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tv   Doc Film - Dennis and the Dictator  Deutsche Welle  April 26, 2018 5:15pm-6:00pm CEST

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the so-called peace line dividing the korean peninsula. essential up to date i'll vote for you at the top of the hour in the meantime of course there is always the web site still w dot com i'll bet. we make up oh but we watch as of africa and of the two pipes we are this summer some of us of. them want to shape the continent's future to be part of it and join us youngsters as they share their stories their dreams and their challenges the seventy seven percent platform for africa.
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welcome to north korea the world's most isolated and repressive state a country that's always been on the outside ever since its birth at the end of the second world wolf when korea was torn into. just of it union helped to establish a communist state in the mills and installed kim il sung as leader kim's failed attempt to conquer the south during the korean will lead to a full kilometer wide buffer zone being built between the two nations the most heavily militarized border on the planet. today north korea remains an anomaly
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cut off both politically and geographically from the modern world. but one man is on a mission to change all that with a basketball this is what happened when dennis rodman went to north korea and staged the most controversial sporting event the world has ever seen. they call it was you know we want to go to a doctor. but again want to go showers. across a joke trust there were. no times but for you the word got out there's no one not
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a career that almost all the negativity sort of come out about how conscious but how they kidnap people is crazy you know you never come back and just all these different type of wow well animal stories sources we are in worse. than the first two times my wife saw this with me. in case you didn't know from humble beginnings dennis rodman became one of the greatest basketball players the world has ever seen well this is where we'd like to show you some incredible footage of dennis's playing career but unfortunately the n.b.a. which owns all of the footage has flat out refused to take part in this documentary so we can't what we can show you is some of tennis's balmy behavior off the course which is what really caught the world's attention his head piercings tattoos and cookie dress sense made him a press sensation. something hanging up his ninety's dennis continue to be the most flamboyant in your face american. celebrity around so you wouldn't have thought
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that he'd be welcomed in a country that believes in order conformity and little freedom of expression. so we went to the game the game's practice fools. to show this. is that there must be present in the country. and wasim in this why isn't all this this is the fight this is where i will ban them next because i know the game is over by this truth his hope was that his house has passed what you're calling for dinner for let me talking. you know. coming back again with. the future i'm back and four months later dennis did return jumping on an army helicopter to the man they call the marshals east coast holiday home along for the ride his personal assistant. everything is just so
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this fire starts the first time to start it was a great day every day we had. was going to. just social isolation there and then just so. what we really should talk talk talk. i mean we were really really got really close with the force like as a freshman bob was well they were kicking back the martial opened up about dennis is previous trip. home and go charging into focus what they do for a living. you know like the show he took to places where he died that. she wanted to see the best looking source i think this would. be you know. a real game. you know you know this birth this chamber. so i click to. injury where one of. the
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shit. six dennis didn't even one thing that money putting on such a big event half way around the world would require a loss of it but luckily for dennis in a moment of pure serendipity he was about to cross paths with the perfect sponsor one of the biggest gambling companies in ireland and the u.k. paddy power is well known for its headline grabbing marketing strategies and it was one of its chief his p.r. stunts yet that led to its first meeting with denis started in a very very unprecedented circumstance it was the first papal resignation in the past six hundred years we sent our people like to own we were taking bets on who the next. biggest stories on that particular day were prepared taking their next pope will be dennis rodman on his first trip to north korea and we thought there could be an interesting synergy here if you bring it to them together. twenty four
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hours later dennis was on a plane. in broome dennis told paddy power about his agreement with kim jong un to put on a basketball game in north korea and paddy power had jumped at the chance to get involved. that brings us to the news conference when the game was revealed to the world denis is painting the trip as a way to bridge the gap between north korea and the united states now. now that might sound like a pipe dream but it's exactly what happened in the one nine hundred seventy s. when a team of u.s. ping-pong players traveled to china. to visit ease tensions between the two nations and two years later richard nixon paid his own visit to the communist state forty years on could pave the way for the current u.s. government to visit north korea it would be a long shot given the country's rocky relationship need a quick refresh well as recently as nine hundred ninety four the united states and north korea were on the brink of
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a war after falling out over north korea's nuclear ambitions. but as president bill clinton ever the chairman sent his predecessor jimmy carter on a diplomatic mission and kim il sung agreed to put north korea's nuclear plans on hold that all changed when new leader kim jong il put the country's nuclear program back in motion after president george bush took a somewhat different approach by publicly naming north korea along side iran and iraq in an action should be evil that brings us to the next administration and president obama's tactic of strategic patience which basically means refusing to speak to the third generation and new leader kim jong un until north korea agrees to disarm of course that means dennis his willingness to converse with north korea flies in the face of the u.s. as foreign policy no wonder the white house is keen to distance itself from his efforts. mr rudd is on a private trip. about north korea and its failure to meet its obligations i'm not sure. about canada
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i have not changed i guess kenneth bae an evangelical christian who was arrested in two thousand and twelve while leading into a group through north korea he was later charged with planning to overthrow the government and sentenced to fifteen years hard labor it's yet another cause of friction and dennis finds himself under pressure as a personal friend of kim jong un's to help push for by his release and then as if that wasn't enough for dennis to contend with just one day before he's due to fly out this happens. despicable human scum worse than a dog that's how north korean state media described the once powerful uncle and uncle of north korean leader kim jong un has been executed for trying to overthrow the government reports from north korea tonight say the second most powerful man in the country has been executed jang song tek the uncle of the country's leader had already been stripped of all his powers today military tribunals ordered his execution after he was found guilty of treason. when the shocking news about john
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suntech breaks dennis is enjoying his last night of revelry in his hometown of miami. the story has turned an even greater spotlight on his trip. does dennis really know what he's getting himself into i'm doing really really the best will be in the war nor was there were. going to be that the jury sees the b.o.c. so for you to move these people you know as we move through was really to do what i'm doing. right now. and so the following day it's a defiant dennis who sets out for north korea. then he survives in beijing his last
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stop on route to north korea where he meets up with the rest of his entourage there's his assistant bo rory from paddy power and another more unlikely travel buddy a science buff and professor joe who got involved through a suitably bizarre rich and so this rather curious band of characters sets off on the final leg of its journey a three hour hop over the article as an intern north korea. was one of them but. you. know. once again dennis has arrived on north korean soil and after settling in his hotel he's taken straight to an eighteen course welcome dinner was in north korea sports minister. he's told that kim jong un is too busy to attend which is no surprise seeing as he's just perched his uncle. the next
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morning dennis is up early and ready for action. the january game is just a few weeks away and dennis is in a race to get everything ready in time. his first stop is the stadium where the historic match will take place waiting for dennis is a select group of north korea's best basketball players it's now down to dennis to pick the very best for the final north korean team that will face off against the americans on january eighth. so how good are the north korean players well better than you might think of course due to the country's isolation they won't be making waves on the international scene anytime soon but in quasi communist states like north korea athletes and national sports teams are important cog in the state propaganda machine lauded by the leader to prove what a good job he's doing and show how powerful a nation he's created.
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over the next few days dennis is kept busy whipping the north korean team into shape sharing all the know how he built up over a decade at the top of the game. it's just a few days until christmas and it's time for dennis and his entourage to head home to spend some quality time with their friends and families. stopping over in beijing the team are surprised at how much negative press the match is attracting i'm. willing to. leave.
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everything changed before christmas our collective view in terms of our it is patient and a project change before christmas. and that it all seemed to do with the verge.
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north korea was suddenly the subject of intense intense international scrutiny kim jong un is basically telling the elite in pyongyang if you disloyal to me you will be executed made us reassess exactly what we were doing. let us. position and we are no longer comfortable being associated with the event paddy power has pulled out which would seem to be a massive blow for dennis without them his project would never have gotten off the ground and it would have been fun to watch a self promoting gambling company hanging out in a country where both advertising and gambling are illegal but dennis doesn't seem too concerned now it's all his show no wonder he seems upbeat as he meets his fellow american basketball players who've signed up for the match. robinson. played two years and. this is arbitrary of a lifetime for me christie played the n.b.a. for fourteen years from los angeles to be
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a seattle washington doctor here and play fourteen years in n.b.a. go coach high school ball down to florida number one jumper and what. do you think we are from paris france leave alone for miles for twenty six years old when are you really victor played thirteen years in the n.b.a. conley. finishing halfway through my masters program and you're in seminary in new york no injury pool also known as you know to the st paul world. from north carolina graduated from wait for one key member of the squad is the former new york knicks power forward charles smith since leaving the n.b.a. he's carved out a career as staging exhibition games around the world. we're the first u.s. team. to step on north korea soil and have a game with us or national team that's a fact we from this point on we are going to everybody in this room is going to be
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bond for the rest of our lives in a historical epic. so dennis is pelzer here and for his fourth time he's on a flight to pyongyang on the surface it seems like everything's back on track apart from one very significant thing despite dennis appearing to be in good spirits the christmas break was a really stressful time he got a hammering in the press and he was hounded wherever he went which led to a number of painful family issues. to cope with the added stress dennis has started drinking a lot. he's battled alcoholism for most of his adult life and with the game just a couple of days away it's not the best of times to be falling off the wagon.
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dennis is on his way to the stadium to run a joint training session with both the american and north korean basketball teams it's a momentous occasion and it's the first time that the two sides have met on the session is their only chance to size each other up before tomorrow's big game. but even though it's only ten am dennis has already started drinking. but the show must go on. for all his enthusiasm dennis. isn't in the ideal condition to lead the dro. charles smith who runs basketball courses all over the world is quick to step in
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and take charge. of you. for you. it's sad to see dan is playing such a minor role after all he picked this north korean team just a few weeks ago. they are a talented bunch and it's possible that charles and his other u.s. players are underestimating them something denis might have been able to tell them but right now he's a bit too drunk to be much use to anybody. but you are one of.
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the us players head back to the hotel for a spot of relaxation at some worrying news awaits them a number of players have been left messages by their sponsors back in the united states who are threatening to drop them if they take part in the game. understandably they can't becomes unsettled and suddenly there's talk of pulling out just the day before the game again charles smith takes charge and crisis talks are held behind closed doors when the players reemerge it's revealed that smith has organized an exclusive interview with a news network c n n. the players hope it will give them a chance to tell their side of the story and calm the situation with their sponsors back home smith works through a list of cnn's questions to make sure the players all sing from the same hymn sheet. we received a letter from the d.v.r.
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olympic committee. on the invitation to do this. this isn't about doing this we're here to sit leave to put smiles on people's faces everlasting memories in the minds of individuals and hopefully with the good work that we do we do charity while we're here so that means go home and. put politics into that this is not what we're here for i get it charles i get it i don't want you there it's the problem is it's more complicated and. it just is it's more complicated than basketball charles i was also. you know you say it's more complicated than just the ball basketball is not the was and that's a big game has been present presented as a birthday present to the rule ruler i'm not here to fight with you guys i respect what you're doing i'm just concerned for the family of this were man who is held there and i am concerned as many americans are about giving a birthday present to
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a man who is seen as a despot who just had his uncle executed dennis you understand the issue it's not about hating you know one of america's basketball players you can you can we're not a game we're not here to deal with the politics the date of the game is the day of the game the interview is nearly over and charles has skillfully navigated every question on c.n.n. to list at the last moment the interview and nobs an unscripted question into the mix. dennis let me end on this you do have a relationship with this man are you going to take an opportune. if you get it right to speak up for the family of kenneth bae will you take the almost total all you have to say to them. do you understand what he did or did you do yourself a country we tell me what you do and the new law you tell me. he lives to be held captive they haven't released any charges marlys fate haven't released any reason.
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to. go ahead and know that you get ten guys here. these triggers. are always guys. what. we do and we appreciate them and we wish them well it was like truly training officers you know you haven't mastered to. give a dentist also don't use them as an excuse for the behavior that you're basically doing. you just basically were saying that kenneth bae did something wrong we don't even know what the charges are don't use these guys as a shield for you dennis your person listen listen listen. i.
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really. don't. know how many more do one thing. you know john behind my point now. look at the guys you don't want. to go back you'll never stop. you know. no. one. was there. this school is full. everybody here. too which is. the key here is you can bury the dead is charles charles that's not my organization and that's not my intention but that's not charles it's not my intention really isn't it that you're really is
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like let me finish please we're not here to talk politics so outside of that any questions that come back through that is baiting to get us into politics or has not we're here charles remained sitting here understands that charles i understand it is well i wish you good luck with the cultural exchange but you know the issues that are good luck with the game i hope it has the results that you wanted to and i wish you safe trip home thank you for joining us this week. like getting to hear it into a discussion about kenneth bae dennis may have sabotaged charles's attempt to paint the trip as a cultural sporting exchange worried about the effect the outburst might have on their public image back home the players hold yet more crisis talks. but that's not going to really total one. couple of hours later with the game still hanging in the balance doug and charles managed to get access to the hotel's closely guarded
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internet service and they find the interview online so we got caught up you know. when you look at this thing and how to ensure that the only thing is go back and forth between what he's obviously these are. good spreads to the other players they get together for more talks and at the eleventh hour finally decide to stay and prepare for the match day the game is on. as the players make their way to the court there's a buzz of activity in the corridor was and there's only one explanation the marshal kim jong un has the right. standing in the tunnel and listening to the roar of the crowd the scale of the event only just starts to his home for the first time ever an american team will play and away fixture in north korea with kim jong un watching on. national pride is at stake and even
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though the event will only be broadcast in north korea the results will be eagerly anticipated around the world so it's a game neither side will want to use. thank you thank you thank you. thank you. thank you. thank you getting me money isn't easy that is needed now to please if i were children
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really are fairly anybody really really and truly stevie excuse thank you yes i. the reason being you've already got.
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with the players out on course and twenty thousand north koreans waiting patiently it's time for dennis is a big moment. oh what a way to move. my peers here from the us. having the guts to believe in me to be you with a martial forsberg a lot of people have. dispersed. differing views about me. and your leader heard in washington. and i've a team that is be confident a couple paint is for the world. yes he's a great leader. people by force was people here in this country. and think of the people who really love the martial.
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for the people of north korea i want to say one thing. this is fish we. involve. my peers. the national team here. just to my my friend and his wife and i just think it's fair. to. thank you thank you very much thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you. dennis is serenading of the marshall is very unexpected even by his own
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standards and shows how politically naive he is it's very unlikely to go down well back home but for now that will have to wait there is a basketball game to be played. and in another unexpected move dennis has decided to split the game into two halves in the first half it's the main event the united states against north korea and after the break dennis is mixing up the teams so both north koreans and americans will play side by side it's a nice touch aimed at underlining the real importance of the trip bringing the people of the two nations that are divided in so many ways closer together.
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the u.s. planes start by trying to use their high speed vantage but they're handing that's them down. the north korean's response is to use their own advantage speed they move the ball fast staying out of reach and shooting from outside the three point. five. million american school their first points with death christie's cool head and hands and eventually from the. head back in the game which has turned out to be more physical than they'd expected . north korea continue to dominate playing
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a pass and move style of basketball that leaves the americans flat footed and defending too deep to prevent a succession of three point shots thanks. to the hosts up the tempo again their decision making and hands be too much for an aging team including an out of condition dennis. thanks. at the end of the first period with the americans trailing by ten points denis bell's out to enjoy watching the rest of the game with his friend kim jong un thank you. during the second quarter brings more of the same.
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have the u.s. team does rally but fatigue starts to play its part and for all the effort nothing quite comes off. pat thanks. thanks. at the end of the second quarter the scoring is us i say she nine north korea forty five a win for the d.p. r. k. and an indication that the professionals just might have underestimated their opponents. when trying to. live obviously very live live
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live thanks fans the teams change up for the next second half and it just happens that with the two nationalities mixed together the crowd sees some of the best action of the night with dennis and kim jong un watching on. the touch thank god. it's still a strange sight the leader of the world's most tightly controlled state and america's most out of control celebrity laughing and joking like a couple of old college buddies. god thank you thank you thank you how they were.
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absent hooey thank you. thank you enough. as the game reaches a close it's hard to say what long term effect it may or may not have but the interaction between the north korean and u.s. players feels like an era in a positive thing with millions of north koreans watching their kin standing shoulder to shoulder with the old enemy on the t.v. screens thank you the was a thank you thank you
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thank god thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you was a thank you thank you thank you thank you was a thank you thank you i was after the game the marshal meets the play is after all as we know he's a big basketball fan. in the dressing room there is a sense of euphoria and relief. i think i just saw every order i
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think yes thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you i want to stretch thank you i. was i thank you this was. the high emotions i felt in the north korean camp too. is a right word for a blizzard and i have news for now for you the only right to have the respected martial here today and to watch my son play. is i know there are many players in the world but i think these must be the happiest in the world to god i with their achievements starting to sink in that say is begin to celebrate i. was i was thank you thank you thouse
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thank you thank you. the next day the us players but the few soreheads head out for some specially organized are in our time with a north korean team we have to share sasser going to work with in the meantime dennis and a few of the group head off on a separate trip. during the game dennis was told that the marshal had prepared something special he wanted them to spend the weekend in must agree on the north koreans knew and owned a ski resort was just two hours by car east of the capital. easy
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to keep. up to the officials have let us take a few shots of the ski resort we're told that only dennis and his closest confidantes can stay to meet kim jong un while the rest of the crew have to return to pyongyang. for. the next morning it's time for the american players to say their goodbyes and head back to the united states are i don't know how much promise shit i'm going to want to go back home which i don't know and doesn't matter i have to just you know face the consequences because i did something out of a radical nature you know and i'm just as cool as cool me and some do. but i'm not sad i'm like joe did something that you know people in america didn't agree with fully. and i had to deal with hamas certainly didn't intend for this to be a birthday celebration for anyone. and that's what it turned into the song goes
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are fortunate that. we were all you know in this situation. but we have to move on from it. a few days later it's dennis's turn to head home as the world's press waits to find out what happened at the ski lodge. but when he appears he swept through the air force and onto his connecting flight without saying a word. on the plane home the truth comes out despite promises that they'd spend some quality time together kim never showed it's desperately disappointing for dennis especially after everything he'd gone through to get the game to happen at all. so why didn't
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kim show it turns out that at the ski lodge dennis went on the mother of all drinking binges with the marshals friends and family watching on a decision was made for him to say face and not turn up in other words dennis blew it the game was a great show piece no doubt but they friendship as odd as it may have seemed could have had a lot of potential in the long run it really could have led to improved relations between the united states and north korea but dennis is alcoholism and sheer unpredictability got the better of him and now his dream of opening the door to north korea may have gone up in smoke for good is a big picture this one is a big picture ok so. it's going to work. ok great. we could actually. actually come back and ask. but people want to make the country.
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this is live from the north and south korea prepare for a historic summit the two countries leaders will meet in vase true on the so-called peace line which divides the korean peninsula officials have been rehearsing for tomorrow's encounter for decades also on the program. to official position newspaper journalists convicted on terrorism charges i'm just international calls on the country to stop using twenty sixteen's a failed coup as an excuse to crackdown on free speech.


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