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i am. this is d.w. news live from the end of a week long worth u.g. all to see the aquarius rescue convoy carrying more than six hundred mine surprised in the spanish builds of the lens yes space offering those aboard state hall the office easily and most of them away for the pan-european spot the case trinket shows no sign of easy also coming up. i'm going to moscow plans emergency troops on migration with several e.u. nations as a clash with her interior minister over refugee policy for actions to bring down
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her government but what are the chances that show succeed. and match day for the world cup has kicked off with a fabulous goalie in serbia is not against costa rica we'll be bringing you that i'm plenty more from russia. he could join me off to week stranded off to italy in malta turned the boat away more than six hundred rescue migrants have finally been allowed to step on to draw and the aquarius which has been at the center of a political crisis in europe sailed into the spanish fort of events you today. i'm eruption of relief after a week long odyssey at sea. i
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was happy to hear. the three vessel convoy was carrying six hundred thirty migrants including some one hundred twenty three unaccompanied minors some of the new arrivals had to be taken directly to hospital. volunteers turned out in their hundreds to assist the migrants and called for cooperation among e.u. states. and boy i think the aquarius has become a symbol that something isn't working that we are here confirms that it doesn't and wouldn't be like this if politically things worked in europe. a week ago the migrants were rescued from overcrowded dinkies by the aquarius in the mediterranean . the ship soon became the focus of a pan-european dispute about migration when it was turned away by malta and italy with rome saying e.u. member states were not doing enough to shoulder the migrant burden. spain's new
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socialist government is offering the migrants free health care and says they will examine their refugee status on a case by case basis. while german chancellor angela merkel sitting emergency talks with several nations on migration policy with germany on the brink of its own political crisis now is locked in a rout with her interior minister. who has threatened to defy her and go ahead with plans to unilaterally tighten germany's borders on monday necklace adamant that a european solution must be found. and i'm joined in the studio by our chief political correspondent melinda crane melinda knackers under huge pressure. right now to find a european solution on migration i mean the e.u. has just been so divided on this issue why is the solution so crucial for machall right now the e.u. is absolutely divided basically the system for distributing refugees has been
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broken ever since the huge influx of migrants in two thousand and fifteen and that has been imposing enormous strains in particular on the countries on the external border of the european union that's countries like spain like italy like greece it's one of the reasons that italy rejected that boat that we just saw and said no we're not taking on anymore it's one of the reasons that we now see a nationalist populist populist government in place in italy so one reason for uncle americal is simply fairness justice within the e.u. but beyond that this is also imposing strains on the european union as a whole it has absolutely been an ongoing dispute within the union which is why the chancellor has said again and again this is a european problem and we need a common multilateral european answer and she said it again in her podcast this weekend talking about the crucial issues that she'll be bringing up with president
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emmanuel mccraw france when she meets him this week let's just take a brief listen to what she said. this is a european challenge that also means the european responds and i think this is one of the crucial issues for europe's cohesion. so in the two weeks before a very important the e.u. summit at the end of this month she apparently is hoping to talk to some of those key countries on the southern perimeter of the european union to try to see what kind of agreement she can reach with them and one other very brief reason that it's so important to her she is a convinced multilateral list anyway she has been saying in regard to donald trump unilateral nationalism is only going to create more problems than it solves so essentially she has to walk that talk she does indeed and there are also domestic political issues on the table with this absolutely there are the interior minister is holding a gun to her head she has issued an ultimatum and the reason for that is essentially
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tactics the c.s.u. his bavarian conservative party is looking toward a very important regional election in their heartland coming up in october they are very worried about gains by the far right anti immigration a.f.d. party and they're looking to be very tough on immigration in order to ward off. essentially gains by that party that said we have heard minister as a whole for saying he doesn't want to now split the conservative bloc i'm speaking to build. a newspaper we can take a look at what he said nobody he says in the c s u is interested in toppling the chancellor dissolving the conservative parliamentary group or breaking the coalition. now with that in mind i have to ask you is this potentially the rumblings the beginning of a compromise it could be we are seeing that same newspaper the build reporting that the c.s.u. may be ready to give the chancellor that two week window until that summit that i
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mentioned and allow her to try to do some deals with some of these other european to. on trees on the southern border but that the that somehow there would be some face saving measure of a greed for the c.s.u. the c.s.u. is denying that for the moment but certainly that is the thing that most insiders think is likely to happen all right chief political correspondent melinda crane that thank you very much indeed. and now to some of the other stories making news around the world police have clashed with protesters at the border between greece and us today here as the two nations signs an agreement to change macedonia's name u.n. and e.u. officials to join the prime ministers of the two countries to witness the historic signing the deal renames macedonia the republic of north macedonia resolving a decades old dispute. in nicaragua a shootout and a far bombing in the capital managua have killed eight people including two children the violence came hours off to the government in protest to strike an
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agreement aimed at ending weeks of deadly political on both sides are blaming each other for the flare up but have agreed to continue negotiations. austrian chance less of us to cause school in germany provide assurances that it stop spying on politicians international going to is ations and companies in austria media in both countries have been reporting that the german intelligence service had run an extensive espionage operation in neighboring austria between one thousand nine hundred nine and two thousand and six. a taxi driver who injured eight people when he swerved onto a moscow sidewalk is blaming fatigue for the instant the man told police he hadn't slept in twenty hours and only fled the scene out of fear for his life and several of the victims had come to the russian capital for the world cup.
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match day for all the world cup started with costa rica against serbia it the southern city office and now the goal of the game came in the fifty sixth minute a beautiful free kick from alexander called off the captive placing the ball positively over the wall into the top corner just out over each of costa rican people not us the final score that one nailed. and with me in the studio is our very own and many of how shirts who's been monitoring all of the games for us so many what have we learned about serbia and about costa rica from that much top performance actually above all i would just say it was a really entertaining game i mean that was a sensational free kick that got the win for serbia and it was actually the third free kick go in the sternum an already that's as many as a word in the entire last tournament in two thousand and fourteen so it's so much solid defending happening at this tournament set pieces could become more important
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the previous free kicks we saw were also really beautiful in russia's five zero win against saudi arabia and of course christiana ronaldo is fantastic goal against spain in the late stages of the game or at least taken to some of the other action then because we saw that late match on saturday it was a rough and tumble encounter croatia battling to add to it neal a victory of in nigeria and thirty seconds minutes mario lanza kitsch schooled with this diving head it was deflected by a table but it probably would have gone in even without the nigerians how then in the sixty ninth minute manage to catch was wrestled down in the box by william troost kong captain newcomer margaret fired in the penalty to make it to nail the bat. and earlier denmark came away with a crucial one nail a victory over perino just before half time denmark she supposed and drew down at us and furious in the box in the referee awarded a penalty by christine quinn of
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a fight over the bar missing a golden opportunity dent in the fifty ninth minute post instructed home from a tight angle. denmark the proof on the break and posting made no mistake to secure the the tree. so here are the results from match day three with about unexpected draw between argentina and iceland one one true asia comfortably beating nigeria to nail denmark squeezing past peru one nil and france saving a surprisingly narrow win against australia thanks to a late goal by unfortunate ozzie as is the haste to want that. well still with me in the studio emily so emily could croatia be the dark horse in this again they've got a fantastic squad i mean there's so much talent in their midfield and also a problem and they have a really reliable back to count on in midfielders look i'm underage real madrid
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player superstar we saw here he netted the penalty without any problems and there's also even rocketed russell into and up front of course mario months you could see a striker who's just always dangerous and can always get those important goals the group is considered to be extremely tight knit though now jiri are now in a tough spot after losing against croatia but there's still iceland who are really tough to crack and then there's of course the favorite argentina so creation have a chance now but it's still going to be an uphill battle and i have to ask was that denmark pre-match really is but as dull as the result suggests not at all is a fantastic game to watch there is so much passion and emotion and admittedly denmark kind of spoiled prue's return to the world cup to the big stage of football but it was so much fun there were so many exciting scenes goals you know emotions are running high and that's kind of what makes world cups like this so exciting it's not just the big names in the big stars but the fact that all day long there's just great football to watch absolutely that's my favorite bit seeing which names
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then come to the fore who we might not have been you know speaking about a lot before with that in mind is there anyone with your ex but i hear you would take for the top at this stage of the city so difficult to say in anything can still happen germany and brazil are playing today seoul really just have to wait and see how that turns out but of course spain and portugal both put in fantastic performances already and argentina and france can always still come up with something special all right we'll wait and see if they do in the meantime look forward to watching the germany mexico game as well with you later and many of our shirts from v.w. sports thank you you thank. and are mine to all of the top stories we're following for you german chancellor angela merkel is reportedly planning emergency talks with several one of the nations she struggles for a vote a crisis that could bring down her coalition dolphins' is local to raul with her interior minister who is to say it will find that he has precedence to unilaterally tighten germany's borders in defiance of math folks who wants to find the europeans
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the new ship. and as the excitement builds we'll have more later from the world cup as all the ups and unfolds including of course germany's only important first match your team taking on mexico right now in moscow. all that and more coming up very shortly here all in a d.-w. live from berlin i'm head of the home for a don't forget you can also get the news on the go just download iraq's new google play all from the apple store that'll give you only access to the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news you can also use to send us your photos and videos that forwards to see. more news coming up at the top of the hour you can always get the latest updates on our web site of course d.w. dot com i'm headed home free in violin do you stay with us if you can.
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