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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  May 7, 2018 8:00pm-9:01pm CEST

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this is day that we knew was live from a lot of the approach in sworn in for a record fourth term as russia's president the k.g.b. officer a world leader makes up they've made some big promises to the russian people what happens next their spokesman also on the program. is the man who promised to shake up from some reclaim a leading role for europe on the world stage you look at what emanuel my prongs
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achieved at home and abroad after a year in office. as blocs poised to make major gains in lebanon's election it's being seen as a victory for has been lost backa iran. plus they saved migrants from drowning but run foul of the law a greek court has found this mountain for other volunteers not guilty of people smuggling banks that they rescued thousands of syrian migrants. and on patrol with a task force hunting human trafficking a crackdown on sex slavery in the nigerian city are benny hopes to stop the trade with europe. i'm phil gale welcome to the program. thought i'm approaching has been sworn in for a record fourth term us president of russia. in his inauguration speech he pledged
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to turn russia into one of the world's top five economists he called for the creation of a high performance export oriented day colony in manufacturing and agriculture during his six year term was the person who has almost total authority in russia having won the presidential election with more than three quarters of the vote but his critics accuse of the corruption and of silencing opposing voices. the start of mr putin's day with carefully stage managed. russian state t.v. broadcast his long walk through the corridors of his office on his way to the ceremony. eventually he right at the car waiting to take him on a short trip to the kremlin hole. then the grand entrance. and the war continued. all choreographed to maintain the suspense as some five thousand invited guests waited
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for putin to be sworn in but he asked if just leaving a brazilian that is easy to get as putin promise for tech the country and serve the russian people. he praised russia's return to the world stage is what he calls a strong and influential voice when he talks about the importance of making economic and technological progress to benefit all russians like. a new quality of life a wellbeing security and health of a person are the most important. these are the issues at the center of our policy focus is russia for the people as a country of opportunities microsoft's realization of everyone. all the build up and bombast if you believe mr putin's next term in office will bring much change he's already said that he wants incumbent prime minister dmitri medvedev to stay in his post putin himself has been in power as either president or prime minister for
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almost twenty years. most young people have know no other leader and there's no sign of a successor. so what can russia and indeed the rest of the world expect from a newly reelected russian prime minister well let's get into this with russia analyst constantini from i got welcome to day doubly so vladimir putin's been in charge for twenty years a clearly his supporters are looking for a change i do expect more of the same. you know i think you're quite right still it's bruce armstrong who still unknown trolls as the french would say the more kind of moves on the more it from ain't the same and i think that by now we already know that there is no such thing as a new putin about whom many people spoke six years ago when he entered the crown in fourth sign all these promises that you voice today were actually made six years
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ago nothing much has changed so do not expect any change both in foreign and domestic policy and i think that the appointment of mr b. did it was a defacto vice president of russia and mr putin is most loyal man and just proves look for no challenge look for the same domestically and actually i would say the same foreign policy some to seven percent of the vote he said to got how do you explain his immense popularity. well look it's not exactly it's a pretty well not the kind of though that the miss america law you should not grow will get it is and go to a country which doesn't have an opposition which mr putin there's at least a legal call an entry level position which. as seen through that there will be none . it is a country of completely controlled state media it is a country of deeply scared population which is really really very much i would say
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devilish by the experiences of the century so of course he is popular but whether it's seventy seven percent or fifty want no one really will really know because mr putin has now that ever participated in a competitive really competitive democratic west and that election. of humanity whatever that means and russia is based mostly on his ability to turn the country especially the last several years into this seat full of wish he'd stay calm and up . but the president is a come on this fest to respond you know the focus russia which tends to do is once all go russia that's their ideology that's being pumped twenty four seventh's by a huge state propaganda machine and i would say that most russian city him as essentially someone who is. yes definitely has some successes in foreign policy although we can debate whether these are really successes but also is
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a kind of cheap protect from the west most trouble i don't know so see. we can't really discuss mr wouldn't legitimacy in western terms it's a completely different thing and briefly if you wouldn't mind that this promise to take russia into the world's top five economies how does he do that with the price of oil folding and sanctions against his country. fairly fine you i would have been in a different business probably something like a. blue chip analyst and i don't think you can achieve it frankly i think that is the same promises that were heard for the last ten years and with the current structure of russian economy with the current state of the commodities market with the current state of the political system and especially the courts this is pure fantasy calls and say enough on agathe thank you thank you. so a whole generation has grown up in russia and knowing no other leader van blott i'm
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a poet and i many support him but there are also many dissenting voices as the w.'s moscow correspondent and we shall be found out. meet twenty year old daniel east think of and nineteen year old son. for as long as they can remember bloody near putin has been russia's leader but their views on him placed these two members of the so-called putin generation in different worlds sophia is a member of seats a pro kremlin youth group that acts as a hub for young artists designers and journalists as long as they support putin. sophia is a journalism student she's been coming to see it for nearly a year to gain professional experience writing for the group's online sites put in its fourth term is something she's looking forward to the naming of the middle of the road to the shore me vladimir putin embodies the entire government in russia
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but he but the most you know for my whole life he has been in charge and his actions are usually very wise. in the post. that. disagrees the economic student complains about stagnation and is concerned about restrictions on democratic freedoms in russia since he was sixteen he's been campaigning for the opposition and encouraging his friends to protest he was just two years old when putin was elected but says he's ready for change. yes there were missed the if we had a person as president in putin's place who doesn't like corruption doesn't use lies and violence like he does then everything would be much better. views are on common for the putin generation in this year's elections over seventy percent of voters under twenty four cast their ballot for the president but daniela
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says in his social circle almost no one is a fan principia whether you support putin or not the basically comes down to whether you have the ability to think critically there is objective lee no reason to support unless you are brainwashed by russian propaganda. sophia on the other hand believes many in the opposition simply lack realism so how does the future look to her generation and who should be in charge of it. seen in the uk when viewed in the her strong self-assured principles at the top that's the kind of leader i want to see as more who knows maybe putin will even run for another term in office nor that i certainly wouldn't want anyone who is weaker than flood him or putin was going to lead to marriage. the main thing that gives me hope that something can change is my generation the opposition protests we go to there are a lot of people my age they're energetic and free and they aren't afraid to express
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their opinion the future belongs to us and i mean. plus no one lives forever. whether russia's young voters ultimately want consistency or a change in the kremlin putin's inauguration means the political future is at least another six years away. for some of the other stories making news around the world italy's president or sergio mataram has called on the country's deadlocked political parties to back a temporary neutral government more than two months after inconclusive elections president matter rather said if we could not wait any longer for leadership the countries the largest participate to have rejected his call saying that they would prefer early elections. clashes have broken out between police and residents in the south african township of so wet or near to how this birth residents had staged a protest after squatters tried to erect shacks in nearby fields the incident is the latest in a series of flare ups of the contentious issue of land distribution. indian
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troops are fired tear gas at protesters in kashmir on another day of escalating tensions in the disputed region kashmiri separatists of coal for a strike to protest of the deaths of five civilians during clashes with security forces on sunday separatists have been fighting indian ruling kashmir for almost thirty years now france's president has been marking his first full year in office at forty years old emanuel mccraw is the country's youngest leader since napoleon he set out to reassert the idea of powerful french leadership at home and abroad but earned mixed reviews since his surprise election twelve months ago. this was his moment of triumph. emmanuel mccall the newcomer who led the on mass movement shook up france's political establishment defeated the far right national
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front and introduced a new style of government. never was any good your false. promise hasn't had such a powerful leader for decades when they've been on the show the goal of the presidency wasn't such a top down operation like to see it can be brought always about by himself this is not a president who conquers a party but rather a party that took shape after his victory. in disavowing the longstanding right left political spectrum has tried to join pro e.u. forces with those opposed to globalization has tried to unite right leaning business leaders with left leaning intellectuals what remains is a splintered opposition which has served to fuel michael's power to ban me to pull money this has enabled him to introduce rapid and radical reforms especially in the
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job market the railway system. a sense that something even nicolas sarkozy didn't manage to do. but not close to mr politics have made him a polarizing figure it is ambitious european agenda that's won him more praise in france he wants to introduce a special finance minister with a separate budget and an army. now the european spotlight has shifted to mexico away from the german chancellor something on the america will have to get used to after her central role on the european stage went virtually unchallenged for so long. all day doctors are your opinion correspondent matters give us this assessment of president macross first year. from the start my corps made use of his political momentum and so he pushed through domestically in france unpopular reforms some big hurdles are yet to come for instance an overall of france's complex pension system but the biggest challenge from our core remains europe
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remains the idea of reviving the european project an idea he has tied his political career to he has pledged more money for the european budget he has started to balance france's finances but in return he wants to see real political reform the only problem is that europe moves at a snail's pace when it comes to making progress in this field and so my call is under intense pressure even more pressure maybe than when you're started to deliver on his id years but the window of opportunity to do so remains open. matus reporting from paris where a recent survey showed that nearly every woman in that city has experienced sexual harassment on buses and trains the fight back against catcalling groping hands and pestering is not gathering speed a new campaign is encouraging women to report their experiences and other passengers to raise the alarm. limit toll paris's subway is used every day by
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many women including a nice me lou but her sense of safety has changed since a series of unpleasant experiences with fellow male passengers says. they stood behind me and rubbed themselves against me and touched me it's happened three times it's disturbing and hard to deal with. and she's far from alone studies show that almost every parisian woman has had at least one experience of sexual assault on the city's buses and trains a shocking statistic that propelled into action she started a petition to create awareness of the issue it was signed by sixty thousand people . i want everyone to realize that you can essentially harassed at any time of day the perpetrator can be anyone and it can happen to anyone. just. now six months later both the paris transport authorities and politicians have also taken the problem seriously and are feeling to passengers not to trivialize sexual
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harassment victims and witnesses get in touch. the campaign encourages women to prevent their attackers from getting away with it and other passengers not to look away on the says no one helped her when she was being molested not even when she cried out. no one did anything they just looked away. it's not just on buses or trains either the walk home is every bit as risky for women that something vomiting pick us plans to change the local politician wants night buses to drop women off between bus stops or even to bring them up to their front door. we want women to feel safer on their way home at night especially those who work late at night and have to travel home to the suburbs. this new flexible service is being piloted on just a handful of bus line. but what's clear is that the fight against sexual assault in
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paris is gathering speed and not a moment too soon for all these she's had enough of sexist comments and groping hands and is no longer prepared to be either a silent victim poor or a silent witness. i will say france now we wonder whether the country's national carrier could become a thing of the past have a home for us here that's right phil the survival of air france is certainly on the line it's in question a strike is pushing eighty five year old airline on the brink of bankruptcy the government says it would step in shares closed almost ten percent lower on monday. the strike is biting hard on monday and france union members walked out for a fourteenth day ignoring warnings that they could put their employer out of business the dispute has cost the airline three hundred fifty million euro so far. many crew members don't agree with the union though they showed have to work and help their france avoid an all out disaster with the majority of flights able to
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operate. and then get you know you will like our customers we don't want them to go to the competition and we want to get out of this slump now he did this stuff to see if this law has this slump refers to the airlines chronic problem while british airways and of tons of have already undergone heavy cost cutting air france like behind in restructuring the current strike about pay increases isn't helping. see john i.x. step down on friday night after work it rejected a wage offer of seven percent over four years. thirteen days of strikes and more than two months of conflict if we can there france putting in jeopardy its performance and its future this is a huge waste that can only make our competitors rejoice and make our alliances more fragile and disorient our teams. and. the strike is yet another headache for president manuel michael as he attempts to revamp france's economy for
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him wage restraint and an end to special privileges a key to creating a more flexible workforce but the unions think they've got the upper hand. we want our new president to be open to dialogue. we're asking for a much more open mindset and sharing in social dialogue. dialogue may not help much given the precarious state air france is in. france still suffers from an economic disease a lack of productivity and stiffness verticality in the management it's a company that has to adapt itself to the market to the constraints of the man. it into consumer expectations for it was at the only concern that. as the strike continues more flights are set to be cancelled and as air france's bottom line weakens so does their ability to meet wage demands. there he saw starbucks where everywhere there's definitely no getting away from them now swiss
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food giant nestlé best known for its instant coffee a coffee next cafe struck a mega deal with starbucks buying the rights to sell the company's products for more than seven billion dollars. coffee is a record league growing market and the competition is fierce nestlé hopes this make it alliance with starbucks will reinvigorate the brand the swiss food giant will pay for the rights to market and sell starbucks products outside of starbucks chains like in restaurants and super markets this unit of the business currently generates starbucks around two billion dollars in annual sales mislay will pay around seven billion u.s. dollars for the rights the u.s. is the second biggest coffee market after the e.u. with a share of sixteen point three percent nestlé has announced it will take on five hundred starbucks employees who will continue to manage the business from the u.s. and the coffees won't be affected the deal is yet to be approved by the regulators and we can cross to our financial correspondent now daniel cope at frankfurt daniel
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nestle's traded on the s.m.i. in zurich how did investors over there and in frankfurt where you all take the latest news. well in fact a very positive shares of nestle went out during today's trading day to a level of one point six per cent they are optimistic that the deal could be done already by the end of this year and investors are hoping for more synergies between the companies and at the same time cost cutting we have to remember that starbucks has been struggling during the last time even announcing that they would close some of their coffee shops in general though the coffee industry is considered by x. what is a very fast growing industry interesting numbers the average german buys about four point two kilos of coffee every year and this number is even most likely to go up also in this they will benefit a lot since they will have more access to the north american market we just heard
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of it's number two after europe daniel what does this mean now face a coffee lovers in general does this mean even more starbucks dominance all exactly this is the fear that a coffee prices could even more after and there are actually already at the moment just you might wonder how much even they could go up a small cafe latte here outside at the frankfurt stock exchange is already costing more than three euros if the deal gets really done the starbucks coffee shop customer won't notice a big difference products sold inside of the coffee shop will be still sold directly from starbucks but when you go to the supermarket looking for your favorite starbucks coffee to take to your whole all of this could be managed and sold from nestle or identical for us in frankfurt thank you. mourner no wait it's parliamentary election now with. alan thank you if this is in lebanon
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where the country's prime minister assad had reraise says he so he dominated political movement has lost a third of its seats after sunday's parliamentary elections meanwhile preliminary results suggest that the iran backed shiite militant group hezbollah and its political allies have made significant gains despite the losses mr hariri still has the largest problem she block is the frontrunner to form the next government election was the country's first parliamentary vote for nearly a decade. i didn't because for the actual vora has following this from lebanese capital beirut to welcome election results are expected imminently what's the atmosphere like there well all day we've been hearing said greatly gunfire from supporters of all political parties the spiritual and his philosophy absolute since last evening and also the major christian parties one of them the leading one which is run by. the current president having said that they need
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a minister of lebanon as part of the beating up the list of member of parliament who will be entering as the government is formed the will final tally as to which party has won how many seats has not yet been given it is soon expected and then to minister says the fact that letter has a new electoral in the two or no i think it part has delayed the results and so did despite the very narrow final results so we do know that hezbollah has gained and how is a hezbollah gain likely to affect lebanon's domestic policies. well his for her skin because they do have a loyal supporter base and they do cater to the support base through our politics of bitterness of the exercise and into the. water as more. then his will and its allies back in power are also this time significantly because
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they cracked lever alliances hurriedly leading sunni leader to not have clever alliances when you compare it to his will and his allies and the impact of the domestic politics is going to be significant mainly legislations and parliament will not pull through until our sensible lead gives it a goal and that essentially means that as well as not going to be disarming as some people here our new segment of lebanese population expected and what about abroad how will the hezbollah against affect lebanon's foreign policy as well that actually is a more important question and in lebanon is a tiny country but it is a very important country when it comes to the broader conflict playing out in the middle east it is a proxy of iran source and surely hezbollah gaining in iran gaining which topple saudi arabia and it troubles israel for israel it means that as far lebanon as we love a sort of daring raid on the israeli levanon border of accounts of the daring it and sitting and it being politically strong and having political legitimacy means that it cannot be controlled internally by other political actors and levanon and
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that saudi arabia as well as well sorry in india is against in our regional war for dominance of the world with iran and hizbullah guinean means that iran is also expanding in strengthening its grip in lebanon which means that the region could actually see more aggressive stance by board israel and saudi arabia both of which are allies of the united states and shall vote in the beirut thank you. watching the dublin you're still to come despite harsh punishments iran is losing its war on drugs maybe three million people are believed to be addicts it will say what is fueling the problem. and detail here goes on patrol with a task force hunting human traffickers a crackdown on sex slavery in the nigerian says your name to stop the trade with europe we'll see how they're doing it. will have all os i
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doubt more all the days are world news and business in just a moment joy. in . yemen ravaged by three years of civil war thousands have died millions have fled diseases are spreading. nobody is helping and we need help we need help from yemen please it's been called the world's biggest humanitarian crisis and the world looks away.
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in forty five minutes long d.w. . bursts. home to moods of species. a home worth saving and. those are big changes and most start with small steps global ideas tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world. ideas that protect the climate boost green energy solutions and reforestation. is out to people you cannot protect the forest create interactive content teaching the next generation about environmental protection. using all channels available to inspire people to take action and when to turn and to build something here for the next generation the ideas feel garman series of global three thousand on t.w.
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and online. is real seventy. two displaced nations over one homeland featured in our program. when romney and his friends agreed on peace but an assassin put an end to that train. returning. to the displaced people to fight for their homeland israel seventy years may twelfth on t.w. broadcast times online. this is newsnight from above and i'm thrilled gayle at top story at this hour has been sworn in for a fourth term aza russia's president in his inauguration speech he promised to boost the country's economy it's also nominate a close ally to make to medvedev to become prime minister again how. the court increases cleared five humanitarian volunteers of people smuggling and
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a case that's been seen as having major implications for europe's migration crisis the volunteers were standing trial on the greek island of last boss one of them danish national team travel to last boss immediately after the now infamous photographer photograph of a syrian toddler could washed up on a turkish beach in the other volunteers spent months rescuing refugees at the height of the migration crisis rights groups criticize the case as politically motivated and the attempt to discourage more boats from setting off for europe. well they didn't report about it a lot has been following the case the last boss i asked her what the atmosphere was like after. these co-defendants were cleared. where the moment the verdict was read everybody was cheering it was very emotional very happy atmosphere. yeah the very very large basically they came out and hugged each other
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and they were chanting the phrase that most of them have on their t. shirts which says saving lives is not a crime so it was very emotional talked to many supporters were in tears and after very emotional scenes we saw in the report there that he said he was only there to save lives so why did greek or forces accuse him of people smuggling. yes i spoke to the lawyer of the spanish firefighters and he explained to me that there were some allegations not even based on proven facts so for example there was the allegation that. this crew didn't call the coast guard before leaving the shore to how the refugees which was in distress. but. also other witnesses said yes we called the coast guard and we did get a response but the coast guard said one of the coast guard said no we didn't and normally there's no record of the telephone connections but somehow which key which
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is kept by the coast guard but somehow these records were not there anymore. so how does this case deter other aid agencies from helping refugees the last boss. yeah so actually it was already a couple of weeks ago i talked to member of sea watch and he told me they're just right after the arrest of solemnity and two years ago. there was a boat of sea watch out under the sea and wanted to to how i was thinking refugee boat but in the end they didn't do anything because there were so afraid and so anxious if they help them and they will also be arrested so in the end they just had to watch the boat saying helplessly without doing any things are there were actually some of these cases i know at least of another one and yes this is just one example of how this deterred other n.g.o.s. thank you.
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i've promised a new life in europe event forced to work as prostitutes that's the experience of thousands of nigerian women every year you know to patients estimates that eighty percent of women arrive arriving in new york from nigeria or forced to work as sex slaves nearly all of them are transmitted through those states in southern nigeria the probe the provincial capital city is a major hub for the trade politicians have remained silent on this issue for some time but no orthorexic is have set up a task force to crack down on the traffickers e.w.s. young philip schultz joined the team on a right. these people mean business for weeks members of the special task force have been observing the house of a suspected trafficker today they're going to pounce the atmosphere is tense what solomon all could do was reassuring for him in the team this is now routine in the last few months they've arrested thirty human traffickers.
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are you prepared for all of the eventualities so that nothing will go wrong because of what eventuality that wall of the office also i would have you know want to be they are fully prepared for the operation today. the state governor has set up the task force and made solomon special adviser. he has firsthand experience of what it's like to spend years in libya trying to survive. he came back six years ago determined to take up the fight against human trafficking. yeah because yes because i'm hot in the b. i want to leave. these did he want treatments the mental no one and you don't go assemble is not please some to do it all my fault and that is my one of my motivation. we close in on the suspects house the operation begins. so that obviously identified the truck they got to the next minute will be crucial
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about the operation the toff. bad luck the suspects not at home maybe he got a tip off. still the task force did arrest a woman who probably belongs to the network. but she seems to be at the bottom of the hierarchy a so-called recruiter who gets paid for luring in young girls. most of the time we go for the big dog that is what he is we don't know how much information about you guys will go for this the guys told us of us. for years been in city in southern nigeria has had a reputation as a center for human trafficking. that used to be mainly young women who were smuggled into europe to work as prostitutes. more recently the human traffickers have expanded their network also in libya. many migrants are held captive there and have to work a slaves or pay ransom north african and nigerian vans work hand in hand.
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as. solomon had hoped that the arrest of the recruiter would help the task force get the names of the big fish but the woman stubbornly remained silent on the best tips the team told us usually come from former victims for some time now nigeria has been expanding its program for returning migrants. most of them first stay in this former hotel and then in city. solomon questions a group who were flown out of libya just a few days ago. he often has to be an investigator and a psychologist at the same time. one of the women still has the dry bread she was given in the traffickers hideout. and they will ask you to pay a dollar. to each each each his name. paid to egypt to west i know money grand i know beats you for it if you refuse to pay the
8:38 pm
money they will kill you. men women children who die. so please you are begging for their suppliers to their rescue. to bring. these. soldiers in and his team a tiring day comes to an end so they're proud of their work but they know the most difficult part still lies ahead it's unclear whether the thousands of disillusionment traumatized return these find new hope back home or if they'll just leave again. but solomon is determined to carry on into the last human traffickers and been insidious cult. this is we have a free and now taking a look at red wine from a robot with a twist with a twist and on all the effort you know no money of course you'd expect your red wine to come from right grapes of course but what about red meat why everyone one young woman is making red wine out of beets which grow very well that business is
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booming and orders a coming in from abroad. and wine making rwandan style instead of grapes they're using beetroot and it's ripe for the picking the whole family helps out twenty eight year old sometime came up with the idea when she was on employed and looking for a job. i became friends with a german who knew how to make wine i told him i was interested in wine making so he taught me how it all happened over skype once i learned enough i started to experiment with beetroot and pineapple. the beetroot is cut into small pieces and then boiled. then it's luck to ferment resulting in a red wine with eighteen percent alcohol. it's important to drink has the right to
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roam and flavor. on this i have a wide range of clients for example wedding planners or other event organizers because i can't keep up with the demand i get so many orders. most of my clients come from the democratic republic of congo some of them by three hundred bottles at once. about a thousand bottles go on sale every month costing the equivalent of almost ten euros each but the demand for a car is imbues so high she's planning to increase her production capacity with machines from china or sometimes wine has also gone down well with experts. thus orcus it it's nutritious healthy and the quality is consistent. consistent. anyone who can afford the winds here serves their guests cover cindy.
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she was issued. the wine is charming vision it definitely stands up to other wines i drink i had some after the food and it went down nicely it's a good quality wine we're proud to say that this wine is made in rwanda why you will see people you can use it to you to go up to then you need a new one and you. not only has the wine been well received it's even one of prize for innovation. one of the members or soon to be members of the british royal family where media attention is sure to follow so when the fuel say of prince harry make a marco or a pair of welsh jeans to visit cardiff the company found itself swamped with a lot. the sleepy town of cardigan on the irish sea coast could be on the brink of an economic revival a local company which makes denim jeans has rocketed into the global spotlight
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after meghan markle disappeared cardiff with her fiance prince harry. underneath that coat the royal bride to be was sporting locally made denim the world's media noticed. national newspaper phoned us up and said can you confirm that meghan is where. i'm. like that was a really cool moment for nearly four decades cardigan was home to a factory that made thirty five thousand pairs of jeans a week for u.k. retailer marks and spencer but in two thousand and two production was shifted to morocco to cut costs overnight four hundred people lost their jobs here that's ten percent of the town's population. in twenty twelve david hyatt decided that cardigans existing skills base made it the ideal place to open a factory making high end jeans denims twenty employees make just one hundred fifty pairs of jeans a week the company now has
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a three month waiting list for orders. has given everybody like confidence that actually we can achieve the dream of getting four hundred dollars back. it may be no coincidence that michael wore hiatt jeans on his visit to wiles david hyatt is known for sending free pairs to celebrities who he knows will wear them in the public eye but that doesn't mean the town of cardigan is any less proud of its home grown small town jeans. i would feel now in a country in the grip of addiction thanks very much hannah talking about iran which is facing a nationwide drugs epidemic now part of society's immune from doctors and business owners to addicts living on the street over the last six years the number of addicts has more than doubled to almost three million d.w. has been to meet a woman one scores in the spiral of addiction she's now helping others find
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a way out. sharon earns her living making handicrafts which she sells on the streets this would have been unthinkable just a few years ago shearing was a drug addict she was hooked on crystal meth for eight years her father was also an addict he introduced into alcohol when she was a child and she saw you but nothing that silo my father fermented his own wine when i was a child. when somebody was then when i was six he gave me a glass of wine for the first time that he hung i became dizzy and it was very strange. and then i started dancing so it somehow clicked for me at the time but even that's when my addiction began. it was easy for sure and to get hold of drugs as an adult even though along with alcohol they were forbidden in this theocratic state. house for us i learned that
8:45 pm
you can get anything anywhere drugs and alcohol as. much. our young people start with drinking and then come the drugs. it's very easy to get drugs and alcohol. that's there are a lot of drug dealers especially in the southern part of tehran. but also in the center. for science is nothing more than. the government ignored the problem for decades and the result it has never been easier to get hold of addictive substances and the number of addicks is higher than ever. the figures are so alarming that a former police chief felt compelled to write an open letter demanding that the problem finally be made public. iranian state television did then
8:46 pm
announce that there were nearly three thousand drug related deaths annually. and sharon was invited to appear on a talk show. this was unthinkable just a short time ago. the moderator probably can't believe that he can talk about this on t.v. . and the. official figures put the number of drug addicts in iran at one million. the unofficial figures said to be much higher but. what is known is that thousands of liters of alcohol are confiscated and destroyed every year and that the health ministry has opened a detox clinic but we are told that most often addicts are simply locked away. the non-governmental activities in tehran are impressive. in the south of the city aid organizations care for the plentiful addicts living on the street. the
8:47 pm
volunteers offer more than just a warm meal. was saying it's not our goal to just feed those who are forced to live on the street the meals are a means to make contact with the drug addicts to gain their trust. that yes it will give them hope that someone is there for them. and says that this thanks they have reached many this way to help them get off the streets and get clean those who manage it are celebrated each year. and i have been clean for ten months and ten days i never thought i would manage it. we need cheering again here she now wants to share the kind of help she got with others. there is still a lot of people who need help especially in the poorer class but also in the middle class. unfortunately there are many women too and i work especially
8:48 pm
closely with them. many consume because they don't know any better many others because they are just curious. as to us. she says that helping other people gives her strength and confidence and it prevents her from falling back into the jaws of addiction. the the the. the people here help her with that. please the. us. tonight the volunteers are going out into the streets again with hundreds of meals bringing them to those who are seeking help. us temperatures in the northern hemisphere rise the flowers bloom homeowners know it's time to start the week each row of cutting the grass where some see drudgery
8:49 pm
others see opportunity for sports allow us to introduce you to load mower racing. any of it's not and smoggy but these drivers wouldn't want it any other way than. mastering the bumps and navigating through tight curves i think two of the drivers biggest challenge us. in the sport is more painful than it knocks. the championship rounds of twenty laps which doesn't seem that long and the laps on that long but if you're going full throttle from the first from the first starts of this overlap boy if you're probably going to start to like a little bit. tricks to succeed in this tough sport pacing pacing pacing other whites try this risk tiring themselves out in many ways it's not that different from formula one the point system works very much like formula one where you get
8:50 pm
twenty five points right so during this meeting which is over two days we have four races twenty five point eight one hundred points per week aimed at the driver with the most points at the end of the season takes the crown none more racing may not have the same glitz and glamour of formula one but it's on the cutting edge. of a day w.'s culture desk is here to tell us about a unique exhibition that's because the german city of votes global computer what's going on facebook you know very well it's always very as well known as the headquarters of the w for its work and the comedy factor but it also has an exquisite gallery called the cool. and they have all of the moments an exhibition cold facing india which brings together six indian artists to explore their homeland politically and emotionally and environmentally it's a very very interesting exhibition i would like to introduce you to one of the
8:51 pm
artists immediately veba galata whose work centers around threats to the environment. it's an it's a documentary have parts of the exhibition breath by breath it's culture collected polluted air at various locations across the open environments it's an ironic work that points the finger at excessive consumerism she also presents people wearing face masks against the smog that has become an everyday part of life in cities like delhi the question is how do people cope with this kind of thing well ironically all mockingly the office says what how they cope with this is with further consumerism by actually buying canned fresh air and really from canada where else was it canada australia and the united kingdom can you believe i did not know but apparently it's true ok ok let me introduce you to some more of the work of the bug a lot throw themselves as we've just been hearing about and some of the other women in the exhibition. facing india addresses the realities of life on the
8:52 pm
sub continent. the human is a sacred river in india severely contaminated by industrial effluents and raw sewage yet locals who live along its banks still use its water for bathing cooking and drinking and have philmont an artist vivid haga lot right uses poetic imagery to document the environmental disaster socially engaged and critical art is at the heart of the facing india exhibition. i was surprised at the level of social engagement these artists of all collaborated with n.g.o.s established broad contacts including to lower social classes i've learned a lot from the way they work and their approach is reflected in their output they found a very apt visual expression for highly complex pictorial content. deferent
8:53 pm
is the title of this installation by bharti care the bricks are made from melted glass bangles commonly worn by indian women it's a lonely space a tribute to the countless silenced victims of sexual violence which remains widespread across india today the live side sculpture six women is also a reflection on women's funner ability cast from the bodies of kolkata sex workers . visible and invisible down trees a central theme in indian society and in this exhibition. and chronicle by rena kalat is a map of migratory parts taken across centuries how does migration affect a sense of national identity and how absurd a border conflicts symbolized by barbed wire in an age when digital communication has long since transcended all boundaries.
8:54 pm
me to a sense work is more radical than museum of underlinings is an astute metaphor for an egalitarian world. gaping grimace unfolds teeth questions the dividing lines between castes ethnicities and genders facing india an uncompromising view of the sub continent and the world we live in. so peter clearly many of the issues raised in this exhibition are not specific to india that's a good point that's true i mean obviously women per gender are subjected to confines to limitations the boundaries to borders in many many many places around the world nevertheless that is what this exhibition is about and i think there's a case to be made for life being particularly tough for women in india at this point in time we see it constantly in the news and the outcry that we've seen in recent years years narrow against male violence has reached fever fever pitch part of this crosses into the caste system of course which is officially illegal but
8:55 pm
it's still having a crippling impact on many areas of women's lives in india let me on that note introduce you to another of the artist from the exhibition project her partners who's interested in how boundaries can be overcome emotionally and physically indeed she takes a close look at the hope that's what she's particularly interested in especially the kitchen which she depicts is a conflict zone with grenades in the fridge there they are you could just see them surveillance technology everywhere and they're nightmarish malls like these where women can go shopping how you ask can women shape their identities in such a world and i think that's the question of the out is this asking for fascinating expression six indian women in germany and how long is it until birth through to october the seventh. that's very interesting it's a great thank you so much for that question.
8:56 pm
oh. life just tired sherman top story this hour flat america which it has been sworn in for a fourth term russia's president in his inauguration speech he promised to boost the economy was also nominated as close ally to make sure medvedev to be prime minister ok. russia. that's a choke up today to have more of the talk out of course as always the website that's t w dot com of attack.
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on. the from yemen branch by three years of civil war thousands have died millions have fled diseases are spreading. nobody is helping and we need help we need help for yemen i mean it's been called the world's biggest
8:58 pm
humanitarian crisis. and the world looks away. in fifteen minutes on d. w. . the fast pace of life in the digital. shift has the lowdown on the web but it shows a new developments useful information and anything else worth noting. reasons the reason is finance. and looks over the shoulders of makers and choosers. should. be five minutes dollars. germany is a strong country. that we have achieved so much we can do this and if something him to resign we must overcome it. going where it's uncomfortable global news that
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matters w made for mines. a blessing and a curse. the force of nature and inescapable fate. monsoon was the tropical downpours that changed life in india. to the soul of the self comes a source of knowledge and a cause of enormous destruction. from soon starting may twenty third on t.w. . frank food. international gateway to the best connection self to road and rail. located in the heart of europe you are connected to the whole world. experience outstanding shopping and dining offers and try our services. allan gassed.
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managed by from. this is d. w. news live from berlin six more years in the kremlin today why the man who did was sworn in for a record fourth term as russia's president the former k.g.b. officer turned world leader makes big promises to the russian people but for the west no signs that movement plans to change his course of confrontation also coming up he's the man he valen to shake up france and reclaim
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a leading role for europe on the world stage we look at what president in my new will microland said she's dead home and.


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