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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  June 22, 2018 10:00am-10:30am CEST

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this is t w news coming to you live from berlin medical on the retreat ahead of an emergency e.u. summit on migration the german chancellor withdraws a draft accord she hoped would clinch a swift migration deal after clashing with the italian prime minister also coming up. with turkey's election just days away it looks like the opposition is mounting its strongest challenge yet to present now to one's grip on power. also this hour we're heading to the world cup in russia worst protectively error by
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argentina's goalkeeper moves his team to the brink of crashing out of the tournament. hello i'm terry martin good to have you with us emergency talks on migration are planned for sunday and italy will nell will now take part it has confirmed but only after german chancellor going to agree to scrap a prepared joint statement she hoped would clinch a swift deal anti immigrant leaders from central europe will not be attending the summit it's a sign of worsening divisions within europe. just two days to go before german chancellor angela merkel's mini migration summit invitations have gone out in the name of the european commission to ten countries including italy greece spain bow garia and austria merkel wants as many countries as possible to sign up to
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a deal whereby asylum seekers would be returned to the e.u. country in which they first registered a draft migration accord pointed to a tightening of e.u. asylum policy the document proposed establishing migrant processing centers outside e.u. borders also a mechanism for deportations between e.u. countries cash and other welfare provisions would only be available in the countries migrants are registered and the would be controls at stations and airports to limit cross border movement but the document provokes disagreement as soon as it was leaked italian prime minister just said picante complaining that the paper disregarded his country's position he threatened to boycott this weekend's meeting he says italy wants a moratorium on new migrants before it takes any back from of the e.u. countries cities far right interior minister had already ups the rhetoric the previous evening. in europe the times are over when france and germany decided
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refugee policy when they told your opinion italy watch they have to pay and which migrants they had to taken. it took a call from angela merkel and a withdrawal of the draft accord before the italian prime minister agreed to attend this weekend's talks we'll see each other in brussels on sunday container it sounds like he is perhaps ready for a fight our europe correspondent barbara bezel joins us now from luxembourg barbara sunday's mini summit is just an informal meeting to lay the groundwork for a full blown e.u. summit next week and why is it turning out to be so hugely controversial. because of course the government crisis that was created by want to for the nz coalition partners sort of brings in the open all the differences and the total inconsistency is of european migration policy that has been just brushed under the carpet for years now every summit every meeting there's been talk about it and
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because there is no consensus and none could be found things we have brushed back under and now they're open and we see kaos days in brussels because they have just forty eight hours to come up with some new proposals that i'll palatable to the reception countries particularly italy and greece and we'll look at the political developments there in the rise of the right wing leader in italy who really wants power and nothing else and he doesn't really care about consensus in europe and we understand how extremely difficult and dangerous the situation is particularly for the german chancellor so we've got some new leaders joining merkel in brussels to talk about migration meanwhile other if you members hold a counter gathering in hungary what start all about. and that's the vision got group the group of the eastern european four of which is not an unusual thing they're always hold sort of separate meetings before the e.u.
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meetings however they made a point of saying we're not counting. they haven't even been invited terry so this is a piece of political theater and some grandstanding that trying to participate in a game that isn't really about them but that is mainly about france and germany because in london the crown was one of the few or european leaders sort of heavy angular markets back and of course the reception countries in particular italy they want to get rid of migrants they want to hand some over to europe and then before they say we can process further the numbers of incoming and people enter. the other side i'm going to marcos under pressure to sort of give people and push people back to them so how can that be brought together nobody knows so there clearly divisions there in the e.u. we've all known that but the big question how likely is it that the e.u. can agree on an migration policy that will allow the chancellor here in germany to
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keep her government together. the hell you will not agree not in one go it's not possible and part of this package has already been pushed forward into the fall what the commission hopes for and i say helpers i'm going to mark as helpers are hoping for is that valid to really try literal agreements can begin to pave the way and we can slowly move towards a solution in the future that is the best that shouldn't she can get at the moment and whether her a very insistent party will be satisfied with that that is the decision that is going to be made not in brussels not in berlin but in munich i'm afraid barbara thank you so much your correspondent barbara fazel there in luxembourg meanwhile chancellor merkel's visiting lebanon or a debate is raging over repatriation of syrian refugees per capita level on host
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the greatest number of refugees in the world around two million in a country with a population of four million nearly all those sheltering there are from neighboring syria but syrians know accuse lebanese officials of trying to bully them into leaving. reality of senhor bruce has been looking for safety since the beginning of the syrian war. in the bombs he arrived five years ago here in lebanon a tailor he found work at a clothing shop and rented a house. he began to settle down but now he says local officials are bullion him trying to force him out. of not the situation now in lebanon has become really bad for us refugees lebanon is pushing us to go back to syria we had to fill this application out we were asked of the area where we come from is now safe and we said it's not stable there they
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asked us if we want to go back i said no but they wrote down yes this could change everything that her says it was difficult enough to find somewhere to live now he's scared of being evicted because of what he says is a lie well enough and i know that we cannot go back to syria we worry because some people went back and they were arrested so we cannot risk our lives by going back. have proof is a similar fate if he goes back in two thousand and twelve he was detained and tortured under a drive by the assad regime to quell opposition and eunice apparently ranks him a single man as a family unit official say he can't live with his mother and brother's family habit of says this is just a pretext to throw him out and many others say they were evicted from the houses with no reason at all feels like he's running out of options although levanon
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opened its doors to syrian refugees in the hour of need the relationship has been far from amicable difficulties in obtaining walk in residential permits have served to dissuade the syrians from settling in lebanon now the syrian speer new tactics are being used in a systematic way to push them out. a human rights watch report says local authorities are using of actions to force syrians to leave. this is really just the latest step that the government are going to posit in the government have taken to make life more difficult for syrians and we found that in some cases syrians have actually decided to go back to syria as a result of his affections. don't you fella contacted the ministry of refugees which admitted syrians were being targeted and illegally evicted the minister of interior responsible for such cases was unavailable for comment. so.
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i have to says he feels he's trapped in a nightmare. and how will i go back of course i'm afraid how to feels he won't be safe in syria as long as bashar al assad is in power he wants to go to europe but doesn't think you'll get a visa. for now he's forced to stay in lebanon even a flat means being evicted and ending up homeless. business there's one problem less for the eurozone monaco has some good news for a change terry hopefully finance ministers in the eurozone have declared the greece debt crisis to be over they expect to end the blocks financial support for greece in late august at marathon talks in luxembourg greece's creditors reached a new deal providing debt relief and a last cash payouts to athens greece has already received almost three hundred billion euros in financial support from international creditors over the past eight
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years. all opec members are meeting in vienna today to decide whether or not to raise output amid a rapidly increasing oil prices in may a barrel of north sea crude peaked at just over eighty u.s. dollars the main reason for the increase was no output from opec the economic situation in venezuela as well as curbed production among opec nations has led to a shortfall and a driven up prices saudi arabia now wants an increase prices could encourage us producers to up production from sources like fracking output there is reportedly already at an all time high. well and here's something related to the upcoming brix it air bus warns it might leave the united kingdom of britain leave the single market and customs union without a transition deal it's the european aviation group's strongest warning yet over the
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impact of a no deal breaks it airbus employs about fourteen thousand people to twenty five different sites in the united kingdom british prime minister to resign may has ruled out staying in the customs union the u.k. is due to leave the e.u. on the twenty ninth of march twenty ninth teen. and with that it's over to our man in the frankfurt stock exchange really bad so. might pull out of the united kingdom in case of a no deal breaks it what impact would that have an airbus e.u. sites. would have a huge impact because airbus of course has to if it withdrew from the u.k. then restart reinstall the production elsewhere that has for example production facilities in spain and hamburg germany or in toulouse france it could ramp up those production sites or it can choose a whole new different site perhaps
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a different country in order to get benefits but it's an extremely difficult and sensitive process and airbus right now is in a really difficult position moves like that require basically years of planning and you have to negotiate you have to negotiate with the people at the site you're leaving you have to negotiate with people at the site you're aiming for and there's very little time you mentioned when the bracks it is aimed for and it also has to perhaps wait for the british government or the people or the parliament to come around and maybe say no to bracks and or say yes to a customs union very difficult situation indeed at the moment to uncertainty they're weighing in big time uncertainty also for opec members they're trying to find a solution either you know earning good money with oil but not overdoing it at the same time that's taking. it is because if the price goes to go then of
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course the countries needing the income from the oil don't get enough and if you let it go too high and economists say over one hundred dollars that would be too high then you not only threaten these sustenance of oil the consumers and the people using it will look for other forms of energy but you also threaten the economy that happened in two thousand and eight the oil price spiraling to one hundred forty five dollars a barrel threaten the economy in the end it was the financial crisis a favorite of the real knock down but the oil was part of the picture i can remember i can remember very worried people were at that point and i was ten years ago let's not forget that that leave us in fact thank you so much. two days from now test he is going to the polls today that's right a huge decision to be made there by voters in turkey it is voting in elections on sunday as monica mention indications are that the opposition will melt its strongest challenge yet to president wretch of type two on the main opposition
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candidate has reportedly held one of the largest campaign rallies in the country's history observers say two million people rallied in use fear for inching and his c.h.p. party polls show in she could force everyone to a second round on sunday well in she is strong campaign has given a boost to the embattled turkey shelf position both at home and abroad w.'s teri schultz met one of their campaigners in brussels. turkish opposition politician katter seventy came to work at the european parliament thirteen years ago now she believes she's finally within reach of the dream she's had from the very start at the time we talked at turkey would. much quicker and turkey would be a bunch closer to the e.u. and the e.u. would be much better prepared for turkey's e.u. access unfortunately variant of the op is completely opposites but we are going to
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change that seventy is the brussels representative for the republican people's party or c.h.p. the largest turkish opposition party pro-democracy activists are booed by polls that show president. and his fundamentalist justice and development party are more vulnerable now than it any time since taking power in two thousand and one seven is hoping the c.h.p. will finally kick erda one off his perch and his party out of dominance in parliament its leading candidate who are into his promise to reverse air to ones laws that consolidated authority in his own hands seven says the c.h.p. would make respect for human rights a priority and that e.u. accession would again be in turkey's future unfortunately what mr erda want it by calling europe that's not the case and trying to use turkish bias for writing in europe as a tool or arm against europe and european governments creating this call for it in
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those countries all these people who very much disappointed with turkey so we will revive these relations we will. make turkey again part of this european circles european parliamentarian rebecca harms is among the disappointed ones she's made turkey one of her main issues you have thousands of people imprisoned for political reasons it's a huge perch against opposition people so it's really. not the democratic turkey we should be hoped for and worked for so what if there are one wins and continues down the authoritarian path should europe just let him go is own way even if that means he cozies up to russia and iran and friedman stein of the martin center think tank says possibly the question is what do we have to give up in order to make a turnaround i think would be too much it would be our own identity we would have
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to stop being the west. and that's the price to pay but for now everyone's popularity is falling and catarrh seventh his optimism is growing every day when i come to my office who can yet do the institutions i want to see turk running these institutions whether her vision comes true will of course depend on who is running turkey. it's much day nine at the world cup in russia and really all shots from devious sports is here to talk about the relief first of all croatia crushes argentina this is a kind of oh my god moment that's a huge result isn't it absolutely i mean this is about as humiliating as it gets for argentina as the limitations of a team that just narrowly qualified for the world cup were frugally exposed creation on the other hand are a fantastic side they've got a good mixture going on of individual technique tactical discipline and the winning
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mentality but let's have a look at the highlights because there were some stunning scenes at the game. a new the first hostile argentina squad to several click on chauncey's enzo perez is miss on the hot foul among the worst of a bad bunch they were made to regret their proficiency in the second and say rabbits ruthlessly punishing miss we can be at zero era a first world cup goal for the eintracht frankfurt man an ice cold finish in the fifty third minute leaving caballero no chance. thank you aisha was done then luka mode which was allowed for too much space in the eightieth minute he unleashed a sensational strike to double his side's advantage by a time for heroes if ever there was one but only hope soon disappeared an unselfish much hello bros a bitch gave even rocketed to second bites of the cherry to kill a game in the ninety five minutes three nil the final score. argentina's world cup survival is out of their own hands missy's bid for world cup glory surely up in
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smoke. looking. messy this is not the headline that lana messi was looking for is it in what may have been his this what might be his last world cup tournaments yeah that's really rough for him and to be honest if you looked at him during the game he just looked really really defeated but in his defense there's only so much he can do when the rest of his team are performing ok let's go to moscow and get some reaction our correspondent jonathan crane is standing by there for strength and you've been telling us this week that. messi is a kind of hero in russia what's been the reaction to argentina's defeat his defeat his hero as if you will. yes a hero indeed if you ask any russian football fan most excited to see this world cup i guarantee you most of them will say now messi there's so much disappointment
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here one fan i was just speaking to was saying the company of how messy can have so much success with fossilised and then badly with argentina and now where you can trust that disappointment with the argentinian fans that absolutely furious and much of that anger is directed at the coach jorge somehow they say he's the main reason this is all going wrong that they are reasonably optimistic they can still progress in this tournament because from an atmosphere point to be you have to hope they do they've been the noisiest by far here in red square and other central locations in moscow so if argentina do make an early exit their fans will go with them and that would be a massive shame because you're saying that some are still optimistic argentina's chances but this result doesn't really bode well for them doesn't. it doesn't bode well it sort of that will have a very nervous eye on iceland's match with nigeria later because if i said manage to win that they really are on the brink of elimination it isn't in their own hands as we were hearing even if they beat nigeria in their final match and even if they
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beat them handsomely it won't guarantee them a place in the knockout stages but based on what we've seen so far that's a long way off they were shambolic against croatia defensively a mess they offered very little going forward and i somebody was saying they rely too heavily on lean on messi and that makes them very very predictable easy to defend against they scraped to qualify i mean here at risk of going out of the first hurdle here so shambolic argentina making the big headline there but that wasn't the only game on thursday wasn't enough france beat peru one zero and that means france earned their spot in the knockout stages of the world cup whereas pru has to travel home after the group phase and the frenchman really looked improved from their first appearance in their starting to show why they're actually also favorites to win the world cup and denmark and australia tied one all which leaves both teams with a fighting chance to still a lot of suspense in this tournament jonathan in moscow what do we have to look forward to today. well first up today we have brazil taking on
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costa rica now as we've been hearing is going to bad world cup at some of the games because styles and egypt are out messi having problems as we know is the name of brazil will help to reverse that trend brazil in many ways in a similar position to argentina this time yesterday they threw that right nic i can say that still looking for the fast way in this tournament that would be fitted by the news the name on looks to have shaken off a injury he sustained during training now costa rica's said neymar will be marked by at least two defenders say no can make it easy for him as you might expect a brazil have any last ones to cross to costa rica that was all the way back in one thousand nine hundred sixty now and as i was saying i've been take on nigeria after that and the evening game is the other match in brazil was great featuring. switzerland and beautiful weather looks like to johnson for the tournaments today jonathan crane in moscow and we'll do it all shows from sports both here in berlin thanks. it's one of the most iconic images in post-war german history seventy years
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ago today children in west berlin were cheering on u.s. and british pilots their planes affectionately became known as candy bombers they were part of the first international crisis of the cold war the berlin airlift provided a lifeline to millions to the soviets blockaded capital a reporter daniel berlant met one berliner who was a child at the time of the airlift here's his story. boris still feels attached to this place today seventy years ago he watched western allied aircraft land here to see west berlin. well i think of the past in connection with. i feel totally different back in time in my heart and mind relive those hardships. planes no longer flying to and from. the bank then the airport was the heart of one of the most extraordinary rescue missions of all time the soviets blockaded west berlin in one thousand nine hundred
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eight the people of the war torn city were on the verge of starvation there was no food or gasoline west berliners were afraid of succumbing to the soviets. got there they would. be there if not only came in the last year either should not own either why they should die they added. the western powers response was unique and airlift every few minutes planes dropped essential supplies in west berlin up to thirteen thousand tons each day the response was just nine years old but he still remembers the airlift well. the planes can't be bombers because the pilots dropped sweets from the sky instead of bombs. they dropped little parachutes for us kids the whole street was full of children running towards the falling parachutes. of course it was
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a big deal when one of the kids caught one we were thrilled it was chewing gum inside chocolates and of course paul's candies. one childhood picture is especially meaningful for fun. whenever i look at this picture i look for my brother myself but back then we couldn't afford. choose. benefits. i can see you know children who benefit. the rescue operation came at a high price more than seventy u.s. and british airmen lost their lives in accidents today a monument stands in their honor at tempelhof airport. yeah. i see this monument as a sign of the fight for freedom that's what it was the americans fed millions of us west berliners didn't abandon us to the russians. on the.
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back then americans were seen as rescuers and benefactors but today the u.s. is increasingly going its own way even so both still feels grateful for him the americans will always be friends. you're watching news coming to you live from berlin we have more for you at the top of the hour and of course you get all the latest news never mation all our website. dot com thanks for watching.
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go for journalists discuss the topic of the week chancellor merkel answer back to the wallace tensions mounting germany's refugee brown the question is can she come up with the solution to prevent her government from being blown apart find out on quadriga coming up shortly. quadriga next d.w. . the united states nine hundred sixty. profit the gang a brother of john f. kennedy is running for president. of. the
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nation. but then he was assassinated. bobby kennedy. the man who wanted to change. the law enforcement's want to believe. the clash of cultures in india. a clash between those who believe in arranged marriage god those who want to marry for love to. come to. a club that's shaking families and society to the core. that my father would be angry sometimes i think the way to change.
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the way commandos starts july x m d w. cut. close to very well. welcome indeed to quadriga coming to you from the heart of berlin and this week the focus is on german chancellor angela merkel who truly has her back to the wall everyone is asking how long can europe's longest serving leader cling onto office and with the latest ructions.


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