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tv   Close up - Yemen The World Looks Away  Deutsche Welle  May 8, 2018 5:15pm-5:46pm CEST

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the from. at the southernmost tip of the arabian peninsula away from the eyes of the outside world yemen is counting its did more than ten thousand of them and those displaced run into millions. there's cholera famine and for many exiles yemen is at war. not many foreigners set foot in this part of arabia the president of the international committee of the red cross has come to visit this exhausted and divide. country. he's one of the few people authorized to observe
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a conflict. which has been reduced to wretched internal hostilities. and. just. as interesting challenge instantly. his trip is a difficult one to say the least he'll be starting in the south in aden and finishing three hundred fifty kilometers further north in santa the two cities that
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have been the country's capitals on and off for years. half way between the two in the heart of the highlands he'll be visiting on the frontline. sheet to feed those awful perceive it up to be at what we have been see since my first visit to yemen two years ago i think that the international community has significantly underestimated the degree of destabilization of pain and suffering caused by the war in yemen and they've tried to relegate the situation to the second or third rank of the international conflict last years so that's why i've returned here determined to try and regress the imbalance to some extent between the lack of international attention and the huge humanitarian needs that the last year and i think getting us to the to live for those wanting money to.
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one of the few people. i heard it all started on september twenty first two thousand and fourteen. to the surprise of observers the. religious political movement took control of the capital . declared
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a revolution against what they called government corruption and in just. the battle lines were. supported by. loyal to former president. he'd found allies to help him eventually soften all those who had ousted him during the arab spring of two thousand and eleven. i was. made to know the newly elected president months already lost control of the situation he was forced to flee to the south of the country the rebels gained ground throughout the rest of the country. a march twenty fifth two thousand and fifteen following a request from president hadi saudi arabia put together a military coalition and launched operation decisive storm its objective was to reinstate the president and quell the insurgency. yemen is now divided
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into at least two territories the first held by rebel who fees is situated in the north and along a large part of the red sea coast to the west and the second controlled by a loyalist forces in the saudi coalition is in the south and east of the country the front line between the two is in the highlands of. the and other militant islamist groups have taken advantage of the political turmoil to reinforce their own positions. baden has officially become the provisional capital of the government in exile. fierce fighting between the who fees and the saudi coalition has left deep scars on the city. like big story of. the defeated rebels have had to retreat to the north of the countries.
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in aden the war has been on standby for months but the city's basic facilities are still in the process of being repaired. like the main water treatment plant for example. i think i was going to i wasn't sure what it was. the frontline is situated several hundred kilometers away to the north but the destruction of basic sanitary facilities means that the wounded have to be brought here to aden to be treated. but. there's a lot of because of that because of their great was the there was
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a lot more like i say i hate to go but i think again i think gerry's and i said i i i don't want this guy or that was. your fault but i think oh boy my yes i may just. be thankful that i was the average that they should say he was patients have a good day we believe that but i think it's you know maybe i think he's going. to say that it was yeah. groups of popular resistance sprang up at the onset of the war fighting alongside the armed forces against those who think rebels.
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know if. he was there i think beginning we led an attack against the who feeds we have tacked them. when the car hit a mine and i broke my leg and my comrades were injured but. i've been fighting the who through since twenty fifteen and god willing to fight them to my last drop of blood. the shias for the honor of our religion and me but the loss of. innocent didn't. in the past yemen has kept itself away from religious conflicts. but this war has changed everything the sunni muslims of saudi arabia suspect iran their sworn enemy of supporting the shia who the rebels. and so yemen has become the battleground for these two regional powers and the conflict has taken a totally unexpected religious twist. soviet
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assault as you know i visited ate in two years ago so i have mixed feelings returning here the signs of war still extremely visible extent you can tells when you listen to the patients that the risk still a lot happening on the front line that is getting closer to a point like that each day the hospital is in the movement it shock not just injured soldiers but injured civilians too and people from both sides of the conflict turn up at this hospital so we're very close to the fighting that best said the fall. of zero point does it all call it a polish. coffee. away from the hospital the sights and sounds of the frontline are less present.
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in many ways aden seems like a ghost town. the internationally recognized government prefers to operate from the safety of saudi arabia. under the control of their powerful ally the yemeni authorities are trying to manage what's left of the country. meanwhile people go about their lives as best they can.
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no longer wish were certainly not saying that things are gotten one hundred percent better as long as weapons are easily accessible there will be problems but some effort is being made by the heads of security local authorities ministers they're all trying very hard to improve the situation here so that we can feel safe again but thanks to god even if we're still lacking many things our situation is infinitely better here than elsewhere. tyee says less than two hundred kilometers north of aden. the balsa couple's close source while bad i strongly believe that it's important for me to see for myself the complexities on the ground these include the difficulties encountered by different actors on the frontlines like negotiating
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access to thai east and around talkies and with all the different groups involved in the conflict despite all that stuff and. i suddenly the convoy comes to a halt. i was . there for that secure base i mean there are also over there days you get a little relief because everyone who controls the city both officially and unofficially is here so yeah i think we get it but a.j. i would say that it's really the matter of. all humans different combatants red berets and black scarves it's surreal. crowding around this public figure who's come to witness the conflict for himself there are members of al qaeda and of the so-called islamic state as well as cell office trollish him and. a few other
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soldiers complete the picture. this is the state of yemen today and unnatural alliance of fighters and jihadists who all have one enemy in common who feeds them but i . together there are scores. in the convoy towards the center of the city. it took weeks of negotiations to prepare for this visit nobody knows whether this ceasefire will last several hours or several days there's still an element of risk. all it takes is a sniper's bullet or some rocket fire. the silence of the frontline could be broken at any moment.
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to use has been under heavy fire for two and a half years and invite both aerial strikes from the saudi coalition and street fighting. to meller is driving through the heart of the destroyed areas but mustn't go off the beaten track landmines can still be found inside roads and small mounds of earth. he's not here to make promises he's just here to observe and listen. i. know. before you go yes we want. to go. find my son was killed in the bombardments were under siege we have to stay at home
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day and night. it's a bit better now neither god nor the prophet can accept what's going on i swear we have no water to drink only rainwater. so if i were trapped inside right now thank god thanks to god the situation is getting a bit better one or fortunate one girl spoke recently on those issues that are good and i think that's one of the world. this is nothing and i haven't been out at all nor have my daughter has it and we haven't been outside since the beginning of the war. a bomb fell on our house and killed my son. that we just may call it bless you and be with you we got over this and i think i did i think. this is what it's like for yemen's third city partly cut off from the outside world.
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the delegation didn't get much sleep they've only spent a few hours on the frontline under escort with strict instructions to stay inside. in the early hours of day three of the trip the red cross president and his delegation set out for sun up the rebel stronghold and their final stop i. after crossing several checkpoints and in order to avoid the active front line the delegation has to skirt around the south of to ease then continue up into the mountains on narrow winding roads. and they. do this if you don't want to go because if you talk about a guide leads the way.
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i. don't know what the delegation leaves the government controlled zone. and if. they get through with no alarms and drive past the green and red slogans of the rebels god is great death to america death to israel. who fees are on their guard weapons at the ready they have tight control of the north of the country. the city of sendai is not far away now.
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so here we are entering one of yemen's capital. the country everybody knows that they are the official and unofficial capitals in yemen. and also political capitals that. it shouldn't be that is on the is still a very important capital in the country. as president of the c.r.c. also have to be very careful not to give the impression of recognizing one or the author of the capitals as the main one. like the last time i came i started my trip in sanaa and finished in a it's actually called this time i'm doing it the other way about it so she sees the. should definitely not sign up for the sake of impartiality.
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for impartiality and the sort of logistics but especially for humanitarian reasons . for them. by. saying. this is the last stop on peter mauer's journey having held talks with exiled government representatives in aden and then speaking with war chiefs in tell us now he must hold discussions with who the rebels.
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but we won't find out anything about what was said during any of these talks one of our strong points is his total discretion. was. beneficial to you. i think. this is where the war started in this city perched two thousand three hundred meters up in the mountains. after lightning quick strikes the rebels took control of all the government departments. in the eyes of the elected regime this was purely and simply a coup d'etat. for the rebels it was an armed revolt against government corruption . the thousand year old gate at the center of the old town of sun is festooned with
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who the slogans. pictures of those who helped form the unlikely alliance to overthrow the elected president can be found on the market stalls like a collection of relics. of. the rebel chief and. the ex-president ousted by the revolution in twenty eleven. they both made a claim for power but refused to share it and the alliance for. part. thank the former president's body was found with a fractured skull in the back of a pickup truck on december fourth twenty seventeen. the movies carried on and far from wavering they went from strength to strength seizing control of nearly thirty percent of the northern part of the country. i. don't see the head of the
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rebellion is loved and hated in equal measure but beyond the eternal debates over revolution or could it toss what everyone fears most is the same thing being shelled by the coalition. for. the most part of. the. way. i think. i'm on time. very very sort of the want to. look at all that's been destroyed him but i got a lot they bombed us at a quarter to ten in the morning just when everyone was going to work on the whole.
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lot because everyone who was down there those who were over there those who were working on the building site and even if the workers were on the roof they all died . as i didn't hear you. people were running in all directions that he was sick with fear. and why did they show here on the chart of how should i know there are women and children here that's all. lots of talk about how that. armed rebels or civilians aerial strikes or indiscriminate civilians make up the victims of this war. but i just saw. it and what are
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you hoping the international community is going to do. i want them to wake up to the plight of the yemeni people and to look at us with humanity for a start. but along with many other yemenis i don't feel that the eyes of the world are upon us it's as if we don't exist but not that it will shut us out of. i. thank. us that all of us good to yemen yemen is not going to be headline news anytime soon . it's just the political reality he's the only crises that make the headlines are the ones that affect the world's powerful nations and what's happening in yemen only partially affects those world powers as do most and that's why there's only
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partial coverage in the international community but you don't see the six coming of the us and. i. and so the war grinds on there seems no end to this merciless conflict. and on top of the endless noise of fighter jets overhead a silent but deadly enemy which the yemenis thought had been eradicated long ago has returned. i. think. this is really put it off yesterday or is it look this was the fifth political surge was it that security had to shift ok sis it was yes whatever step photos fish this only forty us.
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a million people have been infected with cholera it's the world's largest epidemic . they didn't have anything from the scans from the station which also i want to text are going to send this to loot in france because i'm not but this is a first of us all so much as a necessity or so we don't have some sort of. money extreme tip of the arabian peninsula as the world looks away yemen is being destroyed it's facing one of the biggest humanitarian crises since the end of the
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second world war. the yemen by those points on take sadly every square meter of yemen bears witness to what happens when the systematic violation on all sides of human rights takes place when civilians are the first to suffer a c.v. these infrastructures are destroyed as well as health systems and social care systems systems so silkies when all these things break down chords everyone suddenly seems surprised that there's a cholera epidemic and then a global migration problem. don't make us your glove the causes of these things are very simply the violation of the basic principles of international human rights and the unchecked violence which destroys societies in its wake as the war lingers on he. said societe the death of jealousy is like gavels.
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as paid to him. our prepared to leave yemen so now was hit by at least four coalition air strikes the fragile peace had already started to crumble. the fast pace of life in the digital. shift has the lowdown on the web showing new developments and providing useful information the wittiest finds and interviews with the makers and users. should live next on w.
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