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what's all this mean economic inequality around the world you guys are starting class war theater the response to that statement should be yes we are starting to as walthew. reach the truth and exclusive group which is starting to look on t w. however want to welcome to another edition of euro max i'm your host meghan lee as always we have got a packed show in store for you so let's get right to it here's a look at what's coming up. far from home cuisine from sri lanka in the middle of. fairytale island tending the exotic gardens on st michael's mount.
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and above the clouds learning to fly the gyrocopter back. but we start off the show with a man who is considered an ambassador of the cello. like most of virtuous those he began playing at a very early age in his case at the age of four and a half and before long it was clear that he was a star talent couple so has a new album out so we wanted to sit down and talk to him about it and how the cello has impacted his life. understands like few others how to get everything out of the cello this evening the frenchman is playing contemporary music by a chinese composer of the film. his
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parents actually wanted him to play the violin. but that never came into question for him my parents gave me my first you know it's four and a half. these first feeling with with the cello was. just magical from the beginning the first sound even if they're not nice you can feel the vibrations in all the body and this is very specific to the cello the cello is a kind of continuation of the body in a way. interest is the star cellists current album in it he brings the versatility of his favorite instrument to life.
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eat. the story of this this new album is on one hand a collection of pieces that i love that i discovered many years ago some of them not so long ago some of the pieces of well known some others are not known and every piece for me reminds me specific souvenirs. a jury of music experts name the cello germany's instrument of the year twenty eighteen for a cop who saw it is the instrument of his life. if . you have those incredible
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bases that's really like a. good deed voice but but they also the cello can can go up and rise and sing the cello as also. became very. dear to also instruments was not the case you know. one hundred years ago so i am very happy that. to share the cello as instrument of the. thirty six year old musician plays on a cello made by the seventeenth century venetian lute your matteo go for who is famous for the high quality of his cellos the virtual so pardon me once played his instruments. cello is very very special it's from seventeen zero one. and it's it's also. you know when when when you touch the wood you can feel really the the he story of the cello which is
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incredible it's like ours it's like it's like a painting so of course the. the price of those instruments are very high and so but we we're lucky to be able to play on them. the prize winning cellist is rarely at home in paris but he tries to spend as much time as he can with his two daughters and with his friends after all he's not just a music lover. i like good food i like good cheese of course in france we're lucky to have fantastic cheese i love great wine also so i like to you know go to the cellar and truth in a nice bottle of wine and you know mix it with was with great food and and organise dinner and yeah those those times are important and i think it's important also for the music the music needs to breathe. and go to your cup you song is himself a breath of fresh air for cello aficionados he has that one with his music as he
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graces the stages of the world with his prized cello. you. moving on now to a brief look at other stories making headlines on the culture thing. the sixteenth international architecture exhibition for being ollie begins in venice on saturday this year's title is free space which the organizers say describes a generosity of spirit and a sense of humanity at the core of architecture sixty three countries are taking part with twenty eight hosting their own national pavilions on the piano a grounds the others are scattered across the city the german for valiant deals
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with the architectural consequences of the division of germany during the cold war . the french artist philippe no one has mounted his first set a exhibition in germany in the shadow of billions mountain globus ball has no time . between now and the time it closes in late august the objects in display will change and move around. the no considers exhibitions to be living organisms which can be set in motion through light sound and images. the versatile french mint has won plaudits for his installations illustrations conceptual art and fiance. london zoo is currently home to an art installation comprising fifteen thousand empty plastic bottles space of waste aims to raise awareness of the growing threat
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of pollution from discarded plastic especially and on the world's oceans the installation by artist nick wood shows the amount of disposable bottles purchased. every minute in britain alone the management decided to support the huge sculptures due to the devastating effects of plastic waste on the animal world. where lane is a melting pot of cultures and some visitors to the city like it so much that they decide to stay and open restaurants here from indonesian and macedonian to thai you can get a taste of the world without having to leave the german capital and for our ongoing series fifty kitchens one city today we're going to try a popular curry dish from sri lanka. and some things i'm very german and things germans place
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a lot of emphasis on like precision and punctuality i learned very quickly if you want to live here you have to learn about german qualities. they. decided to live in germany in one thousand nine hundred eighty two when he came to britain as a tourist from sri lanka he was nineteen at the time a family friend adopted him which allowed him to. study to be a dental technician then in the early one nine hundred ninety s. he turned his hobby into a profession and opened his first restaurant in the district it was the first location in germany. when i came to germany i started to cook for myself when i invited friends over i cook something nice like a pole some bolero doll curry various things. and they all
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say wow you can really cook. why don't you open a restaurant in berlin. we don't go to it. when richard outness starts didn't actually did open his restaurant it was considered quite exotic few people here knew anything about sri lankan cuisine but then as a curious and many of them quickly became regular customers his idea of using organic products in the dishes was also well received so well that he was able to open a second restaurant. in nine hundred ninety seven. is a small island but a lot of coconuts grow there. so we use a lot of coconut milk in our dishes which makes them different. and when you spices differently too. we use a lot of smoked and roasted spices. that's something special.
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the beverage dish that we make has its own typical taste. but. in sri lanka curry usually means dish not the spice. his call robbie carry uses not only the stem but also the leaves. there are hundreds of different ways to make curry using vegetables meat or fish curries are common in sri lankan cuisine. in this island country in southern asia people typically eat with their hands food is served luke warm or cold. fish will say like conditions are usually spicy the spices used often have
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a medicinal effect. is one of the staple food stuffs it's served with every calorie. we have been with and we use these curry leaves. in every dish everyone. these curry leaves serve to detoxify the body. they have a very unusual taste they smell good and they're also very healthy you can buy them here in berlin but only in specialty stores. a lot of hard work went into making this country which means sunshine. richard starts we don't actually spend a year and a half renovating the former he tore down the walls and decorated the remaining ones together with an artist. the color yellow predominates symbolizing both the
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sun and curry. benches from old commuter trains. the restaurant is in prince in the eastern part of the city it's an area that has undergone enormous changes since the fall of the wall in one nine hundred eighty nine. what was then a working class district has become a trendy part of town. not only has the number of she kept phase of the cheeks increased so have the reins. on compared to when i started here two decades ago. the difference is like night and day. back then the buildings were completely rundown and dilapidated. now they've all been modernized restored. the neighborhood has changed completely
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these are the keys on the. video that's not start to be done that she has spent more of his life in germany than in sri lanka the only thing he hasn't got used to is the german weather. i ruined. a lot of the ground. there in little has a dream job he's a gardener on the tidal island of st michael's mount in england now there you will find no noise and little stress in keeping with island life visitors can only walk there during low tide the island is located off of england's most southern coast and has long been an insider tip among holiday makers some three hundred thousand people visit their little castle and garden every year and we were among them. morning is always the most relaxing part of the day for derek little as he tends to
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his plants all alone he grew up on st michael's mount and has been assistant head gardener of the title and since two thousand. towering over the gardens is the priory church dating back to the twelfth century for over three hundred years it's been home to the same often family who have built up one of the most in changing gardens in the country boasting in a ray of plants from around the world. you have to be able to castles in the in for the guns in the morning we just have a walk around the gardens to make sure there's no late so anything been left on the ground or even the gates open unlocked but yet today the weather's not so nice nobody sunny here especially down here in cool but today we go a little see miss coming in and it's quite damp as you can see today which is you know lovely for the garden i've forgotten to do a bit of moisture has been a bit dry this some of the. not the usual we get here.
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but nonetheless the plants are grateful for the mild summer rains as are its other inhabitants. the subtropical gardens off the coast of cornwall comprise between five and six hundred varieties of flowers bush is and shrubberies. just across the water on the mainland the days first visitors are waiting for the grounds to open or rather waiting for the tide to go out and free up the causeway. unless you can fly or you can pay for the boat service low tide is the only time you can get to and from the island. st michael's mount. was once a pilgrimage site and lives across the bay from the historic little town of penn's ants. it's one of the region's most popular tourist attractions with around three
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hundred thousand visitors a year to the castle and gardens the micro climate here in the extreme south west of england makes it possible to grow both domestic plants and thanks in part to some t.l.c. from the garden or varieties that are extremely exotic yes we do this one here everything across the golly it's from self america it's actually a tree. normally gross about five metres six me just so this one's probably about forty or fifty is that you can see it's been grown in the wool. and especially elements we have here because the granite absorbs the heat and radiates heat out in the evening we've reflected launch of the sea which is off the gulf stream we call it a natural so what's in the air and all these elements to give a just means that we can grow these usual plans here within the gardens. a lot of visitors to the mountain come specifically to marvel at the floral extravaganza derren middle devotes eight hours a day to his body and beauty each with its own individual needs a dream job in
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a dream location by the sea. she used to look down upon the gardens now and how special they are and i think the work in the gardens to me to live on the island is what is actually in your blood so you do really enjoy and this is you know you can get better office miss if you like you know today we got a lovely day now the rain stopped the sun's coming out you've got lovely views that the sea is a special place to work. and as the day comes to a close and visitors wade back to shore peace returns to st michael's mount and daring little has the gorgeous little gardener's paradise all to himself again. looks simply amazing now all this week we've been asking our viewers. when they like to give flowers now thirty seven percent of you said you give flowers as a thank you and thirty one percent said that you give flowers on birthday so thank
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you to all for taking part but as always there can always only be one winner of this week's draw and that is just laying there rico from new zealand so congratulations joslin you have one yourself and eggs collusive your old max watch so enjoy. now with those people with dreams of flying they can fulfill them in northern germany by learning to fly a gyrocopter this is an open type of helicopter but apparently it is much easier to operate but one of the pilots will have to dig deep into their pockets because one hour of flying costs one hundred and seventy but after thirty hours of flight training gyrocopter pilots can take to the skies on their own. she made it john a markets and takes to the skies for the first time at the controls of a gyrocopter. this was breathtaking beautiful to see live back from the air my always wanted to fly i think everyone has that desire to take to the skies.
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but before she could take the flying cabriolet out for a spin a new flight instructor pam had to show her the ropes even valve i'm very nervous i'm wondering what it will be like to fly a gyro continental flight of the past year but. she first has to learn how to take the rotary plate has to reach two hundred revolutions a minute otherwise the gyrocopter will tilt. wheel for you hold down this but it's not ok there's just too you see the ribs on to here that's two hundred revolutions so i only have to press the button exactly and we'll be communicating minimum good the first to a dry run you on the markets and have to learn how to tilt the roto with the joystick. so thumbs up to release the rotor. click. on the signs up you do it both hands rolls that's right released chilled back.
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until forwards ease of of your life will depend on this movement because you've got to remember the funky. the rotor needs to be tilted for the wind to propel it forward ya not then release is the break and they're all. most often. was because it was a totally positive experience although it was too short of course i just forgot about everything else around me and enjoyed the moment as they went off and. it
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costs one hundred seventy years an hour she'll have to have thirty left his be cool she can fly on her own should also have to pass a medical and the theory exam if all goes well she'll then get to the gyrocopter license. here is that he didn't expect too much of me he just said the most important thing is to stay calm and that's what we did and i felt safe the whole time with us. after forty five minutes yana who is studying medicine lands back safely on the ground. thought i was a great cause it grows on you doesn't it was wonderful ok if you upset over that when i was up there i thought well there's enough doctors out there i'm going to be a pilot. and you can. didn't get much higher praise than that for a first flying lesson. congratulations on your first flight.
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and she's going to need a doctor once you falls out of that thing all right moving on to expression is a painter and print maker auto dix now he was known for his harshly realistic and satirical depictions of german life during the one nine hundred twenty s. he captured the mood and the decadence of that time with a critical eye and now for the first time over three hundred of his works are on display in germany under one roof giving visitors a look back into another time. a building filled with works by auto dicks on four floors and him poor young for fans of expression and start but it's not just the sheer number and range of works that sets this exhibition apart but we have at least one work of art bell to dick's for each year from nine hundred twelve thousand nine hundred sixty nine when i could so it's a truly comprehensive retrospective. if if you want
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a real introduction to autistics you have to come to chemists. with nuff cabinet. in two thousand and seven candidates came into possession of alfred gunson hauser's collection of german modernist art. now the dick's works in their collection have been joined by an additional sixty from the now deceased collectors inheritance they include sunday stroll painted in one thousand twenty two as well as works on paper which can rarely be shown in public and that today's can be deeper p.-r. by the paperwork's cannot be put on permanent display they can only be exhibited under certain light conditions and for a limited time so that means special exhibitions only. and here with four floors at our disposal we have the opportunity to show a large number of these paperworks and since i. be exhibitionists clearing out the entire museum gunson house or and putting the works by other artists into temporary
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storage three hundred times dick's is both a tribute to the collections patron and to the departing director of chemists his art collection. is that of it's lovely for me to getting to put on such a marvelous exhibition up to almost twenty two years on the job. or plus we didn't have to get loans from any other collections because we already have everything in-house that the biggest ever auto dick's exhibition is on in chemist's until early september. and with that we are out of time but join us tomorrow for our live show as always thanks for turning in big and soon. the. next time on your lacks the highlights of the week in full bloom using flowers tasty colorful additions to meals with full gear surface in denmark braved the cold
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for the perfect way you can fully integrated the swedish couples and usually we can go home in the midst of nature next time you're on your own max finites. on the box. thank. you for the book. on. the book. i'm going
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to. go to the big. movie we saw at full speed. with shiny. but always on the move. no good in today and in the future. driving thirty minutes on the douglas. earth home to millions of
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species of home or saving. global ideas tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world like ideas that protect the climate boost clean energy solutions and reforestation. using interactive content to inspire people to take action a little audience the series of global three thousand on t.w. and online a. bit on what it. is you know i mean in a minute as he. goes oh my god there's cynical media. us all up with that about our. vision of getting. it on what it. this you know i mean in your mind not in the seemed. like a sort of a moment tonight is. what i'm focused on him is you know what i'm like what it took
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and i said i'm not going to succeed in. this you know i mean in your mind not a single you are getting what are you guys i don't want to. me number one and unanimous. the show could go because i see it yes it's it. i should. point out i've only said what i thought going on what they're doing fun to. see it because as if to say i said. higher and higher further and further dirtier and dirtier. the high gloss world of professional sports behind the scenes up space or truth. manipulation exploitation corruption papias style. of business worth billions but just how murky is the world of sports and reality. dirty games starting june sixth tom t w.
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you're watching the w. news live from berlin ireland a sense of repeal it's abortion law one of the strictest in europe exit polls show overwhelming support for scrapping a constitutional ban on terminating pregnancy is what does this mean for the rights of irish women we'll go live to dublin for of reaction. also coming up. in football the countdown.


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