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tv   The Bundesliga - Your Team your League your Show.  Deutsche Welle  April 29, 2018 2:15am-2:31am CEST

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and. finally a masterpiece of art that was once considered obscene reclining nude i had a oh model jani it set a world record for a three sale estimate an auction so these off your house expects it to sell for one hundred fifty million dollars in new york. but it might fetch even more and that's your news from berlin we'll have more news coming up at the top of the hour after a short break we've got the bundesliga of kabul for you elliot's the whole. point. i. am not proud of and they will not succeed in dividing us out not succeed in taking the people off the streets because we're tired of these things are shipping. taking the stand global news that matters d w made from minds. a news on
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a school newspaper she gets little amounts of. us goals a so-called change to suck up to these kinds of worst side by. people who put big dreams on the big screen. in movie magazine on the demi. coffin i'm kate tools much take thirty two on friday with a three one victory over hanover but the most exciting bundesliga action was right here at the shop. in freiburg on saturday which witnessed one of the most intense relegation battles of the campaign. cologne traveled to the southern city hoping
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for a miracle could they get the points they needed to stay full of relegation for another week against a frybread side also battling to avoid the draw. time humber were virtually assured relegation just two weeks ago but a full back again and again they spring another surprise against fellow strugglers votes and move one step closer to survival. welcome to the bone this league. cologne season started all with promise there were some highlights for the billy goats including their win against arsenal in the europa league but in the in this league up their form has been appalling from the get go with the club spending months i incurred at the bottom of the table the relegation appeared inevitable despite a modest reserve after the mid-season break but cologne kept fighting with the team showing plenty of spares in their match against fellow strugglers freiburg only
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a win could postpone their sixth drop to the second division and two was on the cards in the black forest stadium. this classic six point game got moving fast freiburg smike fronts with the cross to newspapers and who opened the scoring in the fourteenth minute t.-mo hoeing with no chance. and patterson threatened again marco herger resorting to a foul to stop him penalty but christian go into couldn't. convert one near half time soon after the restart cologne suffered another blow peterson once again fribourg mr reliable reason past many kinds to hit the charts to nail peterson has scored seven or freiburg last eight goals colognes attack looks toothless until the eighty second minute that is that's when jorge met a. court who volleyed in to make it to one and out of nowhere the billy goats
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were back in the game. bitten cortez scored in three straight games and he wasn't done yet. to all as he headed in the cross from marcel resize. it was now anyone's game and less than a minute later fribourg created a crazy double chance first team on tonight geonic cabrera before dominic moto stops look at her there's a rebound on the line that wasn't the last word from fribourg however robin cox header landed at the feet of her i blew netted his first one just league goal i three two the final score i don't import and win for fribourg and the sixth time cologne have been relegated from the bundesliga. kind of prepared for this up to spending the whole season at the bottom but we always kept hoping it's a bitsa day today. colognes fans were loyal to the end and next season they'll be
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cheering on their teams campaign to return to the top flight. so tears in cologne after they suffered another relegation but joy for their arch rivals distilled off as fortuna have secured their return to the bone this league out with a two one win. just in just sealed promotion with two games of the season to spare sending the away fans into raptures it was a record extending six from zero. just indorse coach. seen here singing with the fans as he and fortune as five year absence from the german tough slight. open vols for a cumbered were determined to beat their hosts in their quest to avoid what seems like an almost like a scenario their relegation since christiane teats took over hamburg has begun to show signs of improvement perhaps coming a little too late their form this season has been excepting really poor with an awful goal scoring record and dire away form their hosts the wolves have been far
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from impressive this season two they failed to score in five of their last six but in this league games and are dangerously close to the relegation zone coach bruce has so far failed to turn valves for around a fiery encounter was on the cards. hamburg fans continue to believe that team travel to walsh desperately needing three points to avoid the drop a foul on tatsuya eto'o gave them a chance from twelve yards in the forty third minute. but he would convert it to give hamburg a crucial lead was. the visitors doubled their advantage three minutes later eto'o turning creator to hand lewis holtby the simplest of finishes the germans fourth goal in five games capped an excellent first half a christian teaches side. hamburg almost got the
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third after the break to catch steals the knowing full cost each in the seventy second minute to keep his team in the game. finally wolfsburg turned up substitute yosi break hello left this hopeful free kick the on the fifth place you pulis back. but hamburg bounced back. one his side another penalty and added time cost that you missed but belgium it was on hand against. school his first of the season i. can bag celebrates a third winning four matches to give fans fresh belief. bruno levity as wolves on the other hand may soon need a miracle of their own. well there was plenty more action on saturday we'll take a look at the mid table clash between had berlin and out bird will also bring you
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all the action from gaza kitchen with shell co-hosting glad but first we start with these two coaches behind me this is byron hosted a frankfurt side that has a has had a poor run of form of late their performances are certainly not the way coach nico cold arch wants to finish his tenure at i'm touched before he takes over in munich next season so let's find out have the two german cup finalists and the very in capital maker coverts was out to impress his future employers who had one on the on the second leg of the champions league semifinal getting three youngsters their debut i'm a close dos was first to impress scoring the opener i dream debut for the very him who seems comfortable mixing it up with the big boys one mil the forty five minutes. in the second call frank could continue to struggle against the champion second string the son wagner went from provided to school shopping as in twelve games just two minutes later frankfurt's top scorer is about tapped in to
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keep hopes alive his form is waned after a good start and his first goal in three months i'm fractious form has moved to construct defending so right back griffey to explore to get to school right now so those go three one still finished. by its defenders can't time to refine your played in center back that's true for a ninetieth minute goal mostly good for the soon to be. bush i guess a win would see all champions league qualification but the old not be open to lead lost his cool referee how most was booked into the addition of french but when his assistant spotted a faint slap on lost in the the card check how the edge of the business just maybe twenty minutes to reach the numerical advantage rafael following on from his goal last week to make it knowing the season. but just before the house time whistle happens ball in the ball spoken to the board for an equaliser with regular penalty
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take advantage sense and you know how the jury must work. with just thirty percent position cheika kept the school at one one two to many coaches discos did not. back to back wins put half a billion in a confident mood but a peculiar goal from the goal that's quickly dampened the mood in the olympic stadium when it was needed to keep the europa league hopes alive concept pushed for the equaliser but out still managed to double that lead around the alamo thanks to a super sub said joe could. put them full might have to defend the cost of younger conceded a penalty which was expertly put away by their that you deserve much just three minutes later follow the strike at davies cell could go the eighty seven is going to equalize his ninth goal of the campaign and a result that points to admit table finishes for both teams.
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well that leaves us with saturday's like game champions league hopefuls leverkusen house that stuck out and there was a minor upset on the cards this young get now settled again in the guest's favor with this something the sixty seventh minute to deceive means that heiko halleck's men slipped into space one point behind haas and i'm now occupied the last champions league spot still got meanwhile are already guaranteed another season in the bundesliga. cracker of a call there now some surprising results against across the board on this match day so let's take a look at how everybody fared of course there is confirmation of colognes lost and freiburg another defeat there for votes for at this time against hamburg very good result for hamburg of course another win for munich no surprises there. head to berlin another draw in the capital. against stuttgart hoffenheim in friday's game beat hanover moving of c that's
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a very good point for them and of course on sunday we have minds against leipsic and bremen against dortmund so now let's take a look at the table not much change after top of bahrain the champions elect with an incredible twenty four point advantage hoffenheim moved into the champions league spots while laver koos and drop into the europa league places but where all the action really is is down those relegation spots there is cologne already relegated to points not separate them from mines mines really need to win on sunday teetering very very close to the relegation spot so they really need to pull their socks up. as always we end the show with a look at the play of the day as voted by you on twitter the winner with forty four percent of the vote is. freiburg the twenty four year old was in the right place at the right time to stop home the latest of winners in a five. also condemned cologne to the second division. is your.
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i well that's all for me on the rest of the bundesliga team here in berlin we need you with images from clones relegation and hamburg salvation for the time being of course i'll be back on sunday with michel so for me i'll feed. you know max this week's time nice. enjoying the spring in a house by the sea in the bronx. going for a run in vintage pounces. must celebrate soon come
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to the parade of flowers in the days. to roam next to the. arms exports to trouble spots can be a lucrative business for the german weapons industry. and a rather shady one too. such exports are against german law firm but there are gray areas and the arms makers are sure to use them. bombs for the roof germany profits from war prices. please. don't leave. the plane. flying dortmund's shell to leipzig because your favorite seems sleep got all the best goals we've got all the action the double is the home of judgment but all shared experience every match if someone does league of the weekend cheer on t w. the dangerous battle for images five women.
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five exceptional stories. one calling more photography dramatic pictures from the frontlines capturing faithful moments in time and even risking death. she gave her life to tell the stories of people who ended up killing . women war photographers starting may third on t w. hi everyone welcome to our highlights edition with the best pics of the week here's a look at what we've put together today. playful pictures the whisky promoters of an insecure.


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