaks of the western art. now spring is a great time to visit europe's major sites there are plenty of calls as part of our new series we want to highlight the ten most popular european love minds on instagram they are told me all men brussels is one of them it was built in the one nine hundred sixty eight for the world expo so this year it's celebrating its sixtieth anniversary as where we start our series europe's famous landmark here is
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number ten in our ranking. the attorney i'm in brussels represents an elementary ion crystal enlarged one hundred sixty five billion times this unusual structure has been a belgian capital's most distinctive landmark for sixty years built as a symbol of the peaceful use of nuclear power the attorney and continues to attract visitors in droves. alexandra laurel has been taking pictures of this imposing structure for more than a decade from the ground and the air his passion for the attorney and knows no bounds the money more give us an opportunity it's a monument voters usually fascinating in photographs it's like a mirror which reflects the sky and the ground the color change according to the season one time it's red blue for the next time green. but the clouds also play
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a role visitors take away a different impression of the structure every time for the work that the throwback to more shorter. inside they can travel through twenty three metre long choose from one sphere to the next rising ever higher out. here people get to see another side of the attorney and. the exterior to the modern probably outside it looks very modern shiny and ugly. side it's quite rough of the spheres and tubes are crude and they give me a tell me i'm an industrial feel just with this building belgium wanted to show what he could do at the time. these pictures show the attorney i'm under construction in the late one nine hundred fifty s. built for the one nine hundred fifty eight brussels world's fair it was to be a futuristic prestige project one hundred two meters tall the structure featured
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nine. an aluminum clad sphere is the attorney and was supposed to be torn down after expo fifty eight ended but it proved such a huge that it was left standing and even had the outer shell redone in stainless steel six decades later the building has become a national symbol an exhibition recalls the early days. what it meant to the people it was like coming here and having the wow feeling this is what belgium can show this is what we want to show to the world what the small belgian country can do it was the first exposition also after world war two so it was really the whole world coming here and all the countries showing off what they could their technology their knowledge to this day the famous landmark has lost none of its fascination six hundred thousand people flock to the a time every year making it one of belgium's biggest tourist attractions and most
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take a picture as a reminder of their visit. your imax asked our viewers around the world to send in their best shots from their trip to brussels with the attorney and. the size of everything is a is a trooper and everything it's really very nice to see so took the. old church great that it still profits from tourism today it is evoked with a real i'm glad to have seen a good reason. to say let's do it and i like the architecture best from inside and out. the what if it came for the building it was certainly a big achievement and it offers a great view of brussels. that care to go over there.
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even to alexander laurel a visit to the attorney and wouldn't be complete without a look out over the city the ride in the elevator is a highlight in itself the world's fastest at the time it was built the elevator whisks visitors to one hundred two meters above ground in twenty three seconds at the top it's what many consider the nicest panoramic view of the city. for me it's a magical view of the brazos of the surrounding area is fantastic for me i think you could discover interesting details about the city. it's a bit like looking out the window of an airplane of you and. i always like to come back out here look at and. the attorney and the belgian capital's most famous landmark is an impressive sight no matter how you look at it
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. no matter from which perspective it is a popular backdrop for holiday photos we already saw some in our report maybe you also took a photo there are do you have a picture showing you and front of your favorite landmark send it to us you can find all the information about our competition on our website w dot com slash lives and one lucky winner will get this miniature off the ice or towers so join in and don't forget to load your picture. also has a table for photos however but her focus is clothing she's a fashion blogger and famous amazing and now she wants to make a name for herself in europe we met her in her new home country switzerland.
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for me it's pure self-expression. it's pure self-expression but luckily it became a business. i don't dress up for people i dress up for myself. but yeah. diana rigg sorry she's from buoyant obsessed with fashion and naturally artistic. in asia she's already a star in europe still up and coming even after her success in social media like instagram now thirty two years old she's been living with her family in los suns switzerland since early twenty seventeen her husband works here for his wife during lunch break. i was up i one me in the middle. it's a smile and style and she's hoping it will work in europe too especially in her new
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home switzerland. because you know like it's a beautiful country like you know if it's going to be worthless you know we were calling. the smiths attachment to their reserve the black great blue but something of a culture shock for the indonesian blogger is a really really really really different. she sees the world as her playground every photo is an eye catcher she deliberately chooses her bright colorful outfits to stand out from her surroundings. diana rekha saris mantra thinking colors helps get her through the cold sweats when the fashion blogger has been sharing her thoughts and ideas with the broader public for eleven years now. in indonesia she's seen as a fashion blog pioneer. she studied business and quickly realised that uses respond
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more immediately to photos than text instagram was launched right on time for her after that it just became like. like brands started to contact me p.r. agency started to offer me collaboration and then like after a while like some rounds are going to become a brand ambassador and just kept going until today she's advertised in various beauty products fashion lines and companies and was soon winning awards and appearing on t.v. as a top consultant. then i think i've got. the job proved to be quite lucrative. can i have my calculator. diana recalls sorry converts indonesian rupees to swiss francs. in the average sometimes per month you get around seven thousand francs from
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working with brands but then if you can collaborate with the bigger brands for like twelve months contract it becomes more. seven thousand francs are about five thousand eight hundred euros she takes in even more revenue from her own labels she's been marketing shoes and promoting them on instagram since twenty seven. in twenty sixteen my emo clothing line at the market. political business idea features items for children a mother of two herself off to her maternity leave and relocating she's working full tilt once again she knows what makes up a blog successful. most thought is more also like you know a character a personality you know someone that basically like you want to be you want to be like a brand on your own like you know you yourself is a walking brand that is
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a good influence or you know. she comes across as a mixture of diva girl ego fictional character artist and businesswoman. her photos may often look just like snapshots but many of them speak a language all their own. i see more things because now i appreciate every corner every wall every floor because like everything is a photography object like oh that's a nice composition that's a must color combination so i paid more attention to this new tells because i know that they we can they can become our playroom of an indonesian fashion blogger who has set out to bring to europe how very rich. no colorful flashy vision back. after . but now it's time for your mike
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sexton to today we take a trip to great britain thanks to a viewer crest from greece. called yagni would love to know more about the country because she said it's so different from hers we went there for her and she was one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country right in the south west corner well as one of the most beautiful alaska's parts of the country is why. cornwall is england's wild west where gore's place is yellow between the green countryside and the blue sea. all of cornwall's coast is hike up all. the south west coast path comprises just over one thousand kilometers of that coastline it's one of europe's most beautiful trails with breathtaking scenery.
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in cornwall it seems like in chanted councils rise up from the sea maybe not as famous as france's most damage then but for that reason not nearly as busy. here every fork in the road offers an opportunity to encounter witnesses to long ago history burial mounds stone circles and standing stones. the roads in cornwall are narrow and winding so it's important to drive carefully and always be courteous to your fellow driver for everyone's safety. wherever you see a black and white flag flying alongside the red white and blue union jack that's cornwall. britain's best surfers meet on cornwallis beaches.
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beginners can ease themselves in when there's just a light swell. nuki in the north is considered the best place for surfing at low tide the beaches there are perfect for families ideal for both children and shell seekers but you need to be tough to take a dip with water temperatures around sixteen degrees celsius. as a tourist you can stay on a remote farm if you like with a peaceful herd of cows as your nearest neighbor. or you can stay right on the beach it all depends on your budget and taste. in. cornwall is excellent for sailing and boating with picturesque coves and its waters there are famous for delicious fish and seafood. damn partner halls has lobster trap on board his fishing boat but there are no lobsters in it today just craps. as the male with
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a bit closer. to small. male will. be voted off. problem at all will said first of all. he offers fishing trips off the lizard peninsula where anglers hope to catch place flounder target mackerel or even small sharks but the waters off cornwall aren't without their dangers it's a great writer that's probably killed five hundred people. right five or six trips a rock song. for the people. special she writes. if the sea is too challenging there's plenty to do on land. cornwall is also famous
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for its spectacular gardens it's said that each garden is a bit of heaven on earth. triva garden is a sub tropical paradise on the helford river it's full of exotic plants and it's been cared for and maintained for nearly two hundred years. tree but is in a gentle valley that leads down to the helford river. it's a sloping landscape well protected from harsh winds. there's some fantastic clouds as you say that we're growing in the mediterranean region because of our climate so we can get them to come for the winter i mean i see them flowering in the garden at the start of the year one of them would be the big gun or a plantation over john kerry bob which looks fantastic on my house is a big display area that looks really sort of striking in the summer of this time of year maybe the road junctions the big gob or in roads that goes for can start in.
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cornwall has a wild coast but a mild climate the gulf stream allows palm trees and tree ferns to thrive in the southwest corner of britain and it allows the horticultural arts of a garden crazy nation to reach their pinnacle. and that's it for today we'll be back here tomorrow but you can also join us on facebook and there you go from plan to stories from around europe and sometimes there's also a look behind the scenes of your max thanks for watching for me and all the could handle then. next time on euro max vintage city bouncers are a rare sight on the road so it. some of these old is all are unique spectacles collectors from across europe come to a small village in germany from. among them is falsehood lookout with its nine hundred twenty eight friend. always bought golders on the next edition.
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of. the book. the big. move. move move move. move move. move. move move. move move move. move. move.
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town halls those who tell your master he's a perceived crown of our realm from god and not from his presumptuous circle. around this holy socks i'm going to be. tomorrow's we're going to defeat the enemy and we'll never see one another again cause. we must pull cheese. starting may thirteenth on t.w. . this is a fifteen year old girl. being gang raped. his teacher is beating a boy for talking by complots. the rest of the class once as.
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i'm sure is told her has been killed by his mother. breaking at last. his child sleeps in the streets because her family through her. fear. online bullying. pushes a teenager over the edge. just because you can see violence against children doesn't mean others and there are make the invisible visible of us mike violence against children disappear.
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this is the news coming to you live from a transatlantic to take in washington french president in london look role and u.s. president donald trump to get down to business the two leaders meet for talks with trade syria iran on the agenda can they find common ground amidst the pomp and ceremony.


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