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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  June 17, 2018 2:00am-2:16am CEST

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business news live from berlin was an action packed day of soccer at the world cup in russia among the highlights argentina locking horns with iceland tiny iceland made it to the quarter finals of the euros two years ago could they match up the hot flying argentina. also coming up a glimpse of peace and afghanistan taliban fighters celebrate and take selfies with security forces as the government extends a ceasefire and joe after the hour and holiday stress. and the migrant rescue ship that's become a flashpoint in europe's migration the page first italy tonight it promises to dock
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and then malta now the aquarius nears the end of its long voyage as it prepares to dock in spain. twitter glad you could join us day three of the world cup in russia is done and dusted in saturday's final game croatia battled nigeria to a two nothing victory in a rough and tumble encounter in the thirty second minute mario monti juve it scored with a diving header that might have been deflected by organic cotton i table but this one probably would have gone in even without the nigerians how. then in the sixty ninth minute munjal which was wrestled down in the box by william kong upset captain look a month wretch who fired in to make it to nothing. now moved to the top of from the . get more on the matter with me is chris harrington from v.w.
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sport so this game go the way you expected. expected yes the way i hope you know i was hoping the super eagles would prevail they have a lot of hype behind their team you know they were the first african club to qualify for the world cup but croatia on the other hand very experienced team they have luca moderates the captive mario bonds who could also the two players in their mid thirty's so it was really a battle of experience versus the experience of nigeria because they are one of the youngest teams in this world cup but it was a lot of sloppy play in the beginning and a lot of fouls i mean i counted more than thirty fouls you know the first goal we saw in the louth match there in the video there it was controversial but it wasn't the best looking goal we're taking a look at it here now a good and if you look at the slow motion you see the header going there but you know. maybe that's changing the world but it was considered an own goal but it was just ugly manufacturing of goals if you want to call it that in the physicality you
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know shows because the second go crazy converted was due to a penalty you know nigeria had a tough time getting the ball in the final third they had a tough time cracking the croatian defense you know that's one thing and then you know when you look at the way the dust settled i mean iceland argentina they draw and now croatia are the head of their group they are considered a dark horse in this tournament and you know getting the three points is a lot of steam in a lot of air and wind behind that sail so we'll see what happens of course well with over the course saturday also saw world cup first timers iceland take on the mighty argentina in group d. the south americans are known for their polished technique and came into this class as the clear favorites but iceland with their scrappy physical style can never be rolled out. argentina broke the deadlock utterly on so if you like where i was scoring the opening and then ninety minutes five but iceland came back to school minutes later with the first ever world cup go alfredsson bogus and this school
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arrived. in the second half argentina put the pressure on to see iceland in some mistakes and penalty for the favorites surely this would be the lead upset you messi see behind us how the sun and the fans they save it it's like a win. as the minutes counted down messi try to block again but it was soon though a veiled one zero of the final score as iceland's was quite the upset us. this was supposed to be easy match for argentina right i mean the idea that we called it enough said in argentina it didn't win this at all right you know iceland really showed their teamwork and the ice made out for from books and who plays domestically right here in germany he came through scoring the first goal for iceland you know they had a heroic performance from honduras how goff son called dawson to one of the door said his middle name is stored he had one horowitz performance you know stopping
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leo messi leo messi had an opportunity to convert a penalty very and messi like for him to miss that he had eleven shots on goal and it's very bad to see you know him in argentina not succeed but teamwork sometimes prevails and tonight we saw to earlier today we saw ice they walk away with the point level right now with argentina who is the favorite of the group and since you mentioned messi in his performance it was a little bit of a messy performance i had an athlete messi is how imperfect way you know you know he had the nail on the head with that comment you know because you expect more especially off of christianity when all those performers we saw that trick everyone's talking about this and everyone tends to compare the two clearly leo messi heard about this before you know he laced up his boots to play you know it's . unfortunate to see the way it turned out but messi sometimes does too much on the pitch i think he has a lot of quality around him and sometimes he might have to look for that quality opposed to some of his teammates is watching him try to pull off some heroic feat
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at the end of the day but eleven shots on goal nothing to show for a very messy live performance but as i said i sleep right now argentina title points croatia has the lead in group d. nigeria is the one team that's going to have to shock if they want to live to get out of the group stage but all in all a great day all right well let's take a look at the results from match day three there is confirmation of that win for croatia and that unexpected draw between argentina and iceland elsewhere denmark got the better of peru and france sealed a surprisingly narrow win against australia thanks to a late goal to one the final score that's their world cup wrapped chris harrington from the sports thank you so much thank you. now to some of the other stories making news around the world at least seventeen people have been killed in a stampede in a nightclub in venezuela's capital caracas a school graduation party turned into a bar brawl police said
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a tear gas device exploded causing a deadly rush for the exits several people have been arrested in connection with the deaths. austrian chancellor has demanded germany clarify allegations of spying between the two countries that date back decades german media reported berlin's intelligence services systematically spied on over two thousand targets in austria between one thousand nine hundred and two thousand and six speaking to the press said spying between allies is unacceptable. in moscow authorities say a taxi driver who crashed into a crowd of people have fallen asleep eight people were injured including many who had come to the city for the world cup police have opened an investigation. greek prime minister of the processor no confidence vote in parliament paving the way for a historic agreement with macedonia the country shares its name with a northern greek territory which has caused tensions between the two countries
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under the deal macedonia will now be known as the republic of north macedonia. people have been flooding onto the streets of afghan cities in celebration on saturday after the taliban announced a surprise three day cease fire afghan president ashraf ghani said he would extend a parallel cease fire announced by his government on tuesday but did not say how long it would be in place. a historic moment taliban fighters embracing afghan soldiers and civilians. the taliban has temporarily stopped attacks on civilians of tait announced a three day cease fire friday. on the streets of gansey stunned residents blocks traffic to take pictures with the religious fundamentalists. and of course on us we are glad to be here with the afghan soldiers our hope is peace at the end of
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fighting in afghanistan. for some the news was simply overwhelming but i thank them for that but the taliban ceasefire comes three days after afghanistan president a shotgun he announced as the station of hostilities now gunny has ordered a prolongation of the first truce in seventeen years it was. the fourth day of the event of what i will or the extension of the ceasefire is to afghan security forces . but the. shakes. a suicide bombing that killed over twenty civilians threaten to overshadow the celebrations the so-called islamic state which is not part of the ceasefire has claimed responsibility for the attack but despite the bombing and it's only three days of peace guaranteed between the taliban and afghan forces celebrations continued as longtime enemies took the opportunity to get to know each other before they're comfortable joining us now is
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a journalist in kabul who have been following the story so ali after years of fighting against each other we suddenly see afghan soldiers and taliban fighters hugging a very rare scene is this too good to be true what's behind the cease fire. that's exactly the question people are asking each other and i think we're all keeping very hopefully optimistic trying not to you know sort of question it too much and hoping that things continue in this way but it's actually question people are asking themselves that's what's behind the cease fire getting there's a few things one thing is that repeated the government has that. international community has said and i think the taliban is starting to realize that there is no military solution to this war we've seen that the taliban for instance today there were photos of taliban commanders meeting with a provincial governor from the western province of to iraq which is a province they tried to take over only a few weeks ago they failed in doing so. and that again shows the lack of their
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capability at this point to take over large swaths of land the way they had wanted to or in the way that would lead them to be able to take over the country entirely as they did in one thousand nine hundred six so i think it's really becoming evident to people that there has to be. a sort of a negotiated solution to this war because at this point no two militarily neither side is entirely winning now the somewhat celebrator a mood here was overshadowed by a suicide bombing that targeted the celebrations an islamic state so-called i asked has claimed responsibility are they now the biggest threat in afghanistan. so this is this is two parts of the same issue great is that right now taleban and the government during this time of cease fire even before have a common enemy in this so-called islamic state forces because detroit is that you know the taliban don't get along with the us forces and if you speak to people who
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are in areas that have come under i ask control so they left and come to other places that being they say is the first thing that these quick of course is going to be dying the first thing that they do is they say you know we have to get rid of the taliban and want to get rid of the taliban and the turn against the people so there is definitely a real and miti between the taliban and irish and i think this could also be what leading them to the cease fire possible negotiations seeing that they're no longer alone and they have a real viable threat. that's not only attacking them and trying to take over that they're sorts of gains but also trying to attack the government journalist in kabul thank you so much for your insights. now to a migrant rescue ship that's become a flashpoint in the european debate over migration the aquarius reported to be carrying more than six hundred people is due to dock in spain in the coming hours after first being denied permission by italy and then again by malta spanish and french authorities have announced they will work together to process the people on
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board but as our next report shows it's just the latest step in a very long ordeal. on board the aquarius hundreds of weary migrants await the end of an arduous journey. to nudist celebre tree they've been saved twice first from the sea and then from scorn. it's almost a week since they were pulled from the mediterranean at night after the vessel sank now they're counting down the minutes and miles until they reach land. and this is the view that awaits them the port of valencia where almost a thousand volunteers are preparing for their arrival they'll be told not just welcome but welcome home. that's the migrants who have high levels of stress they've lived through very traumatic experiences not only in the water but in the previous weeks and months they must be brought quickly to
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a safe harbor be welcomed treated with dignity and have their rights respected and . while italy and malta closed their ports but landsea is displaying its readiness to help. valencia city of refugees that's what it says what are your views or it's a humanitarian action that must be done. in the short term it's very positive. i mean it but the countries of the european union should agree. because this is not just up to a single player but the whole team of people. it's necessary to go back to solution in the countries of origin of places so they can develop that agriculture industry and services so that these people can find solutions in their own countries. and sort of places for the passengers of the aquarius the politics of far away
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but compassion is on the horizon. he watching to debian is more coming up at the top of the hour don't forget you can always check out our website t w dot com prob the latest imus waiter in berlin thanks for watching. make your smart t.v. the smart or the d w for smart t.v. . what you watch for when you want it up to date extraordinary. to decide what's on sunday morning job called smart t.v. . for. reliable data.


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