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tv   Doc Film - Shanghai - Life in the Megacity  Deutsche Welle  April 28, 2018 4:30am-5:01am CEST

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yes with. your design highlights you can rate yourself. on stoops and tricks that will turn your home to something special. upgrade yourself with d w z interior design channel on youtube. this city is a pulsating symbol of china's rise to a superpower on the world stage. self-confident elegant and constantly expanding in shanghai with its twenty four million inhabitants the world moves faster.
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at the start of the day these workers line up in disciplined rows. how are you the foreman asks well very well i'm very very well by all reply. china's insatiable online shoppers are waiting ligi delivers parcels it's a tough job with lots of companies competing for a piece of the country's e-commerce business. ligi is also doing his bit to ensure that online purchases in china often arrive twenty four hours after they were ordered. with the battles precariously balanced behind them ligi and his colleagues swarm out across the city like an army of ants on the go from the early morning to
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late at night. e.g. moved to shanghai from rural china the district in which he works is dotted with expensive condominiums and high rise office blocks. he can still clearly remember his first day at work am. i was totally stressed out never seen anything like it before coming to shanghai i hadn't seen an awful lot of the world i was curious but also very nervous. tracking down customers is still tricky over here where you think of a side. shanghai residents like to get things delivered to their workplaces they tend to spend more time there than at home least il has to deliver over one hundred passes today. this is one of the city's old quarters streets like these are becoming increasingly rare.
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this is a theater from the nine hundred thirty s. today it's back in fashion thanks to its special program. the performers here are exclusively female young and pretty women like di monk her admirers are already waiting for her when she arrives and yet her career is only just starting. fans also follow her day to day activities on social media. today she's taking part in rehearsals with a choreographer the young women perform their singing and dancing routines several times a week their adoring audience is mainly male. a chinese radio station is waiting for an interview it's all go for the twenty four
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year old di monk was born in shanghai and started lore here she also finds life in a mega city extremely fast paced but wouldn't want to live anywhere else. shanghai is trendy in modern. although the word modern isn't really quite right so much of the shanghai is magical there are the skyscrapers as well as the little streets and alleyways it is magical when these two elements come together. and people from different cultures and from different regions live here but even there . the young women are known as idols in china and for many they are indeed idols that. anyone who buys a cd is invited to join them for small talk the women are their own advertising once a year the big fan base gets to pick their favorites. whoever is chosen among the
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top sixteen is rewarded with a role in commercials or a t.v. show or even a film part. which child doesn't dream of becoming a star i learn to perform on stage and i'm really looking forward to it. safely. at least she has one fan by her side it's just a few hours to go before the show. this is a city of dreams and owning an apartment is often at the top of the list of people's wishes but beyond the reach of many. it's now normal to pay a million euros for an eighty square metre apartment in central shanghai. it's a big day for joyce and bob and bobby jr in particular. it may be sunday and bobby's birthday but his new kindergarten wants to get the tot accustomed to daycare. his parents have chosen a private kindergarten based in
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a shopping mall there was another one closer to their apartments but they weren't able to pay the one thousand three hundred euros monthly faith. that this one is slightly less expensive bobby gets a warm welcome his father is pleased that his son likes it here. the two year old will be introduced to reading arithmetic and english. we want him to read something because learning is fun right. and obvious kind of like learning english so we have different apps in the i phone and i pad so we can learn faster and there we also have our sound. like you know. from for us or for u.k.
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show because a lot he joins us a lot. their home is in a prime location five people share a three room apartment joyce is an office worker bob is the manager of a solar energy firm and travels extensively often. to africa shanghai's property prices have shot up by over one third in the past year even higher earners find it hard to keep pace. we need to get loans from banks we need to work hard. that's why i have to spend most of my working days. traveling abroad. i asked my parents to. share with us so we do it together. they are already busy preparing lunch bob's parents needed a while to adjust but now they feel at home in the megacity there's not much time for family life open joyce only have five days paid leave
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a year so it's all hands on board today joyce his mother is also helping out bobby is the little prince of the family now that china's one child policy has ended up and joyce can decide whether their son will have a brother or sister. who . shanghai is also expanding underground every day more than ten million passengers travel through the subway tunnels beneath the city of volume only surpassed by tokyo. thirty thousand close circuit cameras monitor the traffic. this is the control center the city and its subterranean transport infrastructure a growing at the same pace. the first line went into operation in one thousand nine
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hundred ninety three now the city has the world's most extensive subway network and another two hundred kilometers of track or more are due to come into operation over the next three years. waiting times are short trains are punctual and it's cheap costing the equivalent of forty cents for a short journey. delivery man ligi has arrived at a residential address in the city. for the thirty five year old apartments like these are an affordable depending on the number of parcels he delivers he earns about eight hundred to one thousand euros a month he also gets a rent subsidy and has no problem putting food on the table. he can provide better for his family than when he worked in a factory in his home province. this is a nice customer who thanks him for the parcel.
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there. were there you i also have difficult customers i have a very patient and they explain everything with a smile. ligi is one of several million chinese workers who are allowed to live and work in shanghai but have to remain registered in their home region that puts him at a disadvantage in terms of assessing public services like schooling his sixteen year old son lives with his grandparents in the provinces it's a high price for the dream of a better life they rarely get to see each other ligi is hoping that his son can study in shanghai after he leaves school but he needs good grades. shanghai attracts people with talent david lee returned from the united states
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eight years ago. like many chinese with international contacts he has adopted a western first name his real name is lee eve fun. he runs a successful start up with two friends. the thirty one year old is a car fan. and he is working on the future of self driving cars he studied at elite universities in the u.s. launched a career in silicon valley but moved to shanghai nonetheless people came to california to pursue the best the technology and they are they're fascinated by what technology could do to people but in china we're all different we're also more interested in the market we want to be able to apply adult technologies to the mass market is the david lee is developing laser technology designed to make driverless
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car safer for the numerous tests are required to ensure passengers a safe when computers take over the controls or many startups here operate at world class level and the chinese are very receptive to new technologies. china is very keen for homegrown businesses to become global players in future technology is providing one hundred billion euros worth of grants many local governments also offer startups free premises. there are well trained well motivated employees in shanghai and wages are a lot lower than in silicon valley. in start ups it's normal to work twelve hours a day six days a week then it will hire it all the way for you that you probably had only heard about and you didn't david lee says china's leaders are open to trying out new technologies and have created the right business environment he says other
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countries are often too cautious china has such popular huge population a great engineering school with good companies that have raided our generations of talent and also a lot of talent people like us we worry that the u.s. or europe and then we came back to china to look for bigger opportunities so now china is very different from twenty years ago a lot of people come to china because they believe this is the next big deal that is about to happen we and this is already pretty big the thirty two kilometer long sea bridge leads to shanghai's deep water port.
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and it's leon binns job to make sure that everything goes according to shan jong shanghai and its big industrial hinterland keep operations here running at full steam there's no sign here of any crisis of globalization. the shift supervisor has worked here since the op. port opened in two thousand and five. but first most things here had to be operated manually now days automation is increasingly standard shanghai has been the world's busiest container port for years now. leon ben is the go to guy when something isn't working properly or swift decisions are required. here for. the forty four year old can oversee everything from the control room he used to be a soldier a job in a state enterprise like the port authority promised security and he'd already dreamed of living in shanghai when he was a schoolboy. sixteen containerships kentucky
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a simple taney asli including some of the biggest in the world. there was. soon which for me the best part of the day is when i head home and i know that my working day has passed off smoothly and successfully push on the utility that it was. but until he goes home there are still a fair few containers to be shifted. it's lunch time and bob enjoys his downtown apartment three adults are trying to coax bobby to the table. the i pad doesn't work so he gets to watch some more t.v. but grandma. carbons wife grew up in the era of china's one child policy and would definitely like to have a second child soon themselves. when
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we were very little with phil and with children only no one can and play with that when they grow up if they are there to our show that we had for all the people into it. so we don't want so the same scenario happen to our child. for a bigger family you need a bigger apartment an additional expense and the reason why many couples decide not to have a second child. big cities like shutting out beijing are saying it will be a big burden to have more than one. and the same level of education and leaving. and. in china you're really why the parents who have to buy a apartment for him to get married so that would be
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a huge amount of money right. for the family could live abroad but bob and his wife love shanghai with all it's a right and opportunities. and they're optimistic about the future and the strength of china's economy they dream of owning a house with a floor each for every generation where everyone could help one another. the americans british and french have all left their mark on the city until the one nine hundred forty s. they lived in their own self-governing concessions. apart from the special administrative region of hong kong shanghai is china's most international city. is hoping to discover a coloring jam at this french restaurant. she is
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a well known food critic who writes restaurants and food reviews produces cooking videos and enjoys the gastronomically pleasures of shanghai. the chef here trained under the renowned french chef paul bocuse that. many chefs here know and respect her judgment she's allowed to take a look behind the scenes where she likes watch the seeds of waqar pie. and. stefan the chef tells her to cut it slowly and then to smile it's a romantic he says to eat it in small morsels that way she can enjoy all the flavors it wants. his enthusiasm is infectious and he's managed to convince tata.
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she also visits other cities in china and abroad but in her opinion shanghai outstrips the whole. time that it has a chinese cosmopolitan it has so much to offer to take young men trendy people he would want to try out new and unusual things. for fast paced city with the fashion conscious lifestyle that sets shanghai apart from other cities to access to. the next appointment is with a top belgian chef. this tower by the river might seem relatively in conspicuous but it's the office of one of shanghai's most powerful men engine is president of the shanghai international polish group and a high ranking member of the communist party he grew up in the city and he's you things look very different here. i
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think shanghai's development is pretty remarkable in the forty years since the opening of china and the reforms the city has changed every single day here. over there is the financial district that when i was young it was just the empty banks of the river jump. the engine travels a lot with his job. and the state enterprise has also invested overseas in the israeli port of haifa for example and further investments of this kind of plant china's new silk road is intended to expand the country's trading network and increase its influence or brought about engine says this is. no cause for concern. it's also sort of new concord your marital road is of central importance for the development of our port. i thought of the trade between china and countries along
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the maritime silk road is expanding. this way we can also promote economic development in these countries and i think this is a huge opportunity that we face a hardship. some one hundred kilometers away as the crow flies from that top managers office workers that the deep sea ports are coming to the end of their shift. from here it will take legal and been another ninety minutes to get home to his ten year old son in the evening the shift supervisor can finally relax he says one day he would like to visit germany. carbolic uncle august hamburgers one of the biggest high volume contain the ports every port is different with different environmental conditions that each one differs in how it operates and that interests me and i'm
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sure i could learn something like you know what it's called up and you. just saw the woman. that. the people of shanghai have a reputation for being inquisitive and outward looking welcoming to international visitors. when the sun goes down shanghai begins to light up. at the idols theatre the audience is enthusiastic the first troupe is already on
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stage. the concept was actually developed in japan. the idea is that the fan should feel closer to these women than to big movie stars for example. diamine is getting ready for her appearance she lives with her parents i don't interfere and just wanted to be happy man would like to buy her own apartment and be independent that's important to her she looks forward to the performances. seeing it makes me happy i'm a normal person but so many people like me support me and cheer me on it's really touching and i want to work harder and get the very best out of myself. then it's time for her to dogs. to our eyes it's all pretty tame botting
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conservative china the performances are seen as very seductive. they. may. be. over three million fans vote for their idols at the end of the season three hundred women from theaters in shanghai beijing and gwangju a competing for the top rankings. di mom is already popular and is in with a good chance she hopes that the performances here will be a springboard to a career in show business. by now the city's restaurants are really buzzing on shanghai's rest taking riverside prominent guests arriving for a special evening. a belgian chef has been flown in for two days the set menu costs
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the equivalent of one hundred thirty euros. tartar has been invited here together with other food critics as part of an exclusive advertising campaign. but she also likes to visit simple restaurants. this one is vegetarian and time to find what she's looking for interesting combinations and surprising new tastes. try to don't have to lead to tarion food is popular particularly among the middle classes but it's only a small group i think however that more and more people will come to like it it's also a lifestyle a new style and it's healthy the whole you have a joke on. the chef faces high expectations the guests are discerning and the competition stiff. special today might be forgotten tomorrow in
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shanghai. a city in which the world moves faster. globular. the but.
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