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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  June 21, 2018 11:00am-11:16am CEST

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this is d.w. news coming to you live from berlin u.s. president donald trump signs an order to end family separation at the border with mexico from major policy reversal comes amid growing outrage over the separation of children from their parents who enter the u.s. illegally also coming up. celebrating at the soccer world cup in russia spain on the brink of reaching the knockout round after they beat iran in a tight battle we'll have that and the rest of the action.
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and susana rattle is passing on the baton as head conductor of the berlin philharmonic british maestro charted a new concert with one of the world's most renowned orchestras bringing it up today for the twenty first century. hello i'm terry martin good to have you with us all it took was his signature u.s. president donald trump had insisted he was powerless to stop the separation of immigration immigrant families at the country's southern border but he has now issued an executive order to reverse course trump's move means families entering the u.s. illegally will now be detained together it's a rare policy retreat for the u.s. president following days a public outrage you could have a lot of happy people. it was that easy president trump effectively reversing a policy that has separated thousands of children from their parents and kept them
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in conditions critics have called in to maine and even evil. this is trumps zero tolerance immigration policy in action. illegal immigrants are now being prosecuted as criminals and can be imprisoned for an indefinite amount of time the children that cross the border illegally however can only be detained for a maximum of twenty days under u.s. law the policy to separate children from parents was designed to get around that problem and critics argue to send a stark message to families thinking about making the journey. as the numbers of detained children grew in recent weeks so too did the waves of opposition from dozens of cities across america to congress. let's go back to a time a steady and decency in america when children were respected loved the children mr
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president be a dad for once it's been going on for six as the blowback intensified including from members of trump's own republican party trump relented signing an executive order to do what his administration had been saying for weeks it couldn't we're signing an executive order. i consider to be a very important executive order it's about keeping families together while at the same time. making sure that we have a very powerful very strong order and border security will be. equal if not greater than previously so we're going to have strong very strong borders but we're going to keep the families together. although this solves one problem for his administration it creates another children will now be kept with their fam. please in detention but because the children can't be detained for more than twenty days
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the trumpet ministration is headed to the courts asking a federal judge to allow children to be detained alongside their parents indefinitely for as long as the prosecution takes. claire richardson is in san diego california near the u.s. by xico border she's been gauging reaction to trump's policy reversal. the majority of americans have never supported the idea of separating children from their parents when they cross the u.s. border so you can imagine that this reversal has been very welcome here indeed now the immigration rights organizations that i've been speaking to here in san diego say that it doesn't go far enough they want to see more comprehensive reform to the immigration system they want to see an end to the war on drugs that they say fuels instability and drives people up to the border and they say that they want to silence seekers it to be seen as people who are fleeing a terrible violence not as criminals who need to be locked up they say that one a silver lining of all of this is that outside of latino communities in the united states perhaps it has raised public awareness of the plight of these people and
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they hope that that will translate into more comprehensive immigration reform if you don't just play a richardson there in san diego california near the us mexico border well german chancellor angela merkel is in jordan major refugee host country amid an escalating domestic conflict over migration that has shaken her coalition government back of visited amman's german jordanian university before holding talks with king a bolo where migration policy will top the agenda hundreds of thousands of displaced syrians including some initially hosted by jordan have migrated all in word to europe with germany as a key destination. well d.w. chief political editor. is traveling with the chancellor and joins us now from amman jordan why is markel visiting jordan and lebanon now is this visit connected with the political crisis in her government over migration back home.
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well there's no direct connection but the overarching issue of course is migration and now under intense pressure back home from her sister's c.s.u. party she's working against a deadline to force e.u. why it's either bilateral multilateral agreements and mackel is always seen as the beacon of stability in the e.u. and jordan is seen as the beacon of stability in this troubled region in the middle east both leaders have a lot to talk about it was a long scheduled meeting but it can definitely be seen as a welcome break for the german chancellor from the trouble she faces that what about jordan and its challenge in hosting seven hundred thousand syrian refugees how is jordan coping with the chancellor offer jordan anything to help. well germany is already working with jordan there are significant funds being
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pledged also once again here during this trip jordan of course has a long history of migration is taken in many palestinians here and it's doing exactly the opposite from what germany's potentially planning more than ninety percent of refugees here live decentralize they live door to door to ordinary jordanians while in germany there's now talk again about these fast track centers where decisions are made faster but also where people stay up to a year until decisions are made so that effectively shifting from decentralization to something like refugee camps although at a much much more or less intense scale than we see here in the middle east because i thank you so much to w. chief political editor mccabe in amman jordan. hungary's prime minister viktor orban has emerged as a leading figure of the a use hardline anti migration or anti immigration wing and now the country's
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conservative led parliament approved a raft of tougher new bills on migrant related issues the package of legislation known as stop soros makes it illegal to help asylum seekers who are not entitled to protection and hungry a change to the constitution was also improved making it illegal to settle foreign populations in the country this move is seen as a swipe at e.u. plans to redistribute by quote. now some of the other stories making headlines around the world today thousands of people have been performing yoga in mass practices across india today for the world's fourth international yoga day the country's prime minister narendra modi took part one un approval for the annual event after his election in two thousand and fourteen some five thousand yoga events were planned throughout the country. and south sudan's president salva kiir and the country's rebel leader reka much are have held peace talks in
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neighboring ethiopia it's the first meeting between the two warring leaders since a peace deal collapsed in two thousand and sixteen tens of thousands have been killed and millions displaced in the country's five year civil war. and a nine hundred sixty two ferrari is set to become the most valuable car ever to be offered for public sale the two fifty g.t.o. racer is expected to fetch more than forty five million u.s. dollars at auction in august it was one of only thirty six examples of the model built by the famed italian carmaker. well at the world cup in russia luis suarez and europe why booked their place in the round of sixteen with a one nil defeat of saudi arabia a first half corner kick flew over the pack in from. if the goal and was popo by squad i win means russia also qualify for the knockout stages after just two games
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europe by next base russia to determine first and second place. in a competitive group be one of the tournament favorites spain just managed to get past iran. portugal got past morocco despite a wealth of opportunities for the african team is more on those matchups. portugal got off to a flying start thanks to you guessed it christiane are now though the real madrid superstar school be only goal of the game in the fourth minute to still three points against morocco. he tops the goal scoring charts once again with four strikes in two games. to win sent his team top of group b. ed of wednesday's late game and morocco crashing out of the tournament. spain needed a win to usurp the group leaders and diego costa put them on their way in the fifty
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fourth minute the atletico madrid strike is also in the hunt for the golden boot with three goals to his name already around for that level to score in the sixty first minute i thought the spot celebrations it wasn't to be i the iowa stepped in to spoil the party with a tight but correct offside decision one nil a final school. one key match up today powerhouse argentina and their starlin unless they are up against croatia the group d. leaders so far our man in last jonathan cray in our world cup correspondent looks ahead. well everyone here seems to. see any evidence in the in found where the messy. and messy but again take center stage here in russia when argentina meets croatia now the pressure is on messi missed a penalty in the last match and argentina are still looking for the ring of this tournament against croatia side that already have three points on the board that
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pretty evenly matched the pos meetings croatia do hold a special place in messi as house he scored his first international goal against them back in two thousand and six. johnson crane there in moscow it's a girl new zealand's prime minister just down has given birth to her first child amid a flurry of excitement in the country and a photo posted to her official facebook account thanked her well wishers and said she and her new daughter were doing well she's just the second elected world leader to give birth while in office or deputy will run the country for the next six weeks while takes a turn to t.v. . he called it the world's most beautiful and difficult job after sixteen years sir simon rattle is passing the baton as head conductor of the famed berlin philharmonic orchestra as he announced his departure the sixty three year old from liverpool the orchestra played
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a beatles tune when i'm sixty four but he planned a traditionally classical program for his last evening at the concert hall. this is simon rattle's last day as head conductor of the berlin philharmonic is conducting mahler's six symphony just as he did in one nine hundred eighty seven when he first worked with the full monic first as visiting conductor and since two thousand and two as its principal now the rattle era is coming to an end. it's it's also be here in berlin get to experience after i think it's thirty one years to be it is lachelle it's yeah it's truly special i could feel like being the center with a universe in front it was a bit weird if you how many simon rattle. says
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simon has brought the traditional orchestra up to date for the twenty first century . he brought young musicians from disadvantaged backgrounds into the fela monic introduced more contemporary works into the repertoire and had concert streamed on to cinema screens his farewell concert was seen live in more than two hundred cinemas in twelve year opinion countries here in berlin of course but also in the british capital with simon is now conducting the london symphony orchestra. funded as a change brings the opportunity for a new beginning and fun and i think he's been here for long enough that it's a shame he's going on it's a heavy back it was a lovely fella out up. and
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it's by no means goodbye for good since simon's planning to be with the palin fellow monic next season just as he was in one thousand nine hundred seven as a guest conductor. as all your news from me will be with you with another bullet into the top of next hour thanks for watching. who do you think is going to be world champion. who matches the scores. of two thousand and eighteen soccer world cup on t w news.


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