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german starting may thirteenth kong to double your. claim. to. syria. this is the w. news live from berlin the leaders of the two koreas about to enter their state of war and unprecedented summit yields pledges to scrap the north's nuclear arsenal and bring the korean war to a formal and will deeds follow words we'll have complete coverage. also coming up another high profile visit aimed at repairing relations german chancellor
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angela merkel arrives in the u.s. for talks with president donald trump we'll look ahead to the meeting that promises to be brief but far from easy. and a new beginning for saudi women we'll take a look at how attitudes towards women's participation participation in sports and fitness are changing in the conservative kingdom. welcome to the program. the leaders of north and south korea have pledged to formally and the two countries state of war sixty five years after the end of combat and a landmark summit kim jong un and monday in announce their plan for peace they vowed to seek a nuclear free korean peninsula and a formal peace treaty by years and north korea's kim said the two countries are like family linked by blood and cannot be separated the leaders insisted they do
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not want to repeat the mistakes of the past it's been a day of monumental breakthroughs in the standoff between the koreas let's take a look at what the two leaders have agreed to so far a plan to convert the cease fire into a peace treaty ending the war they fought for almost seventy years they've agreed to work toward the denuclearization of the korean peninsula families torn apart by the war will be reunited with a liaison office opened on the northern side of the border and a second summit will be held in the in the north korean capital pyongyang in the fall after their talks concluded the two leaders each offered their remarks on what their meeting had achieved let's have a listen. origen general john going out on. the day chairman kim yong moon and i confirms that's our shared goal is to rid the korean peninsula of nuclear weapons three complete clear ice age and the preceding measures made by
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north korea have very important meetings it will be a valuable beginning sward to complete their isolation of the korean peninsula from this moment i want to clearly declare that south and north korea will closely cooperate with each other to completely denuclearize the korean peninsula and the focus so. i can stop what go on and. on today we will make sure the agreements we have reached which the people of the korean peninsula and the world are watching does not repeat the unfortunate history of unfilled promises by closely communicating and cooperating with each other in order to yield good results. it's the efforts of break this down for us i'm joined in the studio by bad baggage from the german council on foreign relations he's a korean specialist there so this is really it feels like a momentous occasion right here this thawing of relations between the two koreas we saw a bit of what they're planning to do what do you think of what they've announced for a policy perspective well i think there's
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a great breakthrough both parties managed to come together today they agreed already agreed on the range of issues that one of the most important ones is that they want to renew the ceasefire agreement and have some other kind of agreement and i think in the past the cease fire agreement was a very shaky it was overcome and didn't really constitute a status quo anymore and if both sides managed to replace the intergovernmental agreement that would be a real big step forward and we're looking at pictures here of the south and north korean leaders at their press conference let's talk about what these developments mean in terms of what could actually be accomplished are we just talking about pure symbolism here are we actually witnessing the arrival of peace on the korean peninsula well that remains to be seen. for the moment both koreas have agreed on a reproach meant process if agreed to resume family reunions they want to have a corporation the military affairs and scaled down conventional weapons so there's
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a basic steps but in the past we have seen that these confidence building measures between the both careers were no it's not any useful as long as the u.s. and north korea don't go through a new solutions among themselves so we have to see how the u.s. can come back into this process and how constructive that process will be and we're going to be joined now by philip bilski who is in seoul for us philip you're there you're actually witnessing what's happening just give us an idea of what's happening on the ground right now well i'm here at the press center in the north of seoul and we've been getting a live coverage live footage of what has been have happening at the summit itself june the whole day and the last pictures we got work pictures from that dinner so that i did i started at six thirty local time with their south korean president moon and the north korean leader. the wife of both and officials from from both sides so that's the latest we got we got here now do you
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have a sense of what the mood in korea there is like in light of these pretty dramatic developments. yes very much so i think so it started in the early morning here in the press center so sad we got the life footage doing a whole day and. i'm here with three thousand journalists from more than thirty countries which would show us how significant is this summit. and john this actually came from korea and i have this morning when south korean president time some journalists even started applauding so you could get a really impression you could really feel that you that you know seeing something really historic here and this feeling continued doing the whole day now bad we know that denuclearization is now on the table this is a big step this is something that the u.s.
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has been trying to get north korea to do for decades now why do you think the north would give up their biggest bargaining chip here. gaining ship their nuclear deterrent pose build up to secure north korea's defense against the u.s. and maintain the regime and do nuclearization is only on the table if there's a real progress and they go see asians and then the end of the day if the u.s. is also willing to provide security guarantees and i think you again they are green meant the replacement of the arms disagreement is useful because it can establish a new status quo and provide security for all sides and again we're looking here at pictures of kim jong un and one day in here on their long walk that they took presumably to discuss the future of their two countries together philip back to you for a moment if the tensions between north and south are finally resolved how could that change people's daily lives on both sides of the d.m.z. there. well i think we are at the moment still at
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a really early early stage so. one of the things they agreed upon is to find a way to a peace agreement but at the same time as you know the precise ceasefire at the end of the korean war was signed by china the united states and north korea so north and south korea can't really decide on. a transformation towards or a move towards a peace agreement so i think one of the next things will be to talk to united states starts talks to china and then we will see how it how things develop but right now i think it's really weird to read early states right now. we know that this summit was billed as sort of a warm up to this some of this being talked about between kim jong il and u.s. president donald trump and we actually now have a reaction from president trump via twitter i believe he tweeted just earlier today
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after a furious year of missile launches and nuclear testing a historic meeting between north and south korea is now taking place good things are happening but only time will tell. the u.s. president and the north korean president meeting this was supposed to be a big deal but do we feel now that this meeting with all of its development has overshadowed that. well this is no better for shattering it's not about the symbolism and the show it's about real the content and then they're different the two leaders have for these provided the cornerstone for a process because they're late the bases and different kinds of agreements and it's up to the u.s. no to jump onto the train and say recorder agree we want to commit to a long term process where immediate nuclearization is not possible that that will be part of the process and that's a very difficult thing to do and i hope that this really is
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a should also takes place and twitter treats all right as we watch kim jong un and monday in plant the seeds of peace with a tree we think about from the german council of foreign relations and philip there in seoul for us thank you both very much for your analysis and now to some of the other stories making news around the world u.s. actor bill cosby has been found guilty of drugging and sexually assaulting a woman in two thousand and four prosecutors argue that the former entertainer had a predatory secret life during the trial five other women testified that the comedian had assaulted them in the past because we said he will appeal the verdict . thousands of mexicans have protested after three film students were murdered amid the country's vicious drug war the students were abducted while working in an area being washed by cartels the case has renewed anger over police failures to investigate the country's thirty five thousand missing people britain's prince
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william and his wife kate have named their newborn son louis arthur charles his royal highness prince louis of cambridge as he will be known was born on monday morning he is the couple's third child and fifth in line to the british throne. some breaking news coming in now. legendary swedish pop group aba have issued a joint statement that they reunited after thirty five years and recorded new material the group has released a statement said one of their new songs titled i still have faith in you will be performed virtually in a t.v. special later this year. and german chancellor angela merkel has arrived in washington d.c. for tough talks with u.s. president donald trump merkel landed in the u.s. capitol late last night and during
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a three hour meeting today the leaders are expected to discuss the iranian nuclear deal u.s. steel tariffs and the war in syria it is the german chancellor's second visit to d.c. sence trump took office and let's take a closer look now at the two leaders relations which leaves shall we say some room for improvement. it's not could moment during their first meeting at the white house that still sounds up the utter lack of political chemistry between on going to machall and donald trump. when traffic simply didn't react as merkel asked him to shake hands thank you. german chancellor i'm going to mark holes reputation as the global leader who keeps the world strong men on the straight and narrow simply doesn't seem to apply to this u.s. president who insists on setting the pace and direction of global politics. observers say trump's erratic decision making challenges merkel's political style
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to confront even partners with very harsh positions to threaten and then to undo and sort of go back into a more cooperative mood and i would say he has kept european partners pretty much on their toes trump upstaged his nato allies by talking about money rather than values twenty three of the twenty eight member nations are still not paying what they should be paying and what they're supposed to be paying. for their defense. his willingness to challenge the core values that bind together what is known as the west soon led merkel to a sobering conclusion. side. and then there are times in which we could rely fully on others are somewhat over. for by more than a year into the term presidency germany is still struggling to find common ground for corporation with trumps in a circle merkel second visit is laden with pressing issues. there are
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three important issues on the transatlantic agenda for this meeting one is definitely trade and the criticism of the transatlantic trade arrangement the second one is germany's contributions in military terms to nato and the third one is the iran nuclear deal. the president of the french republic at the end of his state visit in monrovia called directly criticize trump steelmaking and called on the u.s. congress to live up to europe's expectations the united states is the one who invented this new deal of dualism you are zero one now who has to to preserve and reinvent it. merkel won't have this kind of stage for two and a half hour visit is set to focus on working down the list of problems mark or have to leave unresolved with berlin already resigned to the fact that
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a trade war is in the making expectations are low. right i'm joined now by g.w. correspondent cost and phenomena in washington d.c. a cousin truck gave french president very warm welcome this week for all this pomp and circumstances how are we expecting him to greet the chancellor today. well i believe he would greet the chances on a very friendly and polite way but we won't see the kind of bromance show that we've seen between trump and crawl and i'm pretty sure that i'm going to makkah comfortable with that she's more sober and pragmatic person focused on facts and on the outcome of talks and not so much on pomp and circumstance of course you did have a very close relationship with trump's previous sense of barack obama but even that
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was more carried by the moocher respect that the two leaders had and i conned remember seeing those two holding hands or anything like that so it's quite obvious that donald trump and i'm going to makkah don't really click on the personal level but i think the fall into kind of level of where they can actually deal with each other on working levels so they would get along with see what comes out of that and one of the issues on the table this is a new tax exemption on steel and aluminum that's set to expire at the beginning of the month mackall is now calling for an exemption to that expiration is he just trying to win over trump. yes of course she's doing that's so the mark wrong but of course trade is the prerogative of the european union so clear the leader for these negotiations is to see a must room the e.u.
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commission for trade but of course european leaders like michael and michael has been trying to sway the americans to make sure that europe gets a permanent exemption from those tariffs right now as you just heard the reports it doesn't look too good but you never know with donald trump it could be that he decides at least extend the exemption for the european union just before the deadline or maybe even to make it permanent but i'm not sure i'm actually pretty sure that he will not just hand it over to anglo-american after that talk and say what i've been fully convinced by and you're of bones have to face those terrorists that's not his style he will wait until the last minute. and phenomena for us in washington d.c. where there's a lot happening today thank you very much. still to come doing the heavy lifting for a new feeling of power well need saudi arabia its first female fitness pioneer
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hands. and it seems that the greek debt drama is it nearing its final acts again how do you have for us looks like it as finance minister ministers of the eurozone meeting belgariad today and greek debt is high on the agenda that again some countries want to relieve greece off its at least parts of its debt others insist on full pay back germany being the most vocal that european commission president john claude you got was in athens a day ahead of the meeting and optimistic about the country's prospects last year greece achieved a surplus of seven billion euros that's much more than expected. it's the beginning of a new era as greece prepares to wave goodbye to bailouts arriving for talks with his eurozone counterparts in the both kerry and capitals of fear germany's finance minister appeared upbeat. today the outlook on greece is far more
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optimistic than it was a few years ago. and he wasn't alone in his optimism euro group president mario centeno pointing to greece's better than expected performance in twenty seventeen. times from the. piece called. primary surplus of four point two percent to twenty seven. point five times but the fact that the program greece has received a total of two hundred sixty billion euros as part of three bailouts since two thousand and ten its latest and most likely its last bailout runs out in august. the loans have come in exchange for sweeping and highly unpopular public sector reforms which saw pensions slashed and a freeze on recruitment we gain economic autonomy would be a major political achievement for prime minister alexis tsipras who's assured
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european commission president john claude younker that he won't backtrack on reforms in the post bailout era. is for. the first round of talks is finished what can you tell us. this seems to be a really large consensus emerging the finance ministers of the euro group want the greek crisis after eight years of drama and absent downs they want it off the table and the word here is we want to create a success story in greece it's prepared probably significant that the new euro group same panels in greece and so ministers seem to be quite adamant in saying and now we have the package on the table and that something is just going to run down the review will be finished the last review will be finished in june and we will talk about an exit payment for greece so there you have a financial buffer and then we are ready to go and august twenty years greece will
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be free to fly they will go back to the financial markets and they will be their own country again of course with certain strings attached that's the general aim here and foreign minister and the finance ministers here they simply don't want to talk about crisis in greece anymore. germany is in the firing line for bringing nothing to the table what's behind that. there is a problem because the finance minister all of shots was greeted in the most friendly manner of course we welcome the newcomer in our rose but then nothing happened he didn't bring anything he didn't have a plan he didn't have a program he didn't say yes or no to anything so far and what's behind the scenes obviously is that will shortz needs to talk to uncle america the german chancellor and sort of figure out how they are going to deal with this will they go with the flow will they go with the majority among the euro group finance minister or will
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this sort of reopen the box and start having a new go to use and sort of stop proceedings so that is not quite clear so things are not is smooth as they could have been and there might even be a certain sort of lifting of some eyebrows here about how can the german finance minister to fall in the euro group come here and not really have something something planned and something to sort of to the proceedings sounds quite embarrassing actually very briefly barbara is trade going to be on the agenda as well. of course trade is on the agenda on the sidelines the french finance minister came in here and was very clear and repeating what he has said before we will not be blackmailed by the united states and we will be ready to talk once the exceptions to the duties and the customs have been sort of made
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permanent but other than that we will not be pushed against the wall and it seems that the french finance minister takes over the new role that the german finance minister used to have in the past telling people what's on. in sofia thank you. the richest none of the world just got a tiny bit rich jeff bezos the founder and biggest shareholder of online retailer amazon has seen another eight billion dollars out of its to his personal network overnight because shares an amazon have jumped by seven percent after the company announced first quarter profits more than doubled compared to last year analysts say a rise in online shopping and increased demand for the company's cloud services drove the numbers up but it's not all plain sailing there was all its comments amazon faces intensifying scrutiny from politicians and regulators who accuse it of having too much market power and that's all your business
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it's back to my eye with european football indeed these semifinals of the europa league kicked off on thursday it was a disappointing evening for arsenal the gunners battered madrid goal for a large parts of the game and finally took the lead in the sixty first minute but they'd be left to rue their missed chances as athletico equalized twenty one minutes later and now have the upper hand as they head into next week's return leg in the other semifinal marsay beats outspread to nil and looks set to reach their first european final since two thousand and four the kingdom of saudi arabia is working to change its image especially when it comes to the rights and social status of women new licenses have been issued for women only gyms granting women the right to exercise. women working out to the gym and remarkable scene in many parts of the world but in
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saudi arabia a sort of social and cultural progression. these women weightlifters are taking advantage of new female only gyms the latest in a series of reforms in the conservative muslim kingdom. the sport is entice in many women like rehab to stay in shape and get fit though critics in the region claim weight lifting will cause women to lose their femininity. and you may have had and that they are people who are interested in sports who don't want to give the sitra usually pretty skeptical of weight lifting some of the old assumptions still exist but the general idea about women in weightlifting on the contrary is that it would help women get into better shape look good and improve their fitness i don't see any problem with this. behavior. for gym owner eman shallow the idea that weight lifting leads to a masculine appearance is baseless. but not for me and doesn't want some
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girls fear they might get bigger muscles like men but that's impossible if they don't use growth hormones. that well if they do normal resistance exercise if they eat proper healthy food they'll develop of his eat that they wouldn't get with any other sport. saudi women and they're allowed to attend football matches and will soon be permitted to drive as a nation seeks to change its international perception as a repressive state but for these women it's attitudes closer to home that are in real need of an overhaul. only when i first came back from the united states in twenty thirteen i was shocked to see people rejecting the idea that women practice weightlifting wave and drink protein shakes they assume that if they drink protein shakes their body would become like a man even my own family thought that change doesn't happen overnight but for these
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saudi arabian women it's a push in the right direction. and a reminder of the top stories we're following here for you the leaders of north and south korea have agreed on the aim of completely ridding think korean peninsula of nuclear weapons at an unprecedented summit at the two state common border kim jong un and moon jay in also said they'd seek a formal peace treaty more than sixty years after the korean war ended with a truce. you're watching news from berlin more coming up at the top of the hour thanks for turning and.
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more intrigue on international talk show for journalists discuss the topic of the week under the mantle of the money will not crawl both in washington this week for meetings with the president trying but everybody is also going to see the ball senor of the states the french and german leader all the junk pretended from france for more pleasant assurance. quadriga next on d w. a movie premier made for architecture fans. the story of one of the world's most famous art schools the bauhaus.
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a journey to its origin and its most important location. how much of our house remains in. our modern world. powerhouse spirit building the future. sixty minutes. every journey begins with the first step and every language but the first word bush can he. is in germany to learn german why not learn a simple online on your mobile and free form d w z e learning course nico speak german made easy. the dangerous battle for images five women. five exceptional stories. one calling more photography dramatic pictures from the frontlines capturing faithful moments in time and even risking death. she gave her life to other stories of people who ended
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up killing. women more photographers starting may third on g.w. . coming to you from the concert now for many years has been the key figure in european politics the european leaders some commentators have even told her the leader of the free world but there's a new contender for the leadership.


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