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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  May 25, 2018 8:00pm-9:01pm CEST

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this is g w news live from berlin who's to blame for the downing of the flight m h three seventy in the netherlands and australia say they hold russia legally responsible for shooting down the malaysia airlines plane over eastern ukraine almost four years ago moscow denies any responsibility for the attack which killed all two hundred ninety eight people on board. also on this program a court in new york charges hollywood film producer harvey weinstein over allegations of rape and sex abuse the once powerful movie mogul has been released on bail his lawyer says he'll plead not guilty. and is it all or is it
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all soft to consider true words from pyongyang u.s. president told trump says his summit with north korean leader kim jong could take place after all. in the island a referendum that could make history a traditionally catholic country is voting on whether to end the country's strict ban on abortion analysts are predicting a close result. and the british forest go from liverpool who spent a year in a homs running fifteen thousand miles across the united states he says he took his inspiration from the fictional character portrayed by tom hands. hello and welcome my name's christopher spring a thanks for joining us. the netherlands and australia say they're holding russia
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legally responsible for shooting down malaysia airlines flight m.h. seventy nearly four years ago announcement comes just a day after investigators said they had unequivocal evidence that the missile that brought down the plane over eastern ukraine came from a military unit based in russia all two hundred ninety eight people on board were killed in the attack moscow has blocked efforts by the united nations to investigate and also denies any involvement. now it's official the netherlands says russia is responsible for the shooting down of malaysian airlines flight m h seventeen for use a guard the dutch government wants moscow to bring the perpetrators to justice. or how this issue although we have made many inquiries russia has not come through with vital information and that's why we're taking this big step today russia should acknowledge its responsibility and cooperate with us in getting the truth
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and for later may there via head spinning the passenger plane was shot down with a bottom esol in the disputed area of eastern ukraine in july twenty fourth saying after years of investigation experts have concluded that the missile was the property of the russian army officials from the e.u. and nato as well as the governments of the u.s. and germany back in the netherlands claim. russia should assume or sponsibility for that so the tragedy can be fully explained and the guilty parties can be held accountable in the attic and. it was a national tragedy for the netherlands nearly two thirds of defeat timbs were dodge for germans were also among the dead. there's no proof it's a noise going to where you stand with the victims' loved ones especially on a diet like this one's the kremlin rejects all accusations and demands more evidence of russia's guilt for the shooting down a flight m.h. seventeen and the death of so many innocent people. for more on all this we're
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going to go to our moscow correspondent emily show when emily one of the reactions from moscow. well today on the sidelines of the st petersburg economic forum as you mentioned president vladimir putin denied the accusations when he was asked about whether it was a russian rocket that shot down the mh seventeen he said no of course not and we also saw a statement by the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov who said that he spoke to his dutch counterpart and that he felt that the dutch side actually presented absolutely no facts proving that russia was behind the downing of the mh seventeen and now russia has really been kind of questioning the evidence presented by the joint investigation. team yesterday they also have been saying that the
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investigation itself is biased they even presented an alternative version of what could have happened the defense ministry said that the the the air excuse me the anti aircraft system that was used to down the plane couldn't have been russian because it was too old and wouldn't have complied with with security conditions in the russian army they then use that information to point the finger squarely at hugh crane because they said that ukraine does have soviet anti aircraft systems so they're denying and pointing the finger at ukraine. you know the idea piers to be very determined in what it's doing here is just listen to the dutch from an assistant here's how he explained his government's accusations. their version. couldn't be clearer that because of the outstanding work of the joint investigation
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team there is no indisputable proof of a direct link between the missile with which flight m.h. seventeen was shot down and the russian army. ok the dutch you know clearly very determined that they also want moscow to negotiate over reparations emulates has the kremlin commented on that point briefly if you may. well kremlin spokesperson meet the if this was asked about that today and he said that those questions should be directed at the foreign ministry but what we're seeing here is really part of a pattern that we've seen with when it comes to kind of all western accusations against russia in the past few years when it comes to chemical weapons attacks when it comes to the russian doping scandal the russian side usually denies provides kind of alternative facts questions the investigation that's going on and also
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presents itself as the victim of an anti russian political campaign ok emily many thanks for that emily show and most. turning to the united states now a former hollywood film producer harvey weinstein has been released on a one million dollars by law for appearing before a manhattan quarter earlier today he was charged with rape and sex abuse involving encounters with two women weinstein agreed to wear an electronic monitor and also to refrain from traveling beyond new york and connecticut the movie producer was toppled from hollywood's highest ranks last year after dozens of women accused him of misconduct once things lawyer believes his client will be exonerated from the charges he spoke to reporters just after the court appearance mr weinstein will enter a plea of not guilty we intend to move very quickly to dismiss these charges we believe that they are constitutionally flawed we believe that they are not
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factually supported by the evidence and we believe that at the end of the process mr weinstein it will be exonerated. of a once things defense lawyer speaking of it today we're going to take a look now at harvey weinstein's fall from grace. harvey weinstein was once one of hollywood's most celebrated moguls his studios were behind a string of oscar winning films in weinstein's hands an actor's career could be made or broken but his story began to fall last october when the new york times published multiple reports of serious sexual misconduct more than seventy women came forward to accuse weinstein including some of hollywood's biggest female stars allegations range from unwanted sexual advances to rape. in the days ago after asia argento spoke out at the khan film festival i have
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a few words to say. in one thousand nine hundred seven i was raped by harvey weinstein here at cannes. i was trying to one years old. this festival was his hunting ground. i want to make a prediction harvey weinstein will never be welcomed here ever again. weinstein has denied all allegations of unwanted sexual contact with women law enforcement officials have been investigating the claims of criminal conduct against him since late last year. in the wake of the scandal weinstein's wife has left him his production company has filed for bankruptcy and he's been ejected from the academy that once onward him with oscars. the allegations against weinstein also sparked the me to movement women around the world have leveled allegations of abuse against powerful men in the entertainment business and government thought the
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watershed moment has led to a global discussion on gender equality and changes in the way women are treated in the workplace. let's get more on this now from entering kennedy from d.w. culture has been following developments for some age and we've seen what one or two the women who have made allegations against harvey weinstein have been saying but one or two others have been talking as well what they've been saying that's why in particular the actress rose mcgowan who was a key figure in the me to the movement and one of a weinstein a chooses has spoken to the press she expressed great satisfaction at developments but was keen to point out that the problem was not just harvey weinstein was the whole structure and neighboring him and of those like him the complicity of machine is who i hold even more in judgment than him
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because there's something wrong in his brain what is their excuse what will you be going to do and he if this group the trial will be in time. i think have well if i'm allowed to have a tent and hopefully that will actually heal a lot of the. kind of trauma i get when your face you never hear his name never have to read or hear that he says it was consensual and i'll get there and i get to look at it and i get to be and i and so many other victims. get to look him squarely in the eye and just by being there represent the fact that we did not want this we did not ask for this we were just people. summary powerful feelings coming there from rose mcgowan what about social
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media must be a lot of reaction on social media twitter is pretty much on fire with this topic it's having an actress as a gentile of the show we saw earlier was also one of the first accuses of weinstein she initially just posted a link to a news to news of the indictment with the word buddha and she likes posted a message that wretch to die harvey weinstein would take his first step on his inevitable descent to hell we the women finally have real hope for justice and the women's march for justice has responded with this statement we seek justice for women and all people who have been harassed and to be used in the workplace no person should be violated at work or anyone else ever talks sick masculinity and misfortune we have no longer can no longer be no want or tolerated at what price or any other place in society we stand with the brave women who came forward against
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harvey weinstein and the lawyer. for weinstein assistant who followed sexual harassment lawsuit issued a statement saying harvey weinstein should have been arrested and prosecuted a long time ago for his prolific criminal sexual acts had he been held accountable years ago there would be few of victims of his sex crimes his times op because so many fierce women have said me to an intern of course the me two campaign you know is a social media campaign a direct response i believe back then too to those initial accusations leveled at the one sting and of course it led to an avalanche of similar accusations against other high profile people as well including some pretty recent allegations still hasn't a baited. new allegations come on almost daily basis and yesterday it was news that
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a major hollywood star eight year old morgan freeman is facing accusations the act has issued an apology following multiple sexual harassment allegations us media reports that eight women have come forward saying freeman and subjected them to a range of troubling behavior on film sets and promotional saws the allegations include the hollywood actor making comments about the bodies and inappropriate touching and statements the actor apologized to anyone who felt quote uncomfortable or respected and to sum this up adrian you know obviously a significant day for the me too movement for the for this whole me to story how much has the movement of g. ved well the me to social media movement which went viral after actress elissa milan showed it on twitter has obviously reached dozens of countries millions of people i mean after the failure of the courts the legal system and institutions to
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deal with the problem of sexual abuse it was very effective in showing the endemic nature of this problem so it certainly raised the world lists and provoked a discussion about how sexual violence is handled in its wake more than two hundred powerful figures have faced accusations some being fired or have resigned others have rick you rigorously tonight the allegations and the face of no consequence is me too found that said today this is the big moment when we move from the court of public opinion into an actual courts as we see here day many people thought they would never see she says this will be cathartic for the victims but of course we already heard weinstein's lawyer has said his client will continue to vigorously contest the charges so it is a watershed moment a major milestone for me to campaign but the story is not over yet but it's in
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court now a drink kennedy from d.w. culture thank you very much thank you. we're going to stay in the u.s. president donald trump has entered talks with north korean leader kim jong un could still go ahead next month as planned that's despite trying calling off the summit and the u.s. today it's the latest curveball in washington's foreign policy and follows high profile efforts by north korea to curry favor with the white house a day after walking away from plans to meet with the north korean leader donald trump was sending a very different message. we're going to see what happens we're talking to them now . it was a very nice day that they put out we'll see what happens they very much want to do it we'd like to do it we're going to see what happens. everybody plays you know that you know that that is that. while trump plays hard to get kim jong
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un appears to be staying cool the north korean state news agency issued a conciliatory statement saying kim was willing to give the u.s. time to reconsider its decision. but the prospect of cancellation has touched off protests in asia the south korean students see trump's flip flopping as a danger to world peace her. soul is hoping to keep negotiations on track for me and i mean you go and i think all parties hope the problem can still be resolved through dialogue which the south korean government remains committed to continuing talks and i wish in the meanwhile the japanese leader threw his support behind trump the big chill of snow played on this cancellation is regrettable but i support the u.s. president about such a summit would have to bring clear progress on pyongyang's nuclear missile issue he said i want that the world is now waiting for the next sign from trump to see if he's really walking away from the summit. well our washington correspondent claire
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richardson has been following the story for us and of course she says trump's latest move should go down well with his base supporters would say that this is all part of a master grand strategy that it's trump's a way of doing tough negotiations to try and get more concessions out of north korea and in fact they praise him for walking away from a meeting that still has a lot of the details left to be ironed out where the end of may this was scheduled for june twelfth in singapore but aside from having set a date and place it was not clear what was actually going to take place none of the details none of the agenda had been released so that's one side of the issue of course trying to just detractors say that this is not the case at all and that in fact trump was just so desperate for a political victory at home remember we even saw republican lawmakers calling for him to win a nobel peace prize if his efforts were successful that he was willing to risk alienating u.s.
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allies and even risk the chance of war on the korean peninsula just because he wanted to be seen having this face to face meeting with kim jong un and that in fact he was wildly unprepared for it clear richardson their own washington correspondent now the european union is introducing sweeping new data protection rules today more on that now from done it went to france for the quite strong rules as well they call it g.d.p. the general data protection a good asian and the new set of e.u. rules on data that's what's behind all the new privacy policy e-mails you've probably been getting in your inbox lately especially if you live in europe well now the likes of facebook google or amazon will have to tell us what postal days are values that they hold what they do with it and we can even have a corrected will delete it. whether you use the internet to search for information connect with friends or simply to do your shopping going online means sharing personal information but in many cases it's unclear exactly what happens to that
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data. who has access to it what can companies do with it. the new e.u. legislation aims to address some of these issues. under the new rules companies will only be allowed to collect data relevant to their services so weather app for example won't be allowed to access your address book of photographs. the new regulations also afford individuals the right to launch a complaint with a supervisory authority in their own country instead of potentially having to challenge a foreign company abroad those violating data protection rules will face harsher fines instead of the maximum three hundred thousand euros in germany companies will face up to twenty million euros in penalties or four percent of annual turnover whichever is bigger for facebook that'd be one point three billion euros.
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the new regulation requires companies and website operators to pay closer attention to what they do with their users information. and remaining legal anomalies are likely to be settled in the courts in the coming years. consumer watchdogs have welcomed the new rules and say they give individuals more control over their personal information. on the first lawsuit under these new rules has already been filed our financial correspondent. we're talking about data protection activist friends who apart from being quick on the draw is probably very hard to get to know but anyway his his organization called none of your business has filed for complaints against facebook it's a series what's up in instagram as well as google's android and his point of course is that these companies have asked users to take off privacy boxes agreeing to
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their new policies or risk losing access to the services now this says that this is a form of forced consent and obviously forced consent is not the point of a regulation that seeks to hand more control to users over their personal data now they could face hefty fines if they fight if the courts find out that max trans is right fines could go up to four percent of global revenue so just to put that into perspective for facebook that would be one point six billion dollars based on last year's revenue and for all google's parent alphabet it would be four point four billion so quite hefty. to brussels now correspond to gild much as cultural was vero. commission and the justice and consumer. commissioner you have thought long and hard for this how significant are the changes we're about to see that are significant changes father citizens of the e.u. because we run them to be better protected and to have under control what's happening to their privacy and i think that this is
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a good step mark zuckerberg was recently here and said his company would fully comply now big companies seem well prepared how concerned should small businesses be small businesses in germany are concerned because i receive a lot of mails from them and of course they should take the necessary preventive measures but for many small businesses which do not process data is that a core business they should do some necessary arrangements which are not very big or not very demanding so the companies should assess. level of risk which is there for for the data of people and of course mark zuckerberg coming back to the big ones he could not answer otherwise i cannot imagine him to say no you do not care about the e.u. rules. vice a versa he said the we will fully comply and we will also apply there are european
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standards for protection of private data other mobility so i am quite curious whether you believe him i always believe till i have strong curry's and not to believe so we will attack or they are doing so it's quite a set of data it's very complex regulation are we making it too tough for smaller companies for the business environment in europe. i think that the g.d.p. are as of one important feature it has to be applied in a proportionate to a proportionate to the level of risk and i spoke about it before if the company does not have the processing of data as a core business if they do not sell the data if they. do not make money on the privacy of people they should to cause some some minimum kind of measures up if the companies are monitored dice the data of people they shoot to kill off something back to the people and it's but to put the question so proportionate application of
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g.d.p. out is necessary and also i would add common sense because i heard a lot of incredible stories about how g.d.p. will be a bright it's not necessary to go any king are you hoping this could become a global standard yes i do hope that europe will. serve as a good example of how well we can and should protect the privacy of people this full respect to every individual and it will be very important that the europeans also should show to the rest of the world that they can use their new. rights of better protection of privacy thank you very much indeed. i'll be back with more business later on but first many europeans seem to think that slavery is confined to the past far from it europe might even be encouraging it because that's right danielle that's the perspective of
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a german organization going by the name of together for africa staged a demonstration in berlin to highlight the issue of modern day slavery the organization says the appetite for cheap consumer goods among western consumers is unwittingly driving slavery the problem is particularly if you're to parts of africa where slave labor is work in appalling conditions the democratic republic of congo for instance. the quest for rule materials is back breaking work and he's congo slave laborers toil for up to twenty four hours a day in the search for minerals and elements they're often minus. congo is rich in mineral deposits but poor when it comes to government control. the aid organization together for africa has gathered in front of berlin's brandenburg gate to protest the global rise in modern slavery particularly in africa. africa its debts that was this problem has especially
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problematic when it comes to slavery because extreme poverty is rife in many countries there. and it's these measurable living conditions that make people vulnerable to being forced into slavery as. well of course there are many things in africa that people want red. diamonds also of precious stones. according to the united nations twenty one million people worldwide of victims of slavery. eleven point seven million of them come from asia three point seven million from africa and one point eight million from south america. together for africa is demanding a fundamental rethink in the way we live since the west's desire for low priced goods that determines the fate of millions of slaves in the third world. still to come on this program ireland is voting in a historic referendum will the traditionally catholic country decide to reform
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strict abortion locals. and the man who ran fifteen thousand miles around the united states meet the british bush and forrest gump. those two stories and plenty more coming up off to a short break you're watching news from above and do stay with us if you can. your concert. from. sultry sounds of summer to carry you away. spanish german singer are also there exam is still going. to be. hijacking the news. where i go wrong with the
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news that is being hijacked journalism itself has become a script is reality show it's not just good versus evil us versus them black and white. in countries like russia china turkey people are told it's that simple and if you're a journalist there and you try to get beyond that you are facing scare tactics intimidation and i wonder is that where we're headed as well. my responsibility as a journalist is to get beyond the smoke and mirrors it's not just about me here and balance or being neutral it's about being truthful. when he was part of golf and i work you know. higher and higher further and further dirtier and dirtier.
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the high gloss world of professional sports behind the scenes of bitter truth manipulation exploitation corruption obvious style rules of business worth billions but just how murky is the world of sports in reality. dirty games starting june sixth t w. welcome back to with him bowling a reminder of all top stories of the moment the netherlands and australia have said they've both told russia formally accountable for shooting down flight m.h. seventy five in eastern ukraine the move follows the release of new have been pointing to russian involvement of wall space as it played no part in the incident four years ago which left almost three hundred people dead. and a court in new york is charged for my film producer harvey weinstein with rape and
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sexual assault charges come off of dozens of allegations of sexual misconduct against him weinstein is being released on bail and is expected to plead not guilty to differences. and now authorities in saudi arabia have released at least four women's rights activists detained after a sweeping government crackdown but at least eight others are still believed to be in custody the women have been vocal in a movement to monitoring and to the kingdom system of male guardian ship many have also divide defied rather a ban on women driving cars going behind the steering wheel to demand change that ban is due to be lifted in june the saudi arabian government accuses the women who've been arrested of conspiring with foreign powers one of the detainees has been released was my day. seen here in an interview with the funny. and that very same funny for charles now with me in the studio along with saudi
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activist buddy they're welcome to both of you let me start with you sunny you have been reporting in saudi arabia recently from there what can you tell us about this wave of arrests or we do know that at least ten people have been arrested there's no confirmation by the way when it comes to the number of people have been arrested and also no confirmation but it comes to the name of those who have been arrested the information that we could gather are from either human rights activists from human rights organizations or from people closely the close these are all these families or are the people who are actually affected what's really interesting that they detained and arrested people like. last week who actually fought for the driving ban to be lifted for decades the very same people who actually were rooting for the problem prince mom had been some odd when i was in saudi arabia because they sat just as we're going to see here makita i was saying that finally their voice has been heard that's listening to you know one of the first things we've
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been asking was the driving and the right to drive and we have to remember that the driving is not the only thing we need we need it many many things but we use the car as a symbol it gave us the opportunity to go in the streets and to be very very visible for people to really see us and see our demands. and she was very visible as i say she's one of the most prominent human rights activist who's been arrested now released three other people this week but you really wonder why this happens that this have happened now just a few weeks before the actual driving bad is being lifted or what a good time to bring in. who based here in berlin saudi arabian women's rights activist you left saudi arabia because of your activism what's your take on these arrests you know what does it mean for you for your of course it was a shock to me i was expecting actually some activists just to be released i'm
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scared it's making that. those who are arrested because of. for example like not to be addressed that that make me ask myself if the new sort of he is really serious about any form ok but do you think they may be also playing to some of the more hardcore elements in some of the hard line elements rather in saudi arabia is that one of the reasons behind it perhaps i'm not sure i cannot predict anything until now because his tools a shock to us that we weren't expected to and funny you know this this comes at a time of course where there is quite a bit of hope for reform in saudi arabia vision twenty thirty mohammad build on the crown prince that is his vision for the future of the country a vision that could improve the life of women in saudi arabia from from your experience in saudi arabia just a couple of weeks ago how constrained women's lives still these days but it's
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a lot of people are overjoyed because they feel that a lot of women are going to enjoy more rights however for example when it comes to . that i say i've spoken to she said we don't just want to have more rights but equal rights and they demand that the guardianship system where the male guardian is responsible how much freedom you can enjoy the read of requests that guardianship system to a ball it should be abolished completely let's listen in. i think with women right now the major issue we're struggling with on the legal aspect is the guardianship women are really prisoners and she is seen as a child she doesn't have control over her life when it comes to guardianship. so you can clearly tell what the next battle is and saudi arabia wants the driving ban is being lifted for women they want to have that god and ship system a lot of these movements want to have this guardianship to ship system to be also completely disappear so the battle has just begun a question to you. when when when you see the reforms that are being promised but
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some of the setbacks you know does that make you pessimistic or optimistic for the future of women in saudi royal sholay i have hope i have hope and all of us want to do otherwise everything with groups because we did a lot for that but if you want me come back to reality i should say that got to be the biggest obstacle which this us until now and obviously they are trying to. give off rights but in their shadow not. i mean it would be struggled to have all our rights or as much he has said but you are trying our best and i feel hopeful ok dude. the activist here with us news funny many thanks for talking to us. we're going to take you now to voting has started in
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a historic referendum that could lead to a loosening of the country's new total ban on abortion and currently has some of the most restrictive laws in europe after a bitterly divisive campaign the vote could be close so our citizens living abroad who want to load allowed rather to vote have been flocking to cast their ballot. final preparations for an important trip home. meghan wool is an irish emigrants in london she's one of styles and straddling back to art and to cast her ballot in today's abortion referendum. meghan is in favor of repealing the restrictive abortion laws. i think that every woman should have autonomy over her own body and no woman should fail to travel to access a basic human right meghan is one of many who wait in long queues or garland's airports. images and videos posted with the hash tag home to vote have
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flooded social media some of those arriving home received a warm welcome like here at dublin airport. bar was. polls opened at seven am local time and close at ten pm tonight more than three point two million people are registered to vote in the referendum it's the sixth time the country is voting on the issue if the public votes yes the irish government has said they would legislate by the end of the year to allow for abortion up to twelve weeks with medical consent currently abortion is only allowed when a woman's life is at risk but not in cases of rape incest or fetal abnormality the issue has divided our country. yeah i want to know today now i have to base it for a price so high low for us and it's a hard decision for us it's a spade i just don't have the right to take life i think life to say this and for
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that reason so i'm hoping that a yes pos say i think it's very upsetting to face of issue but i think it's the right thing for the women of our land care compassion to see and safety equal health care as well yes. and the results of an exit poll on the abortion referendum will be announced late on friday. so there's talk now to get mass who's in dublin for a spoke at weeks of bitter campaigning have now come to an end of people relieved that it's over. it's not just over just yet because here where i am in dublin there are really many many campaigners still on the streets no campaigners who have signs with the baby embryos foetuses are from the womb very emotional pictures more yes campaign as i have to say here where i am in dublin lots of yes posters and i have just spoken to one of the young women who are
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fighting to change the law and she said no matter what happens the stories cannot be untold we have really changed the country women have come out they have told us stories of hardship of how they had to travel abroad to get help or how they were not able to talk at home about what happened to them when they needed bush and so all this she says has changed the country she things for the better. you know your mentioning campaign is still out there on the streets it has been such a divisive campaign such fierce campaign from from both camps how divided is ireland really over this issue. i think island is really divided and it's a question of whether island wants to continue this journey of being a more and more progressive country which it has become over the last decades and now the question is how much is that going to continue it's very much a question that divides between the ages even though your older people are
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campaigning for a change of the law but it's mostly young people who really think this cannot go on like it used to be and also a little bit is a divide between country where the church and their traditions play a bigger role and the city even though yes campaigners would argue well women in the countryside for them it's even harder to get help when they are in a situation where they feel that they need it because they don't have it at hand they've got to travel to the biggest cities and if they feel they have to travel to england to get an abortion which is what many women do because they cannot get healthier now than then this is even more tricky for them but yes a country that is definitely deeply divided over this issue ok bookit many thanks for that picket mosque in dublin. you're watching news still to come on this program the most watched annual sporting event on the planet almost upon us will be previewing saturday's champions league final between record time for when is real madrid and i'm appalled to find that comes with
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a dash of german know how. the ball to be bringing you the man who ran fifteen thousand miles around the united states meet the british version of forrest gump. but first it's business news with daniel and it's all about china donald trump of course daniel teasing china with his mix of promises and threats on bilateral trade to them but there are other countries that have a slightly different approach you know they're trying to fill the vacuum you could say that christopher in the past germany has accused china of encroaching on industries. vital to german national security and blocking out competition from the domestic market now. is in the tech hub of zen with one message let's hit the reset button and work together in developing digital industry a glimpse into the future chancellor merkel is getting to know the new china here
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in shenzhen this trip includes a visit to ai carbon x a startup using genetic data to develop apps and healthcare gadgets china has invested heavily in artificial intelligence and the digital economy in recent years and now the chancellor is meeting a nation on the technological rise. you know i believe that this momentum shows that on the one hand there are very good opportunities for cooperation but also how we called upon to approach digitalisation strategically along the growing challenges of the labor market. market received a warm welcome the day before on a visit to beijing china regards germany as its most important partner in europe especially after u.s. president donald trump turned well trade on its head but the countries are not marching in step just yet one of germany's major concerns is technology theft and
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china's cyber security laws oblige foreign companies to disclose important date her . the data is the raw material we work with today and it must be available and secure for businesses it must be portable and compatible and obviously there's still a lot to do at this level. but compulsory joint ventures and the interference of the communist party in corporate issues mean german companies still feel at a loss but the chinese prime minister is taking the problems in his stride. if you encounter economic difficulties here in china don't worry just contact me directly and i will help to solve them. yet despite the difficulties china's huge market continues to attract in change and
8:45 pm
siemens is manufacturing state of the art c.t. scanners for the chinese health care market and investing more in domestic research china's technological advancement still offers plenty of opportunities. that the funny thing is germany's always complained about tech stuff by china and now the chancellor is there to pick up some tips herself we asked our correspondent . if they jump and now the copycats well i don't see this happening yet but there is quite an anxiety that china might take the lead in artificial intelligence and that is because china has made huge progress in this in this area china. a lot of data chinese companies have a lot of data that they can process and everywhere where a lot of data is needed to chinese companies are really really getting into the competition. and that's it for your business let's kick off your sports news now
8:46 pm
with christopher. thank you daniel yes the biggest game of the year the champions league final in international soccer with me here from g.w. sports mark meadows mark at real madrid against liverpool this is fitting really isn't it could we asked for a more fitting pairing i don't think so twelve times champions real madrid against five times champions of a pool two european heavyweights and i think what makes the game really special is that both attacking teams so we really should be in for an exciting final let's take a little look. dritte the holders the galactica. against liverpool the reds club synonymous with european glory one of them a lot another chance into their last years history winning the champions league. we are again in the champions league final you know and we're going into it with
8:47 pm
a lot of confidence. we will try the very positive for everything to bring the boys . shoulder boys why it makes so much sense to be really brave in that game real madrid are chasing their third straight champions league title it's an indian sit down has molded a group of talented individuals into a winning machine on the european stage but one man stands tall amongst them kristie on the right now that was netted fifteen times in the champions league this term. goals in the competition. when you have christiane zero in the tame the best and he proves that every year but five times champion liverpool have this competition in their blood they used to dominate but their last title was two thousand and five now they have a german coach you're going club excelling abroad his top man is mohamed salah back home in egypt he's a megastar on the final copy his crowning glory he has played this season which is
8:48 pm
outstanding but he's young and that's not potential to improve that's a really good news real madrid against liverpool we could be in for a classic in here. everybody certainly looking forward to the game very difficult to pick between the two teams but i'm going to put you on your spot you know i'm going to ask you first of all who are the favorites. of going to be the favorites because they want to last two years and they always seem to pull a result out of the back when they maybe not playing that well we saw that against eventers we saw that in the semifinals against munich where byron were clearly the better side but. just got it done this competition is part of their fabric that must be worrying for liverpool a little bit but i think it's fair to say that real madrid not as strong as they have been so it definitely gives liverpool a chance it's an open game really and of course they have a long record of success in the competition. very charismatic german coach in
8:49 pm
europe he loves the challenge doesn't it he does indeed yeah i mean he's infectious infuses hasn't. it's just boiling over you can see. lately there's bombing forward every opportunity transports nagel's as possible the defense isn't quite as bad as it used to be as well but yet i mean even to change the image of a german coach it's not just about organization you can also have fun and it is true that clock doesn't have a good record in finals he's lost his last five finals the last time as the finals of course when he was bruce your dog went against by munich in two thousand and thirteen and one of his great adversity by munich was tony course who now plays for real madrid and he's really looking forward to playing top again and he knows it will be a tough challenge let's have a listen. my experience with him was always tough to play. for us but by on some years ago was always very difficult to play dogman because his teams always have more or less the same style of playing football and that's
8:50 pm
why i'm sure it's going to be very difficult for us on on saturday because i know how he how he's able to motivate his team. but mark i understand there are some liverpool fans who are not going to get to see the game yes a few planes from liverpool have been cancelled because the operators couldn't find landing spots in kiev or slots. it was quite a controversial place to hold the game overseas a long way east it's not so easy to rebook flights and fly somewhere somewhere else so liverpool as a club are very upset about that it's kind of a double blow because actually real madrid have not sold their full ticket allocation because to real madrid fans this is just another champions league final it's not a special it is for the liverpool fans but those tickets haven't gone to liverpool fans so it may well be we have some empty seats in kiev which will be a real shame for such a great game and i could take them very briefly mark your prediction what's the final score going to be to want to ruin madrid because they both like goals and the
8:51 pm
defense is a both a little bit dodgy that one medicine did of these boards thank you very much. now so much for the men we had the women's champions league final yesterday germany's both spoke of losing four one to french powerhouse leon so no triple of all spokeswomen they did of course retain their bonus leader in german cup titles earlier this month but defending champions league proved too strong that the game did go into extra time. the women's champions league final was held in kiev just like the men's equivalent this coming saturday fans flocked to the game knowing both washboard and lee all were on for a possible trouble we all were unlucky in regulation time when wolf sports know well markets appear to clear the ball behind the line no goal line technology in this match early in extra time grabbed a surprise lead through personal hard there we all know weren't deterred.
8:52 pm
the players quickly put this is side and i could see it in the faces. they kept pushing forward so perhaps they felt there was a bit unfair conceding this first goal so i didn't doubt for very long and then i saw that the players really did the rest of the fuel for. us and the rest was when he owns a medina on he hit back after alexandra pop was sent off and the french champions then ran away with it thanks to three more goals including a hey get back strike. we all became the first women's team to lift the trophy three times in a row and they not boast were concealer trouble if they win the french cup final at the end of the month. now for some of us the thought of running a marathon is enough to be exhausted straight away so much and must be to run six hundred marathons in just over a year that's exactly what a british woman has done the question is why from all social media as all the answer. to this story jared who is this man first of all will is someone making me
8:53 pm
feel incredibly fit i have to say his name is rob and as you say is clocked up a lot of miles or kilometers running through the united states to be exact fifteen thousand six hundred miles which is over twenty five thousand kilometers here is zig zagging a total of five times across the u.s. as you say around six hundred marathons twenty four million steps and every so often he had to return to england to renew his visa but while he was there he didn't see the rounded harm he competed in other marathons back in the u.k. and then he would come back to the u.s. and chip away at what is a pretty incredible journey before we get too depressed about being on field i need to point out that rob is a professional marathon runner runner thousand but wasn't already over as he's won championships in britain and australia he's also a veterinarian now you know running all that way is probably pretty bad feeling nased but it's good for your fitness and cholesterol levels but it doesn't do
8:54 pm
a lot for your looks we can take a look at rob before he attended these feet here is looking pretty clean cut and afterwards sort of move morphing into he's inspiration forrest gump and for he said forrest gump the movie inspired him to carry this out in here years with some friends reenacting that same from the film where tom hanks is forrest gump turns around and says to reste friends you know what i've had enough i'm going to go hard now to my love jane. which is what he did and in fact the first thing rob did after finishing this incredible feat was to propose to his girlfriend ok which seems to seem to remember scenes like that in the hollywood film. the similarity between the real pictures that we just saw and the film you know i mean i thought they were actually from the film when i first saw them while you did rob do this you know why did he go to such lengths to recreate forrest gump well it was in fact to raise money for two of his favorite charities which is going to talk
8:55 pm
about in a second we are asked him today he spoke to us what we asked him what was the hardest thing about running the nineteen twenty five thousand kilometers and here is what he told us the whole of his thing on the road was basically just gave everybody. is really. you know green you know. you know. the idea of really person anything for a long time probably about ten or fifteen years but it's really special. wildlife and peace direct. it's. crazy in the in the average when it comes to. crazy proposition. yes you'd have to be have to be crazy to do something like that but it's was for a good cause and a wonderful feat gerry many thanks for that gerry very from social media to ask.
8:56 pm
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germans came together in one nation from shove their money into chancellor although from bismarck. the history of the germans has been shaped like a great. ice well always to bring my royal college of battle to protect christendom and spread truth. behaves will learn to. be called the enemy. the against the courageous decisions the bomb alcohol strozier masterings we have received the crown of our room from god not from his presumptuous servant in the realms of. the i mean must. play. the flute.
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plain . this is g.w. news live from her lead after months of allegations harvey weinstein's hands himself into authorities a court in new york charges a hollywood film producer with a great and sexual assault before releasing him on bail his lawyer says that he will plead not guilty also coming up in the netherlands and australia say that they hold russia legally responsible for shooting down and age seventeen over eastern ukraine almost four years ago moscow denies any perspire.


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