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you're watching g.w. news live from berlin ireland is set to repeal it's abortion law one of the strictest in europe exit polls show overwhelming support for scrapping a constitutional ban on terminating pet pregnancies what does this mean for the rights of irish women we'll go to dublin for an hour of her reaction. also coming up after months of shocking allegations harvey weinstein has himself over to authorities a new york court charges the hollywood film producer with rape and sexual assault before releasing him on bail his lawyer says he'll plead not guilty. and in
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football the countdown is on to see once champions league final defending champions real madrid take on liverpool who will be crowned europe's top football club sports will preview the big game. thanks for joining us it's a historic moment for ireland the nation is set to legalize abortion in a land slide vote exit polls estimate nearly seventy percent of people voted in favor of repealing the eighth amendment to the constitution which currently outlaws abortion in all cases except when the mother's life is in danger it marks another huge a societal shift in the country where the catholic church has traditionally played a big role. post predictions i live this to change cool on one of his most divisive social issues i was ecstatic because it was such
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a it could have been such a close call but i think a lot of us were expecting a no so to see thought it was bad seem to be like a pretty enthusiastic yes that was amazing yeah i just think the exit poll is pretty great news is really. going to change a lot a lot of things. and may not have official results yet but two major exit polls suggest the emerald iowa will repeal its constitutional ban on abortions currently abortion is only allowed when a woman's life is at risk but not in cases of rape incest or fetal abnormality the referendum's divides of the nation provoking strong emotions from science. i don't believe we have the right to kin a baby in due womb and i would call a baby in the will oldest may not call a baby and
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a will. if the exit polls do match the result the irish government has said it would legislate by the end of the year to allow for pushing up to twelve weeks with medical consent. for more on this we're now joined on the phone from dublin by joan collins she's a member of the irish parliament with the independents for change party representing south central dublin joan welcome and thank you so much for being here now we don't have the official results yet the predictions are that ireland will be repealing this constitutional ban abortions which is really a historic choice what are your thoughts right now. and according to charlie myers that they think in which he had also the state can be as high as seventy percent i think it's just wrong for for significant change for the people of fire to get that emotional. it's very significant from the point of view with us i think what's been reflected is. at the shaken off the shackles of the
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conservatism of this country and treat generations of ways for the opportunity to say yes to women's health and that he that's really significant. as you yourself said it's a very very emotional decision for many what would you say to the voters who voted no who voted against repealing the amendment i would say to those who voted no that no one's going to be forced to have an abortion is about choice and that health care should be in place in this country and what i will be fighting for a lot my quest of progressive and the daughters for proper health care for women to decide to and bring pregnancies to full and also for women to decide and choose to abort and i think that's really significant and i don't think anybody has and to worry that this country because of the leading up to come paying for health care which we don't have in this country and has to change now if the yes vote is
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confirmed today which is likely we're looking at that being likely ireland government will have to start providing abortions in a medical system where it previously hasn't been legal to a large extent what challenges lie there in. a significant challenges and i am absolutely we have to have several that is nearly on its knees and that is and has not delivering services to and their citizens and this will this will provide a challenge to the government to have service in this country but i think because of the significance of this seventy percent yes vote i think people will get behind it and say this is what the people want and we have to deliver the service to and to represent. joan quickly if you can this is really the latest and was seems like a wave of liberals that liberalization in ireland what does this say what does this message send to the world about ireland these days and. i think what it says
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towards us. to cassandra conservatism of that have to charge has been broken significantly and that we do not have stranglehold he had before. and i think that that is it's refreshing from a nation that has had to struggle with that over the last decade i just think it needs that we are more kind of society more and and and happy friday and i think that's going to make people this country joan collins representative in the irish parliament thank you so much for joining us on this historic day for ireland thank you for having me. disgraced hollywood film producer and accused of sexual predator harvey weinstein has been arrested and charged with rape among other sex crimes after turning himself in to the authorities in new york a manhattan court has now released weinstein on bail set at one million dollars he has also must wear a monitoring device while the criminal case proceeds against him more than seventy
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women accused weinstein of sexual misconduct the allegations stretch back decades. arriving at a court in new york hollywood's most famous power player turned. here to face the first criminal charges to be brought against him they include rape and other sex crimes involving two separate women crimes new york prosecutors described as an abuse of position money and power charm here they are both of the and in the written all. over all that over the you know this is that it is the money and power who are the ultimate in the word evil vile right. outside the courthouse weinstein's lawyer said he'd be exonerated the former producer has always denied having known consensual sex with any of his excuses. in the wake of dozens of accusations of sexual misconduct weinstein's wife
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has left him he's been sacked by his own production company and ejected from the academy that once on it him with all. the weinstein's court appearance here in new york may not be his last the investigation by the city is ongoing and separate criminal probe so underway in london and los angeles. now to some of the other stories making news around the world saudi crown prince mohammed bin solomon has reportedly impose a ban on government agency is awarding contracts to german companies this is according to the spiegel online website it says the kingdom's de facto ruler isn't happy with berlin stance on riyadh's foreign policy is his decision could put at risk exports totaling new nearly seven billion euros. striking
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truckers in brazil have brought latin america's biggest nation to a standstill thousands of drivers have blocked roads and their protests have gone on for the past five days the brazilian government is threatening to send in the army to break up the strike. at least one person is dead in oman after cyclone macoun made landfall on the arabian peninsula police say the first confirmed victim was a twelve year old schoolgirl another forty people are still missing drenched the usually arid oman and neighboring yemen with rain and winds peaking at two hundred kilometers per hour. onward to football now and to european soccer's most anticipated clash the champions league final the deadliest forces cress harrington is here to preview the big game with us across its rail madrid versus liverpool is the set to be the
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highlight of the european football season there's no doubt in my mind that. i'm talking about this will be a cracker what does that mean excite me the rest of fish between the powerhouse is real madrid liverpool and we have a treat we have a preview of the match let's take a look. around madrid the holders the galactic codes. against liverpool the reds club synonymous with european glory one of them a lot another chapter to their lives just history by winning the champions league you know what. i mean we are again in the champions league final you know and we're going into it with a lot of confidence in that we will try the very positive for everything to bring the boys. to show the boys why it makes so much sense to be really brave in that game. real madrid are chasing the third straight champions league title sin and
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even sit down has molded a group of talented individuals into a winning machine on the european stage but one man stands tall amongst them kristie on the right now that was netted fifteen times in the champions league this propofol rails goals in the competition. when you have christiane zero in the tame and the best and he proves it every year but five times champion liverpool have this competition in their blood they used to dominate but the last title was two thousand and five now they have german coach you're going club excelling abroad his top man is now meant sala back home in egypt he's a megastar on the final copy crowning glory he has played this season which is outstanding but he's young enough and has not potential to improve so that's really good news. against liverpool we could be in for a coffee. i'm all right i've got these two giants meeting on the field tonight who
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is your pick for the masonite you know i have to go with reality dritte because simply they've been there and done that more than any other team in this particular competition and they're led by just a master on the pitch a goal machine in christiane over and although you know he scored more goals than any other player in champions league history and he could potentially become the first player to score in consecutive champions league finals real madrid are playing for a three peat we're talking about the michael jordan of this fourteen crescendo rinaldo and then his team is full of stars they have arguably the best midfield in all of football you have marcello sergio ramos i mean the team is stacked i think it will be experience versus inexperience that the experience will prevail at the end of the day all right but liverpool does have a long record of success in this position and their german coach cloth. does love himself a challenge doesn't he yeah it definitely does now in terms of liverpool they've won it five times they've been at this final stage in the champions league
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a record eight times in the premier league but in terms of your game clock you can cope has only been to the champions league final one time which he lost he has lost actually five of six major finals the only file he's won has been the german cup but you can call his magical in special he does something to motivate his side so much so in opposing midfielder toni kroos had something positive to say about germany's you're can quote. my experience with him so there's always tough to play . for us but by on some years ago was always very difficult to play dog because his teams always have a more or less the same style of playing football and that's why i'm so it's going to be very difficult for us on on saturday because i know how he how he's able to motivate his team and speaking of liverpool i believe there are some liverpool fans who are not going to be able to get to kiev for the match why is that for them disgruntled at least
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a thousand fans reportedly will miss out on the action in kiev because four flights were cancelled due to no place to land which tells you how bits traffic is actually trying to come to the ukraine you know right now but most of the liverpool liverpool player actually credited the fans it and field of being like an extra player on the pitch subtract that one thousand fans it's got to sting a bit for liverpool because that means a lot to the working class but we have to see how they'll fare without that additional support out there. from our did obvious fourth test thank you so much for previewing the game for us ok. and a reminder of our top story we're following here for you exit polls in ireland show more than two thirds of voters support ending the country's near total ban on abortions the official results are expected later on today. and a new york court has charged disgraced film producer harvey weinstein with rape and sexual assault charges come after dozens of allegations of sexual misconduct weinstein has been released on bail and is expected to plead not guilty. you're
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