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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  May 5, 2018 3:02am-3:16am CEST

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u.s. prosecutors indict close fog and former boss martin been to court and the latest development of the diesel gate scandal thirty's believes he knew what was going on in his company. also coming up trade representatives of the u.s. and china hold talks in beijing with smiles all round a few results. and how do you like your frosting lab grown diamonds made by scientists are an actual thing they might shine just as bright as those out of the ground but are they a sound investment. base is your business update on how to humphrey glad you could join us well the u.s. department of justice has issued an arrest warrant for vito views former c.e.o. martin vin to call in for his part in the diesel gate emissions candle they say
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that mist of into court conspired to mislead regulate isn't violate the u.s. clean air act media reports say that soft v.w. here in germany support the u.s. charges against the former c.e.o. jim prosecutors meanwhile say their investigation into the into court is ongoing and will not be affected by the legal process in the united states. it couldn't have come at a worse time for folks bogen the announcement that it's for my feet martin venter corn was indicted by u.s. authorities it came soon after v.w. shareholders meeting where its new c.e.o. spoke about regaining confidence. most volkswagen must become more honest more open more truthful so that we don't make ourselves more vulnerable again. just. model but is still vulnerable the indictment of ventre core now has many asking whether the carmaker has done enough to investigate its senior executives according to u.s.
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authorities in two thousand and fourteen the former c.e.o. was informed v.w. cars produced lower emissions during tests than they did on roads but it is unlikely event of corn will face charges in u.s. courts germany doesn't extradited citizens to non e.u. countries still the former c.e.o. could be implicated in ongoing diesel gate investigations in his home country german prosecutors are looking into the involvement of senior management in diesel emissions cheating and there are lawsuits pending from both shareholders and consumers. well u.s. unemployment figures are out and they did not quite as good as some had expected in april the jobless rate fell to three point nine percent its lowest level since the year two thousand some twenty four thousand new jobs were created in manufacturing there was also strong growth in services and the health care sector analysts say
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the figures are a sign of resilience and made the recent stock market chaos and fear is over a trade war and let's get more now with our financial correspondent james corden is in new york for us this evening yes quarter some people now saying that the job numbers were a little underwhelming. put it into context for us. yeah you know as i saw those some headlines that their numbers were a bit disappointing and i would politely disagree yes we created a few less jobs than expected but then again the unemployment rate dropped from four point one percent to three point nine and that's the lowest unemployment rate since december of two thousand so in more than seventeen years and then also for the ninety first consecutive months we saw job growth so every single month since october of twenty ten there was job creation and that is a new record and then on top of that yes the wages did not really grow that much
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just by four cents in comparison to the previous months but for wall street at least that's a good sign because it shows that there is not a big inflation pressure at least at this point and therefore we had a very positive reaction on both numbers here on wall street all right thanks for that yen stay with us we'll come back to you in a short moment but first apple stock is getting a confidence boost legendary investor warren buffett has been loading up on apple shares his company berkshire hathaway a seventy five million apple shares actually that's more than thirteen billion dollars worth of current prices increasing at stake by almost fifty percent buffett called apple an unbelievable company one of the most profitable in the u.s. he's more apple stock than any other investor in the past year. back over cnn's then again when buffett speaks i mean usually investors misson have a. and there randi this talk of apple
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just here in the friday session was up by almost four percent and reaching a new record high for the week by the way the apple stock is up by thirteen percent and those are really quite astonishing numbers are in buffett's company berkshire hathaway now owns a good two hundred forty million episode shares and in the value of a good forty two billion dollars so really breast taking numbers that we are seeing here the funny thing is warren buffett usually likes to buy it when stocks are under some pressure and that was true for the ep of the stock earlier this year but definitely not right now so i'm quite certain that at this point and that this price of orrin buffett would not start buying at both stocks again but he did so in the past and that was good enough for investors to jump on the waiting. for us in
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new york thank you talks between a top level u.s. delegation to china and chinese representatives have wrapped up with no real solutions to avoid a trade war tariffs may remain the main issue with washington also accusing beijing of systematic infringing u.s. copyright statements from the u.s. and china after the talks with polite but it seems that the dispute is far from over. perhaps chinese state television wants to avoid adding fuel to the fire trying to play down the current trade dispute with washington this news anchor says both sides are interested in stable and healthy economic relations about appears to be the official version of events after the first round of trade talks between china and the u.s. . but behind the scenes big differences remain reuters reports that beijing has offered to lower import tariffs on u.s. cars and agreed to increase exports from the u.s. to china whether that will be enough to pacify donald trump is still to be seen but
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as the u.s. delegation leaves the country the war of words continues at the chinese foreign ministry this spokeswoman says that many people around the world are against a u.s. led trade dispute showing a letter from american economists. and they warn trump terrorists are even for his country's economy she's beijing has its own warning to washington trade barriers hurt both sides but they might end up pressuring you more than us europe's fourth largest airline is in crisis air france. has announced that he's stepping down after staff rejected the pay offer aimed at ending months of strikes and the news comes on the same day the quarterly figures show that the company has incurred further losses. it's been a turbulent few months for air france as workers demand higher wages they say are
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needed to keep up with inflation a total of thirteen walk riots have taken place since the end of february. c e o's zero march and i are confident poise a seven percent pay rise over four years and invited them to vote for or against it . if the result is negative i can't see how it could stay on as a company had to please. in the end just over half of employees rejected the offer true to his word shall i ask announced his resignation his successor will face huge challenges the strikes have come at a considerable cost the company incurred losses by hundred eighteen million girls in the first quarter while many of its rivals posted solid profits. argentina's central bank has raised its benchmark interest rate to forty percent the move is aimed at putting a lid on soaring inflation and helping the country's plummeting currency while the
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peasants depreciations partly due to invest is moving their money away from the merging economies and into dollars this is the third time in a week that argentina central bank has pushed up its lending rate. now they say that diamonds are goals best friend but what about diamonds grown in the lab scientists in the u.k. have developed a technique to create real ones and in many cases they even purer than the natural gems but for investors that also has risky implications. was is a diamond ask a scientist and they'll tell you it's carbon in its purest form ask the advertising world and they'll say it's a girl's best friend but until recently most would have agreed that the precious jewel is something you have to dig deep to find now unlocked in london is using new technology to turn that assumption on its head it's actually mom and she piecing
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nature i mean right we're perfecting it and doing it better than nature so for me there are those emotional things that to this enormous accomplishments to grow material that their tradition has been very difficult to grow. grown diamonds are produced by ceasing methane and hydrogen to super high temperatures the result is often purer than the gems found in nature. but does the difference matter to those in the market for a diamond ring i suspect we're getting lead like newest off baby would like to say much better for us it's the history i think it's just the if you don't have so it's glamorous as a diamond you have to have the real thing so it takes this fourteen thousand dollar machine to distinguish between natural stones and those grown in a larp. you know you and i might not be able to tell it apart from the real thing the fact that they look the side doesn't like them the same thing one has enormous monetary value of this fully and emotional value the other one is
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a replica replica or no analysts believe that may gems could account for over seven percent of the global diamond market by twenty twenty. that set you up today with the latest from the waldo business for more find us on facebook followers on twitter on there as well. as in my handle have a great weekend thanks for your company and c.c. .
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