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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  June 9, 2018 3:15pm-3:30pm CEST

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see the only question on warriors fans lips is whether this incredible team can make it three on the bounce next season. well you're watching g.w. news we'll have more news for you top the hour but you can get that news anytime you want on our website dot com thanks for joining. lobel inequalities. what does inequality mean. well. to the media. join the discussion and how the new. climate change. waist length pollution. isn't it time for good news eco africa people and projects that are changing our
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own environment for the better it's up to us to make a difference let's misplaced charge. he going to go to farming magazine. w. on friday the world's leading industrialized countries began a g. seven summit and the canadian province of quebec. trade disputes are in the spotlight after washington announced cheer us on steel and aluminum imports u.s. president donald trump's move has drawn sharp criticism from longtime allies many are now calling it a g six plus one summit instead of a g. seven summit. on wednesday the european union said it would launch retaliatory
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measures on july first american goods worth some. three point four billion dollars are affected from agricultural products to steel to bourbon whiskey in. mexico has already imposed tariffs on u.s. goods and earlier this week canada announced it would also retaliate the escalating dispute has unsettled many companies including german agricultural machinery producer klaus it depends heavily on exports and is now worried about its future. i'd sniff it but i didn't a horse as a company with a high percentage of exports we can see that additional customs duties will make our products more expensive abroad and that means demand will decrease and we will produce less the result is a threat to our sales because the fence that's the only that's the water is the company's biggest market outside europe is the u.s.
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duties on farm machinery aren't currently being discussed but global trade disputes and the threat of sanctions are unsettling to executives here klaus is staying away from the iranian market even though pent up demand for farm machinery there is enormous the company doesn't want any problems with u.s. authorities who have reimposed things sions on tehran washington is threatening to punish those doing business with iran. and this. is in my will that is this with iran has always been volatile and the embargo won't improve things now as it would help any we face the challenge of deciding whether we want problems with the americans or if we want to just get on with our business. this combine harvester has only a short journey to northern germany so no political conflicts to worry about but this domestic market is still small the company's jobs depend first and foremost on
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global trade. it took almost two years but it's finally done german pharmaceutical giant buyer has acquired u.s. seed producer monsanto for sixty three billion dollars. with its purchase buyer becomes the world's largest agro chemical company. it now has more than thirty percent of the global market that's just ahead of the chinese swiss firm chen cina syngenta they're followed by the u.s. group dow dupont with seventeen and a half percent. b.s.f. controls more than thirteen percent of the global market in other words just for corporate entities will determine the direction of global aquaculture and the nutrition of humanity this while the world population grows to ten billion people by two thousand and fifty according to current estimates since farmland is an
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increasing these farmers will have to find new strategies to increase agricultural production that explains why the agro chemical industry is widely seen as a growth market. in german auto parts maker country and ties says the new e.u. data protection rules could cause it to accidentally break the law it's banned what south and snap chat on thirty six thousand company owned mobile phones used by its employees cutting antis management thinks the two up supposed big risk mostly because they store user data on their own servers. the turkish central bank has raised interest rates to seventeen point seven five percent the move is aimed at propping up the lira and putting a lid on galloping inflation. many investors have been pulling their assets out of turkey amid political turbulence president richard type heir to one announced his
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intention to exert more control over economic policy if he wins this month's presidential election. german industry is beginning to slow down in april orders for industrial products dropped by two and a half percent from the previous month it was the fourth consecutive monthly decline the biggest drop was in domestic waters but current international trade disputes have also weighed on business sentiment. in. new york city's chief medical examiner has ruled the death of american designer kate spade a suicide spade co-founded her namesake label kate spade new york in one nine hundred ninety three it expanded from colorful handbags to other fashion accessories she later sold her stake in the business spades husband said the fifty five year old was suffering from depression. just south of the vietnamese capital one noise the one scenic feature of how luck is
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choking under the plastic onslaught officials there are struggling to keep up with the deluge that washes up with every high tide at this tree lined former pier at ice there no seems to be more plastic than sand. the invalid move out they put everything in a plastic bag if they're preserving shrimp or preserving fish they put it in a plastic bag when they finish they just throw the bags into the ocean the trash floats to wherever the sea level rises and then they get. a study by the university of georgia in the us says vietnam is the world's fourth largest marine plastic polluter recently in thailand veterinarians fought for days to save a beached whale when their efforts failed an autopsy revealed eighty pieces of plastic waste weighing a total of eight kilograms in its stomach time that consumes a phenomenal amount of plastic from street vendors selling sati to shop clerks
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putting purchases into multiple bags they've become a part of everyday life. thinking got it right on that one i need to use plastic bags because i usually don't have a bag on me. but yeah. but if it's a small item. i usually don't need a plastic bag. inside. that's already saved bangkok's ten million residents go through about eighty million plastic bags a day environmentalists are calling for action i see in a couple hours and says the problem needs to be addressed but there's no action plan that will actually decrease the ease of plastic. the problem is growing and like in vietnam much of the waste ends up on the country speeches.
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this villa once owned by a high ranking military official was confiscated by nigeria's economic and financial crimes commission that the f.c.c. authorities have also mark many homes throughout the capital. they do so when there are suspicions about the origins of the money used to buy them. as soon as he took office nigerian president obama duble hari said he would return stolen money into the country's kastrup coffers even money taken out of the country illegally. unfortunately our experience has been that over the. proceeds it very tedious. will close the loop closely and in tears lower than just the. literal. words this should not to be the case. nigeria is currently negotiating with washington for the return of a half billion dollars worth of stolen state assets seized in the us. after long
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discussions switzerland agreed to transfer three hundred twenty two million dollars back to nigeria and april. civil society groups praise the two governments for agreeing to use the funds to fight poverty. that hasn't always been the case. that government could improve on this i formation i can put we can put in public domain by the way you keep it secret then so yes i want to get that out think that's what the suspicion is that the government is not completely open about it there's definitely more information i come to disclose that is yet to be disclosed in fact so exactly how much of the in the quest is the how much is we at and possibly not to be used to be used. the nigerian government has been slow to release details. its figures show authorities recovered a total of two point nine billion dollars worth of embezzled assets between may two
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thousand and fifteen and october twenty seventh teen. most of it was still in nigeria. but it's time to celebrate the growers in bulgaria as rose valley had worked hard over the past month every day at dawn they start to haul insights of rose blossoms that will later be pressed for oil. roses have been cultivated in this region of central bulgaria for nearly two hundred years the oils are world renowned the livelihoods of the small scale growers and oil producers are into woven with the fate of the flower petals they get out of nothing upon the roses are the main source of income here in our region and it's very important for everyone there's an elbow gary in saying one day provides enough for the whole year there are whole families that live from growing roses. but the industry is
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a prickly one locals fear that. i'm a change will make harvests unpredictable and could affect quality currently however crops are booming yields have risen twenty two percent in the past two years according to the country's ministry of agriculture that's also a problem prices are going down as a result putting pressure on small scale growers many lack of fixed price contracts with rose oil producers and they have laborers to pay stakeholders now say the industry needs tighter controls to protect growers from volatility and to ensure quality that. there needs to be control and regulation on every level in our production starting from the planting material the picking process and choosing the flowers the finally the qualification and export of bulgarian rose oil. is north of the both of them a small. bowl gary is government is now working on just such
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a plan supporters hope it can stabilize the industry and ensure there are enough roses for future celebrations. rights lawyer. culture. hair. superman. superfood stylish style icon don't let those. lifestyles your. next.
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cattle of uganda they're an important. good resource and better for the environment than other cattle. but now the indigenous ferocity is being replaced by more productive but less resilient holstein. environmentalists and nutritionists are joining forces to stop it. go at africa sixty minutes w. . there's no. manager to no good day nothing. changed you know the banks. and so watch the language of the bank money. speaking the truth global news that matters t.w. made for mines. freedom of expression. of value that all ways has to be defended and new. all over the world. are to
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a freedom freedom of art. a multimedia project about artists and their right to express their views freely. d w dot com art of freedom. everyone welcome to another exciting edition of your own max i'm your host meg and lee from dining with a difference of finding beauty in strange places we've got a mixed bag on the show today.


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