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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  May 1, 2018 1:02am-1:16am CEST

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will he or won't see white house aides say president trump is yet to decide on a metal tariff exemption for europe which runs out on shoes date triggering rumblings of a full blown trade war. coming up the number three and number four mobile phone service providers in the u.s. hoping that that attempt is a merger is chong. and saudi arabia wants to be your next travel destination we'll visit the first female tour guide in jeddah. base is your business update on heaven home free good to have you with us while a deadline looms u.s. tariffs on european union could kick in today unless an exemption is extended a permanent one is what a u. leaders want both fronts is a menu a meco and germany's i'm going to merkel has failed to get any assurances from u.s. president donald trump. behind the scenes u.s. and e.u.
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representatives are scrambling to find a last minute agreement to avoid the introduction of punitive tariff spy the us the americans expect concessions saying they've been unfairly treated when it comes to trade with the e.u. the munich based institute for economic research study the tariffs on five thousand products to compare how the e.u. and u.s. tax each other the results there are considerably higher barriers for u.s. products entering the e.u. than vice versa on average europeans charge a five point two percent levy as opposed to just three point five by the americans u.s. beef is especially hard hit it's taxed at sixty eight percent meanwhile the u.s. charges the forty nine percent levy on european tobacco products and twenty two percent on trucks. experts suggest lowering import duties on both sides while that would reduce european customs revenue it would certainly be
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cheaper than starting a trade war. in the air or to think that you can fight protectionism with protectionist policies it's like trying to tackle stupidity with stupidity. and if the conflict intensifies people could end up losing their jobs as a result of big development in the us mobile telephone sector t. mobile us which is owned by germany's deutsche telekom agreed to acquire rivals that will combine the third and fourth largest wireless carriers in the united states and if the deal is approved it will mean the creation of a carrier with one hundred and twenty seven million customers that around population. the merger will have to face the scrutiny of regulators in washington. it's a big deal and this video featuring the c.e.o.'s of sprint and t. mobile is proof that two wireless carriers are doing what they can to get everyone
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on their side they say the merger will help them better deliver mobile services to customers in particular the latest and greatest five g. technology i'm only system eight that america early for leadership in millions of jobs in this country and billions in us to be a five g. the stakes are even higher just to put this in perspective the difference between four g. f. five g. is the difference between black and white t.v. i'm color t.v. but that may not be the most important thing of untied trust authorities may say the deal could harm competition much like they did in two thousand and fourteen and some analysts believe the merger could be subject to more scrutiny because both team obama and sprint owned by foreign companies by germany's deutsche telekom and tokyo based softbank group so t. mobile and sprint have their work cut out for them if this deal is to see the light of day. well our correspondent in new york has more on this mega merger as
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well as reaction from wall street. three times is the charm for the third time in four years the companies have talked about putting their corporations together overall wall street is rather upbeat that such a deal would make a lot of sense a lot of cost savings and we would see a third big player in this field here in the united states but the big big question remains if the corporations if sprint and t. mobile us will win approval of u.s. regulators and at least the sentiment on wall street is that this is rather unlikely and we saw heavy selling pressure especially on the stock offspring that lost about fifteen percent in value but also the stock of us under heavy pressure and then if the companies would have agreed already last fall at least that would have been much better for sprint because the stock price was much higher big then
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then it is today. on a wall street therefore it's not germans all this new school company by is one step closer to merging with us. on sunday off the european regulators approved the sale of buyers crop science business to its rival b.s.'s now it's one of a number of conditions the e.u. set when it approved the much of back in march european officials say the sales needed to ensure that competition in the market a deal between buy and one cent is funny well it has sixty billion dollars. the number of job vacancies in germany has hit an all time high that's according to the institute for employment research says that one point two million positions play unfilled in the first quarter of this year one hundred twenty six thousand more than last year companies in western germany struggle most to sign workers with nine hundred thirty thousand vacancies among the most difficult job openings to fill with taxes wisest architects and market research as in the i stated it expects
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those numbers to keep rising. so you know what to trade and well greece is it in the news good books off a painful recession the european commission is now commended the countries making encouraging progress on its debt reduction giving it a positive growth outlook good news for the country's coffers and the greek sees no lift in the shadow of financial insecurity it's a greek prime minister elections the press has good reason to smile he's receiving high praise from. the o.e.c.d. general secretary for his country's impressive progress and reforms even though they were not voluntary and sometimes against the will of the greek people resist reform efforts are paying off. the greek economy is growing again. we think this year is going to grow at two percent. perhaps think sheer two point
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three percent. that's why the country intends to alleviate program by the summer and stand on its own two feet in order to achieve these goals the o.e.c.d. feels that greece needs to use reforms to further reduce its debt members of the euro group have even hinted that greece might receive debt relief although germany would be against the move. british evocate change sainsbury's has agreed to merge with wal-mart own the rival to gather the two will become britain's biggest supermarket groups posting current market leader tesco and the passe that the citizens don't generate will enable them to negotiate lower prices persons highly competitive grocery industry is undergoing rapid change german supermarkets like the idea needle and online giant amazon are destructing the country's supermarket business but analysts say the deal could face from regulators. and when people think about
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a holiday in the middle east egypt jordan dubai often all the first destinations that spring to mind now ultra conservative saudi arabia wants foreign visitors to consider the kingdom the country has an image problem so did up is funny for chas been to the port city of jeddah to see some of the initiatives being known just to get you to think differently about the country. a lot of history can be discovered in a multicultural and diverse city in saudi arabia jeddah has always been a bit more open to change that other more conservative parts of the country for example you will see here women without a headscarf a lot happens here first such as tourism in the past it's been limited to pilgrimage tourists or to people like them you know they are from russia or germany or belgium foreign workers want to discover the city of it or not. but if you do my name is i'm going to be your tour guide welcome to the historical this city is
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a thirty thousand. area of egypt that. a special tour in an ultra conservative country. i didn't know that there are two because it's not being promoted yet in the solar arabia is known as a black box the country wants to open up and it has to you know order to reduce the country's growing unemployment and state deficit a year they have your hopes the changes will also rebranding the image of the kingdom. yes from here to police so the first question is always how do you saudi a pure saudi yes some saudi and there are hundreds of these like me hopefully with all these changes that would have been good the country the west would change the idea about the saudi woman it's not considered decent for women to do jobs who are
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men and women makes this is changing too. of the year is about to get her certification as the first female tour guide she says she has also experienced a lot of resistance from men that saw her as competition. the tour is about to end the arabic coffee and dates. so it's the broad duty of the armor that tells us this that this of the of the guy who is putting it's this one it's often merchant rich people because we have this bradbury. so one two three locals are just as curious as the tourists the same way it is the celebrity goers so here you are so what was it like it's less commercial you feel like tourists to discover new things and the people are also discovering new stories. that's it you're up to date with
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the latest from the well all business i'm. cut. cut. cut cut cut cut cut cut cut cut cut cut cut. cut cut cut cut cut cut cut cut cut cut cut cut cut cut cut cut cut. cut cut. cut. cut. cut cut cut.
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