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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  May 14, 2018 2:00am-2:15am CEST

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you don't really use line from berlin suicide bombers target churches in indonesia second largest city police say it was the work of one family including their children elise thirteen people have died in the attack in surabaya with dozens more wounded also coming up. u.s. officials including president trump's daughter ivanka aren't israel the head of the american embassy opening in jerusalem israel calls the move from tel aviv a triumph while the international community says it's a massive setback for the peace process. and jubilation in lisbon as israel wins
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the euro vision song contest. for. israeli artists natto won the competition held in the portuguese capital for the song inspired by the chu movement. and welcome to the program we begin in indonesia where more than a dozen people have been killed and scores more injured after multiple suicide attacks the bombings were carried out by members of the same family including two young children they attacked three christian churches and the country's second largest city. the so-called islamic state has claimed responsibility is the deadliest series of terror attacks in indonesia in over
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a decade. places of worship placed on high alert after a series of coordinated bomb attacks left more than a dozen people dead and scores more injured all carried out by the same family. i suddenly heard the explosion from nowhere and. i saw people trying to get out from the church but security blocked them until the police arrived and evacuated them. the perpetrator was riding a motorcycle to try and get through the gate of the church security stopped them because it's not a parking area so the security asked them to move but suddenly the bomb exploded the. police say the family who carried out the attacks had returned to indonesia from syria the rise of so-called islamic state in the middle east has field local militant networks here. the father detonated
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a car bomb at one church his two teenage sons used a motorcycle for their attack while the mother was accompanied by two daughters. aged twelve and nine. this act of terrorism is really barbaric and beyond the limits of humanity it has inflicted casualties on people on police officers and on innocent children including the perpetrators and their children who acted as suicide bombers. these bombings were the worst to target churches in entities yes since a series of attacks on christmas eve in eighteen years ago which killed fifteen people and injured almost one hundred. into the shias christians many of whom are from the ethnic chinese minority make up about nine percent of the country's two hundred sixty million people a community now in mourning which will try to rebuild. officials and friends say
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a friend of the man responsible for the dead. a knife attack in paris on saturday has been arrested in the city of strasburg the attacker was shot dead at the scene by police after he killed one person and wounded several others the french national was said to be in his early twenty's and born in chechnya he reportedly been on a police watch list of suspected extremists investigators have already taken his parents for questioning. preparations are under way in israel for monday's opening of the american embassy in jerusalem a white house delegation including president trump's daughter ivanka are in the country ahead of the festivities the u.s. embassy from tel aviv comes on the seventieth anniversary of the founding of israel israel is calling the decision to move the diplomatic had borders a triumph but the move has upset the arab world and triggered concern from the international community in while scuffles broke out as israel celebrates jerusalem
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day officers attempted to separate jewish and muslim men as they clash at temple mount a holy site in both religions hundreds of jewish worshipers had come to temple mount or. arabic and honor of jerusalem day the national holiday commemorates the day when israel took control of drew city. discuss this further we're joined by duvalier correspondent who is in jerusalem covering the story for us while come jerusalem day is not without tension to begin with in the city but this year especially there is further strain with the u.s. set to move its embassy to morrow you've witnessed several protests today what's been happening there. as you said yourself it's a day of high tension and this is a city that's used to high tensions but things are especially heightened right now as we saw there was some at least one scuffle at the temple mount earlier today where police unfortunately punched
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a man in the head during clashes between police and palestinians up there i myself was following today a group of the left wing israeli peace activists who were marching through the old city handing out flowers and holding heart shaped signs that say we love you in various languages in the palestinian reaction that was fairly mixed some people were very accepting of the flowers very appreciative and other people were tearing the flowers apart as soon as they were handed them and throwing them on the ground so a lot of mixed reactions around jerusalem day in general and we have to remember that it's not just jerusalem day tomorrow's the opening of this embassy the next day is the knockabout day of the palestinian catastrophe a day end of the week marks the beginning of ramadan the muslim holy month and of course remember last night israel won the euro vision song contest so there's a lot of competing narrative threads going on here that are contributing to as we've said these heightened tensions now with regard to the embassy we know president trumps the fish and to move american operations to jerusalem has triggered some controversy especially since the brakes decades of u.s.
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neutrality how might this move impact the peace process. well we have to remember there isn't much of a peace process helping right now in the first place and one of the big concerns is that this move moving the u.s. embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem will basically kill any future chance of reviving the peace process and that is certainly what we've been hearing from the palestinian side on the israeli side there are a lot of mixed feelings some people of course feel that this is of course a catastrophe but there are a lot of people who are simply saying look this is the reality jerusalem is our capital this is our political center this is where our prime minister lives this is where our congress has called the knesset is this is simply an acknowledgment of the reality of the situation of israel now of course we've seen a lot of condemnation from the international community which will make moving forward with any future peace process if there even is one to be had quite difficult. correspondent in jerusalem thank you for your insight
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now some of the other stories making news around the world partial results from iraq's election put the political alliance of shiite cleric. and communist candidates in the lead according to be a rocky electoral commission a grouping made up of x. paramilitaries who fought the so-called islamic state is so far second would be alliance that incumbent prime minister hyder are body in third place. with an iranian president hassan rouhani says his country will remain committed to the two thousand and fifteen nuclear deal despite the u.s. decision to exit the accord he says will abide by the agreement if the remaining five countries keep up their end european signatories have reaffirmed their willingness to keep the deal alive. in pakistan five students in their twenty's have died after a wooden bridge collapsed about a dozen people remain missing in the kashmir region the area is
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a popular tourist destination and tourism department officials says the bridge was not designed to hold a large number of people. to italy now where it's been two months since the country held inconclusive elections a populist five star movement and the far right league are still in negotiations to forge a common program for a coalition government the parties were adversaries before the march fourth vote but now it seems they may be finding common ground. the coming hours could be historic the populist five star movement and the far right league have spent the weekend locked in talks here in milan. both parties seem intent on forming a joint government they thrashed out the twenty point policy document agreeing on issues such as pensions reform the parties said they made big steps forward despite very different campaign promises the five star movement pledging a universal basic income and the league proposing
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a fifteen percent flat tax rate but both of these euro skeptic parties agree they don't want to be dominated by europe's economic giants. we don't want to become a german colony no one in italy would want that. according to reports a key area of contention is still migration the league wants much tougher immigration rules than the five star movement. it's unclear who will lead the new government the two parties will now propose an agreed name for prime minister to italy's president. neither of the party leaders vini and luigi dimaio want to allow the alpha to become prime minister. this week could bring about a stock change in italy's and europe's political climate. formula one now at
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the spanish grand prix mercedez made clear there the team to beat this season in previous races ferrari and sebastian fatso had made their mark with a clever pit strategy but in barcelona on sunday defending champion lewis hamilton turned the tables on them. the world champion flexing his muscles lewis hamilton started from pole and left the competition in his tracks even during the caution period following this crash by roman grose the briton kept his cool. first suggestion fettered on the other hand it just wasn't his day his ferrari team's choice of tires didn't work out and the german had to be satisfied with fourth place. hamilton crossed the finish line unchallenged for the sixty fourth grown prieto of his career. these guys have done an amazing job and is really proud of everyone and today the car and myself the city today which i
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had been feeling for the whole year so it's a good feeling. the triumph in spain gives hamilton a whopping seventeen point lead in the battle for the drivers' championship. germany's alexander's there of was in top form in madrid on sunday as he bowled those dominic team to claim victory in the madrid open final after an early break zaf pulled out the first set six four under the approving gaze of german tennis legend boris becker it was more of the same the second is that with vera making short work of the man knocked rafael nadal out in the quarter finals and then with the score at five four the german earned a match point and an unforced error from team granted that third masters title of his career. the largest song competition on the planet has
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a new champion israel has won this year's euro vision song contest which was held on saturday night in the portuguese capital lisbon the winning entry was a quirky pop tune performed by charismatic rising star. for funky chicken moves are already influencing politics. net to virtualize song toy was inspired by the hash tag me too it celebrates female empowerment so i always start with the fact that people people want to get this right i know that but but. but now i'm super glad i'm surprised that the people recognize and realize the different is that it was just wonderful. back home and tell of eve the celebrations nuno balance as israel celebrates its seventieth here it's the fourth time the country has won the euro
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vision. fan saying that is when his own so a triumph for diversity. to. see. you. thank you. thank you. thank you. everybody who are the most happy people who have heard you were super good to me saying go out. with her combination of techno hip hop and k. pop the twenty five year old singer went into the contest as the bookies favorite racking up more than twenty million views on your visions you tube channel ahead of the big night. and it's likely to be played over and over again the
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following net is convincing win over a strong field of zero vision contestants called status guaranteed. you're watching it all when you stick around for the bundesliga show everyone here i do w thanks for watching. you accidentally shot some. troll. time in the.


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