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this is due to be news coming to you live from berlin we take a look at the county that's challenging president wretch entire you have heard of one and turkey's election on sunday they helped a great kids fifteen year irene grip on power as opposition parties gain honor to one in the polls. also going up on the show there was plenty of excitement to be had at the world cup switzerland's granite shock was booming steroid calton team come from behind to beat serbia will bring you all the best goals from friday's
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notch and. germany fans have been suffering the flu since their team fell last in the tournament opener we'll hear from our man in moscow whether the defending world champions can get it together for any last win against marks. on the nose on a welcome to the program well turkey heads to the polls on sunday for presidential and parliamentary elections the sweeping powers that turkish voters agreed to grant their president last april will go into effect after sunday's presidential election incumbent president recha tell you or to one of the islamic groups that a k p party called stop elections sixteen months ahead of schedule aired on is looking to extend his fifteen years in power as prime minister and us president are the ones only female. and here for the presidency is marrow action air she's
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a former interior minister and leader of the recent deforms nationalist party and there is a team to mirror tash of the kurdish opposition party h.t.t.p. and is being forced to run his campaign from behind bars and he's currently on trial on terrorism charges and then there's turkey's biggest opposition party the secular republican people's party or c hate speech and is being represented by senior lawmaker more her him in jail and he's seen as the countess with the biggest chance of the saying erdogan turkey's political parties are doing their final campaigning ahead of sunday's polling correspondent during jones's in istanbul after a rally organized by the biggest opposition party the c.h.p. over a million people are expense of spectators to attend this event and it is looking like a pretty close election do you think that the opposition are optimistic dorian.
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well even though world one is believed still to be ahead the opposition believe they have the momentum and that spanks may need to c.h.p. canted up warren injera who due to speak shortly behind me his message of unity and justice has been carrying across the country even into the strongholds of the one and it does appear to be called the spirit of the country and he summed up his game further in the last few days touring millions of people to his rallies in the last two days the biggest electoral rallies this country has ever seen and that momentum at all to be carried into the parliamentary elections alliance of more i mean just c.h.p. with the nationalists and then islamist party is challenging the a k p earth who wants party control of parliament and if the the procurator a.t.p. does manage to get into parliament it is believed that they could take the majority
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of parliament to one old one is ahead the momentum is with the opposition will it be enough to win the day tomorrow is still unknown but this is certainly the biggest challenge the old wants power in the sixteen years. ahead tory and the result does depend on whether these elections are going to be free and fair what are you hearing. well certainly in my twenty five years of covering elections in turkey this has been the most unfair all mainstream media has been slaves sleeve following one giving minimal coverage to the main challenger and virtually none to the other candidates and referring to demi tash the pro kurdish candidate as a terrorist and the same time all of us safer sorties have been behind one giving him another key advantage but the big concern is will to mars in action be a fair vote will there be vote rigging last year's referendum to extend old ones
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powers it was my. allocation so far all the fear is that that again happens we've already had reports of arrests of the local monaco's of the procurators party and also international monitors some of them have been denied entry into turkey. in the event of a suspected fraud and a victory for her to one story and walk in the opposition even do. well if there is concerns about vote rigging more i mean john has served notice he says he will be at the electoral board which controls a model to see elections saying he'll be there with fifty five thousand lawyers he said he's ready to mobilize the country to the brink democracy at the same time we have seen. dorian we can still hear you i know it's very loud there but we can still hear you loud and clear.
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here's how he said that he will be mobilizing. the ngos also organizing push a fair election message from this rally today and all this is the opposition are ready to defend democracy dorian jones in example thank you very much for the history. and we will have much more on what's at stake in turkey's elections you can find us on our web site on the w dot com also follow us on twitter for updates that nice of the other stories making news around the world. in ethiopia as capital. the officials say several people are dead and dozens are injured after a grenade went off during a pro-government rally in central mescal square prime minister i'll be ahmed was attending this footage shows him being taken away by his security took office in april and this was his first rally since becoming prime minister. u.s.
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president donald trump has renewed sanctions against north korea for one year saying that the country still poses quote an extraordinary trash this comes just days after the u.s. announced it would suspend a large scale military exercise with south korea joint war games angered to the north. u.s. president donald trump has extended sanctions on north korea here saying they do. extraordinary trash that announcement calls up to the u.s. agreed to suspend several military training exercises with south korea these joint war games have long and courage the north. and malta says it's not responsible for a ship carrying more than two hundred migrants which actually has already turned away a german aid group says its ship lifeline picked up people from international waters the anti immigration italian government has blocked the vessel rome and says malta should take it in it's the second time in two weeks that is he has barred
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a ship carrying rescued migrants the first the car is eventually went to spain. it's match day ten of the world cup on the defending champions germany are center stage and i have. from fourth desk with me here in studio paolo i want to talk about germany in just a moment first talk to me about the very tense and tight games the happened on friday for friday was a very exciting day of football to say the least switzerland against serbia fail to disappoint but the most frustrating much that i've watched in quite a long time was of course between brazil and costa rica and i think the best thing on is a strike look at this report. resume listed late ins again very date i when she did continue finally to skulk injury time had already begun was the goal it came as a big relief was a nervy brazilians and was celebrated as if they had just won za what cup. was
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a custom we can steam our one nice name i finally had his moment was going this first and this tone amends president's last ditch to win means that costa rica want to shine in this four years ago ah well that's why the president it's a first win in russia it still wasn't enough to even send us. was a win against switzerland serbia could have lived for present in the standings and after just five minutes of that went to heads for the next on the me told each elite that loss of ten in the second half until you get on the chalk on level to score was one of the go rounds it's a tone and so far was hanged in the very last minute to shout on shockey broken as a conduit to snatch o's from points for the swiss one no level on points with brizard at the top also group. that was i'm absolutely cracker of the game and like we just saw some incredibly exciting action there and
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wanted a lot of parents like some gold star about tiger people be tokenized for a while i'm absolutely so ace goals now tell me about the nigeria i think didn't disappoint us it certainly didn't down and i mean we're talking about eighteen teams that's bare one thing i want which i love this fact now nigeria's one hundred eighty six million people i sent us three hundred thirty thousand people and everybody in iceland i say was changed into watch that game and if you take a look here it's failed to disappoint nigeria's hair of course was i could miss a historic race look at that and for a go his first coming up after a swiss counterattack just after half time and the rest of the body and loose a second came after a blistering run with the striker keeping his poise and. finishing off the move now that was big joy there for nigeria and incredibly good news for argentina of course with us not forget that argentina really struggling in this world cup ok well let's turn our focus to the biggest game today to be a sports correspondent john think crane is
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a with us from moscow jonathan the defending champions jeremy absolutely most to a major today against sweden i they in the right mindset for a win today do you think. well the hope is a change of scenery and a bit of sea she will have reinvigorated through time because they were very very sluggish against mexico in the f.s.k. no criticism after that game really stung the germany player as they tried to present a united front in sochi amid reports of a rift in the camp they were really nice and improved performance against sweden and they'll need that more experienced players to step up and rally the younger ones around them because as you say this is a must win game now the bad news is one of those experienced players mats hummels will miss the game through injury the good news there is a more than able replacement in the shape of his by and teammate nick germany you need a response as we're about to hear from the coach. because it was
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a team this yesterday the two most important weapons energy and using. team that played mexico was not the team we're used to self-confident approach playing style it was. even speed those are the fundamentals because we've seen at almost all the games that this world cup for the level of skill has not seen at the very top level. options more a world cup of absolute dedication absolute action. of throwing everything they have into defending. well that was. speaking. sweden will be providing a very difficult opposition and they'll be cheered on by lots of swedish fans in sochi. absolutely now what do you reckon do they have enough passion are they going to crash if this were a call now and you know i'm a big off to miss now so i don't think germany are going to go crushing out because the whole nation is behind them and they really want to make sure they're in this
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tournament right to the end i can hear that sawyer really fall rance now jonathan there are some other games to look forward today germany aren't the only team playing talk the other two yesterday's action kicks off in the stadium behind me taking on to belgium and you've got very easy three no. match another win on the brink of the last sixteen of the recipe sort. or the way in a fast match there will be very interesting to see how they fare against belgium the golden generation that much then followed by the other game in germany. and south korea now mexico would be through to the last sixteen with a win that would be definite and that would be the seventh world cup in a row they've reached that stage of the tournament that is some consistency. jonathan crane in moscow and. thank you very much for that. and
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just your liner of the top stories that we're following for you. opposition candidate in turkey has been campaigning hard to head of the country's elections on sunday challenges she recha tayyip erdogan are hoping they reverse his move to grant this presidency sweeping new power is. in the eyes of the vocal world are all the germany squad of the world called after a first match loss they feel they knew they most in fact win again today against sweden and they are to defend their title. but don't forget you can always get you to the news on the go just download our from google play or from the apple store that will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as a push notifications for any breaking news you can also use it in the office send us your photos and your videos. and. that's it for me for now you are watching detail you news coming to you live from berlin we will have the morning's again at the top of the hour and don't forget you can get all the latest news and
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