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this is d.w. news live from berlin after the pageantry the party prince harry and megan markel have married in the wedding of the year and the couple have jet off to a private reception with two hundred of their closest friends and family and a classic british sports car after a fairy tale ceremony at st george's chapel in windsor castle tens of thousands of people lined the streets earlier to wish them well we'll bring you all the royal wedding highlights. if that wasn't glamorous enough we have news from cannes where
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the winner of this year's palme d'or is the japanese drama shoplifters directed by euro kazu corey into. a maverick and welcome to the program britain's prince harry has married american actress megan markel in a royal wedding watched by millions of people around the world the bride and groom said i will in front of a star studded crowd in a chapel at windsor castle and there were a few surprises in store for the gas and all of us watching as the newly appointed duke and duchess of sussex broke molds and created new ones. in a gallon by you paula she. arrived to meet her prince. walking down part of the aisle on the arm of harry's father prince charles. her own father
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in hospital following heart surgery. but her mother she did right in front of the altar. prince harry the sixth in line to the british throne and marco a u.s. actor and women's rights advocate met just two years ago now that you have exchanged vows. with your take back on to be your wife when you. come fessed up on and protect and forsaking all of the faithful to as long as you both shall live i will. follow you the ceremony was unconventional by royal standards with a song performed by a british gospel group can business and commerce and an energetic sermon by a u.s. episcopal bishop to this tired old world when the moment is the way when the moment
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is the way on so free sacrificial redemptive when we love you the way they did you know they did a bit of britain in this world it then filling st george's chapel where some six hundred guests a mix of friends of the bride and groom royalty and celebrity. among the invited guests george animal clooney. david and victoria back i'm. and elton john. after the ceremony more emotion on the steps of the chapel. departing in a horse drawn carriage the newlyweds were greeted by ecstatic crowds lining the streets of windsor the weekend home of queen elizabeth. after a formal reception they launched into a private party with some two hundred select guests within the grounds of windsor
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castle. law. correspondence bereket mosse and mathis were on hand in windsor for all the pomp and pageantry earlier they shared their personal high points of the day with us. i think the lasting impression of the chat service for me was of the love that there is between the couple there were many moments when harry seemed a bit nervous and it looked like he was looking for reassurance from his wife he was reaching over trying to touch or she was beaming throughout the whole savants so i think the special bond that is between them that really came across the new thing absolutely a truly magical atmosphere here in windsor and of course that was transmitted to the audience outside where i was standing just outside the castle people living every moment of that ceremony singing along holding their breath for the key moments the all you will moments and then big cheers of course when both that set
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the key was of that ceremony and many people said to me look we really like the modern touch they have added to that ceremony and they hope that they will bring some fresh wind into prisons want to key yeah there is very very many things that are really special about the couple they come from really different traditions from different backgrounds megan obviously somebody who is very outspoken she's really interested in a lot of causes she speaks out on social justice and this is something that harry must've been attracted to and it's also something that they share they are both involved in a lot of charities here of course from a very very different background very traditional families will be interesting to see how this dynamic is going to change and then of course finally there were those key moments you take away from events like this one and that was when the procession started everybody was seen the couple of first hand and i myself was standing outside the consul and the moment they passed by starting the procession i
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think prince harry established for a short moment i contact. through his alter in for iraq's parliamentary elections iraq's electoral commission says the bloc led by popular shiite cleric mokhtar the al sadar has secured the most seats there himself didn't . in the election but he is expected to exert a strong influence from the sidelines the nationalist cleric success could be seen as a setback for iran as he seeks to decrease foreign influence in the country iran has steadily increased its role in iraq since a u.s. led invasion toppled saddam hussein in two thousand and three. in the shiite stronghold of saddam city named after this father there was widespread joy when early results were released now it's confirmed saddam's bloc captured fifty four parliamentary seats. who led to uprisings against u.s.
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occupation troops was sidelined for years by iranian backed rivals was able to capitalize on growing resentment over terror and back to governments who failed to improve basic services and build hospitals and schools in a country devastated by the war against islamic state although he can't hold office because he didn't run in the election his blocks of victory could allow him to wield influence from the sidelines. we hope that outsiders syren bloc which is the biggest block will form a new government it's the list that represents all iraqis and meets their hopes. the people welcome this block some politicians with the support of the regional countries are working to remove the room block from the political process but iraqis fully back this block and its leader saddam. but not all iraqis are behind during the u.s.
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occupation he headed the the army a militia blamed for killing and torturing sunni muslims. second across the finish line was the block its leader. has close ties with iran and heads an umbrella group of paramilitaries that played a key role in defeating islamic state. the bloc led by incumbent prime minister. trailed in third place outside his supporters say they fear that the two pro iranian blocks will join forces to form a coalition government. now to some of the other stories making news around the world cuba's transport minister has announced that one of the black boxes has been found at the crash site of the airliner that went down near havana state media says one hundred ten passengers and crew have died meanwhile three survivors are in hospital in critical condition so far the cause of the accident is not yet known.
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a volcano that forced hundreds of hawaii to evacuate their homes has a ruptured once again residents were forced to hunker down in shelters as kill a way out began spewing fountains of lava last night geologists say eruptions are possible though a massive outburst is unlikely. italy's anti-establishment party five star has reached a coalition deal with the far right leak the two parties are now haggling over who will be the next prime minister they are due to present a nominee for approval by italy's president on monday. night one of the most coveted honors in the world of finn in my has been announced the prestigious cannes film festival began over a week ago and the palme d'or at the top prize has now been awarded to the movie shoplifters by japanese director hero kasi or a duck it tells the story of a family of small time crooks who take in and invest in child the film is
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challenging look at conventional views on what actually constitutes a family korea that attempts to challenge the society and its preconceived notions two years ago he won the jury prize at cannes. bring in our very own film boss our culture correspondent and host of movie show kino scott roxboro he's just returned from the cannes film festival scott the makers are more than twenty films have been vying for that top prize tell us about the winner shoplifters. yeah i mean you give a good description right right there it's a really interesting film about family it wasn't were at the top of my list because it's not that political of film and i thought this year cam was going to make a political statement it was supposed to be the year of the woman in cannes that's what they what they said this is the first year in the wake of the me too scandal and the seventh is them seemed to be written large at this year's festival but in the end all the top prizes or the top three prizes went to men this in this case
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with i think it was well deserved this was an excellent film and a real real tug around the heartstrings but i was a bit upset a bit upset that you didn't see any of the females represented directors represented in the top prizes we had only three women directors this year in competition and none of them won one any of the top awards now this is the first cannes film festival in the need to air i did anything stand out in terms of gender equality that feature at this year's event. well yeah actually featured at this year's awards ceremony because asia argento the italian actress who is one of the women who bravely came forward to accuse harvey weinstein the all the producer of assault of the of raping her actually at the festival many years ago she presented an award at this year's ceremony and she said to the audience i was right the harvey weinstein and this festival was his hunting ground and said that there are still men out there in the industry in the film industry who must be brought to
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brought to justice which got a rousing round of applause the festival itself has tried to take steps to correct what is seen not only as a culture of harassment and assault in the industry but also the incredible gender disparity i mean this year you had just three female directors in total there being only eighty two women in the seventy one years represented in the competition here can this year has taken steps they said they're going to make clear how the films are selected they going to make sure there's gender parity on the on the boards that select the films for the future and they hope that this will really make make change it is a good step but i'll wait to see what actually happens because promises have been made before and can still remains very much an old boys' club and old boys' club other prizes have been handed out as well scott who are some of the key winners. yeah for me the two most interesting ones were the other two the sort of the best
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director and runner up film the runner up so much to spike lee's black klansman an amazing film based on a true story incredible true story about a black police officer who successfully infiltrated the ku klux klan on the phone pretending to be pretending to be white that pertained to be a racist the best spike lee film in years and for me it deserved the palme d'or got the runner up a grand jury prize but definitely worth a watch that film also. polish film cold war won the best director prize this is from the director of ito which won the oscar a couple of years ago for me this is the best made film this year and can beautiful black and white film it's a love story set in soviet era poland wonderful music perfect acting perfect direction really really a joy to watch really enjoy the joy of cinema those are two of my highlights this year and they both came out with two of the two of the top prize and so so it definitely was a pretty good here in cannes this time around i just would have liked to see
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a bit more female voices and female award winners on stage tonight w culture correspondent scott roxboro thank you very much coming up will have all of the action allowances from the final of the german cop here and berlin can mighty buying munich do the double and add the trophy to their going to sligo title or can underdogs frankfurt spring a surprise probably only halfway up after the break. but first we're going to leave you with some footage from this remarkable day in windsor the wedding of britain's prince harry and american actress megan mark all the newlyweds are now the duke and duchess of sussex congratulations to them and we hope to see you again at the top of the hour and i'll be quite often in berlin thanks for tuning in. sun tom. my. boss keep
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