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the germans every week to go to. business g.w. newsline from berlin spain's new prime minister faces an old challenge socialist pedro sanchez is sworn in in madrid as he prepares to head a minority government and now catalonia as a new leader has also taken office kim torah is calling on sanchez to join the new independence talks. but also coming up it was on then off and now it's back on
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again u.s. president donald trump says the meeting with north korea's leader will take place on june twelfth as a originally planned that announcement comes after all high level north korean envoy and that with trump out the white house. and it's technically a friendly but tonight's match between disbanding the world champions germany and neighboring austria may be anything but germany has granted her cards to make way for the world cup so most will be playing all out. and welcome to the program a minority government in spain as a new prime minister is sworn in pedro sanchez the leader of spain's socialist party took the oath of office before king philippe he will now lead the country after ousting. conservative pre-disaster madeon a little boy in
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a no confidence motion in parliament and sanchez bloom need the support of catalan separatists to govern their new leader kim torah has also sworn in today and urged sanchez to discuss independence for his region. we're joined now by haim velasquez in madrid i'm prime minister sanchez now leads a minority government how stable will this government be. well. over a he said he only implemented a proposed measure. widely shared by all the parliamentary groups you know there to reach the why being majority in parliament i think if you managed to fix your their support of the left you five people the most and the nation the youth party he will manage to have
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a stable stable government in spain and regarding the got to lend crisis broadly he will have to understand. we have people to party all through in order to notre life. parliament you mentioned the cattle and catalonia right now is swearing in its regional government what does this mean for them to expect anything out of prime minister sanchez now. yellow function has said that he has a negotiated anything with a got to lie on the supplier to parties that we know that a new. dialogue. between the got to line government on this funny central government they are going to lend government and has already asked. to take risks and we know that they are asking for example for those got to learn leaders are in
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pretty funny moderate to be taken to produce and so of course this negotiation on the sidelines and they've got to learn parties know. they have a lot to say you know that to maintain and to feel faint i've got a little bit of the government in madrid now if we look at the big picture free europe sanchez is pro european union but he's going to look to increase spending should the e.u. be worried at all. well i think that at least for the two thousand and eighteen. european union should be should be sure and have reasons to worry about the two thousand twenty thousand to twenty eighteen budget has been passed by my idea of a whole year and easing the lines with. the lines of spend huge of that. have been asked by the european union and after the. joint twenty eighteen budget we must
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remember that as a scientist is is the leader of a socialist democratic party that is committed and with europe and is committed with expenditure. on the expenditure of feeling. we have of the moment and that and he's committed with although a comedian and with the european union i mean alaskans in madrid thank you very much. and now to some of the other stories making news around the world. c.c. has been sworn in for a second term as president of egypt c c one on landslide victory in the election in march after all other serious opponents have withdrawn he told the egyptian parliament his main aim was to achieve peace and improve the economy. there's been a second day of clashes between protesters and police in india administered kashmir
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the latest on unrest began during a funeral for a demonstrator run over by a police vehicle on friday authorities have imposed a curfew and blocked internet access kashmir is claimed by both pakistan and india the. tens of thousands of argentinians have gathered in the capital to protest their government's economic policies and its unpopular decision to help seek help from the international monetary fund many blame the lender for argentina's worst economic crisis in two thousand and one the nationwide federal march demonstration began four days ago. u.s. commerce secretary wilbur ross is in beijing to talk about new tensions over trade ross is to discuss a promise by beijing to buy more u.s. goods to reduce its current account surplus the meetings come after the u.s. threatened again this week to impose tariffs on some chinese imports. the on
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again off again summit is on again u.s. president don trump says he will meet north korean leader kim jong un on june twelfth in singapore just days ago trump had canceled the summit intended to dick nuclearized north korea claiming belligerent rhetoric from pyongyang now after having met with a senior north korean envoy at the white house during which trump was given a personal letter from kim trump says the summit is back on track. the meeting between the north korean delegation and u.s. president donald trump ended with smiles photos and handshakes. then flanked by u.s. secretary of state mike pompei oh the president announced that the historic meeting with north korea's leader kim jong un would go ahead after all will be. meeting her june twelfth and singapore what very well it's really getting to know you kind of
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a situation. mike you spent two days. leaders really got to know their people very well and we will you people are going to have to travel because you will be in singapore june twelfth. the north korean delegation was led by kim yong charlie the country's vice chairman he's the highest ranking figure from the country to come to the white house in nearly twenty years trump said the former intelligence chief delivered him a personal message from the nice letter always you like to see what was in that letter that would you like how much how much of it how much it was. it was a very interesting letter and at some point i may be it may be appropriate and maybe i'll be able to give it to you maybe you'll be able to see it shortly afterwards however the president admitted that he hadn't actually read the letter yet. as trump and his family headed off for a weekend getaway at the official camp david presidential retreat he told reporters he had a little relaxation and
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a lot of work on as we can to gender perhaps that includes a little light reading. washington bureau chief alexandra phenomena has more on what we can expect from this summit. the on again off again summit will take place however he tries to play down the expectations for what the meeting in singapore will yield saying that it will simply be the beginning kobi a longer process towards the nuclearization of north korea and with only ten days to prepare the summit in singapore it is unlikely that it will be more than a symbolic gesture and a big p.r. win put in north korean regime the german men national football team has been training hard in southern germany for over a week now and in a few hours they face their first task ahead of the upcoming world cup germany's match against austria is labelled a friendly but for some of code lives players is the last chance to book their
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ticket to russia four of them will be cut from the team on monday. on the last day of training. had a long chat with mark. was it then that he told him his number one in russia would be manuel neuer. keeper will start in goal for the austria much and all signs point to him staying there for the world cup. love is set to decide on who's in and who's out ahead of monday's deadline for the final squad lists. we've got to put together all of what we've learned and really talk about each player then at some stage we have to make a decision. that decision will hurt. could one of them be needed pietersen who is set to debut for germany today or will the striker beat the odds. looking forward to
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his first world cup elite injury meant he missed germany's winning campaign four years ago in brazil this time he's fully fit and determined to make an impact. will be delighted to have a player of rice's caliber on board for the tournament he knows that once the ball starts rolling in russia it's up to the twenty three players he selects to get the job done. day seven of the french open in paris is underway and the number three seed. of spain has flown through to the fourth round already with an easy to south win over australians to match the sos or later all eyes will be on the much anticipated women's match at center court where maria sharapova will play caroline up pushed gold up the number six seed share a poll by hasn't played a showcase match in paris since two thousand and fifteen if she wins though she would end up facing longtime rival serena williams in the fourth round on the men's side top seed rafael nadal will take on the hometown favorite rashad s.k.
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doll is bidding for an eleventh french open title to an important success for animal welfare now the population of mountain gorillas has risen by more than a quarter in central africa thanks to tourism that's according to a new report by the diane fossey gorilla fund the aids to remain one of the most endangered species on the planet as they face threats including limited habitat disease and climate change. the mountains in northern wanda this sanctuary in the heart of africa is home to the mountain gorillas it requires a long hike to get here but suddenly they appear the mountain gorillas are extremely similar to humans if you think you want to take me because i'm not sure my bank can afford it second. if. it cost several hundred dollars to spend an hour with the gorillas but the high
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price is an integral part of a conservation plan to save these endangered animals. the money they pay when they see their quotas. rolled towards the north. even in rome because if they could manage. their numerous schools hospitals and jobs in the villages surrounding the sanctuary experts say that is a sign of how valuable the animals are to the people in the area. they are the only apes whose number has grown in the last few decades everywhere else we are losing the battle to protect nature the orangutang the bonobos the chimpanzees but with the eastern and western lowland gorillas these mountain gorillas are the only ones whose numbers are growing. but the rapidly growing population of africa promises to be a threat to the sanctuary the mountain gorillas will remain an endangered species.
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and speaking of a threatened species a zoo in southern china is trying to keep its band as happy in the heat wave the cuddly creatures can't stand high temperatures and can suffer heat stroke if the mercury it's just twenty eight degrees is the gong show the dude is using a child of ice to keep twins and i cool they're also getting their food apples and carrots deliberate especially in ice cubes helping make bamboo the coolest band in all the china i created off the dog thinking to a bird with which you can shoot and reminder of the top story we're following for you socialist pedro sanchez has been sworn in as spain's new prime minister he took the oath of office before king leap day this could be a day after he ousted conservative credo sesar mahdi out of voice in a no confidence vote. and u.s. president donald trump says a meeting with north korea's leader will take place on june twelfth as originally planned that announcement comes after all high level north korean on the boy
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network trump at the white house. you're watching the news live from berlin we'll have more coming up at the top of the hour with my colleague ana humphrey for all of us here at doral i'm out he called us and thanks for joining us. freedom of expression. a value that always has to be defended and new. all over the world. of freedom freedom of art. a multimedia project about artists and their rights.


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