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tv   Euromaxx - Lifestyle Europe  Deutsche Welle  June 23, 2018 2:30am-3:01am CEST

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the clash that's shaking families and society to the cool. i thought it would be angry sometimes i think i'm. a little commandoes storks july heat on d w. i they're welcome to euro max your daily dose of european lifestyle and culture here is some of what we've got coming up for you today. round up we put full world cup team coaches in the texas. hands up my beloved children's book villain makes an unexpected comeback. and pipe up
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introducing an instrument unesco pulls keams islands heritage. we start off with a look at the football world cup which is in full swing in russia and while the players are performing on the big stage their coaches are the masterminds behind their respective teams tactical now smokes of ational skills and a cool head under pressure those of vital attributes for any top coach but here's your max we also want to take a look at some other aspects hot takes on some of the european coaches at the tournament. the man at the center of the french team is da de shawn a real strategist the hopes of french president in money will mark all rest on his shoulders along with those of the entire canasa as a player he was one of the world's best defensive midfielders winning both the world cup and the european championship now his tactic as coach is to spread
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a little love a hug here a rubbing there where else can you expect to find that but in france the country of love. we are feeling the love ourselves and give him four out of five i. it's been dubbed the moustache of hope the facial hair of the russian coach them a softer chesnoff is legendary russia fans have been taking to instagram to pose for selfies with a mustache a unique show of support. his leadership style is equally unique he's the man in charge what he says goes in return he's happy to salute his goal scorers. he used to be a goalkeeper in two thousand and one he played for a club in austria under your watch he lived who now coaches germany nerve is his great role model russian fans love the results. so far he's delivered we give him
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three points i. of all the current world cup coaches your him live has had a long distant on the job he's been in charge of germany for twelve years he's become something of a style icon on the sidelines and in twenty fourteen led germany to world cup glory as a player he was definitely less stylish and less successful. his latest goal is to defend germany's title but he has another project on his side he's published his own cookbook whether it's a recipe for success remains to be seen we get. a paltry two but still. i. urge you go coach fernando some tosh is the embodiment of so much that typically portuguese state of news and melancholy he's a qualified engineer and practicing catholic but he rarely wears a smile not even in twenty sixteen when he led portugal to victory in the euros and
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was named coach of the year at least he stayed true to him so forgive him three out of five. the job of national coach can be tough and highly emotional spain's didn't look to take the risk even moved to tears. one day before the world cup kicked off he was fired because of his decision to begin coaching briana madrid after the tournament. now for an endo eight year old has been left to try to straighten things out with a shocking lack of sportsmanship we give it one ball. in the iceland camp looks very different the smallest country ever to qualify for the world cup finals is coached by a man who's actually a gentle by profession a mere hungriness and has his own practice back home but since iceland surprise excessively euro twenty six team is focused totally on his job as coach and on
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iceland's fortunes at the world cup at least he can show his players how to grit their teeth and how cool is that. we give it five but as i. always take a look at what's making the headlines in europe we start off our euro max express by soaking up some party atmosphere and fronts. the courtyard of the french president's official residence was transformed into a giant dance floor on thursday part of celebrations marking fifty the music and international celebration of music. it originated in france. some of france's best known in the news again days like have been scaling cupid in the lineup the president and men who end up calling and his wife stopped by to join some one thousand five hundred regulars who got free tickets to the case by registering on the president's official website. and
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staying in paris the highlight of thursday's spring summer twenty one thousand men's were shows was virgil i. believe the top. against the backdrop of a lady royal gardens the american designer who turned out a strong collection of fresh take on the banks and accessories the french luxury label is famous for. background and street where awards are reflected in bold huge utilitarian jackets boiler suits and belted pocket back. a racket and signs the tennis shoes are among more than eighty items of boris becker memorabilia that have gone on sale as the bankrupt retired german tennis star tries to pay off his debts to launching cluny numerous trophies are being auctioned live online at a london gallery as part of the bankruptcy action against the triple wimbledon champion the auction is due to run until june twenty eighth.
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from boris becker we move on to another german icon although this one is a fictional character. hudson plots or rob a halt some plot is the protagonist of a famous children's book series by thoughtfully poised his three books have been translated into thirty four languages and five years off of the office death a new story is set for publication his daughter suzanne found an unfinished manuscript so the lovable robot is set for a fourth and final journey. hutson plots is back and just isn't a various as it has always been. tossed in the line of the illustrations for the new publication he and the old robber go way back if they can all driven on each other a long time but it wasn't because of the book at first i was still too little and
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couldn't read it so we had a recording of the story on an lp. we played it over and over again much to our parents' delight. we also had a poster of pots and plots in our room for a time he sat there watching us over the fence on. the old hudson plots and the line as new one oh different and yet the same. thing in the still here it wasn't about recreating hearts and plots. grandmother and constable didn't feel most certain so they were not to be reinvented or reworked. it was more a matter of dusting them off and bringing them all up to date. the line a says he hadn't defies most with step it. can to some decision sure he's a bit scatterbrained and things always happen to him he steps in pots of glue or gets tangled up in sticky tape and that happens to me too. does proceed now.
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the newly published stories and ties towards the robot some thoughts on the moon rockets. he with his dogs have found the money script among his papers after his death. had originally written the story as a script for a puppet show. because well usually the robertson plots is a simple story there is gossip girl and example there's a grandmother and a rattle sisters the constable is usually not the brightest people so there's the robber who is bad but at the same time shouldn't be taken too seriously. and there's well in the proper theaters of my childhood there was still death and the devil if. the story was published in the one nine hundred sixty two then came to my . generations of children especially in german speaking countries lapped up the tales and grew to love the grumpy rabbit who even dared to attack because polls
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grandmother with a pet the shooting pistol. orthe want to run mother wipe the lenses of her pants me and put them back on suddenly her face became all white oh dear is that you i thought you'd been locked away for fourteen days in the fire engine house was not going to be good. in the new volume the full of hot some thoughts might just be a little gentle and sweeter than he used to be. the himself didn't take a rigid view of his character is played by the way as a grown up i think it's right to show that nobody is entirely evil and nobody is entirely good even in children's stories it was a kind of dance with him but. tossed in the line and coming up with new illustrations for such a well known set of characters was thrilling but a bit scary to. imagine that sufficiently i often had mixed opinions about this book i kept thinking if the book gets published people are going to buy
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a house full of including some who know the original and the old hudson plots to do what some photons with that can do and of course they're going to make comparisons hosking musculature from but i shouldn't of word come for the publisher in the author's daughter were both very positive. and i had to make just a few corrections and i often had to hold the pepper pistol to my head because it. it all turned out for the best. and zero was a wonderful commission of lots of fun in front of and not like any other non submission. back to another generation. time now for the final installment in this week's series on the european traditions
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today we're taking a close look at an unusual instruments you may have heard the wailing sounds of the scottish back pipe but what about the alien pipes the irish equivalent was developed in the mid eighteenth century and its name translates to elbow pipes we travel to dublin to have a listen. the sound of the dylan pipes kevin rossum is one of the best eleven pipers in ireland. some like scotland's famous back pipes dylan pipes up here pumped in the players elbow. musically no one pipes are more versatile than other bagpipes. the pipe
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chatter has two octaves going to treat. these pipes have regulators to called for company in their melody. oh yeah. i like this the soft sound of the pipes i like sweet sound sweet tone. traditionally feeling pipes are played only indoors for cobblestone pub in dublin hosts live music sessions every evening. to these folk musicians the instruments sound is something very special. i suppose one of the oldest instruments arden's and it's a beautiful science it's like the backbone of the session it's you know. the whole
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room can hear us and you just start in behind us and there is a really special said xenix and you don't get from any other incident three to. six generations of kevin ross and family have played the dylan pipes. the history of being dylan or union pipes comes back to the. for many years it was a favorite among high society. but by the mid one nine hundred sixty s. the tradition was fading and in danger of disappearing altogether. kevin ross and his grandfather leo played a key role in saving the instrument from oblivion he was a virtue also a teacher and the builder of the pipes. his favorite set of pipes that he made himself is now on display in the national museum of ireland. and his father william learned play they can spend all of his life learning on perfecting his arch and leo
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learned from him the young person so he had all that knowledge to start out with and in the one nine hundred twenty s. when you listen to leo's playing the reader are so likely blown very sweet so it's the balance of the reeds which is the real secret. keegan has been making ellen pipes for some twenty years he learn the craft from his grandfather working ebony and artificial ivory requires the utmost care and patience. it's a labor intensive process and completing an entire set of pipes can take up to a year. keegan also takes great care with the reeds. the heart of the instruments hard to read. the sound on the melody from the chart it's the most difficult it's part of quite making it's
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a thanks years to master how to make the signs work on a page how volume. is hard to blow soft a blow so it's sound up to the is the thing that's you know. one two three. kevin ross and does what he can to keep the traditional wife including giving lessons to others the students are his nephew their to be part of the sixth russian generation to master this instrument even when you're able to play the notes and still takes practice and practice you'll just feel the air and how much air you need what you play it's all about the rhythm and getting into it and i think it's also the greatest the greatest joy about it is once you've mastered that when you're playing in a session you just kind of feel the rhythm that everyone else has got going and it's hard to lose that it was having a fit of feels really good to be a part of the.
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yellow piping in ireland another intangible part of world cultural heritage that is by no means ready for the museum shelf. going on. next up we look at some landscape photography with a twist told must lead a blur the lines of reality and fiction with his photography manipulating pictures to trick his audience by adding off official details into real surroundings he creates a staged scene that looks authentic at first for the observe it becomes difficult to tell what is actually real. this town by a lake is a recent work by thomas phillida in fact it's made of tiny models lined up beside a puddle of shabby shouldn't i'm always been interested in artificial worlds to see
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if i want to my themes has been amusement parks landscapes that look like they were put together out of building blocks like a doll's house because it was just a short step from now to actually building model worlds in real landscapes of the pollen like this one. looks a bit like an american drive in cinema somewhere out in the wild i mean and in fact there's just a little pile of sand in a gravel pit near the town of basra up. do that in this case it was a pretty old heap and there was mosque growing on it and the wind and rain had left their mark on walls ivy thought to have been reading to erosion had eaten into it too so it was a lovely and varied landscape in miniature form off but let me quote it. laid out also relishes the inverse scenes from real life that the artificial and stage. as in the own use many parks even loves to explore.
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domestic landscapes is a series of photographs of photos of exotic locations the outside rural surrounding private spaces. have been sliding off but i put ads in local newspapers and for the artist looking for a photographic wallpaper in a german living room first of all you can be four or five people would respond to each ad if they were really happy and proud to have somebody take an interest in their wallpaper. i think with and i took eighty percent of these pictures right here in the state of north rhine-westphalia why not a few on the north sea coast and some in frankfurt but most around here are here for. his exhibition in book for time called scenery use early works by florida are also on show traces birds leave when they fly into windows. and
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plastic rubbish on a danish island. the island is wrapped in plastic for oil every spring so the potatoes grow faster and can be harvested earlier i look for twenty years they didn't know what to do with all the plastic waste so they just dumped it in there was lots of space so over two decades a huge landscape of their plastic developed a lot of the size of several football fields and that was in one thousand nine hundred four that's about and they deposited a layer of sand on earth on top of all the foil but when you touch the grass you'd soon find plastic it was a weird mix of disgusting and fascinating things before he couldn't press enough. thomas for ada relishes the mind bending interplay of the artificial and the natural the pretend and the real. ongoing series cause we take you behind the scenes at some of the continent's top restaurants today our journey leads us to the republic of tatarstan in russia chasm
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is the region's capital and also one of eleven host cities at the world cup in fact germany will play south korea then next week the players may discover the desert shock shock is a firm fixture in tacet cuisine let's get a taste of the dish on the local culture. various cultures and religions makes in the capital of tatarstan. almost five hundred years ago russians are ivan the terrible conquered carnate of cousins but the task here has managed to retain their identity through their language their culture and their cuisine. meat dishes are typical for the cuisine of this formerly nomadic people. but tartar stands national dessert is jack jack or fried honey cake. many other turkey peoples also make any
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the tartars claim to have invented it is and there's even a museum devoted to track jack in this lovingly reconstructed nineteenth century home which belonged to a tartar merchant nadezhda narrow minova tells us the history of this sweet treat and its importance to tart our culture. that it's on the janitor is a traditional tatto dish that used to be made only for big celebrations mainly whether. the size of the track track and the way it was decorated showed how wealthy the family was. a popular restaurant tart a scar just love boat or which means tart up quarter serves up typical tart our dishes and most guests order chatter for dessert.
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the restaurant's head chef her mother taught her how to cook. at a store that has a best of table with that is unthinkable my mom always made it for birthdays anniversaries and other events but as. you don't need many ingredients to prepare. the girl is made from eggs flour and salt needed together. it's a simple recipe which uses ingredients that every farmer had at home and through medium order tova says that explains success. says he might see where traditionally a land of farmers people kept livestock so they had fat for frying honey and grains along. major doesn't use exact measurements she just goes by her gut failing the well needed dough is then left to chill for half an hour. then it's rolled out. and cuts into narrow strips. then
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tossed was found the building blocks for the chalk track are now ready. fried in hot oil until that nice and crispy. delicious. time to make the syrup preferably from pure honey. it should only be boiled briefly so it doesn't get to fake the cool down strips of them down with as much honey as possible and mix together now the track is formed by a band that. they can take any form of heart shaped circular or shaped like a tuba take out the typical time to head covering. whether decorated old plane the chuck track is placed at the center of the table which holds plenty of other delicious treats. at the last that that's here's our typical paris.
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is filled with meat. here's our selection of cakes and the crowning glory our check back. just before we go a quick reminder that your max is celebrating its fifteen year anniversary soon and for our birthday we'd like you to make us a special gift send us a photo that shows how you watched. show for a chance of winning your very own euro max goodie bag just submit your snaps on our website data we don't come slash lifestyle lots of you have already taken part in this still plenty time another week in fact that's all for today join me again tomorrow for the highlights of the week of often now. next time on the highlights edition. looting christo makes a splash with his latest project flown to london's hyde park. the astounding transformations of italian body creating artists to choose the
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thomas. and didn't even the gardens tucked away behind amsterdam's famous canal house all this and more next time on your own maps highly.
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plan stars deliver a rousing performance or. last comic so pop goes further than skin deep cuts. alone by british singer maura. are you. seeing. in fifteen minutes on d w.
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even unseat him and alter the course of the country to play the key international we'll tell you what you need to know for your plans and live coverage from his stumble and anger on this week's on the w. news. interview the conflicts. fronting the powerful. as f.b.i. director james comey was always pretty well known but when donald trump five him last year to stick his four for a measure of me this week he's my guest here in but anyway he's promoting a book even as he faces new challenges of insubordination so what's the truth. conflicts on confronting the powerful on t.w. . leave leave. leave that to his wrist band was. being eighteen.
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zero zero zero zero. zero. zero a. last summer's. love and respect. the. german chancellor angela merkel has downplayed hopes of a breakthrough in europe's migration crisis during a visit to lebanon michael described emergency talks planned for sunday as an initial exchange that would not yield a joint statement or indeed any action michael has now finished her two day trip to the middle east. us president donald trump has threatened to place a twenty percent tariff on vehicles assembled in the european union his comments come on the day that the e.u. use counter tariffs ta.


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