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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  April 29, 2018 10:00pm-10:16pm CEST

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this is d.w. news live from berlin iran's president says its nuclear agreement is non-negotiable this is as new to u.s. secretary of state mike pump aoe meets with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and the u.s. says it's willing to walk away from that deal if it isn't james also coming up north korean leader kim jong il offers a step forward for deescalate spin on the korean peninsula if legis to dismantle its nuclear weapons testing site and allow foreign media and experts to observe.
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i met her welcome to the program iranian president hassan rouhani says the nuclear deal his country reached with international powers three years ago is non negotiable now this comes as the u.s. secretary of state mike took aim at that agreement on his first tour of the middle east since becoming the top u.s. diplomat his latest opposition real where he's been warmly welcomed by prime minister benjamin netanyahu has to share a just a for the deal it was intended to stop iran's international isolation in exchange for a verifiable end to its nuclear weapons program. little bit of a handshake and a hug that's a now says he's proud of the new secretary of state has made israel part of his
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first official tour in their press conference they seem to be on the same page especially on one of that's a nose favorite topics iran and pulling out of the twenty fifteen iran nuclear deal . for the really good this deal is very he's director of mysteries. and i guess that is the role pretty straightforward. to run deal has been hailed as a landmark agreement. observers have declared it is working and iran has stopped developing nuclear bombs. but netanyahu has long maintained that this is about more than iran's nuclear activities the trump administration agrees with him. i'm the president and your position on stopping the wrong question to you about aggression is going. to be really you know the people you longer duration the voter.
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as a result of science to do the opposite is pretty wrong is trying to go to the over the wrong stall. iran also funds and supports several non-state actors in the region this includes hezbollah which is based in lebanon and fighting in syria and is committed to israel's destruction. we remain deeply concerned about iran's dangerous place and the rest is rule of the region and iran's a vision to dominate the middle east the way. united states is with israel in the fight. here around deal as it stands to be years of delicate negotiations trump must decide whether to renew the deal or renew sanctions by may twelfth. all right for more let's go to summer sokol a correspondent in jerusalem now mike pump a.o. says that the u.s. is going to quit this iran nuclear deal if it's not fixed what exact problems does
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he have with this deal. you know as there are a few issues here at stake one issue that both the israelis and americans have been talking about a lot is the a ring in missile program and they're talking about the only long range missiles but also medium air range missiles they say that these kinds of missiles they can they can strike israel and they can carry. their weapons of mass destruction and the deal is fraught because these missile program is not inside the nuclear deal so that is one issue the other issue is a concerning tiger supervision and they're asking for a tighter system a type to regime that would give the u.n. inspectors to be to to go into military bases and other suspected areas in short notice and another issue it safe is it what they like to talk about is the sunset
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the provision they're saying that this is a deal that will end in two thousand and twenty five and we want to have something that will be open ended and we don't want something that will expire because once this will end the end he remains will immediately jump up there for oprah and so these are the main issues a lot of these issues are not new netanyahu has long wanted the u.s. to take a more confrontational stance on iran now with pump aoe in charge it looks like he's going to get it what kinds of steps can we expect. well i think in israel at least everyone is waiting for the ring in response to an israeli air strike in syria if you remember earlier this month israel struck in a base in in syria four uranian were killed and we are waiting for their response
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and depending on the rain response will be the israeli response now i would imagine that this current administration will support any israeli response to the iranian response and this of course could escape but it's a lot of responses pompei zero chose the middle east trip saudi arabia israel jordan for his first official tour does that mean the region is going to take center stage for the u.s. foreign policy well as you mentioned the various states you did not mention the palestinians so as we see the palestinians are outside of this equation and. even though though today the policy of the palestinian authority is not to gauge with the americans because of their position views of the jerusalem they still have mentioned that the americans did not even attempt to reach out on this trip as you know it tends towards the tissue the fork you have any kind of that moved it so it seems that the current administration has kind of like put it's
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really palestinian on the freeze of that process and is now pushing more than iraq ok for some eight sokol thank you very much for joining us from jerusalem. well days after historic summit between north and south korea john young now says it's prepared to shut down its underground nuclear test site according to officials in the south korean capital seoul it's one of the first steps expected to be taken after north korean leader kim jong un and south korean president moon jiah in pledge to officially end the state of war between the two countries. it was a historic meeting between the two koreas where promises of peace and reconciliation were plenty but as the steps on how to achieve those goals well they weren't so clear this gushes key points the denuclearization of the korean peninsula and pointing the threats of regional war so far so good officials and so announce the
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north korean leader kim jong il shuts a nuclear test site in the north next month. gerri is made up of a series of tunnels in the mountainous north east of the country has reportedly seen six nuclear tests since two thousand and six the last since that temper of last year that will all end in may according to remarks by kim jong un quoted by the south koreans the shutdown would be also transparent with international experts and journalists on hand kim said if a summit with u.s. president trump takes place it will be clear he's not a person who would fire missiles at the u.s. suffer korea also quoted kim saying approach why would north korea keep nuclear weapon us if we get talks to the us more regularly feel trust gets a deal to end the war and receive a non-aggression agreement. this. for his part trump told supporters in michigan this saturday that is proposed meeting with kim jong un is
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in the works i think we'll have a meeting over the next three or four weeks are going to be his tone was cautiously optimistic but he added. but we'll see how it and again whatever happens happens i may go. well now on to some other stories making news around the world. for this french president emmanuel mccall says the european union's three largest economies agree that they must be ready to respond to u.s. trade tariffs this after he spoke by phone with leaders of germany and britain us in force to defeat import duties on steel and aluminum are set to go into effect on tuesday. the third and fourth largest u.s. mobile telephone networks have agreed to merge german and t. mobile and a japanese owned sprint and to create a new company that they say will be a much stronger competitor in a market dominated by giants eighteen t. and verizon the deal now faces certainly for regulators. the
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caravan of central americans has reached the mexico u.s. border in their attempts to seek asylum in the united states president donald trump and members of his cabinet have been tracking the caravan calling it a threat of u.s. supporters rallied on both sides of the border. well a u.n. security council team visiting bangladesh has promised to step up efforts to resolve the crisis involving myanmar's were henge of muslims the diplomats visited the sprawling camps and border points where about seven hundred thousand rohinton have taken shelter they fled to bangladesh to escape military led violence. they want to go home thousands of row hinge are gathered in part to demonstrate in part to welcome a united nations security council delegation as they arrived stranded at this refugee camp in bangladesh members of the muslim ethnic minority fled their homes in man march following a military crackdown last august they hope the un can help them make
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a safe return. cut out of my head to demand justice the me and mahmoud terry have killed a man and to watch it all women so we want justice for those abuses and what i love her was. some seven hundred thousand have fled myanmar using security forces of committing massacres and large scale rape and burning down entire communities the u.n. delegation is seeking solutions to the crisis some members see me on mars government as the major obstacle and the solution must lie in me and they must be allowed to go home in conditions of safety it may take some time but we would like to hear from the government to me and my how we choose to work with the international community and we will do everything we can the security council and to support progress and trying to come together to take decisions that help there we think at that point the delegation will spend four days in the area meeting with
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refugees as well as with myanmar's leader aung sun suu kyi. well suchi has been deeply criticized for allowing the persecution of rohingya the un is visiting on her invitation she has promised to allow thousands of the hinges to return to me on more. tests where men's world number one rafael and dollhouse won the marshall an open so-called king of clay faced three teenage sensation stephanos us at the age of nineteen is the second youngest player in the top one hundred of the youngsters it was a dream come true to even face. both players had reached the final without dropping a single set but it was nidal who claims to have three winning six two six one to lift the trophy world record standing eleventh time i formula one champion
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lewis hamilton has regained the lead in the driver's standings after winning a turbulent azerbaijan grand prix elton's teammate valtteri bottas suffered a blow out a few laps left when it seemed he was headed to victory that meant hamilton took the first second five out of the season for mercedes ferrari's jimmy right in and finished second on the five zero zero s. of force india previous championship leader sebastian fettle started in pole but ended up finishing fourth to read last both cars at once and spelling out here when daniel ricardo took out max for stop here tell me what. if. formulate the meanwhile those race cars sound a bit like batmobile whizzing by credible speeds now the estampes for electric are definitely better for the environment than conventional race cars for that reason the championship racing series bearing the same name started back in twenty fourteen and hasn't slowed down a bit currently on its european states the latest e.p.
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and paris ended favorably for one homegrown driver. the piers a pretty the eighth round of the world championship started off with the electric car pieces flying everywhere after this tight right turn early in the race tom blomkvist score the green one suffered the worst of the gammage but managed to keep going. no such problems for the frenchman with the flag on the tail of his car's jaw i recall who started in pole position and was the first to see the checkered flag when his home race and expanding his championship lead to thirty one points the former f one driver believes erasing has made it mainstream but it is the future of the moments so when the time engine that is getting huge and there's not a question of whether it's going to be huge or not is huge out of the moment it's like us involvement today than in any other time in ship. it makes sense. for races
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remain this season next stop. is your news bulletin from berlin we're coming up at the top of the hour in the meantime if you want more news to go to our website. www dot com thanks for joining the team against. global in a comic. inequality. well. known to the media. showing you discussions and how do you. find time to eighty would be fighting for decades to take you seriously in the world and what appears to come out.


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