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tv   World Stories - Korea Hope for a divided country  Deutsche Welle  June 18, 2018 6:15am-6:31am CEST

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platforms for charging. the code base in germany to learn german. emerged in the. why not learn with him online on the mobile and free to suffer from the w.p. learning course the kospi. climate change is affecting us old rising sea levels and olympic level join the rising water life through our streets . and through entire communities. the good news is our own choices in energy conservation. recycling. and transport to rejoin the mind find out what you can do today at redraw the lines on. the settling time around fires came from jurors or dealing with any of that i killed many civilians. come
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including my father was selfish and i was a student and i wanted to build a life for myself. but suddenly life became our kind of song. providing insights global news that matters d. w. made for mines. this week on the world story. later shouldn't be returned to nigeria. a year after the huge fire in london. but we begin in south korea relations with north korea seem to be thawing and many people in the south hope they will soon be reunited with their relatives in the north thousands of families were torn apart when the nation was divided decades ago. a few old
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photographs and a couple of letters that's the only proved one sign has that he has relatives somewhere in north korea it would put them in danger to show their faces on television. his older brother chen sign tells me fought for south korea the korean war almost seven decades ago chunks of bach was taken prisoner by the north the family was told he had been killed but then sixty years after seeing his brother for the last time chang sign received a letter from north korea from his brother delivered through a contact in china that was ten years ago it made happy and sad at the same time. when i saw the photo i could tell it was my brother you can see how depressed he looks rather than actually i remember him as such
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a cheerful person. you know. his brother passed away shortly after chang signed got the letter with but he left behind a family of his own ten psi hopes that with thawing relations between north and south and the upcoming summit he might finally get the chance to meet his relatives . with as i get older my desire to meet them is growing stronger which i want to get to know that side of my family now whether some or no seems more likely we'll have a chance to meet which i'm still not sure if i should trust the politicians but i just can't help but hope it will finally have. proved to be the. sometimes turn sign and his wife come to the national cemetery in seoul to find his brother's name on the wall of missing soldiers. even though chancellor bach is no longer missing they don't want his name deleted saul was his home they say and they
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hope that maybe one day his children in north korea can come here to. the periphery fire and london's grunfeld tower occurred one year ago seventy one people died because of the fire remains unclear to this day the former residents are demanding information we met one survivor who still hasn't found a new home. this used to be his home now it's a monument to a tragedy the bento shell of friends the tower follows honeyed will be wherever he goes it's always in his mind in this empty space he used to have this fish store the area still is home. where i can go and i need used to live on the sixteenth floor now he lives in a hotel like many other survivors. or this is my store.
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of got some stuff here for. a new house when i get my. we buy some things because everything is is wrong on the fast. so this is it this is it's just. made things he was able to escape the flames because he was strong to keep fit he had always taken the steps instead of the lift luckily his family was not at home that night imagine the beauty of the house and even with your family and not just instantly everything once. in a different way. you are planning a new you know are thinking about your future kids you will probably need everything when these. soul we see struggling from day up to now.
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after almost a year a public inquiry has finally started to investigate what went wrong. clary mehndi lost a cousin mary in the fire mary stuart acadia also perished like many of us she blames the corporate culture that put profit before people construction company is the suppliers of contract this is a holy book people. who are embedded in this social mud down this is what is this social madame by negligence enough for us what we ideally want is gross negligence on stilts on because then you die is about individuals and it's windy and cold sun that we say individuals in the tell the fight for justice has left many survive a strained how meat wants to go back to work but says he conquered by the strength he's asking for more psychological help. it's like he's just to call you and
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working and helping people that says. this is what i'm going to do for the rest of my life help as much as i can. helping others because on the night of the fire was unable to rescue his friends from the burning building festo he now needs to help themselves and try to come to terms with the haunting image that this grandfather tala. more than one hundred years ago british soldiers brought the so-called binning bronzes to europe from nigeria now a growing number of people are calling for their return because they are much more than just value pieces of art. scepter for the new royal sculptures erekat but modi began making such objects when he was just a child he comes from a family of bronze artists and learn the techniques from his father this tradition
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goes back to the thirteenth century in his home of byname city in southern nigeria but modi has ancestors started producing plaques and sculptures for their king. in those days there were no news of record a. good look i mean. it's so we use. the committee events you know to use you and i asked to come into. to these to do all replicate or to present what they have seen in the palace artists produced thousands of these valuable objects over the centuries but painting cities museum on the has a few of them in its collection most were looted in one thousand nine hundred seven when british soldiers invaded the royal palace. collectors and museums in europe then purchased them at art auctions. nigeria is now pushing for their return negotiations have been happening for the past eight years according to
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theone by the museum's director but there's been little headway europe says that more intensive research is needed to determine the origin and acquisition of the artworks. those critical of their return have a different argument they say the bronzes are now part of world cultural heritage and would be better preserved in large international museums than in a nigerian province but artists like nike davies of. view such arguments with cynicism she's the owner of nigeria's largest private gallery her mission is fostering the younger generations talent and those young artists often cannot travel to europe and. conti.
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eric and his colleagues in beni and city have also never seen their ancestors masterpieces in european museums but they say there is a positive side to the debate over looted nigerian art it's a confirmation to the world that africa is rich with sought after cultural treasures. turkey goes to the polls in one week's time three million turks who live abroad are also able to vote the question is are you for or against president. and important issues also for ethnic turks living here in berlin. tickets electing campaigning in the german capital is good good advice and. friends are canvassing for turkey is pro kurdish party this is the word this is for the election in turkey we're against the one if you are. against airtel one ok i'll take one over. this very left
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because of president add on he's very concerned about politics in his home country . i've been in germany for six years and. many of my friends and my entire family are still there and they're dissatisfied and we have to change it or topple this government but not everyone here is against and on these women are complaining for the turkish president and his a.k.p. party they don't like speaking to the german press and initially brush me off. is whose party colleagues from the age c.p.c. to present after take a piece of portis as a provocation they shout adeline is a terrorist agathon is a murderer. a heated answer comes right back the past a vice says you are the real murderous she's doing the right thing with you you do so if it i'm happy that tight i go on excess oh the talk.
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is good tries to defuse deceit you ation he doesn't like these public disputes with the a.k.p. supporters he thought he shouldn't insult but did you hear what they said if you decide you. know they're insulting you could try to stay cool don't do the same thing as they do. that they live in germany but they are more fired up about politics in turkey to take a piece of poor to say it's only natural this is the internally is our real homeland our families live there and we're doing this work here for them with god's help. those here is convinced days. more to it than that they have been in it and they spoke there they have an identity problem because they've heard a lot of bad experiences. that's why they want to vote for turkey and why so many support the a k p. does this but not everybody does. and it
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still is who don't support adirondack is good is hoping to mobilize by canvassing for the h d p campaigning in berlin against the turkish president. even me two movements and its impact only arts. that d.w. the global media forum for culturally influential figures from free concert discuss conditions for female artists and changing cost structures worldwide news milestones need to come female peace culture today. on the. boat bringing humanity i'm sure.
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the aquarius see rescue ship on its first voyage and twenty sixteen. dedicated crew helping them. all new come in and. just calmly there's a lot about to come on the forehand mish mosh pit com it's undimensioned so what aquarius rescue in the wilderness for if i want w. and. crimes against humanity civilians. become witnesses to. their recorded images travel around the globe via social media. but what is proof of camera fiction and what is fact of digital investigators comb through the flood
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of images they combine sources try to reconstruct what happened and substantiate claims of problems i'm going to forensics between bits and bards. truth detectives starts june thirtieth on t w. today and art's twenty one special. women say time's up. news maestra need to and the global consequences how has women's protest changed the arts are we on the verge of a new type geist everybody is talking about it so are we. our thoughts twenty one special with karan hamstead at deutsche of l a global media forum in bonn.


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