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me a. band. aid . this is deja vu news coming to you live from above and the two thousand and eighteen foot cornrows cop stops in moscow today russia has spend billions to make this an eventual remember as fans gear up to four weeks of top gospel glory but will the world be willing to look boss the politics and focus on the fridge we go live to moscow. also coming up brant french tile illuminated green to mark a unisons an inferno killed seventy one people in downing street and other london landmarks also paying tribute to the shocking scale of the tragedy. and saving one
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of iraq's own just libraries behind and bombs during most lives occupation of the so-called islamic state now a group of iraqi students top five hundred risk youth houses of books from the rubble we have an exclusive report. of a warm welcome to the program i'm under attack sheba. the what sporting event starts in moscow in a few hours time yes of course we're talking about the football world cup the first match sets hosts russia against saudi arabia in the capital newly fun stadium. fans from thirty two countries rebutting their teams compete in sixty four games
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over the next month thousands of already descended on the country in anticipation of the first group games defending champions germany have also arrived ahead of their game on sunday they are hoping to become the first team to win the tournament back to back since visit back in one thousand nine hundred sixty two. and emily show one is up in a box on the streets of moscow and joins me now from there hi emily so russia is not a very big footballing nation how excited are people there about hosting the specific just on them and. well i'm rita right near red square and you might be able to see the fifo clock that's been counting down the days till the world cup it's now set to zero and the people that i've been speaking to here said they don't really think that the russian team has much of a chance but they are very much looking forward to the guests arriving and they certainly have been arriving you might be able to see behind me
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a bunch of fans from different countries have gathered and are kind of singing songs as well and to give you more of a sense of the atmosphere here in the capital moscow my colleague you were chateaux was out and about yesterday let's take a look at the atmosphere that he found. all of this pledge it's absolutely amazing all of it so amazing here the image during the people are really not just a great feeling it's a beautiful place a beautiful town three it's our beautiful people the really nice people expected. extremely happy that my country of the rule is one after thirty six years so they
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work out those who are going to be the champion you'll see the best team name are germany i said also i hope germany. so that of course i'm very hard to be there because it's my first towards galloping nurul show we are all we are coming from what you are moroccan was. was a great proxy for the fantastic if you want to when she rushed around who's sick a year shouldn't i think this will be one of the best one of cup ever. was. said it is resold great sense of excitement amongst the fans who've already got them there are many behind you we can see but relations between russia and the west have been a bit tense ahead of this tournament will they cost a shadow do you think on the sporting event. well russia will
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certainly be hoping that political tensions won't overshadow these games in the run up of course to the world cup there were huge international tensions over the screwball case the poisoning of former russian spy sin against the pile in salzburg in england and over that case top u.k. officials and the royal family won't be coming to the world cup but there hasn't been a wider boycott which is something that was discussed in the wake of the screwball case but russia will certainly be hoping or be not be letting anything get in the way of these games ahead of the games putin kind of issued a rather stark warning to ukraine he said if there are any provocations on the eastern in eastern ukraine on the border there could be that could be there could be consequences for ukrainian state hood so rather
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a stark warning their protests will need special authorization here during the world cup and of course. since off the ukrainian film a filmmaker is still behind bars and on hunger strike in a russian prison on charges that human rights activists say are politically active politically motivated so on the one hand there are all these political tensions but russia will certainly be hoping that they won't overshadow the games and that russia will be able to show a different side a different side of the country to the world and we show it in moscow thank you very much and go and enjoy and soak in the atmosphere with all of the fans behind you thank you very much. now the host nation or missed days in the opening match of the west capsule that's russia and as i mentioned earlier the saudi arabia and the first match although not as of the teams are viewed as they strong in this tournament a what is always huge of course for excitement for any football fan. it's
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finally time to let the ball do the talking russia's world cup starts today high expectations can often hamper the home nation at a big tournament but these hosts i'm not under much pressure in that regard as the lowest ranked team in the tournament that hardly a hope favorite but with pride on the line and a home crowd to impress russia raring to go. near would do we had too much to our team once the people to be proud of the city come to be proud of their team. and we really want to win their support they come and make them proud when we treat them with all the bits. and they couldn't have an easier start saudi arabia of the second lowest ranking team at the tournament in the form of a lead and she'll a coach tonio pizzey they have a boss with an impressive experience but with egypt and europe wind their group
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they're up against it as indeed all the hosts. national but you know i think once the whole thing begins everything's going to fall into place she was nobody has ever achieved anything by saying words and you have to put your money where your mouth is so to speak. to mr. chance to cause an upset is here on thursday night in moscow the waits will finally be over. and with me in the studio i have emily she's from sports desk welcome emily so it's finally here the world cup is you to stop in a few allies russia and saudi arabia take each other on neither team is really strong it's be honest what are you expecting yeah that's absolutely true i mean we've heard about the rankings already but the real big story for russia is that no host nation has ever lost the world cup opener so that would be kind of be a big disaster and it's a slippery slope for russia because they're just not very good at the moment either
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they're aging team isn't really equipped for the fireworks are expected for a world cup opening game they have only scored two goals and therefore friendly is this where that isn't a lot and you know today is today is going to be difficult as well and then in their group they have were why are surely going to make it to the next round there's egypt with their star striker mohamed salah just back from injury so they're really tough opponents this game against saudi arabia they really have to win it so it's real pressure for them to win today but you know that the tournament hasn't even started and everyone's talking about who is going to win the what if your views on that i mean on paper you can always choose your favorites based on you know their recent form market value of the squad or or any of those things but there are some top contenders that could really all take it this year there's germany who want to defend their title as we heard in there surely the captain manoir back from injury that's that's a huge boost for the team and they're going to be wanting to continue on that and then there's brazil who also have
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a player back from injury neymar and he's going to want to carry his team not only into. i know but also to lift the trophy as well there is france we were really young and talented squad a mixture of of great individual players but also good team chemistry and there spain were always a force to reckon you know so personally i'd have to say out of all those teams i'm going to go with brazil being my top israeli or that's interesting and over the next four weeks we'll be talking a lot of football and leadership from the process thank you so much for giving us your initial thoughts on who might weigh in turning on to other news and it's been one year since the grenfell tower fire in west london seventy one people died in the u.k.'s deadliest days since the second world war attributes to victims began just before one am in the morning u.k. time and that's of the time the fires for to have started the tower and several surrounding blocks were lit up in green as was the prime minister's office on
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dining street that illumination lasted until five am and reviewed repeated over the coming days from eight pm to midnight. one year on from the tragedy british prime minister to resign me has an apology over shortcomings in a response to the blaze she says they include failing to meet survivors in the five needed off to ma did of his biggest mosque has been talking to some of those survivors. this used to be his home now it's a monument to a tragedy the burnt out shell of prensa tower follows honeyed will be wherever he goes it's always on his mind in this empty space he used to have his fish store the area still is home flora can go and how media used to live on the sixteenth floor now he lives in a hotel like many other survivors. or this is my story. of got some stuff here. to call my new house when i get my house we buy some
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things because everything is is going on the fast. so this is it this is it's just. come eat things he was able to escape the flames because he was strong to keep fit he had always taken the steps instead of the lift luckily his family was not at home that night imagine the feeling to your house and even with your family and not just instantly everything once. in a different way. you are planning you know a team cannibals you sleep ceri your kids your from beneath everything once these. soul we see struggling from that day up to now. after almost a year a public inquiry has finally started to investigate what went wrong. it's here at
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a public inquiry that many survivors are looking for answers who is to blame was it the construction companies that provided highly flammable cladding material was it maintenance companies that did not adhere to fire regulation or was the regulation itself too weak clary mehndi lost a cousin mary in the fire mary stuart acadia also perished like many others she blames the corporate culture that put profit before people construction company is the suppliers of. holy books people. who are embedded in this. this is what is this social murder by negligence enough for us what we ideally want is gross negligence manslaughter because then you know it's about individuals and it's really important that we see individuals in the town
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the fight for justice has left many survivors strained how meade wants to go back to work but says he konk find the strength he's asking for more psychological help . well what i need is just to carry on working and helping people that says. this is what i'm going to do for the rest of my life help as much as i can. helping others because on the night of the fire meet was unable to rescue his friends from the burning building fest though he now needs to help himself and try to come to terms with the haunting image that is ground for tower. you're watching the news coming up ahead. the u.n. is voicing concerns for civilians in yemen after the lead pro-government troops launched an attack on the port city. official say if jack could cause a quarter of a million deaths and shuts down a key port for food and aid to tons of the population depend on the supplies that
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come through the city. and other stories making news this hour u.s. secretary of state my phone p.o. says economic sanctions on north korea would remain in place under the country has given up all its nuclear weapons there was speaking after meeting with the south korean president to discuss the outcome of this week's summit between the u.s. and north korea antarctica's ice sheet is melting three times as fast as it was able and was just a decade ago that's the conclusion of a study published by dozens of scientists in the journal nature researchers warn that melting ice could raise global sea levels and inundate low lying areas. says to come on the news salvaging what can we see it from one of iraq's own disli breeze in more soon we speak to correspondent jeff father of the green who met the young volunteers rescuing thousands of books from under the rubber.
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interest god joins me and the u.s. federal reserve has raised its key interest rate that's right emerita it's not the highest point it's been in a decade the hike by a quarter of a quarter point to between one point seven five two percent is seen as another sign of a more aggressive stance for the u.s. central bank it's already the second hike this year and it's unlikely to be the last with the fed signaling they'll be two more races before the end of the year. drome powell said the rise reflects the economy's resilience the strength of the jobs market and inflation finally nearing the fed's target level but it also means consumers and businesses will pay more to borrow money over time the european central bank's policy committee is also meeting today and analysts are not expecting the e.c.b. to take a cue from the fed also raise rates. as
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agreed to pay a one billion euro fine as a direct consequence of the diesel great emissions cheating scandal the comic accepted an order by german prosecutors which saves the company a battle in the courts emissions trading has already caused g.w. a total of more than twenty five billion euros many in fines to u.s. authorities. v.w. is reeling after being slapped with another billion euros in penalties on top of those that the company must pay in the u.s. as a result of the emissions cheating scandal around eleven million vehicles worldwide were involved said it would not appeal today's decision saying in a statement. by doing so admit to its responsibility for the diesel crisis and considers this as a further may just step towards the latter being overcome lower saxony state
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attorney says the fine must be paid within six weeks the decision doesn't affect the civil suits against the carmaker including those brought by people who purchased the company's cars the criminal investigations into forty nine people connected with the scandal continue in the city of five. more trouble for folks let's bring in. our financial correspondent from frankfurt. big fine or can investors expect more misery. searchers have since had time to express that misery on the trading floor flags flying shares still in the red but how much more misery to expect is still up in the air and how this fine is significant in the sense that it's not mission of wrongdoing from flight five and after so much resistance to the fact that it's broken any laws in europe it's also one of the highest fines imposed by german authorities on a company but it's also a drop in the bucket for
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a five spot and it's just another billion tacked on to the more than twenty eight billion euro budget it has for dealing with diesel gate related fall out it's already spent more than twenty billion in fines and compensation including two affected drivers in the u.s. while in germany affected drivers have had to pursue their claims independently now it's unclear whether fox long will have to cough up more money in order to compensate the affected drivers in germany but so far this decision from the german authorities hasn't helped them in any way. but you know. the easy view will unknowns results of its monetary policy committee meeting what can we expect well it's a bit of a day between opposing ideas on the one hand the e.c.b. has to decide when to communicate at the end of a crisis era stimulus because the euro zone is supposedly in sustained recovery on the other hand this meeting is also happening after months of an unexpected
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slowdown in the eurozone as well as concerns over global trade eroding investor confidence so the e.c.b. will either have to communicate a detail roadmap to the exit of stimulus this time around and highlight the gains in inflation and highlight gains and inflate in the inflation outlook or it will wait until july when it's had more time to assess those risks that i've mentioned so the investors will be looking for some sort of signal and they'll be anxious to see what that could be another moment from france thank you. a bidding wars going on between two u.s. media heavyweights for most of the assets of twenty first century fox disney was widely tipped to take over smaller rival with a bit over of over fifty two billion dollars but now comcast has offered twenty percent more it's willing to pay some sixty five billion dollars fox's boards must now decide which company to choose if the board decides to accept comcast advances
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disney will have five business days to respond the larger offer unless believed fox biggest shareholder the murdoch family will reject the comcast bid for tax reasons . now it's back to i'm retired an unusual rescue effort underway in iraq that's right behind me good to move in northern iraq where a group of university students have found a cause in the ruins of this city the library in most whom is not the oldest in all of iraq but it was done to an bombed off of the occupation by the so-called islamic state now young and women fighting to save whatever they can find from the robber have a look this is all that's left of the central library in mosul after occupation by the so-called islamic state ended it once housed half a million books before it has bombings and fires armed with lanterns and willpower
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twenty locals united in their love for their city have joined forces to salvage everything they can. i could do with his shoes john these books aren't jewels they deserve to be saved despite the immense destruction these books are still here in the future. and april twenty seven thousand tiny celeb joined the most and i campaigned to save her city's books. so far more than thirty thousand have been salvaged thanks to the commitment and the through ziyad some of the volunteers. books are our life our history our souls. the volunteers come to the library every day and the most i project is also gathering donations people from around the world can send books and any language to help restock the devastated library the volunteers are determined to rescue as many books as they possibly can. the library
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has been burned and destroyed but we must go on we have to return to our lives as they were before i as the war is over you know we can't stand still or our lives will be over to. the she did not leave her house under i-s. rule instead she used that time to read more books and learn new languages now after three years of war and i asked rule these young iraqis are determined to rebuild their city to gather. the books are being kept in temporary storage spaces in the hope that the library consumed opened its doors again. until then these young people will continue their rescue mission until the last book has been raised from the rubble. now that report was filed by jeff of the kerry my colleague and he now joins me in the studio back from mosul i love you to have you here that was of a inspiring the soul and behind this woman talk about books on jews it's just more
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about the state which motivated and this initiative and i was watching the report again i had a big very big smile watching it because you see a lot of hope a lot of determination a lot of going and looking forward from these young people who they are very determined to rescue to books because it's their library it's their university and every one of them has memory in this library but for the last three years during the so-called i asked was was in mosul they weren't able to go to this library and were unable to go to university and that's why you see the energy in there and their movement in their eyes because they know how valuable books are and and books and education is the only thing they have now to look forward because when you look all around and in mosul especially in the old city it's destroyed so they gathered all together and said no one is taking care of fit so we are the ones changing and we are the one doing it and this is it's very important to mention in mosul today
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the young generation these young people are the more tore of everything going on because of change alter of change motor of determination because they are saying if we don't do it on our own no one is doing it when awaiting for the government we are now waiting for the government we're not waiting for the politicians were no waiting for the thought it is we are the one building our own city with our own hands i would looking forward at this is exactly did energy your feeling is the message of hope it isn't eating the city as you said what city of mosul is completely destroyed and exact if you pulled out desperately unhappy the conditions that is i mean when you when you talk to the people date they tell you if you look at the government they are not taking care of the library if you look of the authorities they're also not taking care of the library so they're just looking around enough to throw. years they just they are just like without hope and they say we're not the one changing for nothing is going to change and this is you see it not only of concerning the library but only different other projects when it
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comes to helping and helping it to people who didn't return back to their home in turn it displays when you see when it comes to osa building of different projects designed beside the library and so and that's why they are full full full of hope if you just look at them and they you're simply. you're simply happy because destroyed all over but they are the ones saying no we're going to do it tiny and say hold and optimism can be they infectious the edges let the whole thing full well that they've been elections in iraq recently what are the expectations of these young people of the simply disappointed i mean they they had a very because there's going to be change and new faces will be there and you coalitions will be there but they're simply. disappointed because it's still you know it's still a confession that is playing a role it is a big corruption and they want to just look forward and be seen as a citizen independent of their confession independent of their religion they know their problems it's their future it's their future they're looking forward and
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that's why they they simply don't care what the politicians are doing that's my impression when i talk to them they say we're the one going and looking forward and concerning the elections not a lot of younger generation participated and voted in the elections and i think it's a very very clear sign for the politicians in iraq to wake up and when you talk to the young the people they say maybe they're not going to wake up so they're not waiting for the wake up of the politicians they going to go their way and do exactly what they did in this report with a lot of hope and determination you know as a visible to the beach behind the younger generation that you had to fight of the king thanks so much for your insights flagship. in iraq it was indeed devaney's that's it from a me from now but you have moved me in half an hour and see them of that.
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but. can there be peace in afghanistan. the next best discussing in stimulus form a afghan president hamid karzai a little smaller will not either or in the absence of peace all in the prisons all sort insists i have to save from the afghan conflict i was a division within the country. an unfortunate optic of the global media for the next. time. turkey is gearing up for another election.
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half the voters are under the age of thirty six. zero ones will decide the country's political future. a whole generation has come of age under president recha type anyone. but how many young adults really believe the president slogans. in sixty minutes. create yourself. interior design channel on. every journey begins with the first step and every language the first word the word think of the coax in germany. has
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a source why not learn with. its simple on your mobile and for e. w z e learning course. german made easy. formerly from the global media forum in bonn today we are discussing the current peace process in afghanistan just a few days ago the president of the afghan president and he has announced and the taleban have accepted a three day ceasefire for the upcoming eat holidays.


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