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the germans every week. this is deja vu news live from berlin harvey weinstein turns himself into new york authorities the disgraced movie mogul was arrested today on sex crime charges months after he was toppled from hollywood's most powerful ranks by an avalanche of sexual assault thank you so much. also coming up north korea tells donald trump it's ready to talk at any time this after the u.s. president's abrupt cancellation of
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a summit with the north's leader kim jong il and. the polls open in ireland's historic abortion referendum a mainly catholic nation has one of the strictest abortion laws in europe a close result is expected. and a young woman from sudan faces the death penalty for killing her rapists husband but she's appealed and that ruling and petitions calling for a release have been handed to the sudanese embassies across europe will speak to the woman who started the petition. to me so much contact good to have you with us we start in new york city where former hollywood film mogul harvey weinstein headed himself into police in the last hour on charges of sexual misconduct once you know arrived at the police station shortly after seven am local time flanked by detectives following his official arrest weinstein is expect to. to go to
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a manhattan criminal court to be arraigned officials close the case a weinstein will be charged with rape and sexual assault he has denied any non consensual sexual contact but more than seventy women have made accusations including rape against the co-founder of the miramax studio and the weinstein company the allegations gave rise to the me too movement this will be the first time weinstein has been formally charged since the avalanche of allegations emerged. harvey weinstein was once one of hollywood's most celebrated moguls his studios were behind a string of oscar winning films in weinstein's hands an actor's career could be made or broken but his story began to fall last october when the new york times published multiple reports of serious sexual misconduct more than seventy women came forward to accuse weinstein including some of hollywood's biggest female stars allegations range from unwanted sexual advances to rape. in
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the days ago after each argento spoke out at the con film festival i have a few words to say. in one thousand nine hundred seven i was raped by harvey weinstein here at cannes. i was twenty one years old. this festival was his hunting ground. i want to make a prediction harvey weinstein will never be welcomed here ever again. weinstein has denied all allegations of unwanted sexual contact with women law enforcement officials have been investigating the claims of criminal conduct against him since late last year in the wake of the scandal weinstein's wife has left him his production company has filed for bankruptcy and he's been ejected from the academy that one's on heard him with oscars. the allegations against weinstein also sparked the need to movement when the around the world have leveled
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allegations of abuse against powerful men in the entertainment business and government hope the watershed moment has led to a global discussion on gender equality and changes in the way women are treated in the workplace. hollywood reporter k.j. matthews had this to say about what we can expect after one thousand nine. hundred seventy invoking york city from a or b. take it took them have criminal court where they already arranged between his attorney the chairman grafton has a way to deal with accused of attorney's office part of a bail package where one fbi put up one million dollars in cash and agreed were a monitoring device also to render his passport but of course travel will be restricted. that was hollywood reporter kim matthews speaking about harvey
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weinstein's arrest now another hollywood giant is also facing accusations today actor morgan freeman has issued an apology after reports of multiple sexual harassment allegations according to us media reports women have come forward saying freeman had subjected them to a range of troubling behavior on film sets or promotional tours the allegations include the hollywood actor making comments about their bodies or touching them suggestively in a statement the shushing credentials star apologize to anyone who felt quote unquote comfortable or disrespected. to some other news now in north korea says it is still willing to talk with the united states at any time this after u.s. president donald trump abruptly canceled a highly anticipated summit with north korea's leader kim jong un in a letter to camp president trump blamed his decision on quote open hostility from pyongyang south korea has expressed regret that the summit is not going at. i. the banners read we condemn trump in south korea surprise at the canceled
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summit is quickly turned to anger. these protesters near the u.s. embassy in seoul leaving little doubt about their feelings towards the u.s. president. the u.s. unilaterally pulled out of the north korea u.s. summit and we're angry about that and we hope the u.s. returns to the dialogue will immediately. this is what's provoked the anger a letter from donald trump to kim jong un blaming quote open hostility from the north seemingly a u.-turn is just a day before trump had hinted the summit would take place. in north korea the reaction figuratively speaking hasn't been as explosive as some might have thought it was. these tunnels at a nuclear test site were destroyed as
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a gesture of goodwill the dust is barely settled before trump penned his missive but despite that there is still openness here to talk. stuck in the middle east this man south korea's president mean j.n. has been treading a diplomatic tight rope to broker the talks but even he was caught off guard saying he was quote perplexed by the cancellation. china appears to be the big winner from this development nervous about how the deal would affect its role in the region beijing could now hold the key to future talks. told you china has always played a positive and constructive role on north korea's nuclear issue we have no i all tyria motives on news or. what happens now could come down to hubris as much as anything for one has staked a lot on this summit. for more of the story we have marcus kind from the german
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institute for international and security fairs with us hi marcus friday for joining us was this a strategic move or an impulsive decision i would say it was a well coming emergency exit from the trouble in a situation because at the end of the day it was about what means denuclearization and i think trump and ministration to realize that there was some kind of misunderstanding for the trumpet ministration the comprehensive verifiable and immediate denuclearization of north korea would be the starting point of any negotiations involving north koreans it would be the ending point of an integration in negotiations if ever and that has been over paper during the euphoria of the summits and the trump of new situations realized that was that was difficult to bridge this gap so where is the trumpet ministration had it in its korea policy good question i think we're back couple of weeks ago i think the top agenda top of the of the agenda really remains
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a question of denuclearization not unification of korea but the question is what does it really mean and how to accomplish with this thing and i think it's and security guarantees for north korea will play a key role here we saw in that piece that north korea sent a letter returned saying it is still came to meet with donald trump at any time why does. pyongyang still want to keep those doors open or does it i think the north korean government has reacted quite reasonable i think we have to go back couple of weeks ago where they could. and north korean government was on the have you presho due to economic sanctions authorized by the u.n. security council which still exist and confronted with military threats by the trump and the treasury sold it to levels to leverage is still exist a lot of has become miserable even for the nomenklatura on pure and young and i think that the north korean government has an interest in remaining in touch all it
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can take with the term but ministration so north korea has become the voice of reason and all this in a way in a way where it is this all we china very good question i think china is back and seems it seems that it had lost control during the last couple of weeks or did you do the close cooperation between south korea and north korea on the one hand and north korea united states on the other hand and he was communal and was i would say even forced to travel to china twice in the last four weeks to explain his policy and now it seems china has made very clear to him that he's allowed to approach the united states both on terms which would in china's interest and he is the key question is what is the future of the u.s. military presence in south korea i think nobody expects a full withdrawal complete withdrawal of within full siebel future may be and. is for their old change or
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a tremendous reduction we should say of course china traditionally a close ally of north korea all right marcus time from the german institute for international security affairs thank you very much for your and your right. now some other stories making news around the world the netherlands and australia say they are holding russia responsible for shooting down malaysia airlines flight m.h. seventeen really four years ago the announcement is likely to lead to legal action it comes after investigators said the missile that brought down the plane over eastern ukraine came from a russia based military unit all two hundred ninety eight passengers and crew were killed moscow rejects the accusation. in canada fifteen people have been injured in an explosion in the toronto suburb mississauga police are searching for two men suspected of having detonated an improvised explosive device inside a restaurant police say the three people who were admitted to the hospital in critical condition are now stable all right g.d.p. are if you don't know what you're here in europe you will as of today has more now
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on europe's new data protection law that's right as of today many europeans feel they're getting their lives back at least the digital part of it the e.u. has recognised that personal data is fry that's and belongs to the individuals so as of today every e.u. citizen can demand that companies like facebook google or amazon tell us what kind of personal data they hold on us what they do with it and have it corrected or even deleted whether you use the internet to search for information connect with friends or simply to do your shopping going online means sharing personal information but in many cases it's unclear exactly what happens to that data who has access to it what can companies do with it the new e.u. legislation aims to address some of these issues. under the
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new rules companies will only be allowed to collect data relevant to their services so whether out for example won't be allowed to access your address book of photographs. the new regulations also afford individuals the right to launch a complaint with a supervisory authority in their own country instead of potentially having to challenge a foreign company abroad those violating data protection rules will face harsher fines instead of the maximum three hundred thousand euros in germany companies will face up to twenty million euros in penalties or four percent of annual turnover whichever is bigger for facebook that'd be one point three billion euros. the new regulation requires companies and website operators to pay closer attention to what they do with their users information. and remaining legal anomalies likely to be settled in the courts in the coming years. consumer watchdogs have welcomed
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the neurons and say they give individuals more control over their personal information. as our correspondent go matters caught up with vera hughes commissioner for justice and consumers is what it says commissioner you have fought long and hard for this how significant are the changes we're about to see that are significant changes for the citizens of the e.u. because even them to be better protected and to have under control what's happening to their privacy and i think that this is a good step mark zuckerberg was recently here and said his company would fully comply now big company seemed well prepared how concerned should small businesses be small businesses in germany are concerned because i receive a lot of mails from them and of course they should take the necessary preventive measures but for many small businesses which do not process data is that a core business they should do some necessary arrangements which are not not very
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big or not very demanding so the companies should assess. level of risk which is their far for the data of people and of course mark about coming back to the big ones he could not answer otherwise i cannot imagine him to say no we do not care about the e.u. rules. vice a versa he sat there we will fully comply and we will also apply the european standards for protection of private aid to other mobile is so i am quite curious whether you believe him i always believe till i have strong reason not to believe so we will attack or they are doing so it's quite a set of data it's very complex regulation are we making it too tough for smaller companies for the business environment in europe i think that the g. as of one important feature it has to be applied in a proportionate to
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a proportionate to the level of risk and i spoke about it before if the company does not have the processing of data as a core business if they do not sell the data if they do not make money on the privacy of people they should to cause some some minimal kind of measures but if the companies are monetize the data of people they shoot to kill if something better to the people and it's the better protection so proportionate application of d.p.i. it is necessary and also i would add common sense because i heard a lot of incredible stories about how g.d.p. will be applied it's not necessary to go any king are you hoping this could become a global standard yes i do hope that europe will. serve as a good example of how a we can and should protect the privacy of people this full respect to every
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individual and it will be very important that the europeans also should show to the rest of the world that they can use their new. rights of better protection of privacy thank you very much indeed for a court in the us has ordered south korean electronics giant some song to pay five hundred thirty nine million dollars to its rival apple the american tech firm to choose some some of copying its design for smartphones some some have argued it should pay much less in damages but the court sided with apple awarding about half of the one billion dollars apple has demanded the ruling is a win for the i phone maker in the long running legal battle between the two sects firms. all that spring in our financial correspondent genoud to my log in a friend for john now five hundred thirty nine million dollars dollars from one
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electronic company to the next can you put that figure in context for us is there's a lot of money for this kind of trades. yes so this could be the final word between in a seven year battle between the two tech giants and of course depending on whether samsung decides to appeal but this verdict today had to do with the damages now so this of course was an infringement case that had to do with all of the features that we know from the flagpole and of the two companies like like the layout of the apps that greatly out of the apps as well as the rounded the rounded corners of the phone but you know apple wanted one billion dollars and it's based that figure on the sales that samsung had made to selling the infringing phones while samsung wanted twenty eight million dollars basing that number on the money it had made that was directly attributable to the parts that were infringing so the jury had basically to decide whether to award damages based on sales of the whole product if
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only parts were copied so the position that the courts to the court took today seem to be in between those two poles even though it seemed more favorable to apple we still don't know what the guiding principle should be in terms of determining damages in patent infringement case of like before. you know it's friday the last day of trading today on what was a pretty miserable week on the markets today has been pretty upbeat income person. yes well the market drop yesterday was due to the consolation of the north korean summit but since we've heard more positive noises coming out of pyongyang indicating that the door was open to a resolution but investors have taken that as a sign that not all hope is lost also the closely watched german business confidence index is out indicating about german business leaders are feeling slightly more positive after months of waiting optimism. in frankfurt thank you.
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that's all your business and sumi now on a pivotal vote taking place in the republican bob and today that's right there has been voting is underway in an historic referendum in ireland that may lead to the loosening of the country's near total abortion ban currently ireland has some of the most restrictive laws in europe irish ex-pats have been flocking home from as far as away as a bangkok los angeles and sydney to cast their ballots as votes cannot be cast from abroad. final preparations for an important trip home. meghan wool is an irish immigrant in london she's one of the times and straddling back to art and to cost her bonnet in today's abortion referendum. meghan is in favor of repealing the restrictive abortion laws. by think that every woman should have autonomy over her own body and no woman should feel the need to travel to access a basic human right magen is one of many who wait in long queues or darlins airports
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. images and videos posted with the hash tag home to vote have flooded social media some of those arriving home received a warm welcome like here at dublin airport. polls opened at seven am local time and close at ten pm tonight more than three point two million people are registered to vote in the referendum it's the sixth time the country is voting on the issue if the public votes yes the irish government has said they would legislate by the end of the year to allow for abortion up to twelve weeks with medical consent currently abortion is only allowed when a woman's life is at risk but not in cases of rape incest or fetal abnormality the issue has divided our and. yeah i'm going to vote no today no i have to base it for a price so high low for us and it's a hard decision for us it's
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a speed i just don't have the right to take. i think life is sacred stands for that reason so i'm hoping that he asked pos say i think it's very upsetting divisive issue but i think it's the right thing for the women of our land care compassion dignity and safety equal health care. and the results of an exit poll on the abortion referendum will be announced late on friday. that people around the world have been moved by the fate of a young woman from sudan who is facing the death penalty for killing her husband who she says had raped her noura hussein was married against her will her father agreed to the union when she was just sixty she avoided the marriage for three years before finally being forced to go through with it last year and nora says several men held her down while her husband raped her in the first week of the marriage she says when he attempted to rape her
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a second time she stabbed him to death activists around the world are protesting against the death sentence some one million people have signed petitions which have been a handed over to sudanese embassies across europe. and we're joined by zain abbas you know who started at that petition she joins us from in france on the phone where she lives they now pay so much for joining us we understand that you don't actually know nora personally so how did you come across her story. and kind i came across to plead. to them in the past. the post was taken of all this tell us more up and be a friend i need this to lead of and activists will do and has said and she was speaking of was was huddled in plural what about the story spoke to you what motivated you to create this global campaign which is collected more than a million signatures was an illustrated in me is like
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a clock and they a can of that does she have and then forget it that's all people to just because she was always came to the you know to get exactly what it and a little a levy some help feel guilty of pretty much any of those he went to him just two weeks later who had died some people have you know to save a trip to try to see if somebody and you certainly have done a lot say now but have you been in touch with nora does she know about your efforts i don't know. i don't know but i'd love to talk to a lot of you see this you know but really you know what if the people who had she met has told. compiz you know this campaign when you will not only for her and i don't know if it could be her twitter but i don't even know her legal team is appealing the death sentence and we said there have been
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a number of international appeal for clemency letters handed in the sudanese embassies are you hopeful that nora will not be executed and some whole i don't know at all i just hope that she will be the executed. we have to take more pressure on the government because then it clearly is. the. same hole is some hole needed to hold the glass to keep on showing them was a courageous effort as they now see now thank you so much for sharing your story with us may not look. but. now to sports and in european football excitement is building for the men's champions league final on saturday real madrid and liverpool will face each other in kiev ukraine sans waited for the arrival of liverpool outside their downtown
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hotel and they were not disappointed liverpool's turn coach was all smiles and the fans got to see the team including star striker mo salah as the squad prepares for the big. u.s. president donald trump has a part in the boxing's first african-american heavyweight champion jack johnson in one thousand eight johnson conquered the heavyweight boxing world in a racially divided united united states but he was arrested four years later for his involvement with his then wife lucille cameron the racially motivated conviction stood for more than a century that until president trump decided to pardon the boxing icon with encouragement from sylvester stallone who's known for his rocky films and former heavyweight champion lennox lewis as well trump's predecessor obama declined to pardon will johnson. and we just have time for a minder now of our top stories that we're following for you here on d.w. disgraced hollywood film mogul harvey weinstein has turned himself into new york
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authorities and is now in police custody on great charges. there watching to that he will leave you with some spectacular images from the world's most active volcano mount to weigh on the big island of hawaii when magma mixes with cold ground water it can create some pretty amazing displays of hot lava shooting into the air a take a look. you ought.
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to. treat international talk show for journalists discuss the topic of the week is interesting nine hundred billion dollars in the. possibly the biggest infrastructure projects in history is the goal to force the trade in developmental does china have a neocolonial find out from florida. next
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on. culture. hi harry. superfood stylish style icon to lead a horse. lifestyle you're a. good. sixty minutes off. you can tell a lot about a society by its garbage. gets her clothes for the rich but for many poor people it offers their only chance of survival. and i could be on for today just like. our reporters travel to nairobi as an org and meet people who
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know the true value of garbage. it has created us trying to come to me. but what does all of this mean for economic inequality around the world you guys are starting class warfare the response to that state mr b. yes we are starting class walking. the rich to the trash an exclusive report starting june eleventh on t w. o n a very bold welcome indeed to quote drinker in this weekend's german chancellor angela merkel visits china we take a closer look at beijing's geo political ambitions president xi jinping has established himself as china's leader for life and he seems determined to transform
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his country into the dominant global power it's already challenging the us is the world's biggest economy and now china is extending its strategic income us.


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