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tv   Kick off - Kick off Special Champions FC Bayern  Deutsche Welle  May 22, 2018 1:30pm-2:00pm CEST

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art of freedom freedom of art. a multimedia project about artists and their right to express their views freely. d.w. don't come to freedom. oh. my munich have done it again they're the german champions for the sick game in a rug decided already with six match days to the real celebration was held off until after their important champions league matches. mr finished up by such
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a large margin has taken a huge effort are. a huge effort indeed to stay motivated if the year we feel we can match for a match and to always have to win sure that's more than commendable but is their constant dominance in the lay down to their superiority all their opponents are just too weak. to govern they say bye and win the championship automatically but there's a lot of work that goes into it don't. we take a look back at the season with two buy in legends on my hitzfeld and loads i must say yes. this was the bye bye bye and you've got a built in title guarantee on the. line season wasn't all sunshine and rainbows the champions had their fair share of frustration as well. but here with kick off we'll show you how they once again seem to pull it off.
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without any effort. to get. by in season ended with confetti atrophies just as it has done in the last few days. to be top of the pile on stage thirty four games and get your hands on the trophy much chance an emotional moment and one that you save into the fold because he knows and they surely just have to celebrate their championship but at some point we can't help but ask ourselves is the punters league getting for. july twenty seventh see the pre-season trip to china and singapore will be noisy reception i'm with a chap warmed up for the season playing against the top english and italian clubs in the international champions cup. news in here and i'm ok with playing high class opponents these games and i walk in the park on. the opposition was there but it didn't go well for games played and i need one wind to show for it.
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i i am not on less than optimal pre-season to my home the alarm bells were already bringing out you know submission we can't lose we can draw upon are a big club the mentality is always to win. but i was not that certainly a warning against complacency now we're just looking forward to the next game and the chance to get back on track spears obviously thinking on this concert with that sort of puts a stake in the super cup against dortmund the first taste of success with triumph of four new faces in a class car in time to listen and as read three guesses and sebastien reading i pedalled the shootout victory helped restore the pre-season balance. i. we played
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a couple of really bad games so it was really important for us to come back here. you could sense the pressure over the past few days. we've brought it partly on our sounds with our patchy preparations but you saw all that will to win out there today but as he gets religion up on a jury because they have. to uphold this will to win by an appointed has to have is it just sporting director last summer nicknamed brown so he has nine years on the books as a player. i always gave one hundred percent every training session every game and i'll take the same approach to the job as sporting director for the director i'm going. on i think we have a church is a good motivator you could also focus well on performance related matters so i think we can do wonders for its house and moved learn a lot from early her nissen karl-heinz woman to go for peace and order he will also
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be looking to contribute some good ideas of his own. and salahadin sage was put to the test right away working close together with coach carlos mencia last see buying kicks off the lake with back to back victories but their form remained an issue. we don't play a maximum but i hope the next games will be better. we do a different. relieved. because. you have to improve. i think we just play too complicated. from improving by and last to nil it often time on match day three. defeats in a league campaign since twenty eleven. you know everyone's annoyed in the changing room the players the coach everybody little of americans. by the by an express was not to speak not playing well you dropping points for these. guys dortmund forged ahead. in
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a table by and fell behind putting coach and she lot c. in the firing line. until. she had left out thomas miller at the start of the season very was often on the bench and the problem was being switched from one flank to the other and she was experimenting too much stead of having to play as if you find they turned recently against him. so much. after six league match days and the three male champions league loss at paris and it was time for change. one of the next months often for the solution i know i hiked on you could sense the team in coach were no longer working as one of the line up in paris certainly raised a few eyebrows in giving preferences new young players a more experienced ones in some key positions the last straw really. seems a complicated human puzzle it means a lot of empathy and somewhat neglected that side of things and it proved to be his
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downfall. so flame some find this knock the need a log on the night of that defeat the management decided it would be an option lottie's last game in charge even with no replacement lined up inside. the. will emerge the stronger from this it's still early in the season and we still want to be champion. and so a new coach was found or rather an old familiar one. memories from five years ago instantly returns when your point is steered by into an unprecedented travel the biggest success in the club's history. that would have been the perfect ending to his career back then at the age of sixty eight with the emotional sendoff at his home town club munching glad. the spot that was the perfect way to. round everything out as wonderful as good as it gets. but all of
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a sudden he was back as if he never left starting out much they ate he was back to his fourth stint in charge. so i think we're in agreement to your pint this is the ideal man for this task. because has vast expertise also in terms of his man management and he's a perfectionist. so i knew that this was his one of the best and wisest decisions bind have made in decades. my job here is to reform a team one that's really playing and working together again. and despite the difficult current situations i'm confident we'll manage to get back on track. and that's exactly what he did two solid victories over freiburg and hamburg helped restore the name but the chance back on track that's my. plan
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something. i'll think sparked a fair bit of euphoria because in the midst of we're all happy you spank me too he's a great coach very experienced and he knows exactly what he's doing. by and shined once again against their classico with their three one triumph over dortmund value . from trailing behind within four weeks by and pulled ahead and overhauled their rivals at the top of the table they didn't even have to be in top form to dominate the league and get back on track but nothing more than that we have to stay with both feet on the ground the only thing is we can be very very happy because they are a fight points behind and if we are six points clear so that's something if you would tell me three or four weeks ago i would say you're crazy but we did it. because you're high just did what was necessary to get players back in the positions that so. the best. thing since doing what suits him best as usual.
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in front of. the post i help. he. is not he's there when you need him he makes himself available and you can hold onto the ball up from. one of the best strike us in the world and you see just every game he'll always school he's a complete center forward package. also flourishing again. responding in neat from the coach who knows him well from that time together. i. told him i wasn't satisfied with his overall physical condition. he didn't completely share that view but since then he's been trying to give a different. scoring again. against.
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his five hundred when i was a player and. he was like ok. i mean what's the record. even in defeat. it was among the finest thanks to honk his. own and he knows virtually every player here and he's won everything with. something to help. you find his found the right woods for every player. rather than laying down the law or he took them up against. that restored sense of confidence has been key to find success since high interest rates and discussion. despite the rocky start to the season by and went into the winter break at the top of the. with an eleven point late. and that was even with the number two
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goalkeepers spent all right playing most of the time and replacement for time well keeper of the year. no manuel neuer i'm a keeper in my own right so i'll do my best in his place it will never be one hundred percent because manuel's the world number one a. fine without neuer for much they fight all his stand in all right have the old initial mishap but he swiftly grew into the role you number one got better with each match despite the enormous pressure that comes with the daunting task of filling in. his prevent to discussing behind in a few games he's been excellent. i'm very satisfied with his performance level still improving makes. the trip just got in the last month before the winter break
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to remember to spend all right the champions were leading into additional time when she did a penalty and a chance to equalise. because i still do but i'm not that familiar with the time of the shots and. the traditions money being booed was disappointing having been here so long. he was very professional didn't let himself be provoked and put in a. sort of i'm happy all the same a last minute save to help my new team to three important point. let's talk about manuel neuer also speaks volumes for center. with. rhythm by and well unstoppable even at the mid-season point. as dortmund fell out of step that went even any other contenders back from the winter break by and picked up right where they'd left off. one player stood out in particular i'm as rich as i think children
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should see fall because i think i. think that was i think what you see it came from the window it was a nice goal scored a few nice goals and this one's definitely right up there with them. and i'm very happy to have been able to do my bit for the team. because i was a witness and. now fully a climatized to the bundesliga and maintaining his form in the games that followed a great all round performance from the colombian star. he's got an incredible are on the field for how the situation's going to develop because has also given him the requisite assurance and self belief in one to one conversations to keep him to see how it's keeping in english placing thomas thomas
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is a creative player one who sets the tone and the middle of the pitch. he's a coach who puts his trust in the news he's been in the focus business a long time and i try to learn something from him every day because he's a coach with a lot of experience he has passed on to his players as with any work i mean it's when you're with you know. whether he's doing the rounds of the local fan clubs at a shootout challenge with a house. all right on top of the fast. habits retreat gas has learned quickly in his new surroundings. not just off the pitch but also on it how does rodriguez arrives in the job and job flights at the end of the one can see the learning to travel back for the teams that he some of the internal pecking order as well as making him. some for this comes to pin down but
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a fitting gig in the previous season by him were criticized for going most of the season with only one striker so in winter by and made a notable signing for being strikers under about now from hoffenheim back to his hometown club. by a small amount of what mine have always been my team my club personally it's incredible to be home again. made his bundesliga day before by him in august two thousand and seven over a decade later in january twenty eighth seen his first league goal for them against his former employer i. would have been i think i'm the best german striker whatever the stats i am to play well for germany's best club. and he settled in very well. even though his promotion to the german national team didn't exactly work out the second sound with his strong buy in mentality you know me doing something i grew up with in the prison and they get
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a feel for the whole mentality we are who we are it's more than a slogan on a t. shirt it's a very particular feeling here at the club you soak it up as a youngster and give me a son mia we are who we are. the club couldn't buy ins d.n.i. embodied in seasons past by the likes of philip long after they retired others had to step up to carry the torch usually to make one in march the fast rising star penned a contract extension through just twenty twenty three. he's been here my mother world class club here with a world class t.v. show every day i have the chance to learn from the best player with the best just. comes across well in interviews he has a charisma about him and a good body language on the pitch he's assertive and happy to take responsibility for all his youth that's how great leaders develop in football. a new course.
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office of the kite. with all due respect to philip. he's always been forgotten thanks to the quality commission brings to bucks by an allen national team who has an attacking threat i think mr to stick even favre commish has a bit of this focus. with hank is back at the helm not seen as also on the when september no renaissance says midfield lynchpin shades of twenty thirty eight while the front man was another player transforms the record racking up the wins my trainer team on my coaching team and all the stuff of doing a great job players are responding well to me that's what they're hungry for success and it shows in the football like i'm on with the most for. the victory march continued almost without interruption until much day twenty seven i'm not season's runners up audio like they gave the munich all-stars a red states to defeat. the suspense i mean it's not the end of the world to lose
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here against such a good machine and that's a possibility you have to reckon with. on the rebound by and we're up against arch rivals dortmund that classic take two for this season this time also with climate change. i think still. i. think i. think i thought it was tough but i. think i. did. i.
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think it was just right they got shot at. i think. they know what the top european league does the gap between the number one and two clubs seems sort of what it is in the. first half especially if you put on quite a show. because it was a real lesson for dormant. and the most important match is it still the older more experienced players that usually make the difference like from korea very top i'm still hungry i always want to win. a world class player i can carry on to an advanced age group very soon that exceptional category. you know he still has a feel for the situation passing dribbling combining is great for the fans for buy in and the bonus legal it from the river east got another contract extension. on the twenty ninth matchday still with six matches left in the season the title was
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already in the bag signed sealed and delivered with a b team for one win it out. to read various championship number eight with bae and just one more than his long term partner down the right our young robin who's also penned a new deal. that's not going to feel it's great fun to be out there with him on the pitch we have a very good understanding we can combine really well and we've been through so much together. here makes me quite proud. yeah this is his fourth treatment shop around for sure finds a family with a riverine robben out there i think the fans are happy. and they've been ten years of the club. where else do you get that he stays. above all their players of outstanding quality and professional to a degree i've really experienced as a coach. we have been rather not finished yet. trophy hunting to buy and it's the
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twenty eighth time they finish top in abundance league so do we have to get used to seeing this image with pine in their trophies when it comes to the bundesliga the answer is yes by and are just too good. not spaces left adams is all for woolly start to the season to finish top by such a large margin has taken a huge effort very commendable one of the more often you win the title and that six in a row for the less it's appreciated. because it was a foregone conclusion because they're the best they're bound to win the most of it's down to a lot of hard work to set. for you celebrate every time with your teammates the fans and the management it was always a great party and a great experience to win the title this little to. the bone does lee get so i still no other club in germany has been able to claim it for quite a long time finds astounding athletic and financial stance thanks in part to
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international t.v. money is just far beyond the others and the overpowering position at the moment also has a lot to do with their firing power the big transfers in recent years made all the difference especially leavened dusky who was the league's top goal scorer for the third season running. so was there to do with seeing the munich boys pour beer over themselves is getting tiresome they didn't even get to drink it because they had to think about their next champions league match. none the less you're trying to say there's another title to steady hand did the trick to bring buying back on course mostly hunkers just knew how to put the right players in the by positions and then there was nothing to stand in the way of the next but marry in be a shower. and celebration of the final match they buy in chairman carl hines ruben again put it this way. clover club is your first full spell in charge of this
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club and i think his tremendous qualities are just shone through as ever since there was some of the above and beyond that i believe you have also done something special this time as he's given the club back a bit of its own d.n.a. so the stock market does a deal. and shoots over to get. on the high end because the championship seemed to be an no brainer but how will it be without him. as the old coach is moving out nico she's moving in the car that it will be a return to foster's all this summer. that he has the pedigree he was here two years a suppliant. coverage may thirty four league appearances for buying between two thousand and one and two thousand and three he signed a three year deal to manage the touchline can he hold by its high expectations when losing is not an option. not the least bit worried because shown at frankfurt he can improve it seamless and you can compare franco with by and let me
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know it's not. just for you to take coco bench as a leader he takes responsibility so i want it matters most you can give the team that extra push that much of you should become a size zero is probably within reach because if he makes it that long their team is said to be strengthened even further gorecki from runners up shell and serge gnabry who spent the season on loan at hoffenheim will soon put on the buy in jerseys. since y. who knows who extremely talented german players maybe not world stance but plenty of top european clubs have them in their signs of. good and don't have a lot of competition at byron but they're young players with a pink future ahead of them so closely. of course fine may also lose some important matches like the recent german cup final against eintracht frankfurt and their future college but to mess up the whole season seems highly unlikely.
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the futures looking bright i am but a little less bright for the fund is laid. the be. the book. the book. the book. the book. the best. place in the the. law but. the book.
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this is news. north korea invites foreign journalists to witness the destruction of its nuclear test site it's being billed as a goodwill gesture ahead of an historic summit with the u.s. but is it a show for the cameras. also coming up facebook c.e.o. mark prepares for a grilling by european politicians over the global data scandal.


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