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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  May 25, 2018 11:00am-11:16am CEST

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the germans every week. this is news coming to you live from berlin north korea tells donald trump it's ready to talk at any time this after the u.s. president to promptly cancels a planned summit with the north's leader kim jong il and we'll ask who can now pick up the diplomatic ball after trump's dramatic u. turn. also coming up for years he ruled hollywood but today harvey weinstein
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faces arrest in new york the disgraced movie mogul is expected to surrender to police after an avalanche of accusations of sexual assault and rape. and voting is underway in arlin's historic abortion referendum but mainly catholic nation has one of the strictest abortion laws in europe a close result is expected. hello i'm terry martin thanks for tuning in north korea says it will start talks with still wants talks rather with the united states insisting that it's open to them it any time this after u.s. president all trump abruptly canceled a highly anticipated summit with north korea's leader kim jong il and in a message to kim president trump blamed his decision on quote open hostility from
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pyongyang south korea has expressed regret that the summit is not going ahead. donald trump's letter that puts a plan summit with north korea on ice the u.s. president blamed paean yang's open hostility towards washington with korea but trump left open the possibility of meeting at a later date if north korea fulfilled the u.s. demand for denuclearization. if and when kim jong un chooses to engage in constructive dialogue and actions. i am waiting trump was asked if the move would make war more likely to see what happens i heard that. will continue on with. just hours before a tunnel leading to north korea's underground nuclear testing site. was blown up by pyongyang as a gesture of goodwill the government there responded to trump's decision. meant of
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the consolation of the meeting is unexpected for us and we can't put find it extremely regrettable we again state to the us or willingness to sit face to face at any time in any form to resolve the problem. so has said it will keep pushing for dialogue between pyongyang and washington news of trump's decision came as a disappointment to south koreans hoping for progress towards peace. north korea has already released u.s. detainees and dismantle its nuclear test site but the u.s. has tested north korea's patients i think this is the reason for the consolation of the summit people on the korean peninsula including myself are worried that it will go back to an unstable situation when. the president. came to historic summit last month said he was perplexed by trump's consolation
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after big steps forward it appears resolving tensions on the korean peninsula won't be as quick and easy as some had hoped. let's check on some other stories making headlines around the world today the netherlands and australia say they are holding russia responsible for shooting. flight m.h. seventeen nearly four years ago. is likely to lead to legal action comes after investigators said the missile that brought down the plane over eastern ukraine came from a russian based military unit all two hundred ninety eight passengers and crew were killed in canada fifteen people have been injured in an explosion in a suburb of mississauga police are searching for two men suspected of having detonated an improvised explosive device inside a restaurant and then fleeing the scene police say the three people admitted to the hospital in critical condition are now stable. at least seven people have been
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killed in a car bomb attack in the libyan city of benghazi the bomb exploded on a busy road close to the popular to best the hotel no group has yet claimed responsibility libya has been rocked by violence since the two thousand and eleven uprising which toppled and killed dictator moammar gadhafi and venezuelan president nicolas maduro has been sworn in for a second term in office this comes just days after he won almost sixty eight percent of the vote in an election that's widely can spin wildly condemned as a sham critics blame a doro for venezuela's crippling economic crisis resulting in food shortages health issues and mass immigration. the former hollywood film mogul harvey weinstein is expected to hand himself over to new york city police later today on charges of sexual misconduct more than seventy women have made accusations including rape against the co-founder of the miramax studio in the weinstein
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company allegations give gave rise to the me to movements this will be the first time weinstein has been formally charged since the avalanche of allegations emerged . harvey weinstein was once one of hollywood's most celebrated moguls the studios were behind a string of oscar winning films in weinstein's hands an actor's career could be made or broken but is star began to fall last october when the new york times published multiple reports of serious sexual misconduct. more than seventy women came forward to accuse weinstein including some of hollywood's biggest female stars allegations range from unwanted sexual advances to rape. in the days ago actor asia argento spoke out at the khan film festival i have a few words to say. in one thousand nine hundred seven i was raped by
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harvey weinstein here at cannes. i was twenty one years old. this festival was his hunting ground. i want to make a prediction harvey weinstein will never be welcomed here ever again. weinstein has denied all allegations of unwanted sexual contact with women law enforcement officials have been investigating the claims of criminal conduct against him since late last year. in the wake of the scandal weinstein's wife has left him his production company has filed for bankruptcy and he's been ejected from the academy but once on are done with oscars. the allegations against weinstein also sparked the me to movement women around the world have leveled allegations of abuse against powerful men in the entertainment business and government hope the watershed moment has led to a global discussion on gender equality and changes in the way women are treated in
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the workplace. and another hollywood giant is facing accusations actor morgan freeman has issued an apology after reports of multiple sexual harassment allegations according to us media reports eight women have come forward saying freeman had subjected them to a range of troubling behavior on film sets or promotional tours the allegations include the hollywood actor making comments about their bodies or touching them suggestively in a statement the show saying shawshank redemption star apologized to anyone who don't quote uncomfortable or disrespect. people in ireland are heading to the polls today in a historic referendum their vote will decide whether to reform the country's near total ban on abortions polls have just opened and the result is expected this
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weekend arland has seen since weeks of bitter campaigning which is left the mostly catholic nation divided currently arland has some of the most restrictive laws in europe the only legal case for an abortion is if a pregnant woman's life is at risk in cases of rape or fatal fetal abnormalities women in ireland have to travel abroad for abortions g.w. went to meet one of those women. a loving mother that's what jennifer ryan always hoped to be. six years ago she was pregnant for the second time it seemed like a normal pregnancy until a routine scan in the twenty second week brought jennifer's world crashing down she can still remember the doctor's exact words. oh no. your baby has a lot of problems she has a very severe form of spinal bifida starting up around her shoulder blades and she
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won't be able to survive with us on top of the. kidneys and the severity of the spinal bifida is cause a lot of damage from brain your baby is incompatible with life. jennifer decided she wanted to spare her baby any pain and have an abortion what happened next was almost as traumatic she and her husband had to hastily arrange a trip to a clinic in liverpool because doctors an island couldn't help. are you ready. they couldn't talk to you about it over here we got the details of liverpool on us on a scrap of paper you know we had to ring ourselves they couldn't do any of our for us. just you know like you were just a felt totally alone they took a ferry to liverpool went there and back in twenty four hours it's a journey three to four thousand women make each year it's proof that terminations are reality and i learned to say those who want the country's strict abortion law
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to be repealed these activists in central dublin come painting for giving women the choice. but anti abortion campaign as fair if the law is repealed women could feel pressured into terminating their pregnancies for example if the baby has a disability. can you imagine going into a hospital this slight concern or slight issue. that doctors will be obliged if we have a whole allowing for portion to help people and explain that they can have an abortion and suddenly you feel undermined so your commitment to a pregnancy is is reduced some even oppose abortions in cases of rape. there are other options out there and would never like to think that a woman feels she has to have an abortion. although jennifer ryan can understand this view she's in favor of repealing the law she believes only the woman can decide what's right for her. my daughter was never going to have
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a life she was never going to exist in this world you know she was never going to catus chance to live like the doctors to tell me she wasn't one to be able to breathe i wasn't pretty i was protecting her making the choice i made i was protecting her from pain. jennifer's unborn daughter holds a special place in the family's hearts jessica would have been her name jennifer hopes women will soon no longer have to go through what she did. in european football excitement is building for the men's champions league final on saturday real madrid and liverpool face each other in kiev ukraine fans waited for the arrival of liverpool outside their downtown hotel and were not disappointed the report was german coach you're complot was all smiles and the fans go see the team
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including star striker who would sell out the squad prepares for the big game. and germany's bald spot have lost four one to french powerhouse li all in the women's champions league final missing out on winning three trophies this season both sport retain their bonus league and german cup titles earlier this month but defending champions league all proved too strong in extra time. the women's champions league final was held in kiev just like the men's equivalent this coming saturday fans flocked to the game knowing both welsh borg and we all were in for a possible trouble. we all were unlucky in regulation time when wolf sports no well markets appeared to clear the ball behind the line no goal line technology in this match early in extra time while the sport grabbed a surprise lead through personal hard there weren't deterred when they both got on the. the plane is quickly put this aside and i could see it in the faces.
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they kept pushing forward so perhaps they felt there was a bit unfair conceding this first goal so i didn't doubt for very long and then i saw that the play is really did the rest. of us and the rest was when leon's and the dean on he hit back after a sports alexandra pop was sent off and a french champions then ran away with it thanks to three more goals including a hey get back strike. we all became the first women's team to lift the trophy three times in a row and they not boast or conceal a trouble if they win the french cup final at the end of the month. you're watching t.v. it is live from berlin we'll leave you with some images from the world's most active volcano mount killer whale created the hawaiian islands and has been a rocketing on the big island of hawaii for more than three weeks now the heavy lava flow has forced thousands of people to evacuate and scientists say they have no way of predicting when the eruption might stop.
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