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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  May 26, 2018 4:02am-4:30am CEST

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a global movement is finally facing the music harvey weinstein has been charged with rape and sex abuse by a new york court victims ask why did it take so long i'm sorry kelly in berlin this is the day. at twenty one i was raped by harvey weinstein the claims it was consensual well i'm here to tell you there was nothing consensual about what happened to me nothing at all events in my marriage and pulled me towards him. and forced my hand arm to his penis and told him to do so it's really important that was one of the great of the brothers bill cosby and harvey weinstein bill o'reilly mark halperin roger ailes kevin spacey for one of our own this time to say no more and i'm on has had
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handcuffs on me i felt the weight of cold steel and not him not the predator and there's something fundamentally wrong with that. i didn't think anyone would believe. i was nobody. i would say. we are finally heard and believed at last. and also coming up on the day women behind the wheel in saudi arabia who say that a simple car isn't what they want as the kingdom prepares to lift its ban on women drivers. driving is not the only thing we need we need it many many things but we used the car as a symbol it gave us the opportunity to go in the streets and to be very very visible for people to really see us and see our demands. that's coming up a little bit later on the day but first dozens of women have accused him of sexual
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misconduct and now the stories of two women have the potential to land him in jail the former hollywood film producer harvey weinstein was charged with rape and sex abuse in two separate cases in new york on friday one of the women has not yet been identified but the other is evans of what she told the new yorker magazine last october took weinstein from the height of hollywood to a police holding cell in manhattan within months now back in two thousand and four evans was an aspiring actress and she met weinstein for what she thought would be a casting call she says that he then forced her to perform oral sex on him this is what she told the new yorker quote i said over and over i don't want to do this stop don't i try to get away but maybe i didn't try hard enough i didn't want to kick him or fight him i just sort of gave up and quote that was back in two thousand and four evans was in her early twenty's weinstein thirty years her senior
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after telling her story of last year police contacted her about pressing charges and on thursday she told the new yorker that she decided to do exactly that she said the following at a certain point you have to think about the greater good of humanity of womenkind. those courageous words are part of a chorus that has lit a fire under the need to movement raising awareness about sexual harassment and abuse of power and toppling some of the world's most powerful men now they could even land harvey weinstein a man who was once seemingly untouchable in jail. arriving at a court in new york hollywood's most famous power player turned to riot gear to face the first criminal charges to be brought against him think huge rape and other sex crimes involving two separate women crimes new york prosecutors described as an abuse of position money and power the charge here there is no offer today in
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the written all. over all that over the world is that it is the money and power who are the ultimate in the world evil by. outside the courthouse weinstein's lawyer said he'd be exonerated the former producer has always denied having known consensual sex with any of his accuses. mr weinstein who will enter a plea of not guilty we intend to move very quickly to dismiss these charges we believe that they are constitutionally flawed we believe that they are not factually supported by the evidence and we believe that at the end of the process should mr weinstein or will be exonerated. was ever the outcome of the charges
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capital a matter it fall from grace for one of hollywood's most influential business men. in the wake of dozens of accusations of sexual misconduct weinstein's wife has left him he's been sacked by his own production company and ejected from the academy that once on it him with oscars. weinstein's court appearance here in new york may not be his last investigation by the city is ongoing and separate criminal probes underway in london and los angeles. and let's get more now from new york where journalists emily saul is standing by and emily you were actually in the courtroom today as weinstein was being charged what was the atmosphere there like. it was it was very tense it was very strong. and the courtroom itself was media on a cross the were there. he was brought in through the back door sure if he's in
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a walk in behind us or not i see what a curiosity it is bray stand to support it if essentially on the arms of the female detectives on the three other male detectives that company or it was just looked like he couldn't believe he was there and you a lot of us in trouble believing that he was in fact there it was it was truly remarkable a quite a dramatic fall from grace that you're illustrating there so what comes next for him well he's back in court on july thirty s. he's been released on one million dollars bond excuse me. right in court to be anywhere along a dollar check which we're equals what was waiting in the courtroom will have to return to miss parker elsewhere you know everything new yorkers. want marriage in their partner and sense and we know a grand jury is that if i'm wrong and they're continuing to interview people his
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attorney ben brafman said earlier today that he will decide by next wednesday whether or not weinstein himself would address the grand jury. it's it's it's really up in the air you know they can dispose of quickly or if we go to trial it's something that all of. us and of course there are a lot of people who have been waiting for this day a lot of his accusers we know that there are dozens of them word of the charges against weinstein leave not only him but also more broadly speaking the me too movement because you know when his accusers came out this really lit a fire under this movement globally speaking. no absolutely i think it's a very powerful image for not only his accusers and accusers of other high profile men but just you know survivors of sex is on everywhere to see someone so powerful incentive plan modest position and. i mean just just last month we had the pope.
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but i think a lot of people especially after that district and the investigation into it and seems wasn't that keen after he was not charged there is one of last hope but this is only the beginning and how the people see that this thing happened then happens to anyone and i mean the d.a.'s office was very clear that it multiple times and not overly so those that you know they're urging anyone and everyone to jump over you know what is your sense going into this case because we know it comes after a months long investigation into weinstein does it say anything to you about perhaps the strength of the district attorney's case in both of these as and says well it's an interesting question because we learned yesterday that he's been in and that only after this other guest or possibly his better hospitals in the market and they will also be going to. be. honest.
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so it could be either why there. is want. all of those who are we could say that this was the only nation. i mean even the t.s.a. . you know they are one of the snowballs and they're not going to bring not going to bring charges anything you know and sort of i don't know what the audience will say that especially after that. i mean only. apologies for interrupting you there emily we look forward to you hopefully reporting more about this in the future for us we thank you so much for joining us emily salo as mentioned you're a journalist from the new york post and you were in the courtroom today if. europeans are one step closer to being back in control of their digital lives the ease flagship new data protection laws came into effect on friday the rules knew
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that citizens can demand companies like facebook google and amazon disclose what kind of personal data they hold and what they do with it now citizens also have the right to have the data corrected or even delete it. whether you use the internet to search for information connect with friends or simply to do your shopping going online means sharing personal information but in many cases it's unclear exactly what happens to that data. who has access to it what can companies do with it. the new e.u. legislation aims to address some of these issues. under the new rules companies will only be allowed to collect data relevant to their services so whether up for example won't be allowed to access your address book of photographs the new regulations also afford individuals the right to launch
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a complaint with a supervisory authority in their own country instead of potentially having to challenge a foreign company abroad those violating data protection rules will face harsher fines instead of the maximum three hundred thousand euros in germany companies will face up to twenty million euros in penalties or four percent of the new will turn over whichever is bigger for facebook but to be one point three billion euros. the new regulation requires companies and website operators to pay closer attention to what they do with their users information. and remaining legal anomalies are likely to be settled in the courts in the coming years. consumer watchdogs have welcomed the new rules and say they give individuals more control over their personal information. and for more on this let's bring in to resell locker of motherboard dorchin she is a journalist she's been covering this from the very beginning and we thank you so much for joining us this evening here on the day the e.u.
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has really builds the g.d.p. are as the biggest shake up of data privacy regulations since the birth of the web fair assessment well i think so and many ways you feel really flattered right now his inbox is flooded with all these companies apparently caring about you are about your privacy at least i think the responsibility shift is what makes it so interesting because previously you as a customer as an internet user you had virtually no control over where you got to travel and who gets sold to for how long it's been processed and what companies monetize about it. now how that changes dramatically where you can just send them a letter and send it to the next best filed a complaint to the next best that a protection agency a watchdog and set of for example running to into a dead end with a company that wouldn't reply to your requests because they may not have
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a branch in your in your state or even in your nation such as facebook but only if you're a european citizen right exactly ok so talk with us a little bit about for those european citizens or residents for example they who have been getting these e-mails over the past you know today the past weeks for example this law actually went into effect two years ago and then companies had two years to prepare for it so why did they wait until the last minute well first of all i think it actually is a lot to go through because it has one thousand nine articles this new regulation secondly they don't want to lose any customers because in a nutshell the new the new law basically says nobody is allowed to do anything with a doctor that he didn't consent to previously so. they have to ask for your content on everything from please let me send your newsletter to. reforming. like customer portals on line. two setting up to data protection watched of their representatives and their company when they have over nine employees so it is
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a lot to do but with these emails being sent out since you have to give your explicit consent it means it is the easiest way to get rid of all these companies and services that you never use it's just a do nothing and so of course these companies know that and they want to wait until the very last minute so they can keep you as a customer a loss or of course only good if they can be enforced so who is now in charge of enforcing their stay yeah i think this is a this is really why it's the way it's handled now because it's not like with copyright protections for example where you have a barrett of lawyers behind it just waiting to dish out fines off the fines to say the internet you just download it media from the internet and we have pirated media from the internet here. only the actual effect of people and what stocks and collapse like that the protection clubs and agencies can and
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forests. follow up on complaints after that all the data protection agencies that are nearby will forward this complaint to the respective thought of protection agency that would handle the complaint it sounds very technical and is going to be easy it is easier because whatever you have for example whatever you have for requests just send it to the company the company is legally obliged to answer you request within four weeks should they not do it your father complained with any data protection agency that you know of that is nearby and you don't have to worry about anything after that because it will be forwards we already have a case don't we you know for example facebook already being sued for noncompliance on this this is. individual from from austria a privacy campaigner has accused them of effectively forcing users to give their consent to use their personal information how easy is it for companies to
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skirt the rules well we don't know yet how easy it is on a whole to skirt these rules because i think that we still need to get a little into the groove of being actually in use this law as also a lot of panic around the and so on but i think with facebook it's they seem to have found a loophole. in which they actually use the new data protection law to do something that they weren't allowed to do before which is share use a doctor between their one service what's app and the other service facebook now this new data protection apparently has given them the opportunity to kind of type these through to together and this is what. this austrian activist who is very very aware that facebook would love to do something like that is now i mean i guess i mean a lot of people that what they might have encountered today when they logged on for example you have a facebook account they had to agree to the privacy policy put in opt out of it he
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was able to use the service anymore so could it be that he has a point here and i think he has a point and i think i also think the way that facebook or other services have laid out their terms of use it or they're up there to their privacy policy was very suggestive it was almost blackmailing and just saying look i they you agree to this are you can't use a service anymore which is not what i think the lawmakers have intended at all of course the tech giants have been getting a lot of attention lately facebook google amazon for example and the way that they use data how about the smaller players though like smaller companies start ups you know medium sized enterprises here in europe what sort of challenges does this new law present to them for example i think that it presents a lot. challenges to them but also there is a lenient see period. given a lot of a lot of counseling being given if they actually violate some of the standards
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because there is a lot to to take into. to change for example. protecting your can you protect your customers data from hackers. also where does that where where is the dots of being in process when you have customers coming in from from several countries it is a lot to do but i've heard from so many forces that they said you know don't worry about that too much or not after fining small companies there will be a lot of const laying and it will be necessary and there is a period of maybe two or three years where this will be a little softer so it's not going to be like all the startups of go out of business because someplace out of g.d.p. are not perfect but a good start i think thank you so much to raise a locker of motherboard joining us to put it all into perspective for us all those
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e-mails that we have been getting over the past twenty four hours that. authorities in saudi arabia are continuing their crackdown on human rights activists most of them women they are demanding the right to drive and an end to the kingdom's male guardianship system now imus international says that authorities have now seize the kingdom's prominent human rights campaigner that is mohamad. earlier they released at least four women's rights activist without least eight others still believed to be in custody. many defied a ban on women driving cars and went behind the wheel to demand change that pham is now due to be lifted in june the government accuses the women of conspiring with foreign powers and one of those arrested was medea. she was being interviewed a bit earlier by d.w. reporter funny for char who is joining us here now on the set to tell us a little bit more about that interview because you know you've been reporting
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extensively from saudi arabia recently what can you tell us about the wave of arrests there sara stefani not the first time of course that there was a crackdown on activists in saudi arabia the last time we have seen that play out was last september by the way just before the crown prince has announced that the driving ban is going to be lifted what makes this case quite unprecedented is the fact that these are very prominent people but the rouge we have interviewed in march in riyadh sheep campaigned for the driving better than to be lifted for decades since nine hundred ninety and the very same people who actually had hopes that these reforms are actually going to be put into action and there's going to be change these people have been arrested now in the meantime four people have been released among them is also my deah but this is what she had to say before she was detained when i spoke to her in riyadh the you know one of the first things we've been asking was the driving and the right to drive and we have to remember that the
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driving is not the only thing we need we need it many many things but we use the car as a symbol it gave us the opportunity to go in the streets and to be very very visible for people to really see us and see our demands. so a lot of symbolism there a lot of high hopes that you know there were these reforms known as the vision twenty thirty that they could really improve the situation for women what did you experience on the ground there how constrained our women's lives really in the kingdom and the emphasis are is really on could improve the lives of women because what did not change so far is the so-called guardianship system and that means that you male guardian that could be your brother your husband your father is in charge that means even though if let's say the driving ban is being lifted on june twenty fourth if the you male guardian was going to say whether you can actually drive it he lowers you to apply for a driver's license and that's the next big battle actually did. pointed out in riyadh than we spoke to her i think with women right now the major issue we're
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struggling with on the legal aspect is the guardianship women are really prisoners and he is seen as a child she doesn't have control over her life when it comes to guardianship. and we know that media she's not the only one who has been speaking extensively about this right i mean she was speaking from saudi arabia there but we also have for example activists around the world anderson the you spoke with somebody from berlin a short while ago these are sacked that we want to listen to that. i think actually some activists just to be used instead it's making the. those who are arrested because of. for example much more to be a risk that that make me ask myself if the venue is really serious about any form surely i have hope. and all of us will to do otherwise everything with groups goes
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with a lot of thought but if you want me come back to reality i should say that guardianship is the biggest obstacle in which this us until now and obviously they are trying to. give some off rights. in their shadow. i mean it will be a struggle to have all our rights or to be tested but you are trying our best and i still have hope. that's exactly what's quite significant here that it's not just about having more rights when it comes to saudi arabia these activists but also women who really dream of a profile want to change structural change of the society inside riyadh saudi arabia they say they want to have equal rights so not just more rights but equal rights equal to the man in a saudi arabia i want to talk a little bit about the comparisons that are being made right now when we talk about
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the change the pace of change how conservative the society is because you know some people have made the comparison that that saudi society is about as conservative as western countries were in the early sixty's and that we could now see this decade of upheaval of revolutionary change in the country you were there you experience the atmosphere do you feel that the country is poised for that funny. portion of the society is very poised for that it really depends who you talk to hold that person is what the social circumstance of that person is you may find women saying that they want to keep reading for example the buy that you see their order hats card because they say taking it off may threaten their islamic identity but then again of course i've met plenty of especially young people and two thirds of the population is below thirty years old in saudi arabia who dream of a different saudi arabia more open country the question is of course how is that going to many fast i see a side rebiya develop developing a different speeds depending on where you live or you are and once again all the
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social circumstances encourage this change or not it's really a process and nobody at this point can answer whether this start is going to develop into something more profound that if you have seen play out in other parts of the room there is so much as stake and as you've highlighted today especially for women in the country funny for char with the very latest thank you. all day is almost done but as ever the conversation continues online you can find us on twitter either at t w news or my handle is at seroquel and you can do feel free to get in touch thank you so much for watching i have to say you can see.
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on the. anti corruption anti-poverty anti. italy's five star movement what started as a protest party. is now italy's next government. but are they up to the task. of five stars for rome. italy's populists reach for power. long nobody's going to.
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china is conquering the tomato market knowledge global business and the sushi company's silicone jeans boliver the law is not easily samus tomato industry is suffering. while close humans continue to enjoy the strange. regardless. the empire of france killed in forty five minutes on t.w. . global inequality. what does inequality mean any globally connected well. known to the media played. joining the discussion and how do you. don't have as global media following times eighteen. higher and higher further and further dirtier and dirtier. the high gloss world of professional sports behind the scenes of
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bitter truth. manipulation exploitation corruption mafia style a business worth billions but just how murky is the world of sports in reality. dirty games starting june sixth on t w. we are on the brink of victory. and it's a nice parliamentary election earlier this year the n.t. stablish went five star movement celebrated a historic success winning almost thirty three percent of the vote.


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