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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  May 25, 2018 8:00am-8:31am CEST

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the germans every week. this is d. w. news coming to you live from berlin north korea says it's willing to give donald trump time and opportunity to reconsider this after the u.s. president abruptly canceled a planned summit with north korea with no with the north's leader kim jong un we'll ask who can now pick up the diplomatic ball after trump's dramatic u. turn also coming up for years he seemed untouchable but today harvey weinstein is
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expected to surrender to police in new york disgraced movie mogul is finally facing arrest after an avalanche of accusations of sexual assault and rape. and ireland has one of the strictest abortion laws in europe but that could be about to change voters head to the polls for a historic referendum on the termination of pregnancy. hello i'm terry march and welcome to the program. we begin with breaking news coming in from canada where fifteen people have been injured in an explosion in mississauga a toronto suburb police have released this photo and say they're looking for the two men who are suspected of having detonated an improvised explosive device inside a restaurant and then fleeing the scene three of the fifteen people wounded have
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critical injuries. for the very latest let's bring in journalist nick west stole he's from global news toronto in ontario nick what more can you tell us about this attack yeah good morning yeah the latest we've got police put out a description about an hour ago they're looking for two suspects who officers allege set off an improvised explosive device with inside the restaurant that we discussed the latest terms of injuries three people are still listed in critical condition the other twelve mostly have minor injuries that's our understanding and police are asking for the people here to call with any tips and again asking people to look at this photo that they've put out showing two men appearing to enter some sort of business in the area. can you tell us anything about or have authorities
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said anything yet about who might be behind this attack can you tell us more about the target maybe too. yeah they have said nothing in terms of a possible motive here is the description they put out of the two men quite vague at this point. their faces were covered as they walked in the restaurant police said. yeah not much going on in terms of location where it happened. police and paramedics were called around ten thirty at night it's quite warm here people are out join dinner it's in an area called mississauga which is just west of the city right near that city downtown nic thank you so much for bringing us up to date nick west older from global news toronto in an teria for. of course we'll bring you more details on that story as they become available
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moving on to north korea north korea says it still wants talks with the united states insisting that it's open to them at any time this comes after u.s. president altro abruptly canceled a highly anticipated summit with north korea's leader kim jong il in a message to kim president blamed his decision on quote open hostility from pyongyang south korea has expressed regret that the summit is not going ahead. a tunnel leading to north korea's underground nuclear testing site. blown up by pyongyang as a gesture of goodwill ahead of a planned summit with the united states but hours later it was a letter from donald trump that blew up those plans for a meeting the u.s. president called off the summit he recently being what he called the north's open hostility toward washington to terminate the planned summit trump left open the possibility of meeting at a later date if north korea fulfilled the u.s.
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demand for denuclearization if and when kim jong un chooses to engage in constructive dialogue and actions. i am waiting. trump was asked by a reporter if the move would make war more likely we'll see what happens i hope that we will continue our. school has said it will keep pushing for dialogue between pyongyang and washington with the north saying that it remains open to talks news of trump's decision came as a disappointment to south koreans hoping for progress towards peace. with north korea has already released u.s. detainees and dismantle its nuclear tests. but the u.s. has tested north korea's patients. i think this is the reason for the cancellation of the summit. people on the korean peninsula including myself are worried that we'll go back to the unstable situation president moon j.n.
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who met kim jong un at a historic summit last month said he was perplexed by trump's cancellation after big steps forward it appears resolving tensions on the korean peninsula won't be as quick uneasy as some had hoped. for washington correspondent claire richardson is following the story she says trump is keeping the door open to dialogue with the north despite cancelling the meeting a meeting between donald trump and kim jong un had been highly anticipated and would have made history as the first time a sitting u.s. president met with a north korean leader republican supporters of trump even had been calling for him to win a nobel prize if he succeeded in his efforts but now the summit appears to be off the table as suddenly as it was announced trump says he's keeping the door open to dialogue with north korea but that the u.s. will continue with strong sanctions and his so-called maximum pressure campaign supporters of praise trump for not walking into the talks amid so much existing uncertainty but his critics say north korea has taken the u.s. for
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a ride and the showmanship ultimately has increased the chances of war. claire richardson there in washington and well let's get in the perspectives from south korea and china how are they dealing with this cancellation we're going to cross over to josh smith in seoul and felix lee in beijing let's start with you josh in seoul the north koreans say they are still willing to meet with trump any time they're not giving up are they. not yet this statement was encouraging i think for a lot of people in south korea who were fearful that perhaps the cancellation of this summit would lead to again talk of war as there have been threats between both sides said north korea's. openness to continue talks as well as some conciliatory remarks fire american officials do make it seem like there is a decent chance that both sides are talking to each other again soon
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fix donald trump says he pulled out of the talks because of hostility from north korea he previously hinted that china may have pressured north korea to take a tougher stance is china worried about the diplomatic fall happening on its border of the potential for western encroachment. well yes strom seems to have blamed you for an apparent shift in kim's and it today after kim has been seen with me next two weeks ago in the northern chinese city of dot in although it is not clear what's yet can we be discussing so far there is no proof for this accusation personally i do not find this particularly like it china's president does not want north korea to be on this nuclear weapons and he knows it is only a chance how trump and can meet in prison of course china wants to be part of a possible new orleans east asia and they definitely don't want the us army to be in north korea but china wants
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a peaceful solution so china sabotaging the talks seems not to be likely josh back to you in seoul where things go from here is south korea in a position to pick up the diplomatic all. they do say that that is their intention they will call it between foreign minister here and u.s. secretary of state on paper this morning where they retire or together to try to get things back on track with north korea that being said. as things this past week eric illustrated a lot of issues are outside of south korea for coal including predictable leaders both their accounting washington so where this goes from here is far from certain. thanks so much josh smith there in seoul and félix lee in beijing thank you both very much. now let's catch up on some of the other stories making headlines around
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the world today at least seven people have been killed in a car bomb attack in the libyan city of benghazi a bomb exploded on a busy road close to the popular to best the hotel no group has yet claimed responsibility libya has been rocked by violence since two thousand and eleven two thousand and eleven uprising which toppled and killed dictator moammar gadhafi. dutch investigators say the missile that brought to malaysia airlines flight m.h. seventeen nearly forty years ago came from a russia based military unit the passenger jet was headed from amsterdam to kuala lumpur when it was blown out of the sky over eastern ukraine two hundred ninety eight passengers and crew work. ireland is holding a referendum on whether to reform the catholic country's near total ban on abortions in europe most countries have fairly liberal abortion policies and allow terminations until the final trimester of pregnancy with the exception of three
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countries malta where terminations are completely illegal poland where a near total abortion ban is in place and women there can only terminate if terminate a pregnancy if they have been raped or their lives or that of the fetus are in danger and ireland where the only legal case for an abortion is if a pregnant woman's life is at risk. irish women are however free to travel to other countries to access abortion services as a result every day an average of eleven women travel to england and wales to terminate their pregnancies there we met one of them. a loving not that that's what jennifer ryan always hoped to be. six years ago she was pregnant for the second time it seemed like a normal pregnancy until a routine scan in the twenty second week brought jennifer's world crashing down she can still remember the doctor's exact words.
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your baby has a lot of problems and she has a very severe form of spinal bifida starting on her and her shoulder blades and she won't be able to survive with us on top of the. kidneys and the severity of the spinal bifida cause a lot of damage from brain your baby is incompatible with life jennifer decided she wanted to spare her baby any pain and have an abortion what happened next was almost as traumatic she and her husband had to hastily arrange a trip to a clinic in liverpool because doctors an island couldn't help. are you ready. they couldn't talk to you about it over here that we got the details of liver promise on a scrap of paper you know we had to ring ourselves they couldn't do any other for us. just you know like you were just totally alone. they took
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a ferry to liverpool went there and back in twenty four hours it's a journey three to four thousand women make each year it's proof that terminations are reality and i learned to say those who want the country's strict abortion law to be repealed these activists in central dublin come painting for giving women the choice. but anti abortion campaign as fear if the law is repealed women could feel pressured into terminating their pregnancies for example if the baby has a disability. can you imagine going into the hospital this slight concern a slight issue. doctors will be obliged if we have at all allowing for abortion to tell people and explain that they can have an abortion and suddenly you feel undermined suddenly your commitment to pregnancy is is reduced some even oppose abortions in cases of rape. there are other options out there and would never like
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to think that a woman feels she has to have an abortion. although jennifer ryan can understand this view she's in favor of repealing the law she believes only the woman can decide what's right for her. my daughter was never going to have a life she was never going to exist in this world you know she was never going to get a chance to live like the doctors to tell me she wasn't one to be able to breathe i wasn't pretty i was protecting her making the choice i made her as protecting her from pain jennifer's unborn daughter holds a special place in the family's hearts jessica would have been her name jennifer hopes women will soon no longer have to go through what she did oh. well today is the dawning of a new era for internet users in europe that's right as of today europeans are getting their lives back at least the digital part of it the e.u. has recognized that data is private and personal and belongs to the individual so
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as of today every you citizen can demand that companies like facebook google or amazon tell us what kind of personal data of a whole what they do with it and we can have it corrected or even deleted. whether you use the internet to search for information connect with friends or simply to do your shopping going online means sharing personal information but in many cases it's unclear exactly what happens to that data. who has access to it what can companies do with it. the new e.u. legislation aims to address some of these issues. under the new rules companies will only be allowed to collect data relevant to their services so weather app for example won't be allowed to access your address book of photographs. the new regulations also afford individuals the right to launch
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a complaint with the supervisory authority in their own country instead of potentially having to challenge a foreign company abroad those violating data protection rules will face harsher fines instead of the maximum three hundred thousand euros in germany companies will face up to twenty million euros in penalties or four percent of annual turnover whichever is bigger for facebook that'd be one point three billion euros. the new regulation requires companies and website operators to pay closer attention to what they do with their users information. and remaining legal anomalies are likely to be settled in the courts in the coming years. consumer watchdogs have welcomed the new rules and say they give individuals more control over their personal information. though all sounds well and good but are we regulating our digital economy to dest us data protections stand in the way of
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progress questions i want to discover here's a locker is technology and politics editor motherboards germany thank you very much for coming to the studio to raise or are we making life to dig difficult for the digital economy and i we actually preventing european success story like facebook you know i think quite the opposite i think this is a decision that was long overdue and i think in the light of hacking scandal say came about every day basically in the last year or so it is an important part for growing up and i mean growing up also for businesses to handle consumer daughter in a responsible way and also having informational duties to towards the customer so i think that is a very good step mark zuckerberg who's been very much the focus of criticism recently he said that his company is always it here to this regulation let's just listen in to what he said. giving people control of how they're doing is you know
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just has been a core principle of facebook for you know since the beginning. but g.d.p. are some new controls and. some areas that we need to comply with but overall it isn't such a massive departure from how we've approached this in the past and i don't want to downplay it there are stronger roles but where we've needed to put a bunch of work into making sure that we comply with but as a whole the philosophy behind us is not completely different from how we approach. the rights to facebook take data protection says you know i don't think they he knows exactly how to apply these new rules to what happened with the cameras because scandal for example because otherwise this wouldn't have come about we know that we had to testify in front of the u.s. senate exactly because. troves of users were exposed to have exposed
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to third party companies for absolutely no control over and much like a folk also kind of invaded a lot of critical questions by saying well i will follow up on that in written form of course because you just couldn't say who has this who has the daughter so no i don't think facebook has been made sure the role of the there's a lot of protection ok just recently one example of technology standing in the way of a previous c. standing in the way just recently i was looking for flats in berlin and i looked online for flats and i checked out they wanted to check out the area where the check out the houses on google street view which i find incredibly useful and you know this is what i got and this is i don't know whether we can see it yes. many many houses here in berlin are just blurred out because one person in the house demands that that the whole house is being. blood out we taking previously and data
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protection to fall well i think it is a choice and prissy is a is a choice and can be a choice and other countries can be kind of proud of this role that uses take on here because otherwise you have a lot of informational information or rights that are being used and i think that the new g.d.p. our g.d.p. our is a step in the direction that uses can actually os companies what are you doing with my daughter who's going to see what's who's going to use going to get it so to and this is i think important also for you how your doctor travels throughout the internet because otherwise when you don't take up this right for example to see where your daughter has moved to is being moved to by one company and it can solve these mysteries of why this show at is following you around for years and years and
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years and i think this transparency is long overdue in a way thank you very much there's a locker. for. it is day two of german chancellor angela merkel's trip to china she'll be spending it in the southern city of shenzhen where she'll be viewing chinese innovations in areas like self driving cars and artificial intelligence business has already proven to be a top of the agenda during her visit at a meeting with chinese counterparts putting in beijing on thursday. it's also a cold on china to improve market access for german companies the two leaders also agreed to strengthen cooperation on trade and technology. and that's business it's back to terry thanks. to hollywood here the former
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hollywood film producer harvey weinstein is expected to hand himself over to new york police later today on charges of sexual misconduct or the seventy women have made accusations including rape against the co-founder of the miramax studio the weinstein company the allegations gave rise to the me too movement this be the first time wise team has been formally charged since the avalanche of allegations emerged. harvey weinstein was once one of hollywood's most celebrated moguls the studios were behind a string of oscar winning films in weinstein's hands an actor's career could be made or broken but his story began to fall last october when the new york times published multiple reports of serious sexual misconduct more than seventy women came forward to accuse weinstein including some of hollywood's biggest female stars
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allegations range from unwanted sexual advances to rape. only days ago actor asia argento spoke out at the khan film festival i have a few words to say. in one thousand nine hundred seven i was raped by harvey weinstein here at cannes i was twenty one years old this festival was his hunting ground. i want to make a prediction. harvey weinstein will never be welcomed here ever again. weinstein has denied all allegations of unwanted sexual contact with women law enforcement officials have been investigating the claims of criminal conduct against him since late last year. in the wake of the scandal weinstein's wife has left him his production company has filed for bankruptcy and he's been ejected from the academy but once on him with oscars the allegations against weinstein also
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sparked the me to movement women around the world have leveled allegations of abuse against powerful men in the entertainment business and government the watershed moment has led to global discussion on gender equality and changes in the way women are treated in the workplace. was on. its crossover to hollywood now where reporter k.j. matthews is standing by for us and in a los angeles k.j. weinstein has agreed to surrender himself to authorities understand this is part of a deal worked out with weinstein's lawyers what can you tell us about the terms of his surrender well yes you're correct he is turning himself in friday seven am local time in new york city he's going to turn himself in and we're being told that he will be charged with first degree and third degree rape for one case and for
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another case sexual a criminal act so he's going to turn himself in and at that point the judge will you to decide whether or not to set bail for him and we're hearing that there might be no bail they may argue that he may be of flight risk and even if they do said keep in mind he could be so high that he might not be able to even post. could you stay with us for a moment because another hollywood superstar is facing allegations of sexual misconduct today actor morgan freeman has issued an apology after reports of multiple sexual harassment allegations according to us media reports eight women have come forward saying freeman had subjected them to a range of troubling behavior on film sets or promotional tours the allegations include the hollywood actor making comments about their bodies or touching them suggestively in a statement the shawshank redemption star apologized to anyone who felt quote
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uncomfortable or does respect it. let's go back to los angeles for k.j. matthews is still standing by a cage another hollywood icon under a cloud of sexual harassment allegations is the film industry there still coming to terms with the me too movement. yes more and more women are still coming forward i mean you have to recall that it's been about two hundred thirty six days since that first bomb dropped about weinstein and since then more than two hundred men from the worlds of politics c e o's and hollywood have been accused of sexual misconduct so morgan freeman is just the latest now there are eight women that came forward on thursday basically saying that they have been sexually harassed or he made sexually inappropriate comments to them one production assistant is even saying back in two thousand and twelve on a film set he tried to lift her skirt not once not twice but
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a number of times and even have the audacity to ask her if she was wearing underwear it was then that another costar came and told him to knock it off and stop it she said that everyone knew on that set to not wear skirts and basically not to wear form fitting clothes because they knew how morgan freeman would act ok thank you very much for bringing us up to date there that was k.j. matthews a hollywood reporter in los angeles thank you and just reminder of the top story we're following for you here today on t.w. news in canada fifteen people have been injured three critically in an explosion in mississauga a toronto suburb police are looking for two men who are suspected of having detonated an improvised explosive device inside a restaurant. so are you news for now i'll be back to tell the next hour with another full bullshit thanks for watching.
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look through. some of. the. above laundry got international talk show for journalists discuss the topic of the week coming news investing nine hundred billion dollars in the new silk road possibly the biggest infrastructure project in history is the goal to force the trade in developmental does china have a neo colonialist find out from florida. next
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. block a call smart cookie takes football personally to. another edition of the world cup crave you this time a group of. brazil is the favorite to win the group. cox who would take a second place to come. sixty minutes w. you can tell a lot about a society by its garbage. first few worthless for the rich but for many poor people it offers their only chance of survival. and i could be on for today just like. the reporters travel to nairobi and more to meet people who
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know the true value of garbage. it has created a striking parallel economy. to some of this makes for economic inequality around the world you guys are starting class walking the response to that state mr b. yes we are starting to as we walk to. the rich the trash an exclusive report starting to live on t.w. . oh and a very warm welcome indeed to quadriga art and this week as german chancellor angela merkel visits china we take a closer look at beijing's geo political ambitions president xi jinping has established himself as china's leader for life and he seems determined to.


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