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tv   Drive it - The Motor Magazine  Deutsche Welle  June 9, 2018 1:30pm-2:01pm CEST

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but this made for economic inequality. you guys are starting place was the response to that statement should be yes we all starting class want to get. rich to trash an exclusive record store. on. a low and welcome to drive in the ne w. motor magazine coming up from the arctic to the tropics tennis center has it all. in the lap of luxury the lexus l s. and the new v.w. touring. the days when car manufacturers flagships were always sleek sporty sedans came to
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an end with the rice elite s.u.v. perhaps the best example is the v.w. touring the new generation is bigger but lighter and career with more than a dash of sporting it's nimble enough that you barely notice it weighs nearly two tons. so i thought i'd test a close needs with says the first tory came on the market in two thousand to school and was met with both acclaim and criticism for many it was simply too big but since then it's changed a lot it may be from two and a half tons it's slimmed down to less than two which is not bad so i taught it on doesn't see a lot of nature. besides its new sporty side the third generation doesn't come up short in the design department. up this out there no it's close says the new touring shares some a visual cues with its feet. w.
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stablemates for example there is no this continuous chrome bar from the grill to the headlights which lends it a certain dynamism. to the current shares its platform with other top s.u.v. models like the audi q seven the bentley ventimiglia the porsche cayenne and the new lamborghini europe's. that i saw since the new model has some sharper features but on the side here the lines are a little restraint the whole thing is relatively streamlined but what's interesting is that because this is his flagship they gave it a coupe a like roof advocate. a new useful assistance system helps in an emergency different collision is unavoidable it closes all side windows as well as the panoramic roof and tightens the seat belts to reduce the risk of serious injury.
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but back to performance. kind of best it also says rear wheel steering provides better agility and maneuverability a feature taken from a sports car the porsche nine eleven the money in thirty seven kilometers per hour like in a parking garage the front wheel steers to the left and the rear wheel steers a bit to the right but if you drive faster both wheels front and rear steer in the same direction the guys at least a. bit in that if you have enough money in your budget you should definitely order the air suspension and you just glide along the car can then also be raised by seventy five millimeters for off road driving while on the highway it can be lowered by fifteen millimeters and this creates a better aerodynamics and the mileage is also better off i didn't get into trouble . claims fuel consumption of six point nine leaders of diesel per one hundred kilometers we were
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a little bit above that in our test. i have lots of it says the engine is a latest generation diesel that meets the new year zero six standards so it should be very clean and it's really responsive nobody really needs six hundred millimeters of torque but here you are certainly flooded with performance from it lie still be about through to. be abundantly powerful engine puts out two hundred ten kilowatts that accelerates the touring to one hundred kilometers per hour and just six point one seconds maximum speed is two hundred thirty five kilometers an hour. i mean is this outcome of the ceiling here you feel like you're piloting an airbus it's all digital and there is a virtual cockpit with these giant screens for twelve and fifteen inches if there are no buttons to operate things everything is done via these touchscreen and the only analog controls left is this thing for the volume on
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a little bit close to us is to know how testing should in a large question. how the phone commonly close says this new touring really has everything it can do almost anything and can go just about anywhere you can use it to traverse muddy roads or roll up to the opera so with a touring you're never out of place on that so. the base price for our test vehicle with a three leader v six diesel engine and an eight speed automatic is just under sixty one thousand euros in germany. as a luxury sedan the lexus ls has to satisfy even the most demanding car buyer we tested the hybrid version badged l s five hundred in the f.
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sport trim to find out just how much rusher in this fifth generation has to offer. their car tends to be minimal schaefer points out that with over five point two leaders in length and over two tons away the five hundred is a real battleship and it handles like one too if he does have good visibility but he can feel how much space the car takes up. the ls is a stout one point nine metres wide that does not make it any easier to find a parking space and i will explain that the electric motor and the v six gasoline powered engine combined put out two hundred sixty. kilowatts of system performance so when you step on the gas it really gets going. i think he knows that it handles a bit awkward early in the curves but that's only because of its weight that's not necessarily the highest priority for this car the ellis is primary focus is one tree and in this respect it leads the pack the interior stays very quiet even at
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high speeds the window glass is thicker and the gore is well insulated that's precisely what the model will expect when he gets into a car and the luxury segment that that money like i said doesn't even look cool thing went on something to. flex its range fuel consumption and six point five liters per one hundred kilometers all electric driving even on both electric motors is hardly even possible after a few hundred meters at most the gasoline engine automatically kicks in. but a few minor one remembers that the first l s n one nine hundred eighty nine was a blatant copy of mercedes s. class but that's no longer the case at all this is a standalone car with an absolutely standalone design the sport trim version we tested is recognizable by among other things its twenty inch wheels in the sport design.
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they mingle with not only does the interior make a luxurious impression on a man a while but it can a thoroughly tidy one as one or two people in front can lay their arms on the center armrest without invading each other's face everything is very high quality lots of weather and stitching and many little details that make up the overall impression and they make it beautiful. here in the middle of the push of a button opens a compartment with u.s.b. ports with me on a fistful it's big enough to hold various items. on think they did and those clever lexus engineers made sure to design it so it can be opened just as easily from the left as from the right.
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they look close for the money was says the lottery upfront is nice but it really comes into its own for the rear seats and beginning with the leg room which remains intact again even after people in the front and made themselves comfortable there's even space for a third seat but it's not likely to be needed often and then only by the smaller passengers such as kids because it doesn't leave much eber of the theology through eighth. but the real treat for those who want to bask in the luxury back here is the heated seats if they can be turned on at the push of a button. and are different seats unoccupied another but in the simply moves had forward and you can have the kind of leg room that in some cars simply isn't available even if you push the seats forward to
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a place who converted the vitamin a rover there are two u.s.b. ports very convenient for recharging smart phone those which are then easy to stow in this one big box living without them. there's even a lighted vanity mirror for the rear seats. in mine a while emphasizes that it's the little things that make the difference and that applies just as much to the controls and the mirrors and even to such things as the fact that the door hinges are painted in the same color as the body and that adds up to a really high quality overall impression. i did out of the model was decided the ls is a really fabulous car to be seen how much value lexus places on the details of course all that has its price b.l.s. starts and over ninety thousand euros and in. germany had one hundred seventy thousand euros for the export version we tested a most car buyers no small chunk of change with one that's one of.
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the e.q. see goes on the market next year it's the first purely battery powered production model from mercedes technology brand e.q. prototypes of the new series spent january through march undergoing tough winter testing in northern sweden. the next steps on the way to a series production will be chassis and power train tests conducted in southern europe. bobo's v sixty wagon is finally entered its second generation is built on the v. ninety platform it will go on the market with gasoline and diesel engines and mobile plans to add plug in hybrid engines as well the v. sixty will be the last volvo to offer a diesel option to plug in hybrids provide between two hundred fifty and two
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hundred eighty seven kilowatts and are likely to put further pressure on diesel sales. yeah that's right yes journalist has paid three s. in the german city of cologne today where ford is going to show us it's a new test senator. ford's cutting edge whether a factory is designed to test vehicles in all kinds of conditions we start out and the high altitude lab it can create wind speeds of up to two hundred fifty kilometers an hour it can also simulate the air pressure founded altitude set up to five thousand two hundred metres higher than western europe's highest mountain. it's a global. first for the industry. here the engineers can test how brake fluids and other liquids stand up to the extreme conditions.
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the next room is not a wind tunnel but a multi-purpose test chamber equipped with wind generators a roller a dynamometer and temperature control. steam jets can also produce i level is of humidity if required a man's needs left you that i mean a says it's thirty eight degrees celsius right now with seventy percent humidity a camera lens keep steaming out of the committee can be raised to ninety five percent while temperatures can range from minus forty to plus fifty five degrees i thought instead. it can take up to two weeks to fit a test vehicle with all the measuring sensors needed there are three hundred fifty sensors on all transmitting data on temperature and pressure. on the whole service records
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a bunch of guys says his main focus is the interior air conditioning and the power train cooling they want to know can the vehicle do what the computer says it can do wonders with so could you drive up a high mountain at thirty degree heat towing a trailer stingless don't know wolf on the morning of. the cologne whether factory is said to be the most advanced environmental testing facility in the automotive industry ford cologne has been subjecting us vehicles to whether tests for the past fifty years in that time and technology has come a long way. testing in the laboratory is not only faster and more convenient than out in the real world conditions it also means test can be repeated and will under the exact same conditions but even the state of the art test facility is in a complete set. institute for outside tests. you know twenty four is frank seeley says the tests carried out here are correlated with studies that have already been conducted outside the vehicles are tested in southern spain and italy and on
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austria's highest mountain the data collected there is then verified here at the laboratory he says the ability to simulate the exact same conditions is excellent so therefore offering a real comparison that we book how to speak to accident. we then move on to the next wind tunnel at the push of a button the vehicle was given an ice cold shower around sixty test engineers work at the facility. just one of them is mirror schneider is that she's testing how the windshield wipers cope with a large amounts of water and high winds it means another question is how much water enters the cabin if someone opens a window while driving in the rain other tests examine whether rainwater could actually get into the engine if the air filters become saturated. the next test chamber is bone dry and it's hot forty degrees this is one of
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two conditioning chambers that are mainly used to prepare the vehicles for testing either by heating them up or cooling them down all kinds of extreme weather can now be found here in cologne side by side. you know i mean i guess even says it's only a few steps from the tropics to the depths of winter here it's now minus twelve degrees it could go down to minus forty if needed and ford can make it snow in ten different ways snyder laughed and. the cologne center can simulate the coldest august and highest place in western europe the engineers contest classic winter problems even in the height of summer. get tested but you know since engineers measure how much snow enters the interior when someone opens the door in these conditions and whether the electric meter is still open and close despite the
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cold and the car battery is also tested to see how it copes with b.'s temperatures going temp outs once the test. before and whether factory cost seventy million euros to build it's big enough for engineers to work on ten cars that any one time . use is seasons and the calendar and our history here in cologne and ford can now set the weather that's a whatever and once. those c.h. three has made a handsome addition the must as range of models the subcompact crossover s.u.v. good show room fours in mid twenty fifteen after one year on the market it had taken its place just behind his big brother and most of his longstanding best
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seller the c.x. five will test the c.h. three with the smallest tension. card test on the list explains the monster reengineer the c x three but because of the positive feedback from customers who left the exterior untouched he's keen to test the engine. but before we put the power train through its paces let's have a look at this popular exterior sleek headlights and an elegant grill go find the subcompact s.u.v.s face. the eighteen inch wheels harmonize perfectly with the machine great pain. to see go tailpipe speak out for. under the rear and add to the sporty look. it's ronny says the one point five liter diesel puts out seventy seven kilowatts
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effortlessly a maximum torque of two hundred seventy newton metres is already achieved at sixteen hundred r.p.m. so drivers won't have to concentrate on duty on shifting and have super low fuel consumption. or test model features all wheel drive this s.u.v. reaches one hundred kilometers per hour in ten point five seconds the manufacturer rates average fuel consumption of four point seven leaders per one hundred kilometers prices for the high end trim equipped with this engine started twenty eight thousand six hundred ninety year olds in germany. ronny admits he couldn't match the car makers fuel consumption figures in his test but his trip computer indicated five point two liters per one hundred kilometers and that's quite alright with a forty eight leader fuel tank they gives the current extensive range. this see extremes interior has a touch of the modern with just
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a few neatly arranged switches the cockpit makes a pleasant and tidy impression. read accents on the doors the center console and the air vents bring at the end of the sports motif inside. the seats provide sufficient lateral support and comfort for long haul trips. that's got shot running like the six speed manual transmission especially the short and simple shift paths he praises the work of the hiroshima engineers on the suspension and steering saying that they're adjusted to being just stiffen up not to annoy even the most comfort conscious passenger. mazda intends to. a stick with its diesel engines but as of now all new mazda vehicles are to be certified for the new euro sixteen temp standard long before the law takes effect and twenty nineteen
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so the japanese car maker is working to cut its emissions and fuel consumption. many people want to own the dream machine of their you daniel gordo month has actually fulfilled that dream eleven years ago he bought a b.m.w. seven thirty first generation b.m.w. seven series model he put around two hundred fifty hours in to restoring the car until it looked just like it does today. that's what i'm about is daniel says his b.m.w. was a nice model made for just two years after seven series production began and b.m.w. made the switch from carburetors to fuel injection so that makes this car one of the rarest seven series models of the motor transport authority estimates there are just fifty left in germany. b.m.w.
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officially ruled out its seven series in may of one nine hundred seventy seven the six cylinder luxury sedan rounded out the automakers product range daniels' vehicle was made in one nine hundred seventy eight making it an early first generation model the first models came with a choice of three engines this force fitted with a mid-sized one of the three. it was one of the last to use a sole legs for barrel carburetors now in the beamers daniels right joy. is what it had anchors he says there are two reasons for that first popular german t.v. detective derek drove this b.m.w. seven series model on the show and that fascinated him when he was away secondly a man. i'm sure the bank where his father worked also drove this same model daniel that lived all over the bank how much it had access to the underground parking garage. when he was seven or eight so he couldn't understand why his dad didn't
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drive a car like this but then his father wasn't the head of a bank that's how he came to this model and and two thousand and seven for his thirtieth birthday he decided to treat himself it was first question. if i find or so think i said what sucks how much they start that's just i thought up and. it may be old but this b.m.w. still has plenty of power under the hood it's straight six engine has an output at one hundred thirty five kilowatts that enables the car to reach and top speed of two hundred kilometers an hour even in its heyday the b.m.w. seven thirty was a luxury model but a price tag of over forty thousand boys marks only top earners could afford one for many of the metallic amazon my green paint takes a bit of getting used to but for done it had to be this color. because in
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a font of aside from the fact that greens his favorite color he says his parents had a sofa in their living room in the one nine hundred eighty s. that was almost exactly the shade of fern green so you could see it was love at first sight of the color combination of green exterior and green interior week from today in standpoint but in the one nine hundred seventy s. colors were in vogue though by the late one nine hundred seventy s. they were out again you figures this cover combo really is one of the kind you do know with. just. these days daniel only drives his b.m.w. seven thirty for fun a long time member of the ryan air antique car club he takes part in day trips and weekend excursions. then. his green car always turns heads for many people but i classic cars as an investment for danielle it's never been about the money.
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he feels his car itself is a treasure on the classic car market seven series models lack the kind of status the mercedes s. class and from that these cars are but by people who love them they'll retain their value know it well cared for but the price won't take off like for other videos cars of late but for him that's immaterial up the names it's all about this car and you get it and have a it's priceless so do i but what if i closely. compared to other classic cars the man for first generation b.m.w. seven series models is relatively low so prices remain moderate but no matter what is market value done you wouldn't trade in his green b.m.w. for anything. the. next time i'm driving test the new eighty six.
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and take a closer look at hyundai's i thirty fastback. thank you. the both. the but. the but. the. the but. the
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