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tv   Kick off - Special World Cup Host Russia  Deutsche Welle  June 19, 2018 9:30am-10:01am CEST

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a clash between those who believe in arranged marriage and those who want to marry for love. but that's shaking families and society to the core. my father will be angry sometimes i think i'm already dead to. those starts joining d w. the. first movie the shrake. it's. stubby.
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the world cup got underway all spurs day and russia are off to a good start so the host speak saudi arabia five nil in the opening match but still mushy we're not one of the tournament's favorites national team coach stanislav chesnoff admits the best of the comp will be a great challenge for the team. to get. the best of abusing the. ball and going to be. big. but at present the edmund. these a cop. does. need more films movies are going to. be muslim. chest self has been head coach of the russian national team for nearly
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two years the fifty four year old took over after russia was knocked out of year eight twenty sixteen in france one call from the kremlin and the job was his but while managing the spore ny at the world cup on home turf is a national honor it will be no light undertaking. once the furthermost flaked. double. star. stanislav salaam of it chess off transferred from spa tac moscow to denominate tasted in one thousand nine hundred three he didn't speak a word of german at the time stanny as he's known for sure remembers the struggles during his first days in germany or. the month and i was even. under the chest of the russian
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team has undergone plenty of change they no longer resided in luxury hotels opting instead to stay in the former soviet sports complex built for the nine hundred eighty and then picked games twenty kilometers outside of moscow. this massive facility is also where they're based during the world cup. here in more modest courses chesnoff trains to bring the players who earn millions just like those in germany back down to earth to help them improve as much as possible.
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this year. as hosts russia wants to impress the world with a strong performance at the world cup. at the confederations cup last summer however the team that disappointed its fans the only fact is they could be called impressive with a perfect organization and great despair at least while russia was still playing. it is that. in the stores things such as just a small is meet with at machine you cannot shift the burden is on me nor get us to . come on the mic on us. or them. maria come on why is one of russia's top t.v. sports reporters. because. she knows her football and especially in on
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germany to defend its title. women's business the sport in the good minute i mean people that's in the stellar evolution is that it's in the right not some way it was so if you stuff them still if i didn't meet in the pub in the book you can see that in the but in the best you know but he i mean even the gravitas more of the mischief but is the. i needs is not the least i need because it is. the business. and you just get a minute. as muslims are. left for war and stood at the only be when you washington isn't smart it's not needs done that. i see. you again urban stanny chesnoff know each other well they became champions together with your role in spoke with your chess office goalkeeper many of his coach well if
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you know of mine. in the user group this. kind. of the following will be hard but we think it. will kind. of move. along with. us because if it were up to him to chesnoff would have voids yogi live in his team for as long as possible at the world cup that should be up until the final match in the stadium of course because that's his goal. i'm best on storage and i'm going to fly. chess office came clean revitalized the russian. fabric crashed and come across relaxed in this t.v. shoot. but on the picture it's not the story.
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of the shell of. the cross the. borders. but it's the but i mean again i thought the whole crave of sex i but i suppose of course assume as boredom it. was because because i was due to syria from the press the below was more than just even these bush terms were smokers or from bodies the regards. shots from us. to salinas from all of you so there. some of the more you know what have you it appears you put in you know for which you could live you should be one of. us that your specific promotional literature. the soviet union national football team won an olympic gold medals twice and we european champions in one nine hundred sixty now with the world cup at home russia hopes to channel its former glory days. more
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or. nobody fight for ireland. through. the dust. and how do their talking to but if do but unfortunate. because mexico's own good leader. had a. fine time still there are critics of the world cup in russia not only from foreign media outlets but also from within the country itself the german russian correspondent big finnish takes a closer look. because book stern is a t.v. . activist and seen a mention of its activists in a political hit movie. shaft fall that had never happened absent to cause an
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expose on their movie the. day. they. explode yet one by for to win. and of who would be good with. that but. not often given is that these are extreme ties as even the speed of course from to. the. days of the. amended version of course doesn't come to the inside does bridgie in is the lloyd in good. order. mr is the. spot that it would have been interesting to ask the world cup's chief organizer about these topics but arranging an interview proved difficult to other red square
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inhabitants might have something to say instead lenin and stalin lenin thinks a different doesn't win the title they might just have to steal it. right starlin. quite right. even before the world cup commenced we asked the people on the streets of moscow about russia's chances and most responded with great optimism. no wish your modesty if you could didn't want to give most i'm used to mean accident you mean it was not merely not great if you could didn't board but it's a mash. which. runs condition. that. he was going to go. through. with.
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one german russian at least plans to give his all for russia's world cup aspirations constantine's i wish at the age of six he and his family left russia for germany he went pro at hanover and played for various german youth teams but russia remained in his heart last fall he played his first international match for russia although he didn't make the world cup squad playing for russia is still an honor. does it in. for us finish a moment. from . why the models force. through. in the.
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like all other russian national players mouse to have to deal with the issue of doping russia's athletes are often regarded with suspicion and football players and no exception. at the last world cup in brazil allegations of doping were made against the russian scene russia was accused of manipulating here in samples to cover up doping. richard mclaren a special prosecutor on behalf of the world anti-doping agency named the number of affected cases. and there are also on hundred fifty five samples were awaiting analysis and were seized by water and we also reported those to few according to the investigation urine samples have possibly been swapped that gives rise to a suspicion one that there is a bank of clean samples and that it's being used with respect to footballers so far
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none of the players implicated in the scandal have had their identities revealed. ben should still pink up and down good each may have bad secret but it just might not make a dent stanislav chesnoff takes a defensive stance when it comes to the doping issue he refuses to comment publicly until this concrete proof. to go missing. as. the from the system as hard as you do for the victims. in the. minutes ones are going to. come from the. shop it's all.
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good. the way russian officials handled the dating issue makes it difficult not to succumb to believing the worst clichés about russia even vitali not co-president of the russian football association declined to give an interview in which doping was not even the prime topic of discussion. but choosing to remain silent rather than being transparent creates an unsettling feeling. cover to feel annoyed. and nobody's adopting. but it's good all. that's. on the list. and that's. me ah i see tops. stopping but modernist. also. on. monday and. from what
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i know. nonetheless the doping issue along with the absurd costs of. the world cup have dampened the country's mood clue chef publisher of a russian sports paper thinks otherwise. you know useful spoke at the club and it was mr. bush abolished. it was we did bush the british prime minister and you know that anyone on able to grab a ticket for one of the sixty four matches can still experience the world cup on a boat ride down the musk river. and with a little luck maybe even the world cup ambassador and supermodel victoria praver might be on board. for you know if you get the.
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right. to vote or pass is stadium where the world cup final will take place. it's facade is reminiscent of the formal lead in stadium in the soviet era. a stadium with a dark chapter in its history. in front of the stadium a small monument stands in remembrance of a tragic sporting event at the nine hundred eighty two year old cup match between spartak moscow and h.s.c. harlem over three hundred people lost their lives in a harrowing disaster in minus ten degree celcius sixteen thousand spectators were squeezed into only one of the four stands of the gigantic concrete arena it was a fatal mistake.
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because it. was. it was not just. as a pitch to spur me to choose the details in the number of fatalities were not reported until years later when the newspaper civets sport uncovered the dark secrets in one thousand nine hundred two years after the tragedy chesnoff came to sponsor back as
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a young a goalkeeper the football club in russia's capital didn't have its own stadium spot tax finally got one in two thousand and fourteen it was designed by an architecture firm in dortmund and has enough space for forty two thousand spectators moscow's second world cup stadium is one of the most marked in the worlds. inside the ground traces of the current national coaching success can be found on display and its high tech museum. as a player to chest off one three domestic titles with spar tag and one soviet cup finally spots tax many trophies have found a place to be put on display. finished asea get discounts. done. to his sister. and that's.
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the hard part was watching. the rise of those four. months of my school. this is the. vision of. mine for money for because i didn't involve. more. of the boys there's really here. the football stadiums in russia architectural masterpieces like the st petersburg stadium in which germany won the confederations cup the construction of those stadiums that were not a part of that cup like here in must of undone has just been recently completed these images from last summer reveal the swift progress. or that it just is the nerves when you sort of see of the birdies that you bring up in your own. origin
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forged in the stadium in the kasserine is particularly interesting a portion of the spectators stand can be extended so that the grass field receives more sunlight and a. beer meaning in volgograd is also spectacular it was completed right on time ready for the fans. even the red. leading up to the stadium will renovate it. will lock up with not all good. but open it up here is that if you. need the denotes. anyone attempting to get around by car in russia's biggest cities has to have loads of patience traffic regularly sits at a standstill. even the best taxi drivers tends to give up with the extra lane blocked off for world cup officials it's bound to be even worse.
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the better option when it comes to getting from a to b. is to use public transport this is also being renovated with international metro signs and video surveillance systems. there's also free wife eye and u.s.b. charging stations it's the safe way to go in russia. as the infrastructure. it's nice to ward. it off. most of the storage are. muslim doesn't even the mumbai started moving towards you know. if you need to gather some good luck for your team you should drop by the metro station plush at revenue to see at moscow's red square legend says that rubbing the bronze dog's nose will bring you good luck this tradition already existed in soviet
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times and like many russians. so over believes in its magic she's working as a volunteer for the world cup taking care of the fans and guests in the city just as she did for the confederations cup. i can play here behind for the most fun i want to do this if i mean. sports and for spoiler. it's very i said. i'll try one. that's for me i don't belong to the scouts so that's my release my from the. biggest. show in. in moscow in hopes that. i'm going to find. you here will volunteer throughout the world cup up until the final day she'll have that off because she's one of the lucky ones to win tickets to the final fee for reserved eight of eighty thousand match tickets for russian fans at the price of
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about one hundred heroes. if you think it's golden doesn't worth area i saw was a fee for. the tickets a few of us finale aren't so good size into the mix that i miss cloven if you. do this for ninety. minutes. it wasn't. even so if you click over is. at the reopening of usually key stadium last year the hosts faced two time vote against argentina although they lost the friendly match one nail the world cup feeling was already building up providing a sneak peek of how russia wants to present itself this summer. you know bruce is next for the but he's got this in the minya conditions because no
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resolution is because i need a good team when i sounded still moving. near. his music was the plane even though some silly martian you know losing we sport motion used to be in the movies that are doing the best times by the rebels but. neither can your sinister present nora. even though of course you've been at the nina this new at the sicknesses that i need another snitches here in the meantime stanislav chesnoff is preparing his squad for the next match together with assistant coach. the hosts progress was on clear display in a friendly against spain last year they came back from two now down with the match and in a three three drool the fatal smoke of russia's vice captain schooled twice the team proves he can do more than defend showing off mocking and attacking football.
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and all that helps build hope that russia. just be the hosts but also a team to be taken seriously on the pitch. was more was images of us more there were certainly oceans than with the subway take us the queue on us was more than a speed across and i don't know sebas where is that on your persuaded by leisure for but it's a must there as far as what other because i know some datasource you will even if i go for the restore muslin i suppose it's for the locals thoughts these last hours and it was enough speed to speak once on the teachings to me of an abiding. as the entry on the month of cindy. it was not just a few local muslims and then that's plus i'm going to keep going. come on. come on the forward.
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movement it's a long way to the title and stanislav chesnoff and his squad hope to defy expectations. of him. was. the end i am i ever.
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saw but the back. several german i ascribed to being held in kurdish detention camps they say nothing about. but how credible. and should germany to. global three
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thousand and thirty minutes on d w. jocky france's its most highly contested elections in many years. they could cement president friendship tie a bad ones grip on power all possibly even unseat him goals of the course of a country to place a key international wrong. we'll tell you what you need to know when for a halt some live coverage from istanbul and ankara this week on news. up. ok who do you think is going to be bullshit.
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all the imagines all the scores. two thousand and eighteen soccer world cup on d w news. climate change. waste. pollution. isn't it time for good news eco and africa people and projects that are changing or ones are meant for the better it's up to us to make a difference let's instrumentalist each other. we could be environment magazine. on d w yeah. and i think one day this war will be considered a cruel and unjust war a bad solution and certainly also. somebody crane every man woman and child should know when the friend their homeland is the enemy invades if they do but. no one wants russia here don't need to nuke which is the. middle against the
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mighty global news that matters. w made for mines. this is t w news coming to you live from berlin a new record for misery the united nations refugee agency says almost sixty nine million people were forcibly displaced last year playing war violence and persecution u.n.h.c.r. will be here to give us the details also coming up the shame of going home that's what some migrants experience when they're turned away from europe to face
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a future with no prospects back in the land of their birth. and in the world cup england.


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