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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  April 25, 2018 1:00pm-1:16pm CEST

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the germans started may thirteenth kong to double your. plane. this is news coming to live from berlin could there be a new iran nuclear deal or a little preening chose to a long lingering. looked through and trying to make a public display of this special friendship and then it's down to business but the transition from talking about a possible new a new dawn to dream and. was agog up to the world gathers to help syria the united
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nations alongside nearly eight a billion euros in aid of germany's foreign minister has already pledged a billion. and it on mean you have a new job the opposition closed protest is back on the streets they got rid of the prime minister and now they want to pass the ruling party because the state is corrupt we go live to the capital yet of on a. plane . i don't but i'm on the touchy. at the white house the american and french presidents have been making unprecedented public displays of friendship donald trump gave him a donald trump gave them on in mcallen lavish bascom in what is a full state visit of the trump presidency but davis serious issues up for discussion it seems trump offered feel concessions to his guests.
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pomp and ceremony at the white house french president emanuel macro is on the first state visit by a foreign leader under the presidency of donald trump. mr please don't miss out proclaim friendship was on full display time. and time again. but we do have a very special relationship in fact i'll get that piece and then. it will be we have to make them perfectly as per our situations and as with many friendships opinions on several key issues differed no simply on iran hundred deal signed in twenty fifteen tehran agreed to limit its nuclear program which it maintains was for peaceful civilian purposes in return for an easing of economic sanctions. it's
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a bad deal it's a bad structure it's falling down should have never ever been made i blame. congress i blame a lot of people for but i will say if iran threatens us in any way they will pay a price like few countries have ever paid we're going to meetings today we proposed a solution relationship between our countries who consider they could you consider the around deal to be a bad deal for a number of months i've been saying it's not a sufficient deal but it has enabled us until twenty twenty five to have some sort of control over their nuclear activities we want to work on a new deal with iran. the iran deal is not the only source of disagreement possible u.s. tariffs on steel and aluminum for the european union the paris climate court and washington's decision to recognize theresa limits the capital of israel trump and macro also discuss the upcoming summit with north korea with regards to the war in
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syria from facts a macro for france joining the u.s. and britain in strikes often alleged chemical attack earlier this month however the outlook on solving the syrian crisis differs macro favorite pushing for a new solution to end the war there is trouble stressed his exit plans. i would love to get out i love to bring our incredible warriors back home they've done a great job we've essentially. just absolutely literate isis in iraq and in syria after day with a big agenda the leaders rounded things off with an official state dinner at the white house. it's not been yet to date but some of the stories making news around the india high profile self-proclaimed guru has been sentenced to life in prison this after the court in the city of george bush found. guilty of
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raping a sixteen year old fellow in two thousand and thirteen he's also on trial in another case in the state of good shot. at least fifteen people have been killed in indonesia after an oil well exploded in the country's province flames from the explosion reached some seventy meters high and destroyed several homes the victims of collecting oil from the bullhorn when the blast took place authorities say the well may have been drilled illegally. new details have emerged about the man suspected of killing ten people in the city of toronto. and posted a hostile message towards women on facebook moments before driving onto a busy pavement hitting pedestrians the twenty five year old has been shot for ten counts of premeditated murder. the leader of germany's jewish community has warned jews to avoid bearing the kit or. the traditional skull cap to reduce the risk of
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attack last week two young men wearing the keeper and assorted suspected attacker a syrian refugee shouted at the semitic remarks not to a major donors conference on syria underway in brussels germany already about the biggest donors has pledged an extra one billion dollars in aid for syrian refugees both inside the war torn country and in neighboring countries to pledge came as governments and aid groups began the second and final day of the donor's conference the foreign policy chief called on russia iran in turkey to force a stop to the fighting as well as drumming up aid organizers hope the conference will revive the stalwart peace process. that we now joined correspondent ben righetti is in brussels covering that donor conference for us a band the german foreign minister heikal moss' announced
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a billion euros for syria what has been the response from the other people there. all of the other donors are pledging a lot of money for the coming years to help the people in syria the united states great britain the european union all will pledge a lot of money and it is it seems that the conference will arrive at the aim of six point five billion euros for this year's in the coming years and the numbers are quite staggering because you and others have to support thirteen million people in and outside of syria and the united nations say the six point five billion are the bare minimum that they need to feed to to house and to school these people and the situation is getting a birds they the united nations because the the fighting is getting more wild and in syria and the situation of refugees in the neighboring countries in lebanon jordan and turkey is also becoming worse and bent on actually collecting
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desperately needed aid that you foreign policy chief medical group he's also calling for a new political push first let's listen to what she had to say syria is not a chessboard for a big player this city belongs to the syrian people and here today we will mobilize on one site political support for a political process on the un also this is the only context in which a political solution can be found for syria the european union has. devoted so far almost eleven billion euros to the syrian people both inside syria and in the region and we will continue to support the syrians it's a benefit to come over to talking about finding a political end to the conflict in syria optimistic ah people there that the u.s. sponsored peace process will take off again. there's not much optimism the chances
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to do that are very slim because the russians are simply not on board and the u.n. security council is blocked on that issue and that's because the regime mainly backed by the russians is now on a kind of a video streak in the syria the military advances is a big so there's no reason for the assad regime and the russians to give in and the united nations is also warning that this can become even more difficult in the coming months because assad is trying to regain control about it live and two point five more million refugees could be another way in the coming months bank to get at the syria donor conference in brussels thank you very much for that update to our media now where seven thousand protests have taken to the streets of the capital yet of on off the talks between the opposition and the acting prime minister called off the opposition wants the ruling republican party out of completely because of corruption the prime minister john abruptly stepped down on
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monday amid massive anti government protest. cars one of them to show an is in the head of a yet have on and joins me now from the n.t.e.u. in the midst of protests there what up people to say to you. well the people here have been marching through yerevan and they have been chanting for a free and independent armenia they've also been singing people have been waving flags the atmosphere has very much been one of triumph and it seems that the people here of what people have been telling me is that they really they just want change people are sick of the old political elite they want new faces they as they said they don't want the old faces in the old fat bellies people are complaining about corruption as well and now that the protesters are actually convening on the square
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there's actually a huge amount of people just coming towards me you'll probably see them as i speak convening on republic square behind me and there will be a rally there tonight as well as a concert so it seems these protests are certainly continuing and the mood here is triumphant and every new prime minister has resigned but the opposition is not demanding that the ruling party should also quit what more can you tell us about that. yeah absolutely the amount so far has been first step start. to to resign and that happens but now the mood has shifted and not only among the opposition but also actually on the streets so people here have been chanting for statics party the republican party which is still in power here and our media should go as well and also the the current prime minister is in charge and he's also from that party now i spoke to
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a leading opposition activist earlier on who told me a little bit about what the opposition's demands are in these protests going forward let's have a listen. it seems that sarwan is trying to steal the. story. corps this name cc's daryn garbage out who is now like prime minister. we are going to march on the march from him and not feel like. we will also the month to have. temper government we should be should be led by the representative of the people nor. should i mean it was supposed to be a meeting between opposition you don't make a fuss john with the acting prime minister today but that was canceled why. will it sounds so because as the acting prime minister got in that i think kind of
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to be done that the opposition leader was simply to take him out he would want to determine who would be at the meeting what the agenda was going to be they wanted to press the president and the acting prime minister these are negotiations what's interesting is that here in europe on the other party seems to be joining the protesters while the second biggest party are the in parliament has now also called on it. orders to join protests. are projected to. show been in the midst of protests image out of on noisy protest of that thank you very much for that update. ok let me bring you some breaking news which is just coming in a copenhagen court has sentenced a danish invented to life in prison for the mud off swedish john and this came by it found peter madsen guilty of torturing and murdering her when she joined him for
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a trip in a self built submarine lost or because she was planning to write a story about it. and we'll bring you more news on that story when the details come and let's now move on to some sports news and the week's champions league semifinals kicked off with a bang last night as host liverpool defeated drama five two the reds gone off to a flying start as muhammad solid remained in remarkable form he got two goals in the first half liverpool added three more to make it five nil roma finally found their fighting spirit and scored two and the last ten minutes of the match those two away goals could prove valuable in the reverse leg next week in rome. and ahead of that a match of violence flared as liverpool fans clashed with those from outside the stadium police say a fifty two man suffered a severe head injury was in a critical condition in
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a neurological center two men were arrested both from rome for their vote in the incident office says a peeling for mobile phone video to have with the investigation. you're watching d.v.d.'s still to come china begins another great leap forward this time to dominate the automotive industry off tomorrow we go to beijing for some analysis. and that's with christopher over who is standing by and you'll be rich you shortly . learn german with w. . any time any place.


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