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i want to welcome to another fun filled edition of your max i'm your host megan lee from edible petals to prison breaks we are covering some interesting ground today here's a look at what's coming up. looming good cooking with blossoms it is an exciting new trend. told why a seaside resort in denmark is an unlikely surfers paradise. and new
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beginnings how disused buildings around europe get a second chance. flowers aren't just pretty to look at some have powerful and unique of flavors and when they are chosen correctly they can add a taste explosion to any dish or one woman who is an expert in the field of edible flowers as martina goldmark now she's been experimenting with flowers of all kind in food and sauces for some twenty years it all started with elderberries and has since have blossomed into a successful business here in berlin. this garden is located ensured i should a small town just east of berlin. it's harvest season the manufacturer from newton was started over twenty years ago by martina gardner
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cabbage after she discovered the joy of cooking with flowers on a trip to france by need to silence the fact that flowers simply look great and they can also give food a whole new taste component you know herbal spice tastes like rose eleven elderflower these a taste components all the rhone that we add to the food and make it incredibly exciting. not seen a. a wide range of flowers on the one hundred twenty square meter plot including roses of course. the roses my favorite flower it doesn't necessarily have to be combined with sweet things it goes well with savory dishes to some people called rabbit i would think it must be like salads and they really surprised to find. meat and fish. here's where she normally prepares for flower dinners with guests. this time she's created a carpaccio of pears and turnips with
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a large rose blossom. as a baby it was the sometimes the rose is a bit tricky especially for women who use body lotion fumes with rose ingredients because if you know the fragrance from the fume and then suddenly you have it on your tongue and can taste it that's very strange. and. she mixes the glaze for the salmon filleted with a rose blossom jelly one of our own products the result is a spicy treat with. there are three types of aroma in floral cuisine. these are flowers that give off a fragrance and have a very specific flavor a very characteristic flavor for example elderberry or jasmine roses lavender and lilac when you smell or taste it you know right off oh that sly like all this is rose blossom or elder flowers. the second type is represented by the begonia it has
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barely any scent but produces more nonspecific tart flavor and then comes the third type. these of moslems that look magnificent like this who violet all hands and there are coon flowers and poppies which have no scent and very little flavor their main quality is this simply nice to look at optic. in her shop but mainly on line she sells condiments spreads and syrup swith floral flavors. martina cabbage has plenty of regular customers and she keeps in touch with them. much money think it's so nice when custom is common bring me the homemade janson jellies they've come up with using the flowers so i can try them of course it's because they're proud and sometimes because they'd like some to just. go in a car but also sugar coat her flowers to decorate cakes and the like
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a thin coat of egg white makes the sugar stick. as it does not more time ending for of course is for one thing to get the blossom to keep longer the dry chill them makes it a bit crisp and it's tasty because the sugar adds flavor and of course i think it looks very beautiful. to touch in austin. she decorates the cake with some floral confetti also from her own garden of course and it's ready to serve in martina's own café in her garden of blossoms. as egypt's much did eleven. you can taste the lavender it makes you feel like you're in the provincial somewhere in france in the summer is the money really taste the aroma it's very delicate this conference i leave. martina go there cabbage a floral cook who introduces her guests to new worlds of flavor.
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new worlds dozens of amateur dancers are preparing for a major debut in potsdam just outside berlin that plays denmark's prince frederick during up for a major celebration more on those stories in today's express. hundred amateur dances a rehearsing in the german city of potsdam for the continent. show on saturday they'll be celebrating the european premie out of canadian choreographer silvana mas production at a dance festival here the graph continental combines elements of traditional line dancing with contemporary choreography. the troop of amateur dances who perform much silvana man has been on to it with his concept since two thousand and nine mainly in canada and the us. crown prince frederick of denmark is turning fifty on saturday and he's travelling
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through the country to mark the occasion. on wednesday his royal yacht docked in the port city of or has already held a reception for invited guests. there have been various celebrations in recent days including a royal run through five cities. crown prince frederick and his wife princess mary are very popular with the danish people. until saturday visitors to the viva tech conference in paris can marvel at flying water taxis known as see bubbles on the earth ascend to the french stars entrepreneur and on to bill is testing his vision for future mobility and of incentives to see bubbles are equipped with an electric motor they glide around seventy centimeters above the water's surface and can reach speeds of his to al of the hundred poles can travel up to one hundred kilometers on
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a single charge currently there's still someone at the helm but in the future see bubbles will be autonomous was a taxi so people can tell them why and. when it comes to surfing in europe the western coast of portugal comes to mind as a favorite spot to ride the waves but there is. our first paradise is located in the most unlikely of locations in the northern part of denmark now believe it or not kick malar on the north sea it serves as a mecca for surfers who really don't mind cold water but surfers need to bundle up as those waters and never really get warm and because of this this place is known as the cold so does it live up to its name your max went there to find out the. major high waves and ideal conditions make this
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a paradise the surf is not even go to temperatures need freezing can deter them they nicknamed the village of denmark called hawaii and not only because of its weather. surfing instructor misfile school has lived here since two thousand he thinks it's a perfect surfing location. the reason why tamil is. special for surfing is the coastline and the way the coastline goes we have bays we have we have. all kinds of different things that make calls and create waves and then we also have like we call it the window is like a place between norway and england where we have like real groundswell coming in and then hit them on the right where we are at the moment into the. back in two thousand and five rasmus started one of the areas first surfing schools his team also teaches wind and kite surfing this is marine second time here she practices
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on land before heading out to sea the region is good for beginners because the waves break close to the sure but maria doesn't just come to kidman up for the way . a lot of this place gets its charm from its residents as well there's so nice and friendly to visit. and they make you feel right at home here. and that makes up for the cold and the harsh conditions. you can go surfing in the morning and kite surfing in the afternoon and i always have lots of fun. and so if i go into the water myself after the surfing lessons it's really great. some four hundred years ago cliff miller was the center of trade with norway today if you were the nine hundred people live in this fishing village . it's been popular with danish service for decades and was discovered by foreign
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and theseus mainly by chance. he went up and want to visit his girlfriend. and he went to his town at that moment the wind was so strong that the pharaoh couldn't sell and they have to try to find out something to do kill some time and into this map what was. there was a possibility of nearby and then he saw. and he decided. the german surfer enjoyed his time include miller soon after an article about it appeared in a surface magazine and the town became very popular world surfing championships have been held here since twenty ten catering to the surfer crowds of restaurants and cafes like this is. it's i know my misson makes pancakes the specialty is the savory one with french pike.
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she says she's not worried about losing its charm town has a limit of how it can grow so it's what we have a few more houses might be able to build but otherwise very limited and can't really just extend the going it's. so it is well known among surface switches and comps there it's nickname cold why. this is even a cold hawaii for after a hot day. the bloom may be short lived but the president is hoping for a sustainable development. it's really important all to see all the. small communities to make this more healthy they can survive in the future even if the surfboard like goes away a lot more. that's not. good moolah is now an important thing you figure if surfing
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scene and is set to attract ever more surface despite the cold. when a prison shuts down or a church and closes its doors for good there aren't many options for these empty buildings besides tearing them down but things to several creative minds across europe these abandoned spaces are being reused in another sense from a prison break a game venue to escape or sanctuary we take a look now at how some of these old buildings from the netherlands to spain are getting a new lease on life. the inmates at great as one hundred fifty year old prison were under surveillance twenty four seven. but in twenty fourteen the crime rate dropped in the netherlands and fewer jails we needed. so some closed down.
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during the years of austerity the government decided to close down. some twenty to thirty. prisons. there upkeep was proving a drain on the budget now the old prison in breda is fulfilling a new role it hosts prison escape games people play ac uro's to have themselves locked up voluntarily. i got a letter saying i had to report to prison and ruby locked up for ten years do you know why no. excitement and a little bit nervous because i don't know what to expect. t.v. cameras are not allowed into the prison during an escape game. everyone has to be a prison guard and try to escape. the actors make for an authentic experience.
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we want to allow people to be the hero within their own prison movie everybody has seen prison break shawshank redemption escape from alcatraz and we want people to get that feeling to get up. and it's a game three hours. other buildings are also getting a new lease on life houses of worship stand empty because there are too many churches and too few worship has so many churches are now being sold or rented out like in miss allen belt him where church was converted into the luxury mountains part us who've hotel. most of the time the oakum inside is in their will to be cures. a nice day here starts at fifty year i spent most of. the ritual arches and windows date back to eight hundred sixty seven.
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it was quite a challenge to convert the church into a hotel. you have to show that the churches are in there and you have to build into the actual so do your she takes to be very creative with doing. it was a huge undertaking a good two hundred tons of steel went into the new foundation five new floors were installed beneath the church's roof but the original structure remained intact. this church in the narrow in northwestern spain has also stood empty for decades now skateboarders has discovered it's a cool shady interior and replace the pews with pipes and ramps. spanish street artist okuda summer girl as it splashes of color.
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now the former church attracts young skaters from all across us. i've done quite a lot but this is the most important piece i've done in my career it's special to work on such a historic surroundings. this is my personal sistine chapel. back at the former prison and braider nearly everyone succeeded in escaping within three hours and fairly enjoyed it you feel like a prisoner and actors in the game and i was sure it felt like real and you had to go in and do things and and tried things to try and escape and set up. your up things with the other people like that. now several young stars have several also set up offices inside the for much l. breathing new life into an old building. and just polo is an italian singer and songwriter who specializes in the italian
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a shuttle song as owner from the one nine hundred thirty s. and sixty's now she is regarded by music critics as the voice of cicely she developed her talents that they vienna conservatory and soon after she began winning prizes at jazz festivals and making music with the movers and shakers in the industry was color has just brought out another studio album so we want to have a first listen who. makes music not in a recording studio but in an apartment. so i don't separate my private life from my music because some ideas come to me in the middle of the night then i have to get up and write something. today and to
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school know is on polly her latest album el paso interiority came out of the start of may the singer who's been dumped the voice of sicily has lived in berlin for fifteen years that was his first to this is breakfast this is this is i mean it's a lot but that's. for me coffee is about savoring a moment a moment for. prossed some. chance she put it. up they are cool and so welcoming here how do we judge a book who is truly. sad but noone our last show knew. she was. as he shouts phone when i was twenty two i had a vocal coach who said my singing career would be over at twenty three because my voice wouldn't develop any more. and i thought no i want to sing.
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it doesn't matter how my voice develops up or down i want to sing because it makes me happy. friday. on her new album at a scholar does something unusual she takes people sorrowful experiences and turns them into music. songs of hope like the one about the mining disaster in mass in el belgium in one nine hundred fifty six which killed two hundred sixty two people based on the recollections of survivors. that one man i was so scared he started to pray and seeing that really impressed me songs make great companions when we're alone. in the back label for once when we are allies but scholars rarely alone she loves to serve her friends are syrian element not putting she makes it
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according to her grandmother secret recipe using her old molds. i have fifteen or sixteen of my grandma this is my favorite. things. her sicilian family didn't just give her a taste for the dog beater skulk grew up in qatar near where she discovered her love for music only on but she almost pursued another career. when i was seven or eight i wanted to be anon so for my first communion i had my mother make me a dress when she was a seamstress. it was i want dresses like anon and i wore a wooden cross. while all the other girls will these fancy tool dresses and look like princesses and i was on the path to god who got. to school no didn't need to enter a convent to express her spirituality these days you're more likely to find her
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outside a church playing table tennis for her life is movement and everything is music. i think i'm someone who loves life and bust. and now something for all you do it yourself is out there if you fancy trying your hand at creating some of your own home decorations then our resident d.i.y. expert francisca quibus has some great ideas and today she is going to show us how to create small balls for any kind of storage but pay close attention she moves quite fast. hi i'm francisco today and you're right we were making little balls for you. and it's surprisingly easy and i will show you how you can do it yourself you will need . you can find it in craft shop on the internet. a rolling pin of
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just use an empty bottle. with an attractive peten. in the color of your choice. some acrylic paint for example gold. of any size you nice. and something and. take a piece of. it into a ball and then roll it out flat with a rolling pin the play should be perfect to smooth but not too thin. and then stop and printing the design right on to the modeling clay it's best to be in the middle. take your ball as a center and press it deep into the clay top down. take the knife and cut up the. blade that is into a similar size with the stem side chris the clay cathal into the bowl to form its shape. take the modeling clay about.
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use the sandpaper to round out the edges. now the bowl itself is finished. but i like to trace the edge with golden acrylic paint to give the boat in the country and i think the most substantial. finish. if you don't have any rubber stamps at home you can also print them there. he has designs within a society something like this and you can also print designs interleave with cookie cutters just be careful not to push the cutter all the way further came. into your design at its best check out our you tube channel detail the interior design stunning ideas spectacular buildings and d.i.y. tutorials on home decoration we'll take you inside the most beautiful european
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homes show you the latest in furniture fabrics and accessories subscribe and don't miss out see you on youtube. and don't forget you can also follow us on facebook and with that it is time to say goodbye from me and the rest of the crew here at your remarks as always thanks for tuning in and we hope to see you right back here again tomorrow. next time on your own max the linz an exciting city and a top european travel destination some visitors like germany's capital so much that they decide to stay and open a restaurant here just like beach it outlash taught me donut shape from sri lanka you'll be preparing a curry with cole brought before us fifty kitchens one city next time on your i max .
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we make up oh but we watch us all how found out that if we are the civil service and. the want to shrink the continent's future. markets enjoy the american youngsters as they share their stories their dreams and their challenges. the seventy seven percent to keep the abuse platform the south africa the sorry. the moderate and higher food further and further going to church and dirtier. the high gloss world of professional sports behind the
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scenes bitter truth. manipulation exploitation corruption mafia style. of business worth millions but just how murky is the world of sports in reality. dirty games starting june sixth column t w. a a clue you can tell a lot about a society by its garbage. coast's dismissals for the rich but for many from the first their fomitch. circle africa is among the most unequal regions in the world. could be lunch for today just like the us. our reporters travel to nairobi and more claims many people know the true value of garbage. it has created a thriving parallel economy that's been completely ignored by the financial markets but what does all this mean for economic inequality around the world google has
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just gotten class war the response to that statement should be yes we are starting to as we walk here because we're tired. and destruct an economy the luck of the rich the claims are true an exclusive report for starting june eleventh the antidote to play. play. play play play play play mum's
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play played. a little. visited of you news live from harvey weinstein turns himself and ends in new york authorities that is grace movie mogul was arrested today on rape charges months after he was toppled from hollywood's most powerful ranks by an avalanche of sexual assault accusations. also coming up. the on again off again interest between donald trump and again john boehner after the conciliatory words from pyongyang trump says the talks could take place as planned next month in. ireland votes and historic abortions referendum come mainly town.


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