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tv   Europe in Concert - Alvaro Soler Spain Germany  Deutsche Welle  May 26, 2018 5:15pm-6:00pm CEST

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ending the country's new total ban on impulsion the official results are expected very very soon the north korean and south korean leaders have met for a second time in a month kim jong un and moon jay in discussing a potential meeting between pyongyang and washington just days off the u.s. president donald trump canceled a planned summit with kim. all from us at the top of the next hour in the meantime you can always get the latest updates from our web site that's t w dot com up next year. europe in concert with a little select. the d w media center. see if i. find it again. whew more of it. discovery. video and audio podcast and language courses. in the d. w. media center cat media center dot w dot com.
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it's. funny how things are holes. in the way that. john boehner is saying get busy enough good things they are selling you know. in our story roll. it all out in the zone to see an old told. the. my company on
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v.m.s. no longer has the. john. lucas no. no no no i was told and told them to come up as soon and not that i'm no longer young a long lost coming soon and. doug sounding. a little suspicious it. seems to me. that you can do live shows it seems. the simplest. book. there was. to get up there never been. told it's good to know i don't know the book the moment the bad news i'm not
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going to come i'm going to. close some and know. these alibi. souls good. bye to god and go to the m.s.c. i'm going to grab this thing don't they oh by. the rolling stone as soon as. i'm going to come you know the mysterious cold man dispute i'm going to jump. up to come stronger soon at the time no i'm not going to close the book no higher because. the bad news comes. food
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is. good. news. broke last. zico it seems. to me. show you a. song a song a. song a song or. it's a. song on. the song best song on.
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jan to. see you know. you can sing. a good show you. just. a song on bad news. the best song. is a. song a song or. there
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were. six.
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pompom pot a palm palm palm bought a bump bump bump bump bump bump on the ball a mini mountain c.-span satellite it i'm told we're going to go on and on and i used to travel asking both economy the beautiful song to get amongst the my. stomach yeah but. not i'm upset i am moving the ok i get to play in the bubonic come along. come along and loaded let's go live to sleep and slim down the baton sambolin the last saturday
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and see again the money and the beauty supply i was subdued by the bottom bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb up big time all piled up inside of the bush going to be going on objects of gustav's among the black dots to go way down from the mole you get a musket on my. stomach you know. now let's not blame. the body and soul to simulate the battle of the bands slip below the bug the but. just slowly dying down
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a man doesn't live. goldeneye out the entire post soloist. lovely. place the blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame blame game played since. the bomb uplifts lower league players. come. along.
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the front. so you have it. showing you know bammy to come to mass made at the museum in a manner man has moved from. making the superman movie fading. from the dead jollies just davon than.
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the casting. of some come back to me pay me a month to. month to. be honest man see honest some don't. want to pass out more days to come. to keep. the. team. joes we know that. you took the saddest part of the matter and i'm going to be guided him in the same . manner as the kid who none of them stole the dance when ballot bowl may have already shown the legacy to be. cast down moody's snowman shoes damn me me me i'm. going
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to see mom told me be honest man soon as you say no to the mood of gases monet's snow bowl a few goals. know she never came back you. go way. back. when i used nomad you doubt me fear there's very good chance. gas moving. down from me me.
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me. me me oh man i'm still. no. more gas than. two months ago. yeah. sports the. book team me go it out. on a. new guy it happens as. can i say i'm a young pianist saying to myself. when
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the notes are good. and speech this seems man has grabbed so many people this in. the good. old. sport he told up. no. back down. to cold i've known. because. i got that mole platinum pair last. week because they are going to me. soloing me feel sad. if we use that. good. luck just for. his team
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a good. goal set goals. back and i'm going to use the code. john to say. come sit down. sit down. this. code that. back. on.
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our team me. me me go is. going to go down. give back what you hung up or lamplight on this design and still got on your list be your stack on your own. game by the sounds of me i'm not for lack of life no
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name i'm done i'm me you gotta let i don't stack up the long. path sympathize with you my man scamp bambi and now i'm going to stay get the books and come. in so close to bill hall are getting a higher. number than a month ago. i'm not. going to. join a steelers that got gold. you can't. get knocked out and not a month let me let you back up your phone. call somebody you love you must look at memphis to see mathematically am i safe inside i
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think you guys are a look at last they're feeling the same i love to come. in at life which he told. me not. to look inside. just came a stack of good. stuff young man good luck. with that young. man in a. good. mood. no longer. feel good news.
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yeah now for lap life is that i am still god. he was back on. me. to lead us back i feel that i got. that back. to you. and i got. back out to. the man that got you.
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back and pouring us after that. family and i'll go through maybe you know your brando mask me asking no. guy nothing like they have him was broken no. really want. me. back. players. play. a little game. playing. the big. play game.
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just patted. me. on. saturday. cmon gast i'll come to the lowly. goal. don't. get a. good. player in. a place. to goldberg.
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play. her. a. plane. flew. to gold. a perfect. little gold. thank.
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you. for a. joke you. can't.
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be. beat.
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thank you. when the big bad as last thing we have. this is a campaign. map you've gone on now to. oppose. a who. is going to. be old and this seems to. be actually our best friends. having. a laugh out of.
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those. goals. during a load. to go. cold . to describe as ghosts. oh good good. good it was a. slow day to be as close. to . the sole. goal.
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to. go to insanity. cold. valid. just go. to school or. college. degree.
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cold. you. going. to. want to. come to me. anyway as sally. told us i go to. lamb i'm known as. simply a lamb. in a sunday. group chat lol laviolette you could. be
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a. super. bowl cold. he can't let it. play. out solo. oh not a gag gave him something that. came back been. told got cut back on loan. and again. live aboard last poll. good news for you feel close. to
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sleep let her golden gloves play gold cup to feel good luck play. close and play a colleague long good long good luck. playing. a good long. long way to get back you say legal drugs just saw what they told you. to tell me and told. lolo to say.
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thank. videocassettes.
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thank. you. sally saying. that it was a good thing. that i had a good laugh him. back his.
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salary back in a good square. let's get. blame the nato sun. i am glad i am a combat player looking on playing the. blame cold. man and this time the told. me he lives out of the plain old mum told me. the bowling team player i'm going to meet and listen to the blame game play the. blame game the bowl was going to be on last minute display i thought i missed the big bad play that no longer.
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posts gold plated standalone. but the buffalo play with the blood all over the place long the bad players play the bass player. but i am going to slow for the t.v. i'm playing a different man looking at the moment gutting the super bowl six.
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blame blame blame blame.
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i took a pill he. showed me she i was cool and when i finally got sober felt ten years older but again it was a living and. i got a score scotches to prove that i'm a real big bollock has made a million dollars in this when they don't really choose you know one of the i lack mean never having known back to me you never want to step out the rollercoaster on me on and on you don't interact bust back this family knowing who to trust back then you don't want to be stuck up on that stage same circle gone that's a new thing in mother earth be good. to. us with a black dude who. can never turn into mother some other good god doubt it.
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just. who already lou is shot i get along with all the time and women names are a minor. the pop song people forget and not the girl no. the soon as the sun comes up i kind of got smashed by the kid up and you know let me try and act. by and i mean you never want to step up the road to post me on the long. run of us back to. back days you don't want these they got down that's they think. that's a. good big you got. that it. can never. have got us to my. god god is. speaking out. oh my. god.
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they make. me. sit. back and. say this.
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good luck slip. slowly slip. below eleven . with. a.
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good. luck play a. slit . her. wrists flip. flip
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. thank. you. thank
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you thank you thank you thank . christianity and music. i want to jump off a musician's think about religion deeply devout hip hop on a mission from god. some light hearted bubble gum. maybe but even temporary music inspired by the divine topics for thirty minutes w. . thank.
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month muncher in the city. tomorrow today. w. earth home to millions of species of home worth saving. google ideas tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world by d. is the protect the climate boost clean energy solutions and reforestation. interactive content to inspire people to take action global audience the series of global three thousand on t.w. and online.
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play to play. this is developing news live from a sea change in island if it gears up to abolish it strict abortion initial results indicate that more than two out of three voters in yesterday's referendum want to sram a constitutional ban on abortion in the country the irish prime minister is describing the result as historic what we've seen today were.


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