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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  April 27, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm CEST

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the. this is e w news live from berlin the leaders of the two koreas vowed to end their state of war and unprecedented some of the fields pledges to scrap the north's nuclear arsenal and bring the korean war to a formal and cool deeds follow words we'll have complete coverage also coming up. more summitry as german chancellor angela merkel prepares to meet u.s.
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president donald trump we'll look ahead to a meeting that promises to be brief but far from simple. also coming up fighting for justice in india as the trial resumes over the rape and killing of an eight year old girl the case has sparked outrage in india now the eighth man charged could face death if found guilty. a new beginning for saudi women we'll take a look at how attitudes to women's participation in sport and fitness are changing in the conservative kingdom. and. performing together again at last has announced they recorded two new songs and for it to work and a t.v. special.
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come to the show the leaders of north and south korea have pledged to formally end the state of war between the two countries sixty five years after the fighting ceased at a historic summit kim jong un and one day in vowed to sign a formal peace treaty by the end of this year and to work for a nuclear free korean peninsula leaders insisted they did not want to repeat the mistakes of the past. an extraordinary moment in poorly in history. after decades of hostilities and the threat of a nuclear confrontation a new era of peace is declared on the peninsula. moments before the leaders signed an historic declaration which aims to end the longstanding conflict keep points include replacing the armistice with an official peace treaty plans to denuclearize the korean peninsula
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the reunification of separated families and a follow up summit in the north this fall after the signing ceremony in the peace house south korea's president made the historical announcement. are you song and you're going to declare together that there will be no war on the korean peninsula and a new age of peace has begun. with his sister in attendance north korean leader kim jong un addressed the audience. standing face to face a heart warming the realize that north and south korea are not just neighbors that live separately but rather a family. we who live so close by are not enemies that must fight each other but more families share the same bloodline who must unite.
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it was a day rich with symbolism and surprises. this was the moment kim stepped over the border to the south in the demilitarized zone he's the first north korean leader to set foot in the south since one thousand nine hundred fifty three in a show of unity moon returned the favor by crossing briefly to the north with kim. after planting a peace treaty on the demarcation line moon and kim held private talks on this footbridge the same color as the unified korean flag used in sporting events. their spouses were introduced before the banquet where they dined on cold noodles a specialty from the north despite the groundbreaking meeting a history of failed peace attempts has some critics wary of the north's commitment
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. the next step a meeting between kim jong un and us president donald trump planned for may or june . i'm joined now in the studio behind us most of the who's the director of research at the graduate school of east asian studies here in berlin thank you so much for joining us in these seem like very significant developments in the grand scheme of things but are we just witnessing symbolic gestures here or is this actually a thawing of relations between the two koreas you have to let you write this was a very important meeting it was very successful judging from what they put down in writing today and publicized to the to the public and even the symbolism was very important important to shoulder korean people into to show the people of the world and at least to show donald trump we are sincerely interested in moving things ahead now we know that denuclearization is on the table and this is something the
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u.s. has been trying to get north korea to do for decades now why would the north give up what seems to be their biggest bargaining chip well that's very simple now since they now have their nuclear weapons in place to a certain extent develop so they have very self-assured we have the power to bog and even with the united states the next step for north korea is to develop economic wise they want to to prosper that's very important to them and that they can only do if they have good relations and corporations with the states with with china and for that they have to give up to then you know you mentioned donald trump this meeting between winter and kim jong un was billed as a warm up to this upcoming summit with trump and kim jong un has this turned out to be the main act now is it overshadowing this next summit i would say so i think we have to understand that this is the start the beginning hopefully the beginning of a peace process a very long time and peace process and this meeting today was to provide the
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necessary conditions to begin with the peace process and the successful summit with the united states will be this official can. mission to begin a peace process that will then hopefully unfold so definitely a first step in a long long road ahead it seems what role has the trump administration played here and there for we're looking forward what role could other countries like germany play well the trumpet ministration i think north korea was kind of and she was kind of afraid because they didn't know how to to do with trump they wouldn't know how he would act and that's maybe also what they stimulated what they would motivated them to to do to move. well the governments unfortunately the german government didn't play a big role in this development maybe could have played a bigger role but we know that the german position on this is rather quite diplomacy and they will probably be very helpful in the upcoming process hannah's
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mother from the east graduate school of east asian studies in berlin thank you very much for joining us u.s. president donald trump has welcomed the talks and several tweets he said quote after a furious year of missile launches and nuclear testing a historic meeting between north and south korea is now taking place good things are happening but only time will tell and korean war to end the united states and all of its great people should be very proud of what is now taking place in korea i'm joined now by deed of is washington bureau chief alexander phenomena in front of the white house alexandra does trump feel vindicated by his strategy of playing hardball does he is he assuming that it has worked. yes he does definitely he has repeatedly stressed that he's convinced that he's mexican pressure come pain was the reason for the north korean leader to announce
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a stop to all missile tests and shut down the nuclear test site and that it was the reason for what's we saw yesterday and today the announcement of the inter korean summit so president is convinced of that and we have to say that for him it is a major policy victory and just think of a watch we saw a couple of weeks and months ago with all this insults and threats going back and forth between the united states and north korea and from the american perspective the president. did get credit from happening during this entire career summits and he was very generous today on twitter also praising the chinese president for helping him. his goals now always thinking about north korea might demand something in return for agreeing to give up its nuclear ambitions and how far if so
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would trump be willing to go. well we have to say that despite all optimism and even. about what is going on on the korean peninsula we have to say that we are just at the beginning and a key sticking point in the north koreans are really willing to give up the chest and the existing nuclear weapons and status of course something that is very important florida american president and the us and we are just starting to see those negotiations going on so it's not clear rover the united states would be willing to give the north korean and north koreans anything in return at least according to the u.s. president to you as is so far no it's committed to any concessions thanks alexandra
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don't go away we'll be coming right back to you to talk about the german chancellor's visit to washington. will be meeting with u.s. president donald trump in d.c. a little later today for what are likely to be some tough talks arrived in the u.s. capitol late last night during this three hour meeting today the leaders are expected to discuss the iranian nuclear deal u.s. steel tariffs and the war in syria is the german chancellor second visit to washington sends trump took office. could moments during their first meeting at the white house that still sums up the lack of political chemistry between i'm going to machall donald trump. when traffic simply didn't react as merkel asked him to shake hands thank you. german chancellor angela merkel's reputation as the global leader who keeps the world strong men on the straight and narrow simply doesn't seem to apply to this u.s.
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president who insists on setting the pace and direction of global politics. observers say trump's erratic decision making challenges merkel's political style to confront even partners with very harsh positions to threaten and then to undo and sort of go back into a more cooperative mood and i would say he has kept european partners pretty much on their toes trump upstaged his nato allies by talking about money rather than values twenty three of the twenty eight member nations are still not paying what they should be paying and what they're supposed to be paying. for their defense. his willingness to challenge the core values that bind together what is known as the west soon led machall to a sobering conclusion. side. and then there are times in which we could rely fully on others are somewhat over. for by more than
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a year into the term presidency germany is still struggling to find common ground for corporation with trumps in a circle merkel second visit is laden with pressing issues. there are three important issues on the transatlantic agenda for this meeting one is definitely trade and the criticism of the transatlantic trade arrangement the second one is germany's contributions in military terms to nato and the third one is the iran nuclear deal. the president of the french republic at the end of his state visit in monrovia called directly criticize trump steelmaking and called on the u.s. congress to live up to europe's expectations the united states is the one who invented this new deal of dualism you are zero one now who has to to preserve and reinvent it. merkel won't have this kind of
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state for two and a half hour a visit set to focus on working down the list of problems mark or have to leave unresolved with berlin already resigned to the fact that a trade war is in the making expectations are low. let's cross again to washington d.c. and paul indeed abuse bureau chief alexander fun xander we just saw french president emmanuel across live in trump gave him a very warm welcome this week how will trump greet the chancellor today. whoa what we saw on twitter already. seems to be very polite very friendly he was saying on twitter that he is looking forward to meeting the german chancellor and a lot of discuss too little time and it will be great for both countries so quite friendly words from the american president however we have to say that the
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pomp are sad circumstances of that accompany and the state visit of mr mccrone not very likely to be seen today merkel's visit it's going to be rubber a somber third it's a working between the two leaders president respects the german chancellor. and we know the e.u. tax exemption on steel and aluminum is set to expire at the beginning of the month this is going to be a topic today america is now calling for an exemption is she just trying to win trump over. i mean it is a very important topic for germany for the whole europe of course but we have to say that what we are hearing from the german delegation and also from many european polluted that they do not expect that the president is going to grant the europeans
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this exemption permanent exemption from the tariffs so the expectations to this visit are rubber low however of course it will be very important for the german chancellor to talk about trade with the president because the tariffs could be just the beginning and that is something that the german government is really concerned about and another big issue that's going to be on the table is the iran nuclear deal we heard that across tried to convince donald trump to keep supporting it that he says he may have failed do we think uncle americal can still change almost arms mind. well from my perspective it is unlikely it really seems that the u.s. president is willing to scrap this deal he doubled down on this deal in the last days here in the white house saying that iran nuclear deal is terrible in saying
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ridiculous so at the moment it seems that he's tending to pull out of this deal however we don't know with this president he can change his mind and any time. alexander phenomenon in washington thank you very much. and the e.u. is currently enjoying an exemption from u.s. tariffs on steel and aluminum but that could all end of june could and may first my that's the big date and that is why trade issues are set to dominate the meeting between donald trump and angela merkel in washington today and here's a look at what is at stake for the german economy and in twenty seventeen german companies sold goods to the united states worth almost one hundred twelve billion euros mainly cars machinery and pharmaceutical products in the opposite direction the u.s. sold about sixty one billion euros in goods to germany mainly computer technology pharmaceutical products and also vehicles and that created
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a trade deficit over around fifty billion euros and that's going to be the bone of contention between angela merkel and to donald trump today but the lack of parity in trade will likely remain in the foreseeable future ironically it is actually partly driven by donald trump himself because of his recent tax reform in the united states people of war money to spend and to that money will at least in parts be spent on all those nice products made in germany so certainly a lot to discuss in washington today. sparks could very well be flying when german chancellor angela merkel meets with u.s. president donald trump on friday mescal wants to put a stop to u.s. tariffs on steel and aluminum coming from e.u. countries current exemptions for each use states expire on tuesday if the parties can't agree the european union has threatened to implement a list of chatter of sun u.s. products like motorcycles and whiskey
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a spiral of sanctions would hurt the german economy but the u.s. wouldn't get away unscathed either at the end of the day we are all worse off they are only wizards and the only question is who is losing more and who is losing less he says there's a lot at stake for both sides and donald trump is demanding concessions for example trump wants fairness when it comes to importing export in cars he feels there are comparatively fewer american cars on german streets than the other way around in trump's opinion the disparity is due to the high tariffs that germany imposes on american vehicles higher than in the other direction but according to some german economists trumps argument doesn't hold water. it's a question of off off off quality. and off we. can still mostly monts. so that means. speak with. the
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fall off some u.s. car produces in order to meet its own requirements another point of contention is the u.s. sanctions against russia which also affect european companies it's just another area in which the two leaders could be locking horns. and let's remember may the first is just around the corner a lot could depend on today's talks in washington for more on that let's cross over to unadvised behalf and entre correspondent in frankfurt how are investors handling this uncertainty. well it's actually quite calm here still on the market side the dax for the last days was actually higher and higher so i think that like the calm before the storm most likely because investors clearly don't like the prospect of tariffs levied on various productive because that could trigger a sparrow in terms of counter measures also from the the side of the europeans
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and that could of course dampen burt economic growth world trade and that is something which is not going down very well with investors now regardless how this these talks end two days since donald trump into the white house uncertainty if you like is part and parcel of every day global business other any greater implications we should worry about. well actually it is quite surprising how calm that word still is if how wallet from treating for example is if you look on twitter what he's saying there i think nobody is extremely impressed if we are not talking about concrete measures because we have seen in the past that he cannot follow through logs because he needs to have congress he needs to have the house and he needs to have the senate so i guess still yes people are concerned
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about instability coming from the u.s. administration they are also kind of rationale and the world as we knew it the word which was dominated by multilateralism trade agreements that's clearly on hold for now at least until donald trump is the president of the united states ok well the next election is still a while off there are no devised both in frankfurt thank you so much. finance ministers of the eurozone are meeting in bulgaria with greek debt high on the agenda again now some countries want to relieve greece of at least parts of its debts others insist on full pay back with germany being the most vocal greece's creditors agreeing to the country is on track to reach a final deal that would allow greece to fully exit its international bailout in august but the work remains to be done and that inspectors will revisit athens in june for a final review. and for more on that
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let's cross over to our correspondent bob dole who is at the eurozone finance ministers meeting in sofia for us what's the latest. we've seen something quite unusual here. from when european finance ministers a euro group finance ministers are talking about greece there was a lot of you know men unanimity usually there was a lot of fighting and struggling but now they really say we're sort of ninety percent of the way now we want to see this through basically we could say that the euro group finance has won the greek problem off the table for more than eight years they've seen crises and dramas and shouting behind closed doors and now all this is supposed to end on august twenty years and they want to smooth the way so they really seem to be of one mind to say we want to sort of make them go out we
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want to make them leave in an orderly manner they will be free however of course there will be conditions for the time afterwards greece has seen an astonishing it konami recoveries throughout the last two years there is some grows that there's also a budget surplus now the conditions are good greece is supposed to stay on the route reform process they need to be there needs to be further or continued austerity in a certain way however we will help them there will be an exit payment and so the ministers were really largely of one mind and the problem now is mainly they are waiting for bullen because all of shorts the new finance ministers came here and he brought nothing he had nothing to put on the table and of course the contentious issue still is debt relief how is that going to be structured what is going to be to look like and so there will have to be field talks about that. i mean you mentioned there already one sort of speciality there because we're used to the fact
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the germany is taking the lead to also in and particularly when it comes to the eurozone finance ministers meeting and there is a shift now i also understand that the issue of. import tariffs was or still is maybe a talking point in sofia. it's a talking point of course it's on the sidelines because it's not at the center of finance ministers business however course everybody thinks about it and we have seen again this is a remarkable picture that we see from the government my problem that they really push that they really take each and every initiative so bruno lemaire the french finance minister came up here and he said ok i do joe the european line we will not negotiate was our with a pistol to our head so the terrorists need to go off the table the exemption needs to be made permanent however afterwards and that is the use that we offer
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the american president to talk about the whole w t o about the whole international trade system there in consistencies there are problems it has shortcomings and we can put it all in the table and talk about it so he is really reaching out to trump was a rather far reaching offer and that is something that is really unusual i mean that we have not seen and used before where the roles were reversed and the germans were in the lead but as you said now have different times and different play also talk at the meetings after euro group finance minister is it different times a different play is there for us in sofia thank you so much. and i'll be back with more business stories later first back to my live in we're going to move on to some other stories making news around the world armenia's opposition leader has threatened to boycott any snap election if he's not made interim prime minister
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next week he called posh and young says he is the only viable candidate to lead the country even though his protest movement only holds a fraction of the seats in parliament anti-government demonstrations forced the resignation of the prime minister on monday triggering a political crisis. u.s. actor bill cosby has been found guilty of drugging and sexually assaulting a woman in two thousand and four prosecutors argued that the former entertainer had a predatory secret to life during the trial five other women testified that the comedian had assaulted them in the past caused he said he will appeal the verdict. britain's prince william and his wife kate have named their newborn son louis arthur charles his royal highness prince louis of cambridge as you will be known was born on monday morning is the couple's third child and fifth in line to the british throne. you're watching news still to come they want justice
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for their daughter a mother and father speak out over the rape and murder of their eight year old. cokie still to come to. violence but. this is i think i will feel like needs to be given a chance. to be given a chance to sort of see it start to a stage founded seventy years ago this is still struggling to screamy pants poppy still torn between each street in the forty five minutes on. the dangerous battle for images five women. five exceptional stories. one calling more photography dramatic pictures from the frontlines capturing
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fateful moments in time and even risking death. she gave her life to tell the stories of people who ended up killing. women more photographers starting may third on t.w. . cole the germans came together in one nation from the minute to chancellor also from bismarck to. the history of the germans has been shaped by great rulers. i sware own ways to bring my royal palaces and to protect christendom and suppress divine truth look i'm going to kill the enemy in time. and steer by creatures decisions showed your master receive crown of the realm is from god hamas. took. we must
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piece. the german story may thirteenth call g w. a z w news live from berlin i'm biased later our top stories the leaders of north and south korea have agreed to a formal peace treaty more than sixty years after the korean war ended in a truce they've also reaffirmed that they will work to rid the korean peninsula of nuclear weapons. germany was one of a number of countries to welcome the historic summit the foreign ministry in berlin said it hoped north korea would stick to its pledge as. its new photo but it's not cool to fundamentally we hop a that north korea has finally accepted south korea's stretched hand. not just literally but also hopefully figuratively and we welcome the step of rapprochement
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of serious efforts by the south korean side indisputable we hope that north korea will not enter this dialogue with the same kind of seriousness. for more on korea let's go to our colleague monica jones i understand the business world is also looking at this summit was some sort of wide and wide eyes you can imagine my i mean the meeting between the leaders of the two koreas has investors in the region dreaming about better business opportunity is there all hopes that a thaw in a political relations could also improve economic ties significantly one issue though that doesn't appear to have been addressed yet is the fate of the case song joint industrial zone between the two koreas which has been shopped since two thousand and sixteen zero for more on the impact of that meeting let's cross over now to our financial correspondent linda hong in singapore linda the markets look like that cheering on the historic meeting are they right well i'm monica
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that's right i mean the career warneke she jumped about zero point four percent after the conclusion of the talks and also we've seen the cosby index and the high at zero point six percent today but there's a bit of caution from people experts in the sense that you feel remain not be able to last for quite a while because of the fact that the south korean central bank target create actually fell below the fed for the first time in the year and so traders actually on high alert for further signs that rising treasury yields in the u.s. and the street think dollar leading to perhaps a foreign like within the korean equities monica are going back to this meeting so people seem to have high hopes on the outcome of it what impact would better relations have on both economies there. well there are a largo benefits to it first of all north korea has a population of about twenty over a million and there's actually
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a very big market for south korea and also at the top clint when they talk conclude that prison when actually said that they going to build a real wind that's actually going to come in the way of project finance and money is going to flow into north korea as well as that we're actually stimulate both economies want to cut our linda twenty seconds the impact on business with the rest of the world something to look forward to. well monica you know a. lot of the curity with all these peace talks going on as well as the new coalition from the north korea with that she seemed tensions rising last year when north korea actually fired an intercontinental ballistic make so so with that we could actually see more peace and that means most of the people invest this money indeed the hong from singapore thank you so much and staying in the region with the chinese government's plans to ease restrictions on foreign business ownership in china all to make this up or is to take advantage of the massive chinese market so
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happy faces among foreign automakers of the beijing motor show let's check it out. audi unveiled a stretched version of its luxury q five s.u.v. a big hit with the affluent middle class it's fun to drive and offers a good ten centimeters more leg room in the back seat china's been a billion dollar market for audi for many years now though it has to share happen earnings with chinese investment partner have a w. yeah we are good partners here with joint venture structures thirty years. i think it is very important with the size we have you know our business that you really have good local partners and we aim for that many foreign carmakers see the opening up of the market as a publicity stunt. and joint venture contracts with state owned companies are long term something german manufacturers have had to deal with for years now. you have
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a global footprint was a strong presence in china in you and in the u.s. of course we appreciate free trade having said this is thanks to our production strategy we have that we flexible to adjust you know an example porsche whose cars are all made in germany faces high import duties in china ranging from twenty five to one hundred percent depending on vehicle type in class but the government says it will also be easing back here as well import tariffs on cars could gradually become a thing of the past. we watch what will happen in the market. a few weeks ago i was also good about the situation in the us and i told we will watch and wait what will happen and we do the same in china on. the announcements of better trade facilitation is a first step but that's all it is because beijing still decides who can do business
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in china and who can't. lie very tricky transition sexual harassment is that in any case but when it impacts kids as we know about this is very bad monica and indeed in india an explosive trial is set to resume over the gang rape and murder of an eight year old muslim girl eight hindu men are accused of the crime committed in india. customary state and i'll face harsher harsher punishments including the death penalty which were approved last week by the government following nationwide protests it's a case that sparked global outrage sent shock waves through indian politics and inflamed religious tensions in a volatile region at the center parents who seek justice after losing their daughter to her if a crime. during a warmer season as if parents come to the high hills of kashmir. as nomads they leave their winter quarters in the valley and come to higher altitudes. three
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months since reserve begum lost her daughter she's still struggling to come to terms with what happened. there that will be you but i think about us as the loss but she was so cheerful i'm pretty humid there was a golden shimmer in her hair. people used to say she looked like a princess i mean how could someone kill her. and so brutally working on a day to get a good that cynical day. it's a question to torment her parents. they know that us if i was tortured and repeatedly raped before she was killed. while her father is convinced this was part of a sinister plan. that the hindus down in the valley want to get rid of that's why they killed my daughter. they want to prevent us from returning next winter.
4:38 pm
most of. the queues to have gone on trial but the court is in the valley several hours away by car as if us parents don't have enough money to go there and that's it i'm told there is that i want justice i want to see the corpses of the murderers even if they should suffer the same way my daughter did gave to them. the last time us if i was seen alive she'd been looking after the family's horses a week later she was found in a forest it was evident she'd been raped and strangled to death. body was found not far from this hindu temple where police found strands of the girl's hair the temple custodian was arrested along with seven other suspects police believe religious extremism may have been a motive for the crime. since the arrest the custodian youngest daughter has taken over his duties. she doesn't believe any of the accusations against her father.
4:39 pm
there's no way that could have happened just take a look around. you can hide a girl here and certainly not for days at a time my father is innocent. but the evidence is overwhelming in fact one of the suspects the custodian snuff you has already confessed he said his uncle had planned the crime for months in a bid to drive muslims out. hindu nationalists say this is a lie some have gone on a hunger strike to force the trial to be moved elsewhere to what they say would be a less biased court. year ballboy by anyone i think this is all a conspiracy cooked up by people who want to bring shame on my father.
4:40 pm
most kashmiris are muslim but in the city of kut where the crime took place hindus are in the majority. it was always peaceful here it's simply not true that we want to drive all muslims out. that's a lie from radical muslim as you want to stir up on the rest. you don't tell anybody what it is you're going to have. the case of us if us rape and murder has attracted international attention demonstrators in london delhi and mumbai accused the hindu nationalist government of trying to turn hindus against muslims we are supporting that. the government has responded by calling for the death penalty for the rape of a minor. but the lawyer acting for the victim's family says this is a diversionary tactic. to something called a sleep. i told you people are there and the mentalist out there going to force is
4:41 pm
a. kind of divide how is it possible so that you don't have good although you know people. you're not in my going to do you not me but i do have control over what you don't believe you know one of them told insult them good as i meant everyone. not that i'm a very better go but. for us the first relatives and friends this case is not only about justice but survival they fear they could be the next target of hindu nationalist. ever since his death i'm afraid to go into the fields alone. i used to cough to the horses just like before she disappeared i couldn't do it any more all right. the muslim nomads of kashmir are wary of spending next winter in the lower
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altitudes after what happened to us and the fear returning to the valley back to people who hate them just because of their religion. and sports now there are some exciting bundesliga action to look forward to this weekend byron munich will be hoping to bounce back from their defeat to real madrid in the champions league during the week the champions host frankfurt at the allianz arena munich haven't dropped a point to icebox at home in over a decade all eyes will be on frankfurt coach nico kovacs who will take over at the helm of by over the summer the visitors are in desperate need of picking up points if they hope to play in europe next season. and for more on buy and action packed final weeks of the season and the rest of the story lines a common master thirty two pablo foley on the ass from sports desk is joining me here in the studio so pablo with so much of bias focus on the big game in madrid next week could frankfurt be the team that ends up defeating them well it's
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certainly been a bit of a sad week we'll say for bar munich of course using at home to around madrid is not something that any big team wants. happening to them and also most notably there are some injuries which in they picked up in that match most notably drum boateng who's going to miss the rest of the season for munich are you and robin as well picked up an injury he'll probably be back soon enough but he'll probably sit out this weekend's clash with the thing about it is if we look at the stats for and truck frankfurt against byron munich in munich they're not good like you just said there they haven't actually picked up a point in years and in fact they haven't even won a game in in unique in almost since the year two thousand so mean this is if they do win it will be a bit of a shock and like you also mentioned there and there's going to be a lot of attention on the cocoa votes of course he is the frankfurt coach at the moment but he will be taking over. his role that's the coach there at baarn munich and we should really hear from him and hear what he has to say at this match. of
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the game in munich this weekend with him what's important about that is i'm trying to do if you will when you are still together for another four weeks and we have a job to the movement the only thing about buying beautiful matters to me right now how we can beat them to come away with a point. we couldn't come to an. so the relegation fight is looking rather spicy this coming weekend and it also may come with history being made with the breakdown there well everyone is going to be looking at homburg of course. if they lose ok and freiburg also when the bundesliga dinosaurs and i were the dinosaurs because they've actually never been really relegated from the bundesliga even though they've come very close in the past few years that's for sure and they could end up being relegated for the first time in the club's history now they've had an absolutely appalling season they've the worst away record in the league this season they haven't won in fourteen trips away they've also scored the fewest number of goals as well and they're going to be facing involves bird who are another team who
4:45 pm
are also potentially well they're in that race there to avoid the drop so it's going to be a pretty watering weekend of relegation battle because i mean that's really where all the attention i was lying on the relegation fight and speaking of close being relegated colognes trip to the second division is turning into a love in what's going on there well cologne of course if they manage to stay up this season because i mean people have been written off months ago that they were going to be relegated but of course they had somewhat of a reserve. but they are facing a. team who had a bit of a poor run of form of late and anything other than a victory for them is basically i mean it's going to be a miracle if they stay up this season my a. lot of focus on what's going to happen there and it will be interesting to see if they do manage to pick up some points but there's only a few games left for a little the end of the season i think it's practically decided among those bottom
4:46 pm
teams not really going to be a nail biter there. from our sports desk thank you so much. the kingdom of saudi arabia is working to change its image especially when it comes to the rights and social status of women new licenses have been issued for women only gyms granting women the right to work out. women working out in a gym an unremarkable scene in many parts of the world but in saudi arabia a sign of social and cultural progression. these women weightlifters are taking advantage of new female only gyms the latest in a series of reforms in the conservative muslim kingdom. sports is entice in many women like rehab to stay in shape and get fit though critics in the region claim weight lifting will cause women to lose their femininity. and you might have found that the all the people who are interested in sports who don't
4:47 pm
want to give this a try a usually pretty skeptical of weight lifting some of the old assumptions still exist but the general idea about women in weightlifting on the contrary is that it would help women get into better shape look good and improve their fitness i don't see any problem with this. much. for gym owner eman shell out the idea that weight lifting leads to a masculine appearance is baseless. but not for me it was in what some girls fear they might get bigger muscles like men but that's impossible if they don't use growth hormones well you know what if they do normal resistance exercise if they eat proper healthy food they'll develop of his eat that they wouldn't get with any other sports. so the women and they're allowed to attend football matches and will soon be permitted to drive as the nation seeks to change its international perception as
4:48 pm
a repressive state but for these women it's attitudes closer to home that are in real need of an overhaul. when i first came back from the united states in twenty thirteen i was shocked to see people rejecting the idea that women practice weight lifting wavin drink protein shakes they assume that if they drink protein shakes their body would become like a man even my own family thought. change doesn't happen overnight but for the saudi arabian women it's a push in the right direction. and i have announced that they have recorded two new songs the first new material to come from the swedish pop group and thirty five years.
4:49 pm
from our culture here to discuss this surprise announcement well this is big news and rather unexpected fans of the group must be thrilled and oh big time i mean i think it is exciting i think it is super trouper. so what we know so far about this is that it will be releasing not one but two new tracks later this year and they announced it earlier today on instagram but they almost treat it like an afterthought how so well they had announced an avatar tour back in october twenty sixth seen so you have to imagine it's like a virtual experience of swedish pop this is happening in twenty nine hundred twenty twenty right about that time but they said they felt the it's to record new tracks on the back of that here's what they said earlier on instagram we all four felt that after some thirty five years it could just be fun to join forces again and go into the recording studio and so we did and so they did so let's take a look back at some of their milestones.
4:50 pm
in nine hundred seventy four waterloo catapulted the swedish group to international fame almost overnight. studio albums and around thirty smash hits followed benny andersson the only obvious wrote most of them together in the studio to stockholm. it was. something that we wanted to make the record. we spend a lot of time making them sound great as we thought great. did not use them to choose becky anderson and his girlfriend and the fridge being stirred teamed up with fiona in vegas and his partner need her school to form.
4:51 pm
the. two relationships broke up. and cease to exist in one thousand nine hundred eighty two. always dreamed of or union and hopes were reignited when in twenty sixteen the four members appeared on stage and sang at an invitation only event. now that they have reunited in the studio the big question is whether they will also perform together a lot of. great stuff there i mean people were seeing and dancing here in the newsroom earlier today aren't you excited. i think it's also super trouper. like i'm afraid we're
4:52 pm
going to have to wait a little while until we actually get to enjoy this new work before we can thank them for the music. because there's going to be a t.v. special which is coordinated by the b.b.c. and n.b.c. in the us where they will be presenting this new material in december using those avatar selves that i mentioned earlier on whether we will get to see bjorn binion unafraid live on stage again that is yet to be seen i hope so mamma mia it's a miracle they're coming. all right there john sanderson from our culture desk thank you so much for that thrilling. and a reminder of the top stories we're following here for you the leaders of a north and south korea have agreed to seek a formal peace treaty more than sixty years after the korean war ended in a truce they've also reaffirmed that they will work to rid the korean peninsula of
4:53 pm
its nuclear weapons. german chancellor angela merkel is due to hold talks with u.s. president donald trump shortly the iranian nuclear deal u.s. steel and aluminum tariffs and the war in syria are all the top of the agenda. don't forget you can always get news on the go with our app to get access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications on your phone for any breaking news and you can also use the do you have you have to send us your photos and videos just download it from google play or from the apple store. and now we're going to hear some more from.
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this is deja vu news live from berlin thank you so much for watching on my ass
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waiter we'll have more news for you coming up at the top of the hour don't forget you can always check out our website e.w. dot com for all the latest news and information summary of our headlines for you the leaders of north and south korea vow to end their war on an unprecedented summit to false leaders have said they'll seek a formal peace treaty thank you for watching t w nearest. to. the system.
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the be. going to. move. move. move move. move move move.
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move. move. move move move move. move. move the key still to come to champion. violence. dealers this is hiding foundation it needs to be given a child's because it seems to be given a chance to sort of see to it start a stage founded seventy years ago this is still instructing misdemeanor. hockey stick torn between each street it's just a small detail. hijacking the news. more are going wrong news is being hijacked journalism itself has become a scripted reality show it's not just good vs evil us vs white
4:58 pm
and one. in countries like russia china churchy people or child lives or something and if you're a journalist and you try to get beyond this new. facing scare tactics intimidation . and i wonder is that where work has it is well. my responsibility as a journalist is to get beyond the smoke and mirrors it's not just about being premier for balance or being neutral it's about being truthful. when he was born golf and i were giving the. client dortmund's shell to leipzig the biggest favor it seems sleep all the best goals we've got all the action the double is the home of german football shared experience every match if the fund is legal to bring weekend here on w.
4:59 pm
. the loss of her. pop star. adored and despised. karl marx icon of communism. good. luck a man of revolution and construct a man whose ideas change the moral code also divided into. how militant is he today. and what influence does he have on politics and general culture. on his two hundredth birthday karl marx kurtz twenty one special and the documentary marx and his fears commenting double.
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this is newsnight from the leaders of north and south korea agreed to an unprecedented summit. in the korean. peninsula of nuclear. options followed with bring you complete coverage also on the program. for some a tree in washington history on the chance of i'm going back to meet u.s. president donald trump for a look ahead to a meeting the promises. from simple.


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