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this is. a crisis in italian politics is it a threat to the euro italy's prime minister or the economist carlo has been appointed to head a caretaker government by the italian president an attempt by populist parties to form a government collapsed on sunday now new elections look likely and this will tell you why also coming up. to the rescue and the undocumented immigrant saves the wife of a toddler. the french president personally thanking the twenty two year old for his
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astonishing rescue after that rescue involved. plus can we live without it i'm talking about plastic people in the european union just have to get used to that idea because plans are a whole range of single use plastic products the aim is to reduce the millions of tons of plastic waste that the e.u. generates every year. it's good to have you with us tonight italy's new caretaker prime minister is promising to do all that he can to steer the country out of its political crisis the president of italy has asked carlo culturally to form a government after the collapse of what would have been italy's first populist administration a call to really doesn't plan to stay in office for long he's promised new
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elections by the beginning of next year italy has been without a government since more. this is the man with the mandate to form italy's interim government a moderate and former official at the international monetary fund he is a firm believer in the european union and the single currency. of the north a dialogue with europe to defend our interests is essential we can do better than we did in the past but it has to be a constructive dialogue for the acknowledging that as a founding member our continuous participation in the euro zone remains essential. after the coalition parties put forward a staunch euro skeptic as their economy and finance minister the president pulled the emergency brake rejecting the formation of a new government. it's the establishment versus the new kids on the block an
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italian politics. the president trying to keep it away what he considers to be tenuous populist policies leaders of the coalition parties in turn accuse the political old guard of acting autocratically. it seems anyone who has criticized the euro or europe is considered to be no good as a minister. if this is the case we have a big problem in italy. it's called democracy this is not a free democracy. the league in five star parties had spent days drawing up a coalition pact aimed at ending a stalemate following inconclusive elections in march. their agenda is to tear up the political rulebook but they may have gone too far shoppers in rome seem to side
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with the president. i'm absolutely pro european and i believe that italy is connected and must have a connection review it for future. but even at a certain point the president who looks after the constitution sees that things are moving in a direction that he doesn't want in my opinion he simply applied the constitution. some took the political turmoil with a sense of humor you know half a prophecy of a cool it's the same old mystery but we are totally and so it's normal we managed to get by so viva tahlia. if cano cuts really is confirmed by a majority in parliament he will plan for new elections next year if he fails to go near enough support italians could be heading to the polls again much sooner. we're joining me now is a member of the european parliament
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a leash law and she is talking to his evening from stross burg france and it's good to have you on the show i want to ask you about these accusations that we're hearing in italy of the president basically sabotaging the will of the people from where you are sitting tonight does this look like an attack on democracy. well actually we are in the middle of probably the most serious and is the decider crisis that we have ever gone through but the president there are public made a difficult choice yesterday but absolutely in the framework of his constitutional prerogatives according to the constitution the minister is are nominated by the president of their public on a proposal by the designate the prime minister yitzhak he has the power to accept them or refuse some of them are discuss them and also in the end there are precedents in history of similar cases in which a minister was refused by the president there public but he was simply changed and
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then the government was formed anyway so what is new is that this time the forces that were trying to pull a majority refused to go on without that minister in that position and let me also add that never in our history we have seen such a violent and dramatic get that to the institution of the present out there in public with that but acts yes they devise a movement leader talked about i mean each man's and over the two forces are right now rising tension by claiming that they calling on people to get on the streets and go on a demonstration on the second of june next week which is also the celebration part for their republic so it's a very hard thing some but let me remember as again i think the president has. done a difficult site in a flame war obvious constitutional power and i have the impression that at least one of that will force this leg on or that with they also wanted to get to this
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situation because they did an acceptable imposition on most is it minister of the of this line let me ask you is it is it the criticism could be that the president actually did exactly what these populist wanted him to do they put him between a rock and a hard place and he said no. i will not accept this finance minister he is anti german he's anti euro the new government collapse now we're looking at new elections and now all of a sudden we're hearing this election will be a referendum on the euro that's exactly what these anti you are parties want to growing possibly yes sometimes the right choice is a bad bet that you give an advantage to others that's true probably in the next i mean the next campaign will be even tougher but let me stress out that the major mind that the president of the republic made yesterday is
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a point of defense of democracy actually because not one of the four of the two forces that we're trying to put on this government have done become paint by saying they want to leave the euro zone so that if by is the president said clearly and that agree with that and if you want to look at that option off leaving the euro zone on the table you should do it in an electoral campaign to knock off the what could happen by trying to put the minister who is also a symbol of a plan b. figured out eventually of these results so i think it's part of the realities on the president also to be factored into next and i relations of the conflict we will see probably he wanted to get there but we don't see it with whom he's going to form a coalition for the next lesson that will be interesting because i will be that was going to get their movement really virtually we were out of time now on this line but we appreciate your insights tonight sir always flying joining us from the
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european parliament in strasbourg france that's a big thank you you thank. we're now to paris where the heroic efforts of an undocumented immigrant from mali have put him on the fast track to french citizenship now without missing a beat twenty two year old mama duka someone climbed up the facade of an apartment building and rescued a child he was dangling from a balcony he is being called a real life spider man by practically everyone in france including the president. with no thought for his own safety because some of begins to scale the facade of this apartment building in paris above him a child dangles from a ledge and a neighbor looks on helplessly unable to reach the little boy using his hands feet and sheer determination to get some of who's in cell from balcony to balcony. within a minute the migrant from mali has reached and saved the four year old boy who was
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crying and had to ingest food. french media claim the boy's father is being detained for parental neglect no one to kasamh has been compared to the fictional here or spite of and and now he's been personally thanked and on it by french president i knew michael. so i came out and i saw a challenge in the full faith floor i didn't think about myself or to you know. i ran across the road to save him. although some i was said to be living illegally in france he's to be given french citizenship and he's been awarded for his courage. i'm very happy as is the first time i've ever go anything like this before so thank you he will go along with you. back outside the apartment and neighbors can't believe dishonest bravery. because now you have
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because it was impressive it's not something that you see every day and that's why people were impressed he said when he came from far away to rescue someone who comes from here. for us in the neighborhood it's something that makes us very happy . and to make the most of this climbing and rescuing skills to some is also landed himself a job to working with the fire brigade. for more on the story now we want to go to paris where our correspondent lisa lewis is on the story for us lisa we know that not everyone is happy with this or that has been bestowed on mr solomon tell us about that. well what happens is that i think you it's fair to say that people here almost everybody or everybody is actually happy that he will get french citizenship but what they're actually criticizing is that is that president in mind because trying to stay in the limelight from this hero whereas at the same time his
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government is pushing through a very controversial and tough immigration law that will make the situation for other migrants like him a lot more difficult here in france yet and begs the question so do immigrants have to perform heroic acts to secure a residency permit or citizenship well that's exactly the question because it when you look at it many people have gone through similar things like him he arrived in italy a few years back after having left his home country mali and having gone through a various countries african countries on a very dangerous journey through libya among other things and other countries and then he got here hoping that france would offer him a future and if that hadn't happened if you had saved that need for you know a boy who now currently is with his father again he he wouldn't have got the chance this opportunity so many people are now saying why are you giving him i mean we
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understand that you're giving this man this chance but you you should take taken more people who've also face also faced very difficult things whether correspondingly so there was almost more force in paris tonight lisa thank you. well here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world hundreds of palestinians are gathered in gaza for the funeral of a hamas militant killed by israeli forces israel's military says it fired on the hamas position after coming under fire itself israel also arrested two other militants which it says were trying to cross the border tensions along the gaza strip and that border has soared in recent weeks of the fringe aviation and business tycoons here just so has died at the age of ninety three so it was france's third wealthiest person he was best known for helping develop the country's cutting edge fighter jets he also owned france's biggest selling right we newspaper figure well. recovery efforts are underway in the u.s.
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state of maryland after severe flash floods hit the area one man is still missing in ellicott city officials say you the thirty nine year old was swept away as he tried to rescue others from the flood waters a state of emergency has been declared in that area because pictures of these. all right back to that crisis in italy the country in limbo in how was that playing on the markets is not pretty is it is certainly not pretty there was a little bit of a rebound when they found that they wouldn't be a you very skeptic finance minister then though volatility is very much order of the day it's no surprise really italy's political stalemate is nearing three months old it's been driving the financial markets absolutely mad now they cheered the president's refusal to appoint that you're a skeptic is a fine a minister you think that naming an economist a full member of the i.m.f. that i need to lead the country until new elections would boost sentiment even
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further but the markets are proving anything about predictable. italian drama might be good in the movies but the market is not a fan of it after initial gains in the beginning of the day political uncertainty in italy caused the leading italian share index to lose over two percent by the end of it. yeah whatever the markets don't know who will end up governing italy more likely they will be a temporary technical government but we don't know for how long we've had many of them of varying lengths but the markets need just one thing certainty. new elections won't be called a percent of its g.d.p. . should the european central bank and its low interest rate policy italy would face higher interest payments that could lead to financial collapse unemployment is at around ten point two percent but in areas like calabria sicily and sardinia youth unemployment is over fifty percent in spite of the alarming situation in
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italy european leaders are trying to remain upbeat at the global solutions summit on monday german chancellor angela merkel said that the eurozone has a lot of experience when it comes to economic crisis. and when there were elections in greece and alexis tsipras was made premier there were many questions on the table and at the end of the day we worked together we spoke with each other over many many nights but together we achieved something i have to take on that task since italy is an important member of the e.u. and the. new. labor market reforms are only slowly being implemented and several previous a talian administrations have been unable to find a solution for italy's gargantuan state debt. well plastic forks plastic store was a plastic bags no wall the european union is planning to ban all range of single use products made with plastic that generates
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a staggering twenty six million tons of plastic waste every day the voters will still need the approval of the european parliament and individual member states fussed. the new rules would prohibit plastic straws cutlery and plates among other items all are difficult to recycle and frequently appears litter it would also encourage countries to reduce the use of plastic food and drink containers and producers of fishing gear would have to contribute to waist costs many non-plastic alternatives are already on the market commissioners emphasized although they said nothing to differences in price the proposals were instead framed as a moral imperative that outweighed a limited business impact there will be extra cost. but that the extra cost is much lower than the benefits for society plastic bottles would not be banned under the new rules but the minimum recycling rate for member countries would be raised to ninety percent of all bottles produced by two thousand
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and twenty five commissioner said that would address a common complaint by the bottle industry that there isn't enough recycled material to meet demand for new bottles the long term goal is that new plastic material will be made from old until viable alternatives come into the market the whole idea behind our approach is that we help industry develop new products and as soon as a rom viable affordable alternatives then of course we will push for them to take the place of those polluters that a single use dustings the new directive now waits approval from member states and we can now bring in our corresponding gag matters here is in brussels egg ale how exactly will this work so not all plastic being banned. thanks actually well i went shopping in brussels today and here are two of those items on the list most commonly found in maritime trash if this legislation is agreed to by member states and by e.u.
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lawmakers those two items will simply be banned and they will go out of the window now the you not only wants to ban things but they also want to encourage something they want to boost the production of items like this one which i found in the u.s. fam shop it's a reusable bottle so all the things that can be replaced that can be replaced by reusable things are not on that list obviously and also all plastic items that simply have no replacement like this dark well of course continue to be produced all right now and what has sparked all of this briefly key is that the e.u. exports most of its of its plastic in fact half of the plastic trash only a third is recycled half of it is exported abroad most of it to china but china now decided from this year on words to stop the import of plastic trash now a lot of member states are looking for new places to dump their trash the u.k. for instance is looking at southeast asia but for the european union or rather in
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the eyes of the european union of course only a sustainable solution can be put on the table right gary matters for us in brussels plastic fantastic thank you now the distance between the in the united states over illegal subsidies for european aircraft maker as bus continues he says it's complied with all regulator requirements but the united states when it sees things differently claiming u.s. rival boeing remains at a disadvantage the distance been running to fourteen years and in may the devil confirms that the subsidized bus anybody you know will trade radiator rules says the u.s. is allowed to impose sanctions to make up for losses. let's back it right now with all eyes on an upcoming election right there with italy now we're going to go to turkey turkey is going to the polls in four weeks time after
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president richard pryor aired a one called snap presidential and parliamentary elections a year and a half ahead of schedule ever one of surprises the clear favorite to win the race but he is facing opposition from an alliance of parties that includes the republican people's party which is known as c h p we need a new spoke with the c.h.p. he's presidential candidate one of turkey's fiercest opposition voices shmuck my focus is on three thing this first making peace second i cannot make development and third fair distribution of resources that young you know them is to accomplish these things i offer three principles first directional in which direction should return to the european union second that's what will be the mean that a marker say on an individual freedoms and third what will be the administrative structure called the administration won't be based on a one man regime in his upper right chicks but on a strong leader with
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a capable team in charge because the day well one issue that still sparks controversy in turkey are the gezi park protests which happened five years ago hundreds of thousands of people rallied in the streets of istanbul against plans to build over the small green always is in the center of the city but as you'll johann reports people were concerned about more than just protecting a park. i am on taksim square right now in istanbul city center and right next to the famous gazey pock this is where it all happened five years ago the mass protests against edge of tired are gone back then prime minister and now president and his ruling is on the group to a party the area since then has been totally reconstructed so there is not much left that reminds people of these a weeks of protest the areas of limits to demonstrators now and there is a lot of police around here twenty four seven trying to make sure similar
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demonstrations won't happen again but that doesn't mean people are not talking about the gaze the events today especially on this anniversary they do so in private and on social media they shifted e.o.'s they share photos they of course remember the people who got killed back then gives a for these people who were part of that movement was about political change about democracy and freedom so memories are still very vivid especially had of the elections coming up here in turkey in just four weeks time and that was their reporting from istanbul there is more on our website we talked to artists who were part of the gezi movement some of whom have left turkey you can find their story at the w dot com. our sports news now all abroad james regarded by many as the best basketball player in the world has achieved the unthinkable in the n.b.a.
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he's now reached the league's finals for the st season no other player in the modern game has even come close to that record. le bron james will not let anything keep him from a chance at another n.b.a. championship the thirty three year old led the cleveland cavaliers twenty seven to seventy nine victory of the boston celtics in game seven of the eastern conference finals sunday night to be honest i haven't really gone process that that makes all of us it's his eighth straight championship his fourth straight run with cleveland james played all forty eight minutes of the game against boston he scored thirty five points picked up fifteen rebounds and collected nine assists in his fifteenth year of play his one hundredth game of the season james isn't about to reward any doubters going into his eighth and be a finals i'm really process the fact that. the final committee made some coaching staff and you know. everybody put the work in this is a complete team effort. but to some sunday looked like
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a one man show the cavaliers were simply not expected to get this far this year the team traded point guard kyrie irving to boston in the offseason and revamped their roster coming into game seven james took the court without the help of kevin love sidelined with a concussion the cavaliers will face the winner of game seven in the western conference golden state and houston rockets face off monday night. will power capped a fine weekend for australian motor sport by becoming the first australian driver to win the prestigious indy five hundred after his compatriot daniel ricardo one formula one's monaco grand prix earlier in the day power repeated that trip and indianapolis. it's the most famous race in the u.s. motor sport attended by fans and celebrities alike australian actor chris hemsworth was on flag to start the indy five hundred an omen of what was to come this legendary makes for some high speed action and dramatic crashes. and willpower
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behind him kept out of trouble tanika patrick didn't. trick the only woman to win an indy car race last control a third of the way through she already announced she'd be retiring after this race groundbreaking career sadly ending in a puff of smoke. in a fairytale for patrick but at the front power had moved into the least taking advantage when his rivals needed to stop for fuel the australian suffered disappointment here in twenty fifteen when he was picked to the weigh in patricia his name he showed will power to put all that behind him. i was wondering if i would have a winner and thoughts went through my mind during the month. of my career i've had so many wins so many polls that i've always talked about the five hundred and i won and i can't i'm i just couldn't imagine winning a race in front of
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a crowd like this. power finally getting his hands on the win this race and it wouldn't be the indy five hundred if it wasn't all washed down with a traditional bottle of milk. stick around for that.
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peaceful appearances can be deceptive. rival gangs fighting chicago's west side and hundreds of people murdered on the moon streets of the city every year. was once again today he's a social worker helping young people find the courage to change their lives global three thousand in sixty minutes. the umbrella group called the white house. ground is shaking up on the top of their favorite.
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images of the tuning to bring them up to. the culpability of the entire country champion of free insurance for the last sixty years. before mines. the freedom of expression. a value that old ways has to be defended and. all over the world. are a freedom freedom of art. a multimedia project about artists and their rights to express their views freely. d w dot com freedom a. good job of. good links to news from africa and the morrow for link to exceptional stories and does.
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gushing from the news and z.z. it and while it's a damn good it comes to pick up join us on facebook c.w. for. on sunday the new york skeptic government in italy collapse before it could even begin there was a sigh of relief across the eurozone a very short side tonight markets are jittery again new elections looking evitable and their results could mean no to a future for the euro i'm burnt off in berlin this is the day.


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