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true true fair. warning. more than. mine. this is due to the news coming to you live from berlin and there was plenty of excitement to be hot at the world cup switzerland's granite shock as the feeling strike out since team called problem find to be serbia let's bring you all the banks goals from friday's not just also on the show germany concow been so during the period since their team felt last in the tournament opener we'll hear from our
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mine in moscow with the defending world champions to get into gathered for a most weight gain tonight. and also on the program delia meets the candidates challenging president president russian tayyip erdogan in turkey election on sunday they're hoping to head off his plans for a change constitution and sutil presidency. well it's not just a ten at the world cup on the defending champions germany are center stage and i have. from detail that he's fourth desk with me here in studio paolo i want to talk about germany in just a moment first talk to me about the very tense and tight games the happened on friday for friday was a very exciting day of football to say the least switzerland against serbia fail to disappoint but the most frustrating match that i've watched in quite a long time was of course between brazil and costa rica and i think the best thing
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on is best i can look at this report. resisted late ins again very date i when she did continue funny to scold injury time that already begun was a goal that came as a big relief as a night of the brazilians and was celebrated as if they had just ones of what cup. was a custom you can steam organize name a finally had his moment was scoring is first and this tournament resits last ditch to you win means that costa rica was a song of this show years ago ah well that's why the president it's a first win in russia it still wasn't enough to ease the nerves. was a win against switzerland serbia quite a few for brazil in the standings and after just five minutes of that went on that's true alex on the medieval village elite that loss of ten thirty in the second half until you get on the choco level to score was one of the goals of tone and so far. the banks ins
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a very last minute shout on shockey broke on the contract to snatch all its three points for the swiss one no level on points with brazil it's a top of group b. . now that was an absolute cracker of a game like we just saw some incredibly exciting action there and one of a lot of parents like some goals are about to hear people talk of my for a while i'm absolutely some ace goals now tell me about the nigeria i think didn't disappoint us it certainly didn't don i mean we're talking about eighteen teams us there one thing i want which i love this fact now nigeria's one hundred eighty six million people i sent us three hundred thirty thousand people and everybody in iceland i say was changed into watch that game and if you take a look here it failed to disappoint nigeria's hair of course was akhmed noosa who stored on the bracelet for adults his first coming up after a swiss counterattack just after half time and the rest of the body and loose a second came after
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a blistering run with the striker keeping his poise. initial move now that was big joy there for nigeria and incredibly good news for argentina of course the let's not forget that argentina really struggling in this world cup ok well let's turn our focus to the biggest game today to be a sports correspondent john think crane is a with us from moscow jonathan the defending champions jeremy absolutely most to a major today against sweden i they in the right mindset for a win today do you think. well the hope is a change of scenery and a bit of sea she will have reinvigorated through time because they were very very sluggish against mexico in the f.s.k. no criticism after that game really stung the germany play as they've tried to present a united front in sochi amid reports of a rift in the camp they will really need an improved performance against sweden and they'll need their more experienced players to step up and rally the younger ones
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around them because as you say this is a must win game now the bad news is one of those experienced players mats hummels will miss the game through injury the good news there is more than a replacement in the shape of his by and teammate nick germany you need a response as we're about to hear from the coach of. because financial ties with the team this yesterday the two most important weapons energy and balls using. the team that played mexico was not the team we're used to self-confident approach and playing style it was. even speed those of that fundamental. because we've seen it in almost all the games that this world cup for the level of skill has not seen at the very top level. speed in a world cup of absolute dedication absolute passion ops teams are throwing everything they have into defending. the hockey.
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so jonathan what about germany speaking yesterday obviously sweet sweden will be providing a very difficult opposition and they'll be cheered on by lots of swedish fans in sochi. absolutely now do you reckon do they have enough passion or are they going to crash as if this were a call now and you know i'm a big off to miss now so i don't think germany are going to go crushing out because the whole nation is behind them and they really want to make sure they're in this tournament right to be and i can hear that sawyer really all around us now jonathan there are some other games to look forward today germany aren't the only team playing talk of the other two yesterday's action kicks off in the stadium behind me taking on to belgium and you've got very easy winners three no panama in the match another when we're on the brink of the last sixteen of the recipe sort. or the way in a fast much there will be very interesting to see how they fare against belgium the
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golden generation that much then followed by the other game in germany's group mexico and south korea now mexico would be through to the last sixteen with a win that would be definite and that would be the seventh world cup in a row they've reached that stage of the tournament that is some consistency. jonathan crane in moscow. thank you very much for the us. now to some of the other stories making news around the world u.s. president donald trump has extended sanctions on north korea for one year saying that the country still poses i quote an extraordinary stress and ends when colmes after the u.s. agreed to suspend several military training exercises with south korea these joint war games have a long angered north korea. the tit for tat trade dispute between the u.s. and the european union is hazing up tariffs targeting american goods like whiskey and motorcycles have come into effect but u.s.
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president donald trump has his back by threatening to stop a twenty percent tariff on european cars and germany would be hard to taste. in brazil hundreds of women have marched in rio de janeiro to demand the legalization of fortune currently stringent laws named women can only terminate their pregnancy in certain situations such as if a woman is raped a proposed law currently on hold is seeking to ban abortion in all cases in ethiopia there's been an explosion at a pro-government rally in the capital of the law prime minister ahmed says that there were several casualties television footage shows saying spirited away by his security detail he took office in april and has since introduced reforms. of turkey heads to the polls on sunday with the future of the country's political system at stake if president to one wins he's promised to deliver sweeping
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constitutional changes to further strengthen the presidency which was once only a ceremonial role well despite his challengers everything is pointing to another win for the anchor a strong. but it seems to. the. president. has been steering the course of turkish politics for more than fifteen years that is he has a good shot of reelection which would allow him to further tighten his grip on power. after this presidential election the most controversial constitutional changes in a generation or will come into force they were only narrowly backed by the turkish people in last year's referendum is out on when the necessary majority he will be an almost all powerful president but he is not there yet. these people stand in his way they are add ons biggest challenges.
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sixty one year old medal action as the only woman running for president she has already served as interior minister and last year she founded a new political party she's seen as right wing nationalists and religious some call action on the iran lady of turkey believe it. was. him injure represents the center left c.h.p. techies biggest opposition party the fifty four year old is an outspoken defender of the text republic as envisioned by most of like him alot of shit. he's a charismatic speaker and a harsh critic of add on. his turkey's first presidential candidate to run from behind bars despite international protest he's been in custody for a year on the hearth on terrorism related charges. represents the proca.
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a party despised by the temperature government many of those backing the forty five year old attorney all young voters. only three. just want to limit the powers of the presidency and see a return to the parliamentary system they want to improve relations with your openly turkey out of its economic crisis it's unlikely any of them will win a majority but if they manage to force add one into runoff elections it might end up a much tighter race for the seemingly all powerful president. and we have much more on what's at stake in turkey's elections you can find it on our website dot com also follow us on twitter for updates on news that it's summertime and when living is supposed to be easy yes it is and i think a bullish for three of germany's best known and until now most reliable painters
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the football team the car industry the unshakeable i'm going to america or is she those outside germany have been perplexed by the germany squad struggles in russia the full a from the days of a scandal and the attacks on the chancellor from within her own party so our reporter charles charles some pill took to the streets of berlin to ask germans to explain their summer of. once upon a time germany was known for these treasures three a benign unstable leader and industry admired fall and wind and a team of unleavened brave men capable of making their country proud. then came the fateful summer of twenty eight the german chancellor has been facing the greatest threat to her leadership since coming to power the diesel gang crisis consuming germany's call industry has taken a dramatic turn with the balsa voice walk in subsidiary audi behind bars and let's
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face it germany's was cut so you have had a disastrous start losing the first world cup opening game since one thousand nine hundred eighty two. so what exactly is going on. everything's going wrong that's what is ok and it's not a fairy tale summer that's what's missing. i say what about the next two games can germany when one hundred percent as i mean germany we can do yourself and us germany always messes back you guys are doing fine just relax take a deep breath support good people it'll be all right so maybe it's not so bad after all politician on football fanatic. per couple of things going wrong in this country we lost the first game we didn't play that well it happens to england for four decades wow absolutely you know there are some german cars pollute polluting the world we got to fix it and there are troubles and within our government but we always have troubles and no government so the end is not mine this bad luck come in
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threes maybe this is how it works in germany and the germans are dishonest or seekers but hey we've owned everything is good. things may have gone a bit well badly hit some of but this is gemini and gemini will not give up compromises. be reached reputations will be restored and there will always be another game of the. life the better of reassurance there from charlie there reminder of the top stories that we're following for you guys all of the football world are on the journey squad at the world golf tops or a first match last they feel they must win today against sweden if they are to defend their title. opposition candidates in turkey have been campaigning hard against of the country's elections on sunday challengers to retch attire are drawn
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are hoping they reverse his move to grant his presidency sweeping new powers. and don't forget you can always get d w news on the go just download our op from google play or from the apple store they'll give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news you can also use the detail you opt to send us your photos and your videos. you're watching due to the news coming to you live from berlin and more at the top of the hour so stay with us if you count. on me. going. to clash of cultures in india. and
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a clash between those who believe in the arranged marriage and those who want to marry for love.


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